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Barnes and Noble to unveil an 8GB Nook Tablet on Wednesday


It seems Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet isn’t too keen on being shown up by Amazon’s Kindle Fire in the sales department. The more-powerful Nook Tablet is certainly the better spec’d tablet on paper, and with only a $50 higher price tag, it probably should be selling more than it is. Nevertheless, the major bookseller has watched it’s Nook Tablet’s modest sales pale in comparison to Amazon’s, which became America’s #2 tablet in just 6 short weeks.

The original Nook Tablet has 16 GB of storage to the Kindle Fire’s 8 GB, and storage is widely thought to be the biggest reason for the price difference between the two tablets. No longer content to sit back and watch the Kindle Fire bask in success, Barnes and Noble will launch an 8 GB version of the Nook Tablet, likely with the same $199 price tag of its main competitor.

The Verge got its hands on an internal document that shows not only that the 8GB tablet does in fact exist, it’s coming a lot sooner than you think. Wal-Mart and Barnes and Noble will begin selling the device starting this Wednesday, February 22nd. No official announcement has come from Barnes and Noble to date, though we suspect that’ll drop relatively soon and confirm the $199 price point.

Anyone out there planning on picking up a $199 8 GB variant of the Nook Tablet, or are you already reading this article on your Kindle Fire, thank you very much?

Source: The Verge

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  • honourbound68

    i almost picked up the 16gb nook tab but i was fazed by the locked bootloader. i shouldve been more patient bec it looks like the wonderful chefs at xda was able to work around it. I might pick one up (and the asus memo) and sell my htc evo view.

    • Jeff Pan

      To me Nook looks better designed than the Kindle Fire? Why not buy Nook when it is similarly priced to Kindle! -> Only advantage I see is the content license that Amazon own.

      • fletchtb

        I think that is a big advantage for the Kindle Fire. I wouldn’t even consider buying a Nook with all the content Amazon offers and how easy they make it to access the content.

  • honourbound68

    why would you compare a tab that costs >2x as much? asinine. i’d like to see you stuff an ipad in your….. back pocket..

  • Jorge Vieira

    I can put my finger on it but the kindle still looks like the better tablet still. I think it might be a little to late for nook.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      I am sure if the bootloader is unlocked, they can sell a lot more Nook Tablet — but then, many people will be running CM on it and B&N will lose money on every Nook Tablet.

  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    It’s a smart move, as anyone who is truly fazed by 8gb of storage knows that they can buy a 8 or 16gb microSD card for half of that price difference.
    The only other thing holding b&n back is the fact that they stuck with their own hamstrung market. Not only is it more sparse than the Valentines aisle on Feb 15, a user who already paid for an app in the Android market has to pay for it again (sometimes at a higher price) if they want it on a nook. This is going to deter all but the most novice of Android users

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I thought the Fire didn’t have a microSD slot?

  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    It’s a smart move, as anyone who is truly fazed by 8gb of storage knows that they can buy a 8 or 16gb microSD card for half of that price difference.
    The only other thing holding b&n back is the fact that they stuck with their own hamstrung market. Not only is it more sparse than the Valentines aisle on Feb 15, a user who already paid for an app in the Android market has to pay for it again (sometimes at a higher price) if they want it on a nook. This is going to deter all but the most novice of Android users.

  • sid

    isnt it expensive? 50$ higher?

  • dpleus

    It is highly doubtful that an 8GB Nook Tablet will be able to outsell the Kindle Fire, and it has nothing to do with specs or price. The real reason Amazon has become the #2 seller of Tablets in 6 weeks is because of the whole ecosystem that Amazon brings to the Kindle Fire. You have a full Android App Store, Amazon Video, Amazon MP3, Amazon Shopping, and let’s not forget Amazon’s first big commodity, Amazon Books. All of that combined with a $199 price point for their tablet makes them a huge competitor. B&N will really ever only be a “readers” tablet, unless they start to expand their online stores into the same realms as Amazon. And if Amazon does release an 8.9″ or a 10.1″ tablet, like rumors and insiders have stated, then Apple may see a real threat to it’s tablet dominance.

    • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

      I don’t think you’re going to see a surge in Nook Tablet sales until the devs get ICS on it.

      • soggynapkin

        Actually, the devs have a working ICS build for my Nook Color and it runs pretty well with only a few hiccups. I’ll eventually upgrade, but I figure why now?

    • epps720

      I agree, especially if amazon can undercut the price of the iPad. They already developed the name and a following for the Fire, if they could get the price to around $350 I think they’ll have a player. The only question with this will be what price will Apple drop the price of the iPad 2 to, once the 3 comes out.

      I hate Apple but you have to admire their business strategy. Come out with a new product and just drop the price of the old product. All their customers are happy, like the Samsung commercial says….”if they all look the same how will anyone ever know the difference”.

    • NasLAU

      I just give the Fire to my 3 yr-old and let her go crazy with the kids videos. She knows to choose only the Prime videos. I can’t do that with any other tablet without going broke buying Dora episodes. That is why the Kindle Fire is a killer.

  • Debbie K

    I would buy one, it the Nook would be for sale in Europe ;-)

  • tao.lviv

    I’ve already bought Kindle Fire with Android 4.0 it looks muuuuuch better, faster and cooler :) But Nook has microSD card slot… just buy what you better like, they’re pretty much the same in hardware part.

  • ranwanimator

    I got a Nook Tablet for my wife for Christmas. I, of course, rooted it almost immediately. The thing that was hacking everyone off and the reason that it isn’t selling well isn’t the locked bootloader. It’s the fact that B&N pushed out an update that removed the ability to side-load apps forcing the use of the B&N market. The B&N market is crap. There are so few free apps as to be laughable. Apps that cost $.99 in the android market can go for $2 or $3 in the B&N store. It’s ridiculous. Thankfully we rooted and blocked OTA updates so that my wife can enjoy the amazon app store and the android market as well. It’s quite the capable device when liberated from its oppressive ecosystem.

  • thekaz

    uhm… I am not sure they are really meant to compete. The Nook is targeted as an e-reader primarily with some additional functionality. The iPad is not.

    (I think the iPad is targeted to make you look cool in a Starbucks amongst your hipster friends … unfortunately, people try to use them as cameras and wind up looking incredibly dorky)

  • ArticulateFool

    I hope they keep the price competitive with Amazon.

  • spazby

    Memo…..come on asus, release it already…

  • ALcapitalist

    Staples runs the Lenovo K1 130422u for $279 about every 5 weeks and you can get it daily at BestBuy for $319. Dualcore & 32GB & strongly rumored to be getting ICS next month. I’d get the 10.1 K1 now and wait for the Memo if you want a 7″…and that’s what I’m doing!

  • cabrone

    Hmmm. The price difference (minimal as it was) is what made me get the Kindle Fire. This makes me regret this… in fact, I regret it without the price drop.

  • jonathan3579

    Or if B&N wanted to appear really competitive,they could just drop the price $50 and market as getting more for less.

  • Arcospark

    Leo Laporte had a different take on the whole subject: He said Saturday that they are pretty much the same…and he expected Amazon to be in business much longer than B&N. That’s a point, but a very weak one: The B&N stores/name may vanish, but the Nook brand, technology and customer base would be an asset to any company interested in jumping into the market: HP, Dell and Lenovo all come to mind.

    Besides, having Nook separated from B&N might be a blessing – it would be freed from any contract restrictions the publishers put on B&N, would be able to add content from more (open?) sources, etc.

    I use the original Nook Color, rooted, with CyanogenMod 7 Android installed. Then I installed the Amazon Android app AND the BN Nook app: I can buy/read from either source and have a wonderful tablet for Angry Birds, too :)

    • fletchtb

      HP and a mobile OS sounds scary… I vaguely remember what happened to this other company that HP bought with the promise of continuing to develop the OS…. was it HAND? oh Palm… that’s right. Remember them? ;)

  • Johnathan Prochaska

    I just got a Kindle Fire last week and I have to say that I am obsessed with it. I used to be a big reader but this has brought reading back into my life in a major way. The apps are polished and there are so many of them (every app I search for is there). I uploaded all my music to Amazon’s cloud and stream it onto my Kindle and my work computer. All my books and apps are in the cloud and I don’t actually need any space. Plus the Kindle Fire just looks more grown up than the Nook. Can’t wait to see what the next Kindle Fire looks like because I may have to give this one away and upgrade.

    If you haven’t used one, you don’t know what you are missing.

    • Johnathan Prochaska

      I think that maybe the Nook looks less “grown up” because of the hook thing in the corner for keys (?).

  • Billy

    I like the nooks. Glad to see them competing with AMZ. I’ve already been swallowed by the Kindle ecosystem ..

  • James M

    >iPad is much better than this $hitablet

    I agree, i sold my terrible asus-crap transformers device an got an ipad 2 instead.
    Best decision ever.
    I will never return to clumsy android devices again.

    • honourbound68

      another troll… egads you guys are like roaches coming out of the woodwork. I have an iPad 2 and an HTC Evo View. I’ll give you a guess as to which tablet I use the most.. I’ll give you some hints..
      - I can hold it in one hand, use the kindle app and turn pages while strap-hanging on the train,
      - I don’t need a backpack to carry it around – hmm it fits in my coat pocket.
      - I can actually use it for gps when i’m in unfamiliar areas
      - i can surf the full internet including flash sites without having to resort to using an app like iSwifter that slows my tablet down to molasses….

      you figured it out right? now stop being a troll. the article isn’t comparing iPad to NT. they’re two different products for different markets.
      PS I like my iPad2 but it stays at home more often than not.

  • Nitin kumar

    I have samsung galaxy y GT-s5360.I had bought it about 2 years ago.Now I have 2.3.6 Ginger bread version.
    So I can’t play Temple run and so many other apps and games.
    Can I get any other update for galaxy y??