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Mediocre Madden NFL 12 now on sale for $0.99

Madden 12

Super Bowl XLVI is coming this weekend and EA Mobile has lowered the price of Madden NFL 12 to $0.99 to celebrate the big game. Most of EA’s Android games have been disappointing compared to their iOS clones, and Madden appears no different. It’s not compatible with the new phones (like the Galaxy Nexus) and many users are reporting problems downloading the game’s content after their initial purchase.

However, some people seem to genuinely enjoy the game and it is $4 cheaper than the normal price, so you might want to give it a shot while the sale lasts. Just remember to visit the Android Market page and check out the user reviews filtered for your device to see what people are saying about the compatibility.


And for those of you without a credit card, check out the free NFL Pro 2012 from Gameloft. Android Market also has a list of Official Super Bowl Apps that include some fun games like NFL Kicker and NFL Flick Quarterback.

Source: Android Market

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  • spazby

    Tried it but not in love..

    • Jeff Pan

      Is it the graphics?

      Recently I read an article which said the people who were developing “Mint for Android Tablets” app couldn’t figure out a way to render graphs as smoothly as in iOS. They contacted Google and voila they got handy tips from Google execs and the graphs rendering were as smooth as iOS

      EA either needs to get in touch with Google or else a better approach for Google would to release an advanced developer documentation on building games for Android.

  • AsakuraZero

    thus why porting games to different platforms is not easy, if you do a halfassed job shit goes wrong, i jsut hope they dont use battlefield and do this kind of disaster if they do im taking out my pitchfork and my torch

    • delinear

      I’d settle for some of their older, tried and tested games getting updated to work with my Nexus. I can understand something like Madden is a challenge, but how hard is it for them to get Scrabble working.

  • Skis03

    I play NFL Pro 2012 from Gameloft and it is just as good in my opinion. Neither amazing but I would rather get a sub-par game for free.


    Not a 360 experience , but works quite well on my Tablet. no go on the gnex though

  • Jampac

    I have a question that’s sorta off topic but not really. Anyway, if I purchase and download this game on my EVO 3D, will it still be able to download itself when I purchase the Transformer Prime tablet, or would I have to purchase it again? I don’t really wanna play this on my phone cause the screen is too small but on a tablet I’d give it a go.

    • BiGMERF

      no you can download it to your prime for free….

  • greeny42

    Madden 12 actually works on my Gnex. However, the reviews are right. it’s not very good. Defense is almost impossible to play by any means other than luck. It becomes monotonous very quickly. Good for 99 cents, but not for $5.

  • swazedahustla

    this guy just made over $500 in a day just from his Facebook, crazy…


  • J

    Its a good time on the HTC AMAZE. Definately needs some improvement. Haven’t had trouble defending as long as I anticpate if it will be a passing play or a running play correctly. I aslo will then use the playbook to customise the play.

  • Emmanuel wehyee

    hi my name is emmanuel wehyee and i want to know will madden 12 be free on market