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Google and Motorola merger to gain approval as early as next week


Googorola is set to become a reality as early as next week, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The $12.5 Billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google will gain approval by the Justice Department, though antitrust enforcers still show concerns over how Google will license some of the patents it will acquire from the deal. Surely these folks will be keeping a close eye on Google to determine whether they’re using these patents in a fair manner.

Approval from the U.S. DOJ was one of several hurdles that the merger would have to face in order to gain approval. In addition to the DOJ, Google and Motorola need buy-in from the European Commission, China, Canada, Israel, Russia, Taiwan, and Turkey in order to proceed. As of the end of January, only Russia and Turkey had approved the merger while the other countries conducted further investigations.

The European Commission has set a Monday deadline for approval of the deal, meaning we won’t have to wait too long to know whether the next big hurdle will be overcome. Europe is likely the biggest obstacle to the merger, and an approval on Monday would likely mean the deal would become a reality very soon.

More to come early next week as we await a ruling from across the pond.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • amgala

    While it would be disappointing if Google provided certain features to Motorola devices that it doesn’t to other phone manufacturers, hopefully devs would be able to enable them on any device.

    • Jeff Pan

      I dont think Google would do that!

    • zerosix

      They said, that Motorola will get no preferences.
      But I believe, that Google will do things the right way, they won’t ruin the company (like Elop and Microsoft ruin Nokia), but they will get the oldest phone manufacturer (with 24K patents and, of course, knowledge and expirience), and will do their best to make this department profitable.

    • aranea

      On thing I would like to see is that Motorola should focus on one high end flagship device and one mid level device every year and provide software updates properly for at least 2 years.

  • PapaLos

    I think Google would do good merging with a big manufacturer. But part of me wishes out was someone other than Motorola since I’m still recovering from the emotional scarring left by the Cliq XT. I told myself I wasn’t going to ever go with Motorola again, and I don’t think Google will change that.

    • dcds

      Patent chest and possibly the best Nexus devices if done right, hardware-wise (at least in my opinion). And I have a GNex, mind you.

    • AbusedTortoise

      PapaLos I feel your pain. I got the Cliq XT (my first phone with Swype) and that was the worst phone I ever carried!!! However, Motorola has become a power horse again after huge success with their droid line and killed off building iDEN phones (nextel and boost mobile). I have been fairly impressed with the Motorola Photon on Sprint, especially now that MotoBlur is in the past where it belongs. I think Motorola has potential to go toe to toe with Samsung and HTC now that Google will be behind the wheel.

  • GeauxLSU

    How long will it take for Google’s philosophies to show up in Motorola phones? Hopefully we’ll start to see unlocked or unlockable bootloaders.

  • spazby

    Come on google, make this merger special…

  • Hue Three of Five

    This Google merger can’t come fast enough. I hope they firer Jha and have some influence over the Moto.

    I am a Bionic owner and I have grown very agitated with Motorola. It’s not that the Bionic is a horrible phone, its that fact that Moto has nonsense security measures. I have been thrown off the update path, just because Moto was taking months to fix the data drop problem, while the Razr has already had 2 updates, and there is nothing wrong with that phone! Took me quit a while to find a script that would actually work in bringing my phone back to the update path. If this was an HTC or Samsung I would have been able to fix my issues in minutes.

    …what is the purpose of the encrypted bootloader and the crazy security measures?! It’s jsut alienating customers.

  • greeny42

    I know Google keeps saying that they will operate Moto as a completely separate company and not show preference, but I at least hope that Google and stop Moto from releasing a new phone every 5 seconds and focus more on overall quality.

    • delinear

      Just more focus on an open platform would be good. No more locked bootloaders, etc. and let’s see if that encourages other manufacturers to be more open.

  • Fuzzypaws

    If you’re expecting Moogle phones to have unlockable bootloaders, and you’re on Verizon, you might as well keep dreaming. The carrier trumps the manufacturer. Maybe they’ll release fewer phones at least~

    • Hue Three of Five

      That’s exactly why I am thinking of switching the At&t. Verizon is going to kill Android.

    • jm

      That’s funny. The Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are both factory unlockable and have the blessing of Verizon Wireless.

      In fact, they’ve supported more factory unlockable devices than any other major carrier in the US.

    • Leo209

      Hey the Gnex is on Verizon, and it is a Nexus phone which is meant to be unlockable, and Verizon accepted it.. so its possible right?

  • sid

    i don’t understand how this would be a merger if Google acquired Motorola?

  • Rodd

    now if only they can just “merge” with T-Mobile USA and close the triangle our journey to the dark side will be complete!!

    open software
    * *
    * *
    hardware * * gsm-carrier

  • Nathan D.

    I wounder what will happen when goes through and happens successful.