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Acer bringing the entry-level Liquid Glow to Barcelona, complete with Android 4.0

liquid glow Image via: Pocket Lint

With all the phones being given the unveiling treatment ahead of Mobile World Congress, it’s amazing that people actually bother to go to the show! Today’s early sneak peek comes from Acer, a computer company which has recently dabbled in Android tablets, who is now unveiling their second entry into the crowded Android smartphone market.

While the Acer Liquid Glow doesn’t tote the most powerful hardware on the planet, Acer is hoping it will take off with the entry-level crowd. The Liquid Glow will feature a 3.7″ WVGA display, Android 4.0, 1GHz (single-core) Qualcomm 7227A processor, 5 megapixel rear camera with flash, 1GB of storage and 512 MB RAM (rumored from PocketLint), and NFC capability.

Though not a powerhouse by any stretch of the word, Acer’s Liquid Glow is certainly a slick looking phone, with its rounded edges, chrome accents, and color combos (though, we’ll probably avoid the pink variant). If the device makes its way stateside, it’ll probably land on budget carriers with a super-low or perhaps free price tag.

We’ll be stopping by the Acer booth next week to check out some of the Tegra 3 goodness they’re expected to unveil as well as the unannounced Acer CloudMobile phone, which may be the Acer phone to impress the hardcore Android users. While we’re there, I’ll make sure Taylor spends at least a few minutes with the Liquid Glow.

Anyone out there excited about the Liquid Glow? Could be a cool Android phone for the teenager set.

Via: Pocket-Lint

Source: Acer

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  • dpleus

    This does look to be a nice entry level phone. Great option for those consumers who are looking for a simple Android phone, as all they are really want is something that texts, rings and dials. If they offered it in Purple and it came on Verizon, I could see my wife looking into it.

  • spazby

    I can see how people would get excited over this if it is free on contract.

    • Jeff Pan

      Would be nice if they target prepaid MetroPCS,Cricket crowd

  • Joel

    Glad to see Acer bringing some plates to the table – They’re making some good choices so far, if you’re new to a crowded market – offer something that customers dont see alot of – affordability and simplicity.

  • hinds

    I’m liking the color combos and look. I owned a liquid e and loved it.I also like that these launch with ics unlike some lg offerings.

    • CTown

      That pink one looks mighty manly!

  • http://hcabrera.synthasite.com comandantecee

    Entry level phones with ICS coming out the door, more manufactures need to take heed and follow. Any manufacture releasing phones with Gingerbread or lower in 2012 is not a good look.

  • CTown

    Isn’t this using a Snapdragon S1? Isn’t there going to be many phones at Barcelona running ICS? While LG does make some of the smoothest running entry phones, I don’t really see what is so special about this phone!

    • Me

      It can’t be running an S1 Snapdragon, that has to be an error on what processor its running or ICS will most likely lag like crazy especially with only 512megs of RAM would be a bit different of it was an S2 Snapdragon.

  • Zach

    Why does an Android 4 phone need buttons?

  • Tojen

    Phones like this are what gives android a bad rep. 512 mb of ram? Unless its running pure android ics, it will be a dog. Why physical buttons? Ics doesn’t need them. 1gb storage? There are already better phones out there that you can get for $50 or less. The only plus would be the color selections. If you just want a basic phone, go get a feature phone.

  • Schmidty850

    I definitely would not buy, but that is just me. Interested to see what else Acer can come up with