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Apple seeks preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the U.S.

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Apple has filed an injunction against the Android 4.0 flagship Samsung Galaxy Nexus in California, claiming the Nexus violates at least four of Apple’s recently-claimed patents. According to FOSS Patents, these include:

  • The “data tapping” patent which resulted in an import ban of HTC devices
  • A patent related to Siri and unified search
  • The infamous (and highly criticized) slide-to-unlock patent Apple recently won
  • A word completion patent which provides major speed improvements for touchscreen text entry

FOSS Patents speculates that Apple will easily win the first patent, as this is the patent Apple used to score a difficult-to-obtain victory against HTC in the ITC, where only 1 in 20 smartphone patent cases are deemed to be in violation. In fact, Google has willingly violated this patent, choosing to keep the infringing technology in Android 4.0. If Google is deemed guilty in this aspect, they will likely need to make a few changes in Android 4.0 if they’re going to continue to put Android 4.0 in smartphones. The other patents are a bit murkier, and we recommend you heading over to the FOSS Patents site to  read more about them and their potential implications for Google’s future business.

Though Apple was denied a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus (and the Galaxy Tab 10.1N) in Germany, that case was based on a different set of patents. The current charges are based on patents earned after September 2011, and are certainly much more important as they relate to core features of Android 4.0 itself, such as the slide to unlock functionality in Google’s lockscreen, as well as the way Google is and plans to handle mobile search in the future.

We’ll likely learn more about this case in coming months; The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California is expected to rule on this case sooner rather than later.

Source: FOSS Patents

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  • Mark Shramek

    I think Samsung and Google have some serious problems here. This could completely change the android os for good and not in a good way. Slide to unlock is going to go in apples favor no matter what.

    • Jeff Pan

      Android could just adopt the variation of “Ring” that HTC Sense uses! Wouldnt that work?

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        it’s iffy. The patent is broad, and HTC’s implementation may violate Apple’s patent as well.

        • AsakuraZero

          yep now apple touched the behemot AKA google, we may see some blood on this patent fight

          • CJ LaFleur

            Now lets see google finally put apple in their place! Someone has to show them they can’t just do whatever they want!

          • NT_

            I think you may be confused about which one is the financial behemoth. ;)

          • aranea

            Motorola having Google behind them did that to Apple in Germany. This is Apple’s revenge move.

        • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

          HTC’s variation of the clock screen may actually get around apple’s patent since Apple’s application stipulates that a graphical object be moved from a pre-defined position to another predefined position to unlock a device.

          HTC’s lock screen moves an object (the ring) from a pre-defined position out of a pre-defines area. It’s a subtle difference, but it should keep them safe.

      • dhruv

        Problem is that we still have to slide the ring to unlock,,,. I think apple given patent is a bad decision. competition should be promoted not squashed…. If apple wins the case, google should patent the slide down notification bar and then do the same thing to apple

        • S

          Since it is open-source they cant patent it. I think i read somewhere that Apple can use everything in Android without being sued.

          • devine

            Idk how true that is seeing how Google patent there dot lock screen.

    • redraider133

      Except you don’t really slide it like the apple version since you can move it in a complete circle, can’t do that on an iphone…

    • AppleFUD

      There is prior art for sliding an image unlock a mobile device. Like most of what apple throws at the wall, only a small percentage will stick. If apple is real lucky they might get one patent to stick and it will most likely be a software patent that can easily be worked around.

      All apple is doing here is throwing a temper tantrum–now that jobs is gone the company continues in the same childish fashion.

      • AppleFUD

        here’s some prior art for ‘slide to unlock’

    • fxle

      Slide to unlock won’t work because Apple’s patent claim is about predefined path for sliding. However in Honeycomb and ICS, path is not predefined, target point is determined, and path is arbitrary.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    Come on Apple. This is just immature IMO.

    About the lock screen gesture: I’m pretty sure it only talks about sliding the thing in a specified path. In Android 4.0 you can slide it anywhere in the ring and then to the unlock side. That shouldn’t violate Apple’s patent.

    This whole thing is just ridiculous.

    • Tristan

      no…there are enough instances of “and/or” in the patent to cover pretty much any notion of sliding your finger across the touchscreen to begin interacting with the device.

      the USPTO allowed Apple to patent an idea.

      • Daniel C

        “the USPTO allowed Apple to patent an idea.”

        In 2000,the USPTO also granted a patent for “bread refreshing method”. Also known as toast. http://www.google.com/patents/US6080436

        • Clare

          My Irish immigrant great-great-great grandmother would have called that brown bread. I’ll take a patent to go

    • jonathan3579

      Actually, you’re wrong! Android 4.0 only has one pre-determined path which is to the lock/unlock or camera. Clearly you’re basing this assumption on prior versions.

  • hector manzanarez

    too bad you drag to unlock and its an option not the only unlock method, I.e. face unlock

  • thekaz

    Wow. If Apple cannot convert Android users to iOS users they’ll just make it so we have no choice…

    • dcds

      After seeing this, I’d rather die and I’m willing to go thermodickwad on this.

    • LEAP24-21

      Sorry Apple but I’ll buy a Windows Phone :yaoming: , but AT&T has all the best WP smartphones :f7u12:. When am I going to find better WP smartphones in other carriers??!! :yuno:

  • Naos

    This is just wrong and inappropriate. Apple makes very expensive phones and they don’t have any cheaper alternatives in their portfolio. IPhone 4S is almost 2x more expensive than comparable Samsung Galaxy SII, and I don’t mention low budget Android phones which are 5x less expensive. Now Apple makes everything to block the alternatives that people were given by other companies. These are often cheaper alternatives and more open ones.

    Giving permission to fill such patents as slide to unlock, or some obvious universal search (we have universal search in Windows or Linux for years already) is just counter-competitive and as a result money draining for customers.

    • redraider133

      Not unless you are talking off contract. The 4s is 199 and the sgs2 is the same( at least here in the states anyway)

  • MrMrMan

    I hate Apple with a fucking passion. That company needs to be destroyed. They are bad for the industry, bad for consumers, bad for innovation. I swear the Devil runs this company.

    • Tristan

      They are horrible for everyone but Apple…

      A friend to innovation…sure…but an arch-enemy of progress.

      It’s sickening.

  • hinds

    Apple is gonna be one of the most disliked company in the history of tech when its all said and done.Could you imagine if the I sheep ever came to there senses?!!!

  • R.S

    Someone (preferably a judge) needs to tell Apple to STFU already with these asinine lawsuits!

    How is the slide to unlock still an issue or better yet, a Google issue?! Each manufacturer has it’s own unlock method doesn’t it? I know on my GS2, the entire lock screen wall paper moves. On HTC’s with the latest Sense, you either move a ring in any direction or an icon into the ring. Neither of these are even remotely similar to Apple’s slide the tab to the right in a predetermined (set) path.

    • dcds


      I think Google should make an unlock mechanism in the shape of a key and keywhole, and you just need to rotate the key to the right or to the left.

      That would leave Apple jealous because Google implemented a more magical and lifelike way.

      Besides, after that Google could sue all locker manufacturers in the world all the way from the descendents of the first locker inventor.

      Rant off.

      • JonGarrett


        they should make an android robot sliding his **** into the mouth of the likeness of steve jobs to unlock the device.

      • Shadowlore

        Better go patent that before Apple sues you in 5 years for stealing their idea.

  • steve

    apple is now finished with me now. up until steves death i had everything apple. now its all back to pc and android. apple can rot now with their bullish lawsuits rrying to slow down androids rise. if you cant innovate, litigate.

    • Voliam

      My only tie to Apple is iTunes, but I have to even question that decision at this point!
      I wonder how many Droid users are iTunes users, and if a mass boycott would wake Apple up?

  • Shawn Clark

    Point Blank Period…Screw Apple!!!

  • Mike

    Can you stop recommending people go to that damn FOSS Patents site run by an Apple Fan Boy?

    • jonathan3579

      Agreed. Every time I see the name Florian Mueller I throw up a little in my mouth.

    • AsakuraZero

      … go and gtfo patents and such documents are just TL:DR if you put it on a web article, for pete’s sake kids now days know nothing about making a web or how to do their homeworks anymore

  • pragmatous

    I love android but Google is making a huge giant mistake sitting down in all this. Google needs to start doing something to defend android. Sometimes you can only fight fire with fire so why isn’t Google getting general broad patents also?

    There is definitely a conspiracy going on because I don’t see any other company with such vague patents.

    • LEAP24-21

      I believe that google doesn’t want to fight fire with fire, because Apple is capable of creating their own search engine and ditch Google. That’s why also you see nature Google apps including Gmail in iOS. If Apple create their own search engine and combining this with their “Superior” marketing will make Google fall easilly. Microsoft couldn’t with Bing but Apple might do it.

      • dcds

        Sure… that’s something they can create in the blink of an eye.

        By jobs reaction, if they could do it, they would have done already.

      • redraider133

        I think google knew something like this was going to happen that’s why they went out and bought more patents and moto. This could turn real ugly real quick and the consumers be the ones stuck forking the bills with higher phone costs because of this.

      • Trevor Cameron

        First of work on your English. Second the fact that you think Apple starting a search engine would topple Google is plain absurd. The sheer fact that there are more Android phones sold than iPhone’s puts Google at an instant advantage. And if you think that any Android fan would use an Apple search engine, you are out of your GD mind!

    • Linn

      What, like purchasing Motorola?

  • Apple is gonna find themselves stareing down the barrel of some angry consumers soon. This crapple is just disgusting. I remember when i still wanted apple products even though it was just there computers that i felt like i needed…now they will never see my money. Apple must be muzzled!

  • Bryan Stoner


  • AsakuraZero

    google purchase on motorola being approve or retired by this comming monday, now this, … apple are you nerveous of the behemoth that is comming for your ass ?

    you think you can win re-hashing the lawsuits? shame on you apple, no shit your products sucks a lot now

    • LEAP24-21

      They are afraid of losting of never work in iPhones, because Motorola has the original Mobile Phone patent :yaoming:

  • Adam Curtis

    So I can only respond to two of these patents, because the others I don’t know anything about. But, for example, the “data tapping” one, my phones have been finding email addresses and phone numbers since my crappy LG flip phone in 2004. Slide to unlock has been in many previous phones to the iPhone, also debunking that patent. The other two I don’t know exactly what they say, so I can’t respond to them.

  • John C.
    • dcds

      I believe it’s first-to-patent instead of the fair first-to-invent.

      • thekaz

        right, but if a defendant can prove prior designs, I believe, at the very least, they can use that as a defense…

        • dcds

          Yeah, I don’t know…

      • Daniel

        No, patents are not valid if they are based on something that already exists. They have to be new.

        • Yashar

          Please, educate yourself. For a while ago that puppet called Obama signed the paper that says “if you are the first one to patent it, then you own it”. Prior art is a history in the U.S now.

          • delinear

            First to patent only applies when there are two conflicting patents to determine which is valid, it doesn’t replace the existing defence of prior art – in theory at least a patent is still meant to be a novel idea and not just copying common functionality.

  • Hall Lo

    Srsly Apple?! Playing so cheap now? Imma let all my friends know about all these bs patent, let them know what the company that made their iPhones is now doing. Just wow.

  • spazby

    Come on apple, play nice

  • JeremY

    Well, here’s to “Googlerola”

  • Paul Atreides

    If this slows down the Sprint Galaxy Nexus I will be pissed!

    • redraider133

      I don’t think it would. I mean they could easily issue an update changing the unlock screen if that is one of the ones they have to change. Not sure about the others but seems like those had prior art so who knows though with how messed up the patent system and judges are..

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Fear makes people do stupid stuff… even companies.

  • jd

    All my Apple loving friends would still think Apple’s suits are all well justified. Being a fan means you approve of their doing whatsoever.

  • kwills88

    Is it wrong for me to dislike a dead person? Because right now Steve Jobs just makes my blood boil, we are talking more about lawsuits instead of progress the tech world is making. Apple continues to look like a popular kid who’s scared of the new kid stealing his popularity so he gets his friends to bully him.

    • LEAP24-21

      There should be a control for patent laws. If the company is big then “no winning,and don’t fuck competition, please”. If the company is small then: sue if you want.

  • shabanksamani

    The U.S. Constitution permits the issuing of patents to regulate interstate trade and assist the flow of progress and back in the days of our founding fathers, patents really did serve that purpose, but now this method of patenting has become obsolete hindering the progress it was made to push.
    The point is that this company that is being run by a fascist monopolistic trust builder should not be awarded these abominable pieces of wastepaper. They are the opponent of progress and advancement and if they do gain control of the technology industry, it will be the end of the market itself. Because without the availability of other products to compete with the “iPhone” or “iOS”, the market will fail as a result of severe drop in demand. And since the world we live in revolves around technology, the results can be catastrophic. These patents are harbingers of a depression far worse than that of the 1920s, simply because the greed of a simple dictatorial company who is so full of themselves (more like full of $#^*) and think that they are the most brilliant minds in the universe.
    Maybe I’m taking this out of proportion, maybe not. But this whole thing is just ridiculous.

    • John

      Why won’t “other products” be available? Also, if the lawsuit was so ridiculous (I understand you to mean “absurd, baseless”) the Judge would’ve dismissed it. Since he/she hasn’t, it could mean apple has a legitimate claim.

      • delinear

        We’ve seen enough idiotic decisions in the courts to know the real issue is that a lot of the people making these judgements just aren’t well placed to do so. A lot of the decisions we see can only come from a misunderstanding of the technologies involved (assuming we rule out conspiracies about bribery, protectionism, etc).

  • Nathan D.

    Wow so you couldn’t win in Germany so they go too the U.S. to see if they win. Well they are going to need so luck with Google growing patent collection. But I hope they fail because this crap has to end. If Google wins apple better run away with its tail between its leg because they need to learn when to stop and start doing thing differently if they don’t want to bite the dust.

  • Matthew Varallo

    I hate you apple! You haven’t had an original thought since the iPod and I still refuse to use one of those. You dedication to keeping your hardware/software strictly proprietary was your undoing by IBM in the 90′s and it will be your undoing by Android in the 2010′s!

    Kindly Die Slowly

  • andyakaaneudy

    This is what I think a bout apple they are bored they are loosing their competitio so this is the only cra moustache snelling moustache snelli they have to do I mean is the app comes ou with iphone goo google can sued apple because apple in company and they the touch scree the touch screen phone thi this is bull crap from the company so why so why say

  • geiko

    Man, Apple loves buying Android phones and playing with them. They must dig really deep into these phones just looking for something to attack on.

    I’m not sure how I feel about these. It always seems like Apple is trying to nitpick, but if that’s what they are willing to do, let them. Let Google and Android be the bigger person. I know I don’t want this platform to go after competitors for what seems like the sake of going after competitors. And it’s funny that only the premier Android phones and tablets that are the ones who infringe on Apple’s patents.

  • Jake Gall

    I say Google starts blocking thier services from all ios devices or sues Apple from all links that go to Google for searching on ios based software, then explain to ios users that Apple refuses to pay royalties to Google for being to use thier services on am ios device.

  • hater on the rock

    These patent war is out of control. Patent office should be looked at. I know apple hate android but damn hitting them with the low blow patenting things that android made famous and apple wants to take the glory. Why can’t they just get along I know its business but damn people can patent everything and no one can’t use it for example the birthday song no one wants to get sued for singing happy birthday or even better Paris Hilton with the famous quote “that’s hot”. Patents should be looked at before granting it to anybody

    • delinear

      You’re confusing patent and copyright (the happy birthday song for instance is subject to copyright, not patent). That’s not to say that both aren’t out of control, because they certainly are, but they are two different things.

  • CTown

    It ain’t going to work. This is amur-a-ca!

  • Alex

    I believe Android’s new unlock screen should be an emulation of shooting an Apple exec.

  • themost

    Man, Apple needs to grow up. I know they are trying to protect their “proprietary products” but it’s really immature how they are accomplishing this. I have faith in courts to set this BS straight.

  • kungpaodragon

    The “Slide-to-unlock” thing annoys the hell out of me. That is like Apple puts a simple fixed handle on a door and patent the idea of “integrating some mechanism with a door to assist in operating that door.” Then Google invents door knobs, or push button doors, or even automatic doors and they will all violate the patent because they are all some kind of mechanism.

    If that is truly how the patent system works, the system is in serious flaws. Apple sure knows how to exploit everything as long as it is to their advantage not matter at what or whose cost.

    And “Siri-and-unified search”? Android has had voice search for I don’t know how long and way before there is Siri.

    And a “word-completion” patent? I don’t know if that is true, but I would think that’ll include quite a few other input method developers as well.

    It used to just be Apple fan boys who annoy the hell out of me because many of them believe they are “technology savvy” because they use Apple products and refuse to see what is out there. That’s not Apple’s fault. Now I think I’ve come to hate Apple as well. They have become exactly what Microsoft used to be – EVIL to the advancement of technology and innovation.

  • kungpaodragon

    Would be cool if Google has patents on:
    1. OTA updates
    2. On screen widgets
    3. Usable widgets on lock screen
    4. Multi-tasking
    5. Customizable UI
    6. Search (wouldn’t this be awesome… and make Apple go use Bing, Yahoo, AOL, AskJeeves, eHow search enginges…) I don’t suppose this would ever happen due to Google’s “DO NO EVIL” motto. Let’s change it to “DO NO EVIL, BUT F*** APPLE!”

    • Raptor

      lol 15 y.o. kids and the most of adults have female logic till their end…btw do no evil is exactly how all evil say…hahahahaha

  • elarella

    It seems that Apple is running out of things to sue Samsung and the other Android OE against. I mean, using the slide to unlock feature as a patent infringement? Are you kidding me???? That sounds like saying you don’t like someone anymore because they are wearing the same color shirt as you! Tim Cook and the rest of the genius bar crowd needs to grow up or else their going back to their rooms without dinner!!

  • apo

    Where there is an iPhone killer, there is an apple law case . Makes me even happier to type this from my Almighty galaxy nexus: )

  • p51d007

    I see that Steve Job’s “destroy Android” statement is starting to ring true.
    Instead of INNOVATION, coming out with something to “wow” people into purchasing
    an apple device, Apple is going to use LAWYERS to destroy the Android OS.

  • 4n1m4l


  • Raptor

    Using computers since 70th, being apple hater till very recently and still never bought any apple gear and do not plan that in future i will tell you Apple is doing the right things. A paradox? Well, think before u spew. The mobile revolution went out of control with too many copycats stealing IP of others.

  • greeny42

    more proof that the patent system is broken and is providing fuel to these immature corporate wars designed to attacked competitors instead of protecting legitimate new ideas.

  • Matthew Varallo

    With all these vote downs there is obviously one among us who doesn’t belong. Go read an apple forum bro, we don’t want your kind here.

    Without Steve Jobs Apple cannot innovate and thus must sue to maintain income….. much like what Microsoft has been doing.

    • delinear

      Where does this idea come from that Apple are only suing now Jobs has gone? I have seen it quoted a couple of times in this thread alone. The fact is they have ALWAYS behaved exactly like this (well, at least since the late 90′s). They have a long and deserved reputation as one of the most litigious corporations around – some examples can be seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Inc._litigation#Trademark

  • Cole Loomis

    I would to see what Apple would do if Google products would no longer be supported on any Apple products. No Gmail, no Google search, no Google maps. Apple would loose a lot of customers without those products.

  • Adam

    I’m so damn tired of these two tech giants wasting time and money. We did this first and we did that first so you can’t do it. We’re better than you because we can throw more money around. So disappointed!


    Well apple invented these features first, so hopefully they win.

    • seriously

      That’s not the point you fanboy. The point we’re trying to make is that Apple is trying to hinder progress to protect their “innovation” because they’re so full of themselves and scared that someone else did something better than than them. Unlock a Galaxy Nexus or any other Android 4.0 phone. You can clearly see that Android beat Apple at it’s own game. Sure, Google copied Apple but Steve stole EVERY SINGLE IDEA from IBM. And for what? For so-called “innovation”. Don’t believe me? Steve Jobs said so himself. “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”


        Yeah I get that, but it still seems unfair. They never get any credit for what they do, before the iphone came out everyone said it would fail. After it proved to be one of the biggest breakthrough products everyone just copied. But I think if apple had amy sense they would just get royalties from companies. Because trying ban a product outright is stupid.

    • honourbound68

      hmm what about the drop down notification bar that’s now on iOS?? did apple invent that feature first too?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Another SAD CONCLUSION. Samsung has earned their standing and Apple better start working on their’s because apple is simple being left in the DUST. My Galaxy Nexus makes the current iphone and future iphone TOTALLY USELESS…Matter of fact squiddy20′s crappy Samsung Monet makes the iphone look meek…..

    • RichardGivesAndroidFansABadName

      Totally useless? No, that would be you. I don’t care for Apple, but saying they suck because you don’t like them, or own an Apple product is childish, and not befitting a man nearly 50 years old. No, Richard, I’m not an “iFan” or a “sheep”, I don’t now, or ever owned an iDevice (just thought we’d nip that in the bud). As much as I don’t like Apple, to call them “useless” is flat-out stupid. Credit where credit is due — Apple is worth about USD$100,000,000,000. NO ONE generates that kind of revenue because they sell a “useless” product, and quite honestly, if the iPhone would’ve came out on Sprint before the Evo, you would’ve had one, and every phone running Android would be “useless”, or or living in it’s mother’s dark basement. What is the deal with you and dark basements anyway? Is that where your dad kept you when you wasn’t ramming your fudge tunnel? You really talk about dark basements a lot and “useless”. I think your Dad kept you in the basement and called you useless while ramming your ass, that’s why you’re always calling things useless. You also like to call people bums, broke losers, etc. Is that because a few years ago, YOU were living on the streets and were as useful as tits on a bull? Stop projecting your personal issues onto others. Of course, maybe this is why you do it, you revel in your ignorance and stupidity, and you love it that people laugh at you and hate you because that’s what you’re used to, and what you like. Sort of like how some girls who are really slutty because they were molested (not making fun of them). YOU have serious psychological issues that seem to run parallel with theirs. By all means, respond with something stupid so we can all laughh at you again. You seem to love it.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Wow you and sqiddy20 must be bed mates. At best your foolish rant matches your exact need for attention. Opinion is opinon if you need attention or want your thoughts to be meaning purchase something worthwhile then come talk in forums. Your a homeless clown another joke on this forum. If need a device hit me up maybe i will help you to one. I laugh at you baseless fools who come on here thinking you know something.

        • squiddy20

          “Your a homeless clown…” Funny you should say that, given that you were a “homeless clown” yourself not even 5 years ago. Here’s the proof: http://boweryapplications.org/Images/mmDocument/Red%20Door%20Jun2007.pdf
          So like the other guy stated, projecting much?
          Also, who’s the “baseless” one now Dick? I’ve got proof of how dirt poor you were, and all you’ve got on either of us is a bunch of petty, childish things you call insults, or at least your pitiful attempts at them. How’s that for “knowing something”?

          • shabanksamani

            What the hell is wrong with you? That’s not cool man. That cold.
            Richard, I disagree with every word you said, but I’m not going to personally attack you for it. Seriously, what’s wrong with people these days? This BS is even more ridiculous than the lawsuit.
            Keep it clean or leave the forum. It’s that simple. I’m sure the AndroidAndMe mediators would agree. We’re not here to attack each other for our own beliefs. We’re here to discuss them. If you have a problem with that, then tough luck. Deal with it, or get out. Richard gives Android fans a bad name?? No you belligerent people who attack each other for no reason give Android fans a bad name.

            Why can’t we just have a peaceful discussion about this without going “No! Your opinion is gay! (don’t say ‘gay’ either; I have a friend who’s gay and I seriously take offense to it)” Let’s just talk like civilized people, PLEASE?

          • squiddy20

            shabanksamani, I would love to have a civilized conversation, but the fact of the matter is, you can’t have that with Richard. Over the course of 2 years, he’s repeatedly insulted me about the most idiotic crap ever (such as “you live in your mother’s cold dark basement”) only because I’ve pointed out areas where he’s been wrong. He once called me a “peckerwood” (which apparently is a racial slur) simply because I told him that the processor in the Evo 3D was not “inferior” to the one in the Sensation, but in fact the same. I’ve never stooped so low as to call him a ni**er or any other racial slur, even after his low insult. Also, the fact that he insults people by calling them “homeless bums” when he was one not even 5 years ago is extremely hypocritical and childish.
            “No you belligerent people who attack each other for no reason give Android fans a bad name” I would just like to point out that Apple people are just as bad with their own fans. Take a look in the comments of articles at websites such as Apple Insider or MacRumors if you don’t believe me.

        • RichardGivesAndroidFansABadName

          Yes, Richard, I’m homeless, yet have access to computers constantly so that I’ve seen your demented, pointless rants regarding whatever current device/carrier you have over the past year and a half on every damned android site on the internet. Every post is the same thing. The same damned thing every single time. It’s always about you and whatever you have at the moment and how “legendary” and “pimp slapping” it is and how awesome your carrier is and how anyone who has something different is “useless” and “stupid” or “bums”. Once again, you are projecting your own insecurities onto others. You, of all people shouldn’t call anyone stupid, especially coming from a person who claims to be knowledgeable about Android, yet you don’t even know how to do a force update. That’s about as basic as it gets, Richard. Homeless? Hardly. Once again, you’re projecting your insecurities :)
          You have so completely reinforced what I stated regarding you, it borders on weird. Did I hit the nail on the head? I think I did. You constantly look for reassurance on the internet about your purchases and carrier decisions. You seek approval from others while at the same time projecting your very own insecurities and issues on others. You insult people with the most childish “insults”, you use words that you don’t understand while calling people stupid, homeless, bums, etc. Which goes back to what I was saying about you projecting your insecurities on others – you can’t spell, use punctuation, or even the definitions of the words you’re using, yet you call people stupid, useless, etc. Projecting again.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Guess your pretty knowlegeable on slutty girls. Way to go why don’t you give us all some advice..

        • RichardGivesAndroidFansABadName

          I can’t help you. You couldn’t get a five-cent hooker with a hundred dollar bill. Just invent one, like most of the things in “Richard’s World”.

    • squiddy20

      Now I know you’re pulling stuff out of your ass. I’ll be the first to admit, my phone does not even compare to the iPhone 3GS. The fact that you think it does only shows how little you know of technology and true specs. The iPhone and iOS is controlled purely by Apple 100% through the manufacturing process. The OS works perfectly with the hardware because Apple has it set up that way. My Moment is not even close to that. Samsung took Android OS code, slapped it on subpar hardware, modified the code to work slightly better with the phone, and shoved it to Sprint for final approval. That you don’t even realize that is only proof of your stupidity. Also the fact that you think whatever phone you own will “dominate” or “rule” for the next year is, in itself, a joke. Especially now that you’re using a developer phone, which Verizon is sure to not advertise as much as any other phone in the Droid line.

  • RichardGivesAndroidFansABadName

    Totally useless? No, that would be you. I don’t care for Apple, but saying they suck because you don’t like them, or own an Apple product is childish, and not befitting a man nearly 50 years old. No, Richard, I’m not an “iFan” or a “sheep”, I don’t now, or ever owned an iDevice (just thought we’d nip that in the bud). As much as I don’t like Apple, to call them “useless” is flat-out stupid. Credit where credit is due – Apple is worth about USD$100,000,000,000. NO ONE generates that kind of revenue because they sell a “useless” product, and quite honestly, if the iPhone would’ve came out on Sprint before the Evo, you would’ve had one, and every phone running Android would be “useless”, or or living in it’s mother’s dark basement. What is the deal with you and dark basements anyway? Is that where your dad kept you when you wasn’t ramming your fudge tunnel? You really talk about dark basements a lot and “useless”. I think your Dad kept you in the basement and called you useless while ramming your ass, that’s why you’re always calling things useless. You also like to call people bums, broke losers, etc. Is that because a few years ago, YOU were living on the streets and were as useful as tits on a bull? Stop projecting your personal issues onto others. Of course, maybe this is why you do it, you revel in your ignorance and stupidity, and you love it that people laugh at you and hate you because that’s what you’re used to, and what you like. Sort of like how some girls who are really slutty because they were molested (not making fun of them). YOU have serious psychological issues that seem to run parallel with theirs. By all means, respond with something stupid so we can all laughh at you again. You seem to love it.

  • BruceCLin

    I hate Apple’s anti-competitive use of their bogus patents. I wish the CEO di… oh wait.

    • shabanksamani

      Too soon.

  • itguy426

    What needs to happen is for Samsung to tell Apple to take a hike and find someone else to build their processors. I know there maybe a contract between them I would think that Samsung’s lawyers could find a way out. Anyone that Apple messes with should start letting them hang in the hardware department. I know that would hurt the companies in the pocket but it would hurt Apple more as they would not be able to sell their precious iturd. Then who would have the control then. The other problem is that all of the companies selling Android phones need to come together and unite against Apple. Make Apple crapple in their pants with fear or let them be ignorant enough to think it doesn’t matter and let them take themselves out of the game. Either way companies need to start taking a bigger stand.

  • gmaninvan

    Apple, seriously, this is getting ridiculous. It is one thing to legitimately want to protect your ip but to do so when you are blatantly ripping off the android notification system right down to the three lines at the bottom of the drawer? That is just plain hypocritical.

  • shabanksamani

    Apple’s goal is simple: they want a monopoly. And they’re willing to go “thermo-nuclear war on this.” (Steve Jobs). They believe that any and all innovation should belong to them when really, it belongs to EVERYONE. Not just one corporate interest. The way that Apple is behaving is harmful to the market because it seeks to control any and all aspects of the market.

  • shabanksamani

    The fact is that some people like iPhones and some people like Android. It’s based on their personal interests. With Android, you can do more stuff (you can even go MIUI and basically have the best of both worlds) but with Apple, it’s simple in a good way. It’s easy to use whereas Android takes some time. I’ve owned both devices and admit firmly that they are BOTH pretty cool, but I’m just sticking to my G2x because I just think it’s more awesome. This is how the market should be: based on the consumer’s interests. Not the pettiness of one company to eliminate and sabotage the competition because some aspects of it resemble a certain product. I have an Android phone. I have a Macbook Air. I love them both and I’m not afraid to say it.

  • tao.lviv

    Oh God, I hate Apple…

    They take someones inventions, make some improvements to it and then claim to all over the world that the others have stolen their precious ideas!