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Gamevil releases Arel Wars, Baseball Superstars 2012, and Zenonia 4 to Android Market


Korean developer Gamevil Inc. is quickly becoming one of the top sources of freemium Android games. Not only do they have a wide selection of genres available, but most of their games are among the highest rated titles on the Android Market.

Gamevil is doing so well that they doubled their revenue in 2011. “Having bested our records again, year over year, is especially meaningful as we face changing trends in the market,” said Yong Kuk Lee, Chief Financial Officer. “As smartphone adoption continues to grow worldwide, Gamevil will continue to bring entertaining, innovative and more social game experiences to our audience.”

We see high-profile developers like EA Mobile struggle to maintain an average review score of 3.5, but most of Gamevil’s games rank an amazing 4.6 or higher. This month Gamevil released a trio of free games to the Android Market and the early reviews are positive.

Arel Wars

Android feels overloaded with tower defense games, but Arel Wars promises to mix things up with more RPG action and online player-vs-player battles. Arel  Wars is sure to keep you busy with campaigns spanning 120 stages, 8 battle maps, and 50 unique units.


Baseball Superstars 2012

Baseball Superstars 2012 is a sports RPG on steroids. The game offers complete control to customize your team logo, stadium, uniform and equipment. Multiple game modes allow you to manage a team to the championship, collect super players, and challenge friends in online matches.


Zenonia 4

Zenonia is one of the most popular action RPG series for Android and the latest title looks to continue that trend. The biggest addition to the latest installment is HD graphics. New visuals and animations are optimized for high-resolution displays and Zenonia 4 looks great on tablets.


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Source: Android Market

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  • stylecrate

    I just love Gamevil’s games

  • Nathan D.

    Zenonia 4 is awesome level 36 blader =)

  • thekaz

    Arel award looks nice, but can I risk the addiction..?

    • thekaz

      Ugh.. Wars.. darn auto-correct.

  • Schmidty850

    These look nice

  • AsakuraZero

    am going to say this but game evil char desing and graphic are soo…. rehashed

    but the games are good, but they should exploit the power of nwer phones.

    or at least better sprites

  • ArticulateFool

    They are cranking these out fast!

  • spazby

    go gamevil, have been a fan for a while now…

  • kzlife

    The new zenonia is awesome! :D

  • TheCraiggers

    I was intrigued by Arel Wars until I saw the permission requirements. Holy balls, what could they ever need that many permissions for?

    No thanks. Maybe when CM9 comes out (and hopefully gives me the ability to once again deny permissions for specific apps) I will take another look.

    • Androidicus_Maximus

      Same here, I looked at permissions for Baseball no reason to have all that to play a game… It’s a shame cause it looks like fun.

  • VS

    Are any of the Zeonia games linked or separate stories? I’m a RPG console gamer so I havent fully adopted touch based games yet, but this series has always intrigued me.