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Droid Fighter and LG Cayman spotted on Verizon document


Verizon currently has the best lineup of Android smartphones, but that doesn’t mean the carrier will slow down with new releases. Kellen of Droid Life just reported that Verizon has two new mysterious phones coming up, the Droid Fighter and LG Cayman.

Both of these device names are new and we have little details to report. Most of us think Motorola when we hear Droid, but Verizon has also released Droid-branded phones with HTC and Samsung. We will have to wait and see, but the Droid Fighter could be the unnamed HTC device that looked like the Incredible 3 or it could be the rumored HTC Fireball.

When it comes to the LG Cayman, that device is anyone’s guess. Verizon just released the high-end LG Spectrum, but they have already marked it down to $99 online. This could be another high-end phone to replace it, or it could be one of LG’s new mainstream phones.

What kind of Android devices would you like to see on Verizon?

This unnamed HTC device appeared last year with looks similar to the Incredible series.

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  • dpleus

    I’d like to see higher quality devices at good prices, instead of a half dozen new devices every month. Every time I see that a maker is releasing a new phone/device, I have visions of some recent commercial with a woman crying out “I just bought this one” at a device announcement event.

    Manufacturers need higher quality long term devices, or they need to drop their prices on these rapid release phones. If they do not want to drop rates, carriers need to start offering 6 month or 12 month contracts so consumers can take advantage of these higher quantity model release schedules.

    • dookiefish

      yea than you’ll end up paying quite a bit more for contract phones

  • spazby

    Galaxy s3 please

  • Jorge Vieira

    I really hope that HTC comes out soon I’m a big fan of the incredible style. Maybe this can be a nice LG! maybe a spectrum with much better build quality.

  • Joel

    More phones to Verizon huh?…must be exciting to know your on a carrier where you’ll only have the latest and greatest for about 17 days before your “obsolete”.

    Sorry to sound like a wet mop…Just sore that it seems like Verizon is the only carrier that manufacturers recognize anymore…Arent they fearful that the more devices they release the less people are gonna buy?

    Yes your the biggest carrier….Yes you have the best coverage…but christ give your customers time to enjoy the device they bought last week before you make them feel like impatient dummies…..its all marketing though, gotta say theyre geniuses.

  • BigCiX

    What happen to less device this year from android makers? More devices means less support for current ones out.

  • Max.Steel


  • Richard Yarrell

    Don’t hate on Verizon for our great devices join us.

    • Steam

      “…Who cares what you people say the truth is verizon sucks and so does all there devices. plain and simple….”
      “…You and the rest of the verizon faithful can use some true knowlege about your overpriced network that IS CRAPPY…”
      “…Verizon will do better off focusing on better pricing on there devices as well as providing better software updates they are worst in the business right next to motorola…”


      He revels in his stupidity as always! Feel better now that you were made to look like an asshole again?

      BTW, the Motorola Droid was the first phone to 2.0 it then was upgraded to 2.0.1→2.1→2.2→2.2.1→2.2.2. This isn’t including smaller updates for security issues. Motorola is magnitudes better at updates than Samsung is in the US. The GNex is the only exception because it’s Google’s reference platform like all Nexus phones, and even then, they haven’t been doing any better at long-term update paths than the Nexus phones are, the latest Nexus just gets the latest update first.

  • Nathan D.

    They are probably mid range phone since the I incredible isn’t the most powerful phone.

    • dookiefish

      it once was…just like all phones