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ASUS teases high resolution display for Android tablets


Are you sick of all the teaser videos for Mobile World Congress yet? Today ASUS released another teaser for next week’s show in Barcelona with a message that reads, “Twice The Detail. Twice The Fun.”

Some have speculated that this could be for the refreshed Transformer Prime TF700T that we first learned about at CES. The original Transformer Prime TF201 had a 10.1 inch display with 1280×800 resolution, but the newer TF700T model features a reported 1920×1200 resolution.

If you do the math, the newer display has twice the pixels of the current model, 1,024,000 vs  2,304,000. That sound pretty impressive, but just remember that Samsung is working on a tablet display with an amazing 2560 x 1600 resolution.

An upgraded Transformer Prime will be nice, but I’m more interested in the Asus Padfone.

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  • steve19137

    I don’t know, this just seems like a giant spec race and the higher specs don’t seem to be very useful. Most people have 1080×1920 screens on their desktop. I’m not ready for displays that are bigger than my desktop to be on a tablet. Where is the practical use for it?

    • metafor

      You generally hold your tablet much closer than a desktop/laptop monitor. So pixelation is more noticeable. This is particularly apparent when using something like an iPad. I’d prefer higher-resolution screens so I don’t notice the pixels all the time.

    • David

      You seem to be confusing pixel count with size. Regardless, the utility of higher pixel density should be obvious.

    • AsakuraZero

      this is actually a nice point, why i would like to have so much density on a 10″ tablet, when my laptop right now is only 1080p in 17″

      they should invest in better panels, which will consume less power and delivering excelent picture quality and true colors..

      pixel density … its not that needed

      • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

        That’s like saying the resolution of the iPhone 3GS is enough, Apple shouldn’t have bothered with the Retina display in the iPhone 4.

        • AsakuraZero

          higher density pannels means more expensive cellphone/tablets yeah i will pay that premium on the Prime MK2 but its because meh i will have that money saved up till that date.

          i would love to have 720p on my phone and see the details to its max expresion but im quite ok with the gs2 panel, i had a captivate which its panel have the colors a bit off, too green and so on

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      Display size has nothing to do with resolution.

      • steve19137

        Sorry, I wasn’t using the right terms. I meant resolution.

    • WlfHart

      I would love the higher pixel count, being able to have side by side docs on a tablet makes me drool.

    • aranea

      I think it’s becoming like the pissing race between camera producers’ megapixel race. I totally agree that after a certain threshold the customer will be better served with increasing quality in other aspects. Then again I would want a tablet that has better resolution and higher pixel count than ipad :)

    • http://muddypa.ws/blog nportelli

      Ya and 1920×1080 pisses me off to no end, it is awful. I sure hope the tablets shame the laptops and monitors into upping their resolutions to at least what they USED to be a few years ago.

      What’s the practical use of an iphone 4 retina display? It has a higher DPS than these new tablets. Is that over kill?

  • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

    The padfone does interest me too

    And I would like to see European pricing for the memo as well

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I want this on my Padfone tablet display!

  • Hall Lo

    1080p on a tablet sounds amazing already :) Please ASUS announce the release date of the new Transformer Prime!

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      It’s about time. If our phones can hit 720p, tablets deserve to have 1080p.

    • epps720

      I’ve been holding out on purchasing a T-Prime waiting for this update. Just hope it comes out in Q2…don’t know how long I can hold out.

      Also hope they don’t have those red backs that I saw on the pics floating around. I realize they had issues with them but I love the silver spun design of the current T-Prime.

  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

    Last I checked, ASUS doesn’t own any display factories, so where are these screens coming from?

    • Stuart

      Santa, cost that’s when they’ll be available :p

    • AsakuraZero

      well asus produce its own series of monitors and panels, so yeah they may have a space in some factory

  • spazby

    i love it… better screen is always a must in a tablet, less so in a phone (still important though)

  • Oskar Wismierski

    I hate the rate at which they upgrade devices.. I was gonna buy a transformer prime tomorrow but now Im getting confused..;/

    • VS

      Heh, welcome to the world of technology. I debated forever before choosing a cell phone, a tablet , TV, PC, etc. It drove me nuts until I just came to the realization that whatever I bought would be outdated in less than a year.

      I think this commercial sums it up nicely:

  • jamal adam

    Man, ASUS is on fire these days. More power to them.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I thought about holding out on the Prime for this updated version… but I love the way the TF201 back looks and still went with getting the Prime. I don’t regret it, it works great for me! And it’s absolutely beautiful.

    This screen though will be KILLER and is the only feature of the new Prime that I was interested in.

  • Nathan D.

    Who would like a trade in program from the original prime to the refresh one? I know I would.