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Android 5.0 launching in Q2? We’re more than a bit skeptical


According to Digitimes, Google may release the next major version of Android, Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, as early as Q2 2012. Digitimes cites Taiwan-based supply chain makers who suggest that Android 5.0 will feature optimizations for tablets and tablet-like devices. The timing would put Android 5.0′s release in line with Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform, and Digitimes claims that Google will be appealing to tablet manufacturers to provide customers with dual-boot capabilities that will allow booting into either Windows 8 or Android 5.

With Google promising last year that the Android update cycle would slow down so that one major platform version would be released per year, we’re a bit skeptical that we’ll see a major version of Android launch just 8-9 months after Ice Cream Sandwich was unveiled. It is possible that we’ll see some hints of what’s to come in Android 5.0 at Google’s I/O Conference, which is aptly set to take place in June this year.

The report claims that Android 4.0 was a “failure,” though to date only one phone and a handful of tablets have officially gotten an update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Manufacturers are hard at work building their custom UI skins atop of Android 4.0 so they can release the update to their devices in Q2 and Q3. By the end of 2012, we’ll see a majority of devices in the wild just starting to run Android 4.0, and if Google actually releases Android 5.0 in Q2, we likely won’t see it adopted until well into the holiday season or even Q1 2013.

If we were a betting website (and, we totally are), we’d bet that some aspects Android 4.1 (or 5.0) with tablet optimizations will be unveiled at Google IO in June, and will start to hit devices in September/October. It will be a minor update on the phone side of things, allowing manufacturers to quickly update their devices to the latest version, and will be a major refresh for tablets as Google bolsters its tablet devices to compete with iOS and Windows 8.

What do you guys think? Will Google launch the next version of Android by June, or do you think it’ll be the second half of the year?

Source: DigiTimes

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  • spazby

    I agree , it is way too early to be launching jelly bean….

    • E

      Go back to worship your outdated piece of crap troll and if anything ios6 will once again be an Android rip off pretty much like ios 5

  • TheYann

    Come on guys … there will be an update Q2 because that’s part of the every 6 month release schedule, but it will unlikely be Android 5. Just an update to ICS. 4.1 maybe?
    Nevertheless, saying that ICS is a failure is a bit much I think.

    • M0nk

      The only failure I see is that after 4 months of ICS source code released only the Nexus have stock 4.x and the percentage of android devices running the new OS is below 1%.

      Most ICS drivers are still missing. So even cooked ROMs are not available for most phones. No DSP video acceleration, No camera drivers, No BT, No 4G, etc. The only fully functional ICS Custom ROM I know is for the Galaxy S2…

      Come on Moto, Samsung, LG, HTC… give us at least the beta leaks to extract the drivers !!!!!

      • beftraa

        Hey dude if u don’t know anythng about custom rims then please, I beg u to go and searcb on http://www.google.com Even a donkey riding a unicycle knows about custom roms. ICS drivers are there in custom roms. Plus, if u haven’t heard the news, HTC and other phones are getting the ICS update next month.

        • Tony

          I know about custom rims. I have custom rims on my car.

  • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

    I think google io will see jellybean but I think a 4.5 tag is more likely.

    But I have a gnex so bring on the updates!!

    • Jeff Pan

      or 4.1

    • thel0nerang3r

      Do you have a GSM GNex or the VZW? Since CDMA are no longer “developer” devices, it may take a while longer for CDMA phones to get updates.

      • TonyM

        You are incorrect sir. CDMA are still “developer” devices, although that is a silly moniker. They just wanted to be clear that any AOSP built roms won’t work right out of the box due to a technical issue with the way the CDMA telephony requires some signing.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I wantto see what the update brings.

  • Owain

    I was under the impression that Windows 8 was quick-loading etc and optimised for tablets… so why would you want, or more the the point, what is the selling point for dual boot?

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      To offer the app resource and google integration of.android and the productivity of the windows platform.


    Google I/o will see a .4.x update imo. i dont expect JB until the next Nexus in Nov/Dec

    • professandobey

      I agree, but let’s not forget that Eric Schmidt was hinting at a Nexus tablet for around June.

  • dpleus

    I don’t think that a Q2 launch of 5.0 jives with Googles OS release plans, especially if they are trying to stop fragmentation. I agree that what Digitimes is calling 5.0 is probably just 4.1. Heck, I just got my 4.0.3 update on my Acer A200 Iconia today, and most high end phones are still rocking android 2.3.x versions. I sincerely hope that if Google wants to try and end Android fragmentation, they don’t release a major OS revision until at least Q3 or Q4.

    • honourbound68

      I agree. I’m hoping they hold off on a major OS revision. Although I have the GN and will be set for upgrades, the majority of users still are on GB on phones (or HC on tabs). It annoys me to keep hearing “fragmentation” from Android detractors. It would help to get the majority on ICS before getting on JB.

  • delinear

    I find this incredibly unlikely. We’ve not even seen ICS start to gain traction in consumer devices yet. In fact, Q2 is probably when we’ll first see most new phones using ICS instead of Gingerbread, it would be absolutely the worst time for Google to release a new version of their OS (I even think just announcing it would be counter productive).

    I also find the idea of MS letting devices dual boot their OS alongside Android to be a little amusing (although I guess they’d get more benefit from this at the moment than Android would, since Windows is the less popular OS).

    As for ICS being a failure? It is hands down the best phone OS I’ve ever used. Manufacturers have been slow to adopt it because they have to put their spin on it with custom UIs (or at least they think they do), but it’s not like they aren’t already planning this. To say it’s a failure because it’s not on lots of phones and tablets right now is incredibly short-sighted.

    • fulaman

      100% agree with you. Android 4.0 of the best mobile OS out there and far from a failure. Who described it as such?

    • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

      Agree, hopefully the Q2 update is to ICS, not a new JB. We have to get most newer devices updated to ICS before concentrating on JB. If not, more wild fragmentation claims from Android foes along with disgruntled Android customers waiting for upgrades again.

      Also agree that ICS is a smooth, slick phone OS. I have used every version since 1.5, and ICS is definitely the best IMO. Use ICS on Prime, and Galaxy Nexus, am very pleased with both. ICS added features, and some elegance at the same time.

  • http://theandroidappshow.com Lane

    I’m sure it won’t be 5.0. Google has to prove it can handle all platforms at once now so I don’t think we will see any release that just focusses on one platform like 3.0 did, GTV update aside.

    My guess is the base system won’t change much but more elements of the OS will continue to be broken out and updated through the market like they just did for the market itself. I think the launcher is next.

    They need to focus on how they can provide up-to-date Android experiences without going through the carriers. Otherwise people begin to feel Android was a lame choice when they see their iFriends getting new shiny updates.

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

      I agree. What I’d really like to see is the ability to update most parts of the Android system on-the-fly — essentially anything that doesn’t touch the carrier communication stack (if the carriers are so concerned about how the device interacts with the network).

    • Paul Atreides

      Genuis! This would be ideal, since I doubt they are getting anywhere with OEM.

  • fletchtb

    I predict the version that follows Jelly Bean will be… Key Lime Pie

  • thekaz

    I agree – I am a bit skeptical of a full JB launch this summer…

    that being said, I DO love me some jellybeans…

  • 00quantameister

    I’d honestly like to see Android 4.0 first on my phone first. Today marks 60 days since the Nexus S started getting updated & still no update for the Sprint Nexus S 4G. I don’t think there should be a rush to Android 5.0. Whatever revision of Android comes next? There is just one problem that I desperately want Google to fix. THE UPGRADE MECHANISM!

    Seriously, upgrading Android devices needs to be as seamless & quick as the iPhone gets updated. I think this should be first priority above anything else. Take this process away from the carriers & the manufacturers. Any phone that has access to the Android Market should be upgraded automatically to the next version. Let any custom skins be a downloadable option after the fact and in the Android Market. If that means Google doesn’t release another version of Android until 2013? I’m fine with that. Work on getting processor & chipset support done in such away that manufacturers no longer need to custom Android for each specific phone.

    The second priority for the next Android has to be making Android patent wars proof. Eliminate every single piece of code that might possibly infringe on patents. Its clear by the Microsoft’s successful licensing campaign that Google’s got a problem here. Just spend a full version to eliminate patent issues.If that means buying more mobile patents or computer patents, then spend that cash to kill this issue here and now.

    The last thing I’d like the Android team to do? Polish, polish, polish. Make a clear distinctions by icons, functionality, & other UI features that doesn’t come close to resembling iOS or Windows Phone. I’d like to see a change where even the most clueless can say “That’s an Android device. It’s nothing like an iPhone or Windows Phone. It’s completely different & still dead simple to use.”

    I really hope the Android team does slow down & take a version to really eliminate major issues. That would be the best way to change the game & really throw a monkey wrench in Apple’s faux-outrage thermonuclear patent war.

    • OnIn2

      I’d like to click the +1 vote button on 00quantameister’s post above about 1,000 times. It so accurately defines what needs to happen to Android I’ve got nothing to add.

    • Derek

      Unfortunately Google has no say in how or when phones get updates. It’s up to the hardware manufacturer to put out updates for the international community. And here in the US its entirely up to the carriers. So, if your phone doesnt have the latest OS complain to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-mo, etc. They are the ones keeping you from getting it.

      • thekaz

        for the phone manufacturers, a lot of the delay can be traced to the custom UI they add to it. Again, this is one of the reasons I am happy with vanilla ICS and don’t want to go back to Sense or MotoBlur.

        Now, as for the carriers — most of this is BS, especially for “vanilla” phones. Delaying a release for bloatware or related issues (e.g. VZW pushing back on allowing Google Wallet) is something I hate. If there are legitimate security concerns, well then maybe. I think a lot of us here can understand the risks and decide, but you have to remember they are selling a lot of these things to people who just use it as-is out of the box..

      • TJungus

        This is why Google needs to steal a page in Apple’s book with the acquisition of Motorola. I understand that they will be running it as a separate company but Google really needs to manufacture some G Branded hardware. They will then control, lets just say, all Nexus phones, and push the updates to them. This will eliminate any carrier infringement and not disrupt the people that want to do the UI skins. As much ‘separation’ as they want from Motorola mobility, they need to embrace the GOOD things they can do by producing their own hardware.

    • jamal adam

      You sir, hit the jackpot. You couldn’t have been more correct. Well done.

  • kicost

    Android & Windows too….perfect :D

  • Paul Atreides

    I think it’s way too early to say ICS was a failure. I say this update system is a failure tbh.

  • azulpiscina

    5.0 = 2013
    4.x = 2012
    would be nice…

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Maybe an update to 4.0, but must definitively not a 5.0 version, is just too soon and 4.x has not exploded its full potential.

  • http://www.brokemanstech.com Juan Almanzar

    Honestly, I now that I have a Galaxy Nexus, I would actually prefer a new version. That is, if Verizon doesn’t mess it up like Sprint did the Nexus S.

    Obviously, I know I am part of a very small minority

  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

    I think Google strongly wants to sync up Google I/O with Android x.0 releases to maximize the importance of its own conference. Why else would they push it back?

  • BigCiX

    5.0 second quarter……way to early. Then my LG Thrill will be 3 updates behind….thanks LG & att

  • greedoe

    FFS. I just want ICS on either of my devices first. I realise that for any of us OUTSIDE of the US, Motorola deems Xoom users to be inconsequential, but it would be nice to receive ICS all the same.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    At this point, I give up — unless you get a Nexus, your Android experience will likely be 1-year late. We should just accept it as a fact that most people will see Google’s updated OS approximately 1 year after its release. Expecting more will only make you disappointed. IMO, this put Android in a serious disadvantage going forward when Google wants to compete with other players in the market because whatever it tries to push to the market won’t be widely available 1 year late, giving its competitors a lot of times to play catch up.

    Take Face Unlock as an example (whether you find it useful or not is debatable, but I personally like to use it.) If it turns out to be a killer feature, most Android users still won’t be able to use it until late this year. By that time, Apple and Microsoft can easily add similar feature to their phones.

    • fulaman

      Not necessarily, the main reason why people but Android devices is for the customization.

      With root access, your device is always on the latest version of Android. (I am running CM9 Android 4.0 on my OG Samsung Galaxy S).

      I understand your dilemma work carriers and manufacturers, don’t let them dissuade you from getting the most out of your phone.

      • Derek

        You are completely incorrect. Only a very small, tiny fraction of Android users even root their phones, and an even smaller, tinier fraction load alternative ROMs on them. Less than one in 100 do it, only the tech geeks get into it.

        • honourbound68

          im a tech geek :)

        • fulaman

          :-( I feel like a tech geek now.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    I don’t think we will see Jelly Bean anytime soon. I think Google will show small things that Jelly Bean could do. Like the Google I/O two years ago when they subtly talked about Gingerbread during the Froyo keynote. I think that’d be pretty cool

  • http://willoughbyjunction.com Jayson Olson

    Wishful thinking. They can’t even get ICS out to a lot of devices until the end of this year, and plenty of tabs are still shipping with Honeycomb.

    Not gonna happen. We would have heard something at CES.

  • Andros69

    - I bet Jelly Bean will not be 5.0.
    - I bet we’ll see a Jelly Bean 4.x at I/O, highlighting the tablet capabilities and running in the rumored Nexus tablet.
    - Phones will get some features in JB 4.x, but the focus will be the tablet.

    That’s my guess of all that this will be.

  • Jmaxku

    Android 4.0 is a failure…? Hmmm. I just received my Galaxy Nexus yesterday, and I’ve been using Android on the HTC Hero and Nexus One since version 2.0… I can only laugh at the failure critique. How am I supposed to take it seriously. This is the first version of Android that popped. It’s a huge update, and I had to spend ten minutes figuring out how to operate it–this is a good thing. iOS has been the same since 2007. Same layout and same icons with added features. Not for me. I welcome change, and consider Android 4.0 to be the best, most revolutionary upgrade Android has ever seen.

    • fulaman

      100% true

  • greeny42

    It’s way too soon for Easter! (ie, jelly beans)

    But on a serious note, how could anyone consider 4.0 a failure?

  • inviolable

    That’s a bit more than extreme. And 4.0 ‘was’ a failure in what sense, no pun intended? Its barely even made the rounds yet, but everyone who has it seems to love it.

  • WlfHart


  • mitcoes

    I bet Android 5 will be a Android 4 + Chrome OS and only tablets will really enjoy it.

    Phones with Android 3 are excellent, better will be the next gen Android 4 and upgraded ones.

    Another thing I bet for is that future Intel Android + Chrome OS tablet from Motorola if it has a good price, with a USB or bluetooth cheap keyboard, will be a real Ipad 3 killer.

    Having Android for gaming and Chrome OS for desktop computing with wireless connection with TVs and wired or wireless with desktop monitors it will be a killer device next Christmas, a failure vs Iphone 4S last season, YOU MUST HAVE A NEW GOOD DEVICE FOR CHRISTMAS SEASON.

    • Derek

      Yea, I certainly dont want Chrome on my phone at all. It’s terrible. It’s extremely huge and consumes massive amounts of RAM.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Android 4.0 labeled as a failure according to the report? How the hell can ICS be deemed a failure when it is only on somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3% of Android devices to date? I can’t believe any reputable blog, news site, tech site, etc would write that nonsense, unless they lean quite heavily to Apple, maybe. Remember when Mathias Duarte said that Google wants to decrease fragmentation going forward and that they won’t upgrade android more than once a year? Better believe it.

  • AnthonyRyan

    The way things are going now my next device needs to be a Nexus so im sure ill get an OS update .

  • Billy

    I guess we all agree we will get to see something cool at I/O … whether it is Jelly Bean, 5.0, 4.1, 4.5 or Apple Jelly … it still makes me excited to see the new stuff.

  • Roamdeus

    Jellybean will launch with googles next flagship phone which hopefully without any delays early 4Q so I think it will just be an update for ics

  • Olliedcy

    Simple answer is ‘marketing ploy’. How can retailers expect to sell off the large stocks of 2.x and 3.x devices with 4.0 currently rolling out? Say that and even ‘better’ OS is just around the corner…3 months…6 months…Christmas.. Why buy this 4.0 device when I can sell a lower version device at a ‘discount’ and advise customers to use the savings to save up for the ‘new’ and ‘better’ version that is coming, a version that ‘works’ instead of paying big bucks for the current ‘new’ system that ‘works like crap’.

  • Nathan D.

    this seems highly unlikely looking at pass history and the update cycle that Google makes

  • T1392

    Would any one really even use the windows phone 8 boot if they were to do this? I’m a Android guy on phones & tablets, but I’m also a PC though I rather use my laptop then, phone if I need to use windows, by that’s just me.

  • tROubLEd-One

    Hold on I read somewhere that the dual-booting was between Chrome OS and Android and not Windows 8.Unless the other website got the information mixed up.

  • Macy

    Google has to do something about the interminable delays in updates being released. If they aren’t causing the delays then they need to ensure that carriers and manufacturers release updates simultaneously. Itis the only remaining, extremely aggravating problem with Android. I have an S2 and an Asus transformer and almost 5 months later neither have been updated. Pretty disgraceful.

  • jamal adam

    That would be way too soon. I mean what is the point of ICS when Jelly Bean is around the corner, now phones except for the Galaxy Nexus have and it would not be in the best interest of consumers as well as manufacturers. Maybe the will showcase some of the new and awesome things that will be added to Android at Google IO but other than that I don’t see Jelly Bean happen this soon.

  • jamal adam

    I thought that Google was trying to easy down on the bi-annual updates or is that in the future.

  • Adam Curtis

    I don’t think we will have an update…

  • Perry

    I hope this is simply a rumor. It’s crazy to think google is thinking of launching jelly bean when only 1% of all users are running ICS!!! Besides galaxy nexus who else is running ICS?

    I am a major fanboy and have gladly drunk the kool aid but this is the one thing that really pisses me off about the whole android experience. a new version of android comes out and it takes months for the majority of users to get the update if they’re lucky enough to even get the update. GB has been out for how long? and there are still plenty of users that haven’t even gotten that! And not because their phones are that old either! This is the “fragmentation” issue we all hear about.

    In the end the real culprit is the OEM’s and their damned skins! Users should be given the option to either run the skin like sense/touchwiz etc or run vanilla android. This would go a long way to solving the fragmentation issue and make most users happy.

    I am on my 3rd android phone in about as many years and only one phone ever got a OS upgrade and that was the MT3G.

  • Vance

    ” and Digitimes claims that Google will be appealing to tablet manufacturers to provide customers with dual-boot capabilities that will allow booting into either Windows 8 or Android 5″
    Wait, really?

  • Shawn Clark

    That’s a little too fast…We still loading ROMs cause we don’t even have an official upgrade to ICS yet, unless of course u the obvious devices that has it…

  • Haidar

    Android 5.0 Jelly been as stand tablet update, leaving 4.0 ICS behind driving more fragmentation after the huge effort to combine both smartphone and tablet OS together; I don’t think so.
    However ICS was smartphone oriented update that proved to be huge leap over gingerbread but only brought few changes to honeycomb the tablets OS. I think we might see a tablet update that would major update for the tablet platform and at the same time bringing minor changes to the smartphone platform. Google is also set to launch a Nexus tablet at this ear Google’s IO.

  • Richard Yarrell

    One thing is for sure ICS is far from a failure. I can see some form of jelly bean present it’s self maybe for tablets first. Smartphones won’t see jelly bean till Nov/Dec. And trust me the NEXT NEXUS will see jelly first before any current device on the market..

    • squiddy20

      “And trust me the NEXT NEXUS will see jelly first before any current device on the market” Wow! Really? And how did you come upon this brilliant deduction? Did it take 2 years for this extremely well known and general info to sink into that tiny little brain of yours?

    • RichardGivesAndroidFansABadName

      Just like the Nexus S had ICS before anything else? *derp*

      • RichardGivesAndroidFansABadName

        I misread that. Anyway, of COURSE the next Nexus phone will likely be the first to the next major OS upgrade. That is why they’re reference platforms. This is why, since Android 2.1, the Nexus line has been the first with a new major OS revision. They were never meant to “rule android” or “pimp slap” inanimate objects. Again, they’re reference platforms, that’s all. Of course, you don’t know that. You don’t know anything about code. Hell, you don’t know the difference between $ and #. You just like to be ridiculed, which I already covered in a previous comment.
        Of course,l could take a Jitterbug, write “Galaxy” on it (a few moths ago, it would’ve been “Evo”), and you would claim it “pimp slapped” things, “ruled android”, would solve crimes, wear a cape, cure cancer, be the best phone ever, and nothing would hold a candle to it for at least another year. Go back to peeling potatoes in the soup kitchen. Seriously. These websites are for people who actually know something about android or enjoy android, not stupid monkeys like you who just assume that because they own it, it’s the best ever.
        Go on now, post a stupid response and project your insecurities so we can all laugh at you again. Richard gets belittled, like he so desperatelt craves, then you can project your insecurities on me, or someone else, giving us something to laugh at yet again.

  • Funspirit

    None of my friends new Android phones even have IceCream Sandwich. To release 5.0 before 4.0 is really released would be quite a feat.

    Hey, does anyone know when Majel will be released. I am waiting to get a new phone until then.

    Also, an interesting and funny article about how Google (and tech), to some degree, has displaced gold as a store of value– Why Your Gold is Worth(less)– Google It

    • beftraa

      I don’t want to destroy ur pln of buying a new phone but, unlike ios, maybe it will be wired into the os itself. Till then, here are some nice tips and very good alternatives to majel:
      Try these everybody. Especially those who don’t know. Those who don’t know what majel is, its well… A siri destroyer.

  • ALcapitalist

    Not enough user testing of 4.0.2 to even consider moving on to a 5.0 release. Use of software products by the customer is a key component of software development and product maturity. Most tablets are still running 3.x versions. Seems a little quick for another full version release.

    Loving ICS on my Galaxy Nexus!

    Praying my K1 gets ICS!

  • Daniel Robson

    Im already running a fully functional ICE CREAM SANDWICH 4.0.3 on my samsung galaxy s2 i have had and tried both stock xxlpb rom from samsung and other ice cream sandwich roms like resurrection ics rom by westcrip so official release of ics should be march or june and as for jelly been it sounds like it will be a little update to ics but not 100% positive as ics hasn’t even been out yet only for 2 or 3 phones

  • Richard Yarrell

    Hey boy great to see your still here with your useless responses. We all know your Samsung Moment has nothing close to ics. You pretty comical Ms. Squiddy20..

    • squiddy20

      Wow. You again show your stupidity by:
      1. First addressing me as “boy” and then calling me “Ms. Squiddy20″, indicating an unmarried woman. So what gender would you have me be Richard? If you would like, I could be a woman just for you. But of course, that would mean you’re getting outsmarted not only by a person half your age, but to top it all off, a “girl” who you deem as “useless” and “unintelligent”. Talk about shameful…
      2. Posting this not as a direct reply to me, but as any other general post. I guess when you have really huge grubby fingers, it is a little hard to hit the correct “reply” button on your “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus. Pretty comical.
      3. Going by version numbers alone, 2.2 is pretty close to 4.0, especially when you consider that the only major release for phones was 2.3. 3.0 was a tablet exclusive so that really only leaves 1 major version change in between 2.2 and 4.0. Not to mention the all important “so what?” So what if I don’t have ICS on my Moment? I personally wouldn’t want to even attempt such a feat because of the major revisions in AOSP code from 2.2 to 4.0. Not that you’d know anything about the things going on behind the UI. It’s pretty comical that you think you come up with these “great” insults, but they’re really rather petty, childish, and just downright moronic. Kids half MY age could come up with better insults than you. THAT’S sad.

      • RichardGivesAndroidFansABadName

        *friendly tap on shoulder* “Ms.” is generic, meaning may or may not be married, “Miss” indicates a non-married woman, “Mrs.” indicates married. Not flaming you, you may have misread it, like I did in another post about something else. Just pointing it out :)

  • jemocomments

    I haven’t got my ICS yet on my tab 7.7. JB can take some time I think. And besides, who got ICS now? A few.

  • dilharo

    Google is not atall moving fast..Only if they provide jelly bean source in google io in june,it could stand up with windows 8 and iphone5 in time or just after that from the OEMs..so my ophinion is they should bring Jellybean before june.I think it is already ready at google shop.who needs ICS if jelly bean is here with quadcore and 2gb Galaxy s3