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Develop an Android app, submit it to BlackBerry App World and get a free PlayBook


RIM wants Android apps in their BlackBerry App World market so bad, they’re practically giving away PlayBooks to developers who submit them. What’s that you say, they actually are giving away PlayBooks? Oh RIM, what’s happened to you?

Instead of building quality hardware, pairing it with quality software and attracting users and app developers the old fashioned way, a clearly desperate RIM is giving away PlayBook tablets to any developer who submits their Android app to the BalckBerry App World market.

You see, RIM has developed software for the OS running on the PlayBook that allows Android apps to be ported to BlackBerry with just a few simple clicks. Apparently, RIMs plans to leech from the Android Market isn’t turning out quite like they imagined. Even after drastically lowering the price on PlayBooks, RIM still can’t get rid of them. So why not give them away in exchange for apps?

RIM’s future is still very uncertain at this point, but a free tablet is a free tablet. Need an ereader for your kids? A $500 coaster? A chew toy for your dog (just kidding, don’t give your dog a PlayBook to chew on)? You have until February 13th to submit your app and take advantage of this generous offer.

Source: SlashGear

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  • spazby

    Come on RIM, just adopt android already

  • Techrocket9

    I wonder how significant of an app it has to be…

    Could I just throw together some trivial app and claim my free Playbook?

    • Ryan Foster

      Isn’t it like a fee of $200 to submit apps?

      • ericl5112

        If there is, 200 seems high. Even apple charges $100.

        • professandobey

          There is no fee currently:

          Time to start playing with App Inventor and get me a Kindle Fire w/cameras.

          • honourbound68

            i wish it were that easy :( i wouldn’t mind a new toy either but i’m lost with programming

        • jason

          Apple charges $200. Apple charges $100 to get in their developer program so you can see the certification requirements to submit your app, then they charge another $100 to actually get your app in the App Store.

    • ericl5112

      I was wondering the same. I have an app in the early stages of it’s creation, however it could pass off as a complete minor app. I’ll try. Also, is there a developer licence fee?

      • Jack Thakar

        No license fee. RIM finally realized that no one in their right mind would pay them to develop apps for their platform. If your app is functional and serves some purpose, it should be fine. I submitted an app that I consider Beta, but it works well enough and I have it on the Android Market.

    • Fulaman

      LOLLLL I was thinking the same thing, just making a very trivial app and then submitting it to RIM for this free tablet lol.

  • Thomas MacDougall

    time to dust off my “hello world” app

    • Fulaman


    • professandobey

      This is only going to increase the shovelware in the App World.

      It’s getting painful to watch RIM continually push themselves into irrelevance.

      • MrCrusha829

        Totally agree with you…. also I had a playbook and sold it. The only apps that were worth installing were android apps (the ones that worked). The selection of apps in appworld for the playbook were complete garbage. I don’t see RIM surviving much longer. Even with the promise of 2.0 which doesn’t even have that many improvements to make it relevant. Pure hype beast on the new OS. People would be better off putting their money towards a high end android tablet IMHO.

  • Rich

    Hey man, I like your blog. I found it looking for Google’s answer to Siri (majel as i found out)

    Is majel available yet I have to check it out, cause i was considering getting a 4S …

    BTW- my travel blog is Rich Trek travel avdentures I know not Android related, but having just landed back in the US, thought i would share ;)

  • aranea

    Hahaha! RIM makes me laugh a lot recently.

  • pjax

    typo on *BalckBerry

  • sid

    This is my app, how can i submit it ? isnt it paid ?:S

  • Ansh

    Android FTW !

  • alexis

    Big fan of the tablets, it’s amazing. Great post! Keep it up

    Cruz velocity

  • Bigtop77

    I wonder how my apps would look on that big bad momma!?

  • Jack Thakar

    I’ve submitted my app. I plan on getting the Playbook, selling it on eBay (looks like I could get as much as $225 there), selling my Notion Ink Adam on eBay for $300-$350 (really regretting my purchase), and buying a Transformer Prime as soon as I can find one.

  • Harry Scanlan

    Just to note, you can build an Android / PlayBook app if you run a WordPress blog by using http://www.JoeMobi.com – then submit and get yourself a playbook!

  • dreamz

    as per my info, Apple charges 99$ for the whole year, and you can upload as many apps as you want

  • David Woodfin

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  • Janis

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  • Arun Sharma

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