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Android users: dropping deuces and ladies’ panties


Today’s survey statistics involve quite a deal of comic ‘relief.’ Not only are we dominating the smartphone market, but we’re also beating everyone in other fields. According to a couple of surveys, it seems Android users are most likely to use their phone while in the toilet and to have one night stands.

Smartphones & Toilets[1]

The first numbers come from marketing agency 11mark. This survey relates to the use of smartphones in the lavatory, and it seems Android users are the ones to do it the most. 87% of surveyed Android users admitted to using their smartphones while sitting on the toilet. We don’t happen to be much more prone to do this, compared to BlackBerry and iPhone users.

84% of BlackBerry users admitted to doing the same. iPhone users brought up the rear at 77%. As you can see, we’re all a bunch of smartphone kings, controlling our life from the throne. But it also seems BlackBerry users are most likely to answer calls while in the toilet; a whopping 75% of them say they’ve done so. This is a bit high compared to Android users at 67% and iPhone users at 60%.

It might also be interesting to note that there’s not much of a gender gap with this habit. The survey proves that men and women are almost as likely to fall in this category. 74% of men and 76% of women surveyed said this was something they did.

Smartphones & Relationships[2]

Now let’s move out of the restroom (unless you guys like to do the following there, too), and on to the bedroom. The next survey was held by Match.com (a popular dating site) and is about relationships and smartphones. (Survey held in Canada). In this survey, we Android users are categorized as “The Seducer.”

It seems Android users are the most likely to get close and personal on the first date. 62% of studs admitted that they’ve had sexual relations during the first night out. iPhone users stand at 57%, while BlackBerry users are lonely at 48%.

But just as we start loving quick, it seems we also stop loving quick ; Android users are also the most likely to have one-night stands. 55% of the participants admitted that this is something they have done before. And we’re also the ones most inclined to visit dating sites (72%).

It also seems iPhone users like having relationships within the workplace and like to call you right back the day after your first date. (Come on guys, some time to breathe can’t hurt!). If you’re the dreamer type, you might want to go with a BlackBerry user. 67% of these guys believe in love at first sight (and they’re more likely to get their drinking on on the first date – 72%).


These percentages make me wonder if Android users are much more likely to be single. The love life survey paints a picture of us as social butterflies looking for affection. I also wonder if we’re flirting with our significant others while in the toilet. Now that would make for a very intimate relationship.

What you guys think of this? Do you feel like you’re more comfortable with intimacy as these surveys suggest?


  1. Via TechnoLog
  2. Via Venture Beat
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  • aranea

    This is a big improvement since a very early survey suggested that iphone users have more sex than android users.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      hey now, not saying we have it more often, maybe putting out on the first date is a sign of desperation.

      • aranea

        I think it’s part of the geek vs hipster image that apple was trying to create against android. I don’t think geeks get laid at the first date so it’s improvement over the geek image.

    • Jeff Pan

      We beat them to it! Go Android Fanboys! Show what you can do!


    OMG !! I Almost died Laughing ! the picture is EPIC EDGAR!

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      I thought I saw the picture somewhere, but without the Android on the lunchbox. The best part about these statistics is that Android users are more likely to admit the truth than the others. It’s like saying that blondes have more fun. it is true and false at the same time. Is this the best that they could pull out of the statistics collected all this time?

    • kazahani

      “iPhone users brought up the rear”

      I lol’d!

  • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

    You can add texting while pooping and putting out on the first date to the list of things Android users do best.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly


      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        you seriously need to bring that back

        • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

          We should re-purpose the idea for a future contest. What other themes could apply to a changing headline contest?

          • Angie Wimberly

            Something about gossip? Or telephone? You know – the story changes the more it is shared. Spitballin’.

          • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

            Ha! Maybe like a “telelphone” style game. Each time someone adds a new headline, it becomes the basis for the next headline edit. So down the line they’d be ridiculously random.

    • AsakuraZero

      i take my laptop to the throne >_>, AND my cellphone, is that bad? no im just a geek, and i still have sx and friends lol.

      well if we think about it, android users are more “common people and geeks”, iphone users are more of the hipster and the sheepherd type of people.

      blackberry.. dunno stuck in time people?

      then you see how the survey is exact haha

  • Bryan Stoner

    I dominate my throne. I kinda like these stats.

  • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

    Guilty on BOTH accounts.. O_o

    • Angie Wimberly


    • Edgar Cervantes


  • Ben

    I prefer to invite my wife and a potential girlfriend to a public bathroom for a date. We each take separate stalls and I’ll talk (using bt headset) to my wife when she calls while simultaneously texting the other chick. In between texts, I’ll see if I can find her on some dating site to see if we’re really compatible. Of course I don’t do these things because I’m lonely or a socialite, but because my phone is F*@king awesome! :-)

    • Ben

      Forgot to mention, my wife is on a blackberry, the potential g/f is on an iPhone. Of course we’ll wrap up this date by leaving the bathroom, doing a bunch of shots together, and then my wife and her will hook up (1 time only), leaving me alone with my dating sites and awesome phone. Did I miss anything?

  • spazby


  • Ben

    BTW, I’ve lost weight since that photo was taken and I now use a recyclable bag with similar Andy stencil instead of that lunchbox.

  • RRR


    Let’s do the estimation.

    Sammy making approximately 10 phones per second (all brands).
    Means they make 300 M phones per year

    If all these phones will be eventually smartphones at $500 a piece that will bring them $150 billion dollars per year.

    Suppose that out of these 300M phones 1/3 or 100M will be bought in US.

    That means US will pay Sammy $50B. That’s a maximum. Minimum and more realistic estimation is $25B.

    Just look at that: $25B US is losing. That’s more then NASA budget.

    Apple in its turn brings approximately such amount of money to US to its shareholders and employees, which spend them in US and support domestic job creation. And keep hi-tech in US.

    So when will all Android pumpers = Apple haters become older to understand that?

    • SSS

      You must not be aware that about 60% (SIXTY PERCENT) of Apple’s 90B+ in cash is NOT in the USA! .. & it pays no dividends on stock.

      • RRR

        During last 5 years price of AAPL stock have risen approximately 5 times. That’s 33% annual growth. The typical dividends for-the-profit companies pay are usually in the order of several percents. Microsoft for example pays 2-3%. So dividend pay has no sense for Apple. Even if it would be 10%. Why? Because div+stock price appreciation would be approximately the same. By the way that 2-3% yearly div was all what MSFT paid to shareholders during the whole decade being dead in stock price appreciation.

        As to 2/3 of money is abroad – that does considered currently as kind of normal. Same takes place for all US large multinational companies in DOW index. What percentage of cash do you think Google has abroad ? ROTFLMAO Because at the end the free cash on hand in dollars, euro, rubles and yuans allows companies to expand their business in the world and eventually ensure competitive advantage of the company which in its turn ensures permanent stream of money flow back to US. They will be transformed into new advanced products ahead of others and return to US. Or not return if company will be a bit late on the market and will not create competitive advantage. Which way you prefer get your investments back?

        The tax cut on cash is not big issue or reason for Apple and most of other companies. Even with the possible tax holiday.

    • delinear

      Basic economics fail. Firstly, you can’t compare the whole price of the $500 device. Remember, a siginificant part of that is the production cost. Since both manufacturers produce their phones (largely) outside the US, that’s a big chunk of BOTH markets going overseas.

      Secondly, stocks are not limited by country. There’s nothing to prevent US investors buying up Samsung stock, but stockholders largely don’t care about the state of their own country’s economy so much as they care about their own portfolio – if it’s going to give them a better return to invest in a US company, they will do so, but the second the action moves overseas the investors will follow. This is the LAST thing you should be banking on to save the economy. More ground level manufacturing would do far more to help.

      • RRR

        Well, i’m sorry to say that you have no slightest clue about the bill-of-materials (BoM) real numbers or just how to estimate anything within the factor of 2. The $500 for Apple is good estimation which by the way i additionally cut together with amount of phones sold by two and you have not even noticed. ROTFL Also note, it is based on near future sales when nearly all cell phones will be smartphones. Note more, that i did not add other Samsung stuff — like LCD TVs, flash memory (including ones in Apple gear), cameras/camcorders etc — so the amount Samsung is pocketing from Android and Me users is pretty good as the factor of 2 estimation.

        The numbers are staggering. Even decreased by the factor of two more they are between National Science Foundation budget or the total cost of Inertial Confinement Fusion project and NASA budget.

        And of course the stocks are not limited by the country. But in average the percentage of domestic stock holders compared to all others is overwhelming in favor of former. That’s generally true for all countries. Every dollar anyone abroad invests in Apple or any US company bring a stream of cents to US as well as to the investor.

        • RRR

          Sorry for errors
          “the $500 for Apple”
          should be
          “The $500 for Samsung (and Apple)”

  • KRS_Won

    I have a true story that involves both, kind of embarrassing, but way more funny.. I’d tell it if only I could go anonymous, lol.

  • sap 26

    Best article title of 2012? Very interesting. Funny and a good read.


    Awesome title… even better pic. Hilarious!

  • Nathan D.

    Funny picture, these statistics are to me surprising but fun to read about since we are defeating other smart phone not only in the market of smartphone but also in other fields to.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Hahahaha! There ya go! The numbers don’t lie!

  • thekaz

    As I stated elsewhere.. if we could flash ROMs onto our lovers, we wouldn’t have to change ‘em so often…

    • Edgar Cervantes

      First date “Do you have an open bootloader?” lol! “Can I overclock your processor?”

  • kwills88

    I pretty much don’t feel right using the bathroom without my phone…what’s even better is getting wifi while on the toilet.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Android users are seducers but have the most one night stands? Does this mean we suck in bed? lol

    But seriously, I’m surprised the number of people who use their phone while crapping isn’t higher. Some think it’s gross, but if you haven’t touched anything (i.e. haven’t wiped yet), how is it dirty?? I put my phone in my pocket and then wipe my ass, so I’m not worried about poo particles on it. Some people I know are, they must be that 10-15%.

  • Queen Laqueefa

    Android Users: Shittin’ it and Hittin’ it.

  • Matt

    Or maybe there’s 10 android devices for every iSuck out there? I’d like to know if these polls were pulled for even groups based on ownership or just random groups of people. Or maybe it’s because apple users are to busy boinking their magical god siri to worry about their own species :-) “an apple a day keeps the sex away”.

  • greeny42

    What about one night stands in the bathroom?

  • Anthony E

    You’re doing it wrong. Skip the bar, install a whoring app, find a person, meet.

    This pool must have used a really loose definition of the word ‘date’ :P.

  • cb2000a

    Saw another survey that said Blackberry users drink more (no surprise there).

    • delinear

      If I’d bought a Blackberry, I’d be hitting the bottle too :)

  • Runner50783

    As more people uses android phones, the Android user will be closer to the average Joe, so, this type of survey does not really represent the actual Android lover type of geek characteristics, sorry guys…

  • krazytrixxxsta

    who doesnt like to squat and surf?