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Google Music not living up to expectations, say Google insiders


According to Google insiders that spoke with CNET, the search giant’s music service is not doing as great as expected. Despite the success that Android has, and its seamless experience with Google Music, users are simply not adopting the new service. The situation has Google very disappointed, as they expected a good percentage of the Android population to prefer Google Music over alternatives.

The music industry has been experiencing issues since the internet became popular; it’s hard to sell music when users can easily download it (steal it) from popular sharing services. But what is even harder to do is change people’s media consumption habits. Music in the cloud is a fairly new idea, and people have not quite gotten used to it yet to gleefully adopt it. Not to mention that tiered data plans have made it less enticing to use such services, which tend to be data-heavy.

Many of those that do use streaming music services tend to lean towards services like Spotify, Rdio and Rhapsody (among others), which are subscription based, but it seems like the majority of the population is still playing music locally. And, sadly, a great percentage of these users probably still buys music via iTunes, especially if they’ve already made quite the investment with iTunes in the past.

Regardless, Google has a strong backbone in the mobile industry, which is why its expectations were not matched. At the time of Google Music’s launch, there were over 200 million activated Android phones and tablets. It wouldn’t take a big percentage of those users to make Google Music a success, right?

Google has already integrated music payments to the Android Market, and Google Music is very intuitive and simple to use with Android devices. There is also a great variety of music available on the market, so we do not know where Google is falling short. It seems to us like it is just a matter of breaking habits.

Google is not giving up on us, though. We already know that a home entertainment system is coming, and we can be pretty sure that Google Music will be deeply integrated. And we can be sure that more great things will continue to come.

Google MusicPersonally, after using most other music services out there, I have decided to stick with Google Music. Subscription services are great, but I found that I usually stick to the music I already like and own anyways. I was listening to the same playlists all the time and paying a monthly fee to do so. Instead, I just decided to keep everything in Google Music (or locally), and just purchase new albums as necessary.

We are interested to see where are readers stand in all of this, though. More specifically, how much Android enthusiasts use Google Music. What music service do you guys use, if any? Do you prefer uploading your music and listening to it in the cloud, or are subscription services better for your needs?

Let us know what you think, and let’s see what Google has for the future. Things are looking very promising with Google’s recent approach in hardware.

Via: The Verge

Source: CNET

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    If i had signal at my high school(cafe, singers room, dancing and acting for the play, the fitness room and weight room), I would use it., but I do not.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      I usually cache my playlist.

  • Owain

    I really would like to use this service, but being in the UK I can’t… which is a shame, not sure why it’s limited so much at the minute.

    • mustybooks

      Tell me about it! Would definitely have given this a go if it had come to UK. Guess they’re trying to make sure it works well and is successful before committing too many resources

      • bandana

        Of course you can use it in the UK… you just need to know how… there are various guides…

        I have been using Google Music for a few months now in the UK and love it…. I just wish the player was better, supported DNLA and provided offline access for music tracks in other players (such as UberMusic) without having to pay for other apps.

        • Mathias

          Just use a VPN service like Tunnelbear, then you can get past Googles IP check, and download the Music apk.

      • paul

        The desktop software is not available in the uk. It should be here by now. Its silly.

        • Soylent

          I’ve been using Google Music on both, my Cell and Desktop for months now, and I am from Germany. All I did, and I guess it was the smartest thing ever, was getting a US @gmail.com address. (We only have @googlemail.com in Germany). Since then I was in Google Music Beta from Day 1, same as Wave (R.I.P.) and G+.

          I love Gmusic and use it daily.

      • Julio

        I can’t use it in Brazil either… many countries waiting…

        • Italianguy

          Using Google Music on ab. 10 computers and androids here in Italy.
          Just get an American ip, register to G Music and done! You can use it normally with whatever ip around the world after registering..

    • delinear

      Same here, it seems Google could give the service a boost just by opening it up outside the US – there are plenty of us who would love to be using it.

    • ranwanimator

      I’m pretty sure it has to do with licensing and royalties. It’s the same reason that Spotify was unavailable in the US for so long.

      • Marty

        To me it is quite different from Spotify. With Google Music you are accessing your own Audio files which are located on a Cloud server. With Spotify you are accessing potentially thousands of songs which you have never purchased.

        Therefore, what is the licensing issue? How is Google Music different to playing an MP3 which is located on Google Drive or DropBox?

        • Khalil Bey

          If I’m remembering right, Lala (the cloud music startup whose husk Apple bought a year-ish ago) actually had to pay royalties for songs consumers “bought” – the net of their licensing deals was that they’d turn a loss after you listened to a song you “bought” more than 9 times.

          No idea what the Google Music terms are, but suffice to say “ownership” doesn’t mean what you think it does w.r.t. media. (Oh right, and DVD region coding. hehe.)

          IANAL, but I think cloud storage services probably have legalese that makes you the user state that you’ll only upload things for which you own copyright.

  • JGarrido

    The lack of features (compared to Rhapsody), and the lack of selection (also, compared to Rhapsody) are the two biggest deal-breakers for me.

    • thekaz

      I think you combine this comment with the fact that they are late to the game is part of the issue. They need some more killer features to convince people to convert. for individuals, if you are happy with what you have, it is difficult to switch to something else unless it makes a compelling case.

  • Matt

    I use it but other members of the family don’t because you can’t stream to more than one device at a time. Once I found that out I had to switch everyone else over to Audiogalaxy.

    • KennyL

      Just re-upload the music to their google accounts. Have them log into music manager and then log in to what ever device they want to use.

  • Chad

    I use it all the time, Although one downfall is really not Google’s fault and that’s your service provider. I know when driving from home to work i get great coverage so the stream is faultless but on longer rides say from home to church and vice versa it’ll stop and skip but I haven’t given up on Google Music I use it alot I like logging into the desktop app at work and having all my music from my home computer at my fingertips. I think Google Music will be alright it’s just too early to tell and to jump to conclusions about a product that hasn’t even been out a year yet.

    • CJ LaFleur

      Google music is great! I don’t stream though i localize my music and its so much easier than buying from itunes and dragging all my music into its appropriate folder! The android market has all my favorite music and i can safely say that i am forever finished with anything apple. I have cut my last tie being itunes! Now i lead an apple free life and love my android and google stuff! Thank you google for saving my from the tyranny of apple and itunes! Not to mention google music has better prices on music. Its much cheaper than itunes. The one thing they need to do is implement gift cards to the android market.

    • autonomousgerm

      It does seem to be Google’s fault though. My Google Music hiccups all the time in certain dead zones, but Rdio does not. Google does not appear to be preloading or caching properly.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    My habits are to use Pandora for most of my music but Google Music is my #2 source (~25% of the time). If I want to play something specific for an event my wife and I are hosting – I buy it on Google Music. I used to buy all of my MP3s from Amazon exclusively but have changed this to be Google Music exclusively. That said, I don’t buy often at all – probably $30-40 total since GMusic came out.

    Where are they falling short? I think their integration with Android is great! However, I think they need to loosen the leash a little bit. Cloud Music Sniper provides a function that Google Music should do by itself. If I download *my* music for offline listening, it shouldn’t go away if I uninstall Google Music. Additionally, it sure would be nice if other music clients could access your Google Music albums. Fixing the first problem I just mentioned *mostly* fixes this but ultimately, this is the same problem. Google Music is integrated into the basic Android system just fine but absolutely nothing else can interact with it directly or indirectly (except via applications that effectively hack it like Cloud Music Sniper).

    And yeah, habits are hard to break. But if I have to work too hard to listen to my music that I buy the way I want to listen to it, then I’m less interested in buying it. It’s great that you can access your music as MP3s but Google needs to make that process a little bit easier so third-party stuff can easily work with it too.

  • Meister_Li

    For one, it’s not available in Europe, so even if I wanted – I couldn’t use it. And on the other hand, as much as Google likes to preach of the Cloud and so on and so forth – we’re not there yet. It’s not that cost-effective or convenient to stream music on a mobile device as it has to be for those services to make sense.

    I almost exclusively use Last.Fm to listen on my Desktop. But on my mobile? I only have 1.5 GB a Month, I want to use them for other things and save the music directly instead.

  • kazahani

    I use and love Google Music. Sometimes they will not have an album that I am looking for, but that’s literally my only complaint. Love the app.

  • Matt

    Google music tends to be more expensive then amazon music store which is where I buy most of my music. I do use Google music to stream my music though. O

    • cb2000a

      Don’t stream music…ever. I use Amazon still for my downloads and sometimes Google when they have discounts.

  • Eatmode

    Honestly, I prefer Google Music over most other services. I use Rhapsody a lot and that is because I have an unlimited data plan. If Google is to succeed at this, then they need to convince the carriers to allow fully open connectivity. I surpass over 2GB in less than 2 weeks. I hit 15-20GB sometimes on my phone. I purchase music still and even more that I dont have to use iTunes.

    On a side note, if GMusic would offer a streaming service along the same lines as Rhapsody, my money would go to them.

  • salem

    Well since this service is only available in the united states I can see why it is not as successful.

  • xsynth

    Is that 200mil figure only in US or worldwide? If they are comparing a service that they restricted to the US with worldwide figures of course it will look like a failure. If they opened the service so that people won’t have to fudge IP data they might get a better result.

    I still buy from iTunes as I have no other way of legally getting music that is as simple. If I could buy from google music I would for sure. I’d quite like a backup of my music in the cloud, but I’d rather it was just that instead of streaming. Data plans are annoying!

  • cristian cristiandonose

    Well it is a very good service, the mobile app has become very good too, but my only problem right now is that is not available in Europe…

  • hinds

    Would use it if and when it comes to Canada! It’s only in the states and that’s the problem.

  • Stuart

    200million activated devices Worldwide is very different from just the devices in the US where is the only place this has been released. I’ve been using it for quite a while now in UK but can’t buy music so just upload what I’ve got and thankfully got totally unlimited data on 3UK so I’m more than happy with it.

  • Ryan

    Nothing beats subsonic.org for listening to your own music. Google Music uploading sucks, and other users can’t use your library.

    • Harold

      I just uninstalled subsonic in favor of Google Music. Subsonic just couldn’t stream my flac files from my iPad or android phone to my bluetooth speaker for some reason. On the iPad the music would stop after 5 seconds, and restart. It would repeat that cycle over and over again. On the Android phone, it would hiccup briefly repeatedly.

      The problem is that subsonic is not integrated into these operating systems, and Sindre is just one person. You will never get subsonic to work as well as Google Music. When I installed Google Music, it just worked seamlessly the first time.

      Plus, you don’t have to manage any local disks and backups. Google stores everything for you in the cloud. By de-installing subsonic, I was able to free up 100GB of disk storage. I even cancelled my storage buy on Google Drive, which I had been using to back up my music. Now everything is so much simpler.

  • Al

    the fact that it’s only available in one country MIGHT have something to do with the fact that “the majority of Android users aren’t taking it up”. It’s not rocket-science Google…

  • spazby

    I use it sporadically but not more or less than I would use others…

  • Black Kristos

    I love the service. It took a while to get my 15k+ songs uploaded, but now I’ve got my entire music collection on my phone. We are truely living in the future. I also buy from the market fairly often because of all the deals they have.

  • BlkSquad

    My problem with it is, where I live the internet speeds are not very good so I’ve not been able to upload my music collection. I’ve got only about 2-300 songs uploaded and it took so long that I gave up. I do enjoy the free song a day that they do and check it frequently.

  • Annika

    I use it from Denmark, but it’s not official possible ;)
    I doesn’t use any subscription services, it’s not how I work.
    And Gmusic can work offline, one thing I like too.

  • VS

    Mostly use streaming services like Slacker and Pandora. A lot of songs I like are international, which just arent available on Google Music (to be fair, it isnt on Amazon either digitally), so that’s also a hinderance.

    I do like the music player and their downloads are higher quality than Amazon (320kbps v 256kbps), but I havent committed in full to buying all my songs digitally. I’m an audiophile by nature and if I buy an album, I want all the songs in the best possible quality so I still buy a good amount of CDs.

    I do wish them luck, there needs to be competition to counter iTunes.

  • barrycollard

    I use it here in the UK thanks to a bit of jiggery pokery with tunnelling (which you only have to do once to register) and I think it’s just the best service I’ve ever used. There’s no mucking about with album art which I found a nightmare when buying and uploading onto my Android devices and no desktop client means I don’t have to sit and wait for software to boot (ahem, iTunes, DoubleTwist).

    We don’t have the ability to download music here in Europe yet but I believe this is down to licencing laws rather than Google not wanting to establish the service over the pond.

    I’m currently uploading all my CDs to the cloud and it’s quite possibly the best thing I’ve done in a long time as I now get to listen to music than I’d otherwise forgot about. I still purchase music through iTunes, Amazon and 7Digital but as soon as it’s saved to my music folder it’s there on Google Music no time at all.

    Once again, a great service, wonderfully simple app and just so simple to use.

  • AnthonyRyan

    For me I think they need to make a software like iTunes for the PC’s and not that web based music player if they had that I would use it alot more and keep my music all organized alot more plus not getting duplicates on my songs in there I hate trying to find them on music.Google.com they need something better plus lock screen controls and everything

  • Lee Swanson

    I think “all you can eat” services like Spotify and Rdio will be the biggest competitor not only to Google music, but to Amazon and iTunes. I use Amazon Music more than Google music when purchasing. If I listen to something on Spotify a lot, I try to buy the MP3s or support the artist in some other way. But, Spotify is a great way to try before you buy and listen to stuff that you all ready bought either on tape or cd or mp3 and haven’t gotten around to converting.

  • Zizzy

    I use it, but mostly for music I’ve uploaded myself (that I already owned) or that I’ve purchased elsewhere.

    Their store needs work. It often suggests a lot of music I already have, and whereas I’ve discovered a lot of music I like via Amazon’s free and specially priced music. Amazon’s free picks and suggestions have been pretty ‘blah’.

    Nothing I’ve tried as of yet provides the few things I really liked about iTunes, a reliable way to rate my music, a wide variety of ways to create playlists, and leveling the volume across tracks. I’d kill to have these features in Amazon’s or Google’s apps.

    I will never go back to iTunes.

  • bandana

    As I have mentioned above… you can use Google Music in Europe… I have about 12000 tracks uploaded now! :)

  • JonnyP

    I have two problems with Google Music.

    1) There is no API that that third parties can use to access the music I have saved in the Google Music cloud.
    2) They don’t support storing music in .flac in the cloud.

    Number one doesn’t bother me all that much, although I would like to use PowerAmp on my phone as I paid them $5 for it a few months before Google Music went into beta.

    Number two doesn’t bother me when I’m listening to music, but I like to store everything in .flac because you can always compress a file if you need to, but you can’t ever get that data back. I understand that .flac files are larger than the 320kbps .mp3 format to which they convert all my .flac files, and I get that in my car or through a set of crappy headphones I’d never be able to tell the difference anyway, but if I get one of those entertainment system that they’re rumored to be producing then I want to listen to the best that I have. Because they don’t store the same file that you upload I have to keep a local copy of every music file I possess (which I would do anyway, no biggie) and find lossless downloads of everything that I purchase through the Google Music Market. Unfortunately, finding music in .flac is sometimes very difficult if you aren’t ripping your own CDs.

    I don’t expect that these will be issues forever. I’d be surprised if Google wasn’t currently hard at work on an API for Google Music, and perhaps some day they’ll offer the option of storing whatever file you upload for a small monthly fee if not for free.

    All of that being said? I still use Google Music every day and will continue to do so.

  • glcraven

    I like the idea of Google Music, but there are a few issues for me.

    I want to keep my owned music on my home computer and mobile device.
    I don’t always have a good signal.
    I don’t like using data for streaming music.
    Google fix the headset button issues!! I would be using Google Music as a local player if the app would behave with headset buttons. It no longer responds to the headset.

    I find the default android music app acceptable. I have tried many different media apps.
    I am currently using PowerAmp. I really like it but I don’t know if I’ll purchase the full version.

  • Brandon Golway

    I have 48GB of storage on my HTC Rezound so I never really need cloud storage, plus the downside of having all of your music in the cloud is that if you have a crappy (or no) data connection you have crappy access to all of your music. I have used Slacker Radio for the past two years but their Android app has gone way down hill in the last few months.

  • KennyL

    I love Google music and use it all the time. However, I wish they would open up the API and let me listen to the music via another music player. Their biggest problem is their music player. I wish that there were lock-screen controls and EQ adjustments. I think Gmusic would be better if they focused on the storage/streaming and let developers control the actual playback.

    Imagine being able to access all the music you have on Gmusic and play it back via PowerAmp.

  • lancaster09

    One of the biggest turn-off is the music selection thus far. I listen to a lot Texas Country, and a lot of those artists aren’t on there YET. Also I like the idea of owning my music VS owning playability. So why shouldn’t i buy my music through Amazon and use it?

    I would love to use it more but the site is blocked at work, I have no signal in my building, and I just haven’t purchased a bigger microSD to store it all offline.

  • Russ

    I use it to listen to my music, but I have had the Zune Music service for a while( long before I had my android phone), and I love the subscription service. I was skeptical at first, but once I started using it, and was able to download any album on the service with out paying extra, I was hooked. For $14 a month I get unlimited downloads plus 10 song credits a month. Sure if I stop using the service, all the music I have downloaded through the subscription is gone, but with the 10 song credits, I just buy the stuff i really like. It is great being able to listen to a whole album I might be interested in, but not have to commit to buying it. If I am in the mood for a certain kind of music, I just download an album, and I if it suck I just delete it. I will have a hard time going back to a non subscription music service. If Google music was subscription based, I would switch in an instant, especially since my Zune just died, and MS isn’t going to make a Zune android app anytime soon.

  • Vance

    Coincidentally, I was just uploading a bunch of old CDs I found while packing up to move last night. I love Google Music and use it in the car all the time. I often drive from Anchorage to Kenai, which is 80% “out of range” (welcome to my life), but I pin all my music anyway, so that it can play locally. Admittedly, my Google Music library is pretty sparse to date and I’ve only gotten around to uploading about 30% of all my digital music, but I have no issues with the service and expect it will only get better once I get back to civilization with the rest of you!

  • Craig

    The fact that Google didn’t release their music player on multiple platforms didn’t help eith… There is no official native iPad, iPhone, WIndows Phone app though 3rd parties are filling in the gap.

    Gooroovster for WP7 and gMusic for the iPhone/iPad are available so these developers obviously have some access to some API…

    You all do know that Google Music (Android & gMusic/iOS) does support offline playback right? Also, by default in the (Android) app your music streams at a low quality but you can go into the settings to enable high-quality to save bandwidth…

    I have a Focus (WP7) a Captivate (Gingerbread) two Galaxy Tabs (8.9 & 10.1) and multiple NSZ-GT1′s (GTV 2.0) and for me Google Music is a life-saver when it comes to accessing my music on all of these devices…

  • Graeme

    “We’re sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States”

    Google tends to be very US centric. It’s not surprising they haven’t seen uptake of a service that’s only available in a single country. :P

    • dil

      Ha ha…if google bring this service outside US like you said, Next day it will be blocked by the court..

  • stuart1

    If they opened it up for everyone, then more people can start using it now. Talk about breaking habit, but half the world cant have ‘proper’ access to it. I got the account/app via proxy as i live in europe, spain actually. The one thing that holds me back from using the cloud music, is the lack of good networks, and their data charges at ridiculous prices. Otherwise, whenever there is wifi available i will always use the cloud music.

  • drauks

    I use both subscription services and Google Music. Unfortunately I can’t buy any music from Google since it’s US only, which is a shame…

    • dil

      Ha ha…if google bring this service outside US like you said, Next day it will be blocked by the court..

  • Renze

    If Google Music were available in New Zealand, I might use it. But it isn’t. So I can’t.

  • chaboud

    Google Music has a few faults:
    - Can’t upload from one point and download back to another as easily as with purchased tracks (basic cloud storage).
    - Track count limitation for free uploads (when compared to Amazon mp3).
    - Android player inexplicably stops playing after the first track is played, sometimes.

    These conspired to make Amazon mp3 my choice (for now). I’m keeping an eye on Google Music, though. It hasn’t decidedly lost. It just doesn’t have enough to be my front-runner.

  • skitchbeatz

    I love it and use it daily… but I wish the application got a bit more attention. It doesn’t 100% follow the style guide. I’d love to run my finger down the right hand side and see where i’m at in the list (like the People app).

    Gapless playback would be awesome as well.

  • HogFan77

    Personally I prefer Google music over everything else. I have access to my entire music collection in my hand via cloud storage, and Google music. I have rid my house of all things apple now. When more of the record labels get on board with Google, we’ll really see it take off!

  • Ivan Todorov

    I use Google Music since the beginning of the invitations. I use it on my desktop and my N1 :) very nice service and I’m waiting for purchases to be activated in Bulgaria soon. Google and AndroidAndMe keep the good work! :)

  • Matt

    I like Google Music. My girlfriend and I both use it because it makes OUR music available everywhere.

    The place where it’s lacking though are in the file/song management tools. They’re pretty crappy. Navigating music isn’t intuitive (to me) in their browser client. If they took the time to make that really slick, I think they’d have more of a cross-over.

    I will also admit, though, that when I’m at home, on my main PC where all my music already exists physically, I tend to pause and debate whether to waste bandwidth streaming music that I already have locally.

  • eng618

    Here is where I think Google is falling short with Google music. They don’t have a native player to work with computers. They have the windows app that lets you automatically add songs that are added to ITunes…That is kinda silly when you want people to use Google music and not ITunes. They need to have a much better and more sophisticated way of utilizing the computer. I don’t necessarily want to look up music and buy it on my phone or tablet…granted the have the website…but it is just not the experience people are looking for.

    I stream my music from the cloud all the time, because I have an unlimited plan…but I still find myself having to use ITunes to play music while at home. I don’t necessarily want open my web browser to listen. It is a awesome addition because I use the web interface all the time while at work, but it is not my favorite way to listen to music.

  • Varemenos

    If you dont like how its going then release a public API smartasses.

  • Jeff Lemons

    I love this idea. I have Google music on my Google TV, tablet and phone. The only thing I don’t like is the fact I can only store 10000 songs or about 10GB. I have upwards to 500GB of music. I would even pay a fee to store it all on the Google cloud.

  • D.Max

    Love Google Music for my Android phone.. but that’s it.. even a hassle just to organize songs in it.. and the UI is very weak.. give us a desktop application, not a website to go to!!!!! I’ll delete iTunes and never go back… seriously, how do you expect to actually compete with iTunes and other services without an actual program?!?! I just don’t get it.

  • Brett

    I absolutely love Google Music and I use it every single day on my Galaxy SII. The problem with Google has ALWAYS been their lack of advertising. No on knows about Google music, that’s why no one is using and it is all because Google is too stupid to advertise their services in a significant way.

    • Zach

      Agreed. Google needs more targeted advertising. The general public doesn’t know what products to use unless you tell them.

  • ricecakes

    Fix the bugs and issues with playlist syncing and offline caching in the android app. I stopped using it beacause of slow, buggy syncing and an inadequate playlist interface in both the web and android players.

  • Jeff

    For myself, the last time I went to Google Music to purchase an MP3 album it was $2.00 more expensive than Amazon Music. I have also had several times when Amazon Music had what I wanted and it was not available on Google Music.

  • Hall Lo

    Well I would love to use it. The problem is that it’s not offered here in Canada.

  • F.P. van der Leur

    Let it come to The Netherlands, I will adopt it!

  • aranea

    I’m more of a podcast listener. So I use google listen more than google music. Maybe they should find ways to integrate the two.

  • guymac

    Here’s a few things Google should try to do:

    * make the Google Music interface better and more capable than iTunes (they’re more than halfway there already)

    * offer fantastic search capability for podcasts and educational content (go head-to-head with Apple on iTunes U and the iTunes Music Store). Be _the_ destination for non-commercial content if you can’t win or tie (yet) on commercial content.

    * buy soundcloud or offer similar functionality, which is actually little more than YouTube only with some audio-specific stuff rather than videos.

  • Joakim

    Looking forward to try Google music. Until then I would like to send a big lol to the author of this article and remove android and me from my feed.
    Stealing music? Seriously? Do you even know what year we are in?

  • Shaun Rayner

    I really dont understand why it hasn’t picked up. I have used my full 20k song allowance and i use it everywhere. In the car via bluetooth, parties, gym, work, at home and everywhere in between. I haven’t paid for my library either. I get to listen to what i want when i want with no fluff in between. Also when i am out of service areas i have a playlist downloaded to my device that plays off the cloud. In canada….as well.

  • nault89

    I like using Google Music because of the limited storage capacity on my Nexus S. The downside is the mega battery drain. I’m on Wind’s unlimited data, so data consumption hasn’t been an issue.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    I really REALLY hope the Big G doesn’t cut the service off just ’cause of this. Google Music is one of my main ways to listen to music lately on my desktop, ‘cept when having a “bad connection day” and I’ll just use the music player of the current OS I’m using.

    On the smartphone, Google Music is my music app, love the integration and, although, it could be improved, the app for me feels pretty solid.

    I’m from Venezuela so I can use the Music Market services, if Google really wants to compete against other big names like… ugh, iTunes… they need to open Music and several other services to more places in the world!

  • Jorge Vieira

    I use Google music as my main Music player. I keep all of My music and cloud and surprisingly I don’t use much data as I thought I would Verizon’s network. I use a combination of google music and Amazon to store in the cloud and then manually add. ICS that has the best integration so far with Google music and a lot of people don’t have it in their hands yet and when that Population ( and UK access) comes up I think more people use it, And see how well it works with android.

    I buy most of my music to iTunes and Amazon I haven’t bought any music through Google music though. I’m on Verizon now and they don’t allow carrier billing so I just tend to use what I always have.

  • xavier7

    I would gladly buy music from their store if it AVAILABLE HERE.

  • BT Bentley

    I am much happier with Google Music than I ever was with iTunes. The only time I purchase music from Amazon is when the title I want is not available from Google.

  • honourbound68

    Love GMusic. I stream my music nowadays and stopped using my computer. Hope it sticks around.

  • jamal adam

    On a side note, I think that they need to upgrade the design of the Google music website because at the moment it looks awful.

  • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

    Two ways to sell more songs. Open up the API so other apps can stream the music and then make it so you download your songs to your SD Card and you don’t have to redownload it everytime you flash a new rom or swap your sd card into a new phone! Much of the problems with google music is that Google hasn’t stepped up to make it as easy as possible.

  • Jackie @ freeismylife

    I love Google music. I have uploaded my entire music library and I love having access to it all via my android phone when I exercise. I also like that Google have free songs as part of the service. I really hope Google does not get rid of this service.

  • jsweetser2

    I would have to say i prefer Pandora because i like the variety of the stations i’ve selected for certain moods – and i don’t plan on taking time to buy individual songs to create playlists. I do however, have almost 1400 songs uploaded to the cloud, so that’s one thing i don’t have to have on my phone or drive to keep safe. When i do have the urge to listen to an entire album, i simply stream it, though that’s probably 10% of the time.

    Google music is kinda like having Cable TV and Cable Internet. I watch TV about 3 days a month – i’m glad i have it when i want it, but simply don’t use it that much. My internet however, i use to excess.

  • Tojen

    I use google music as my main player on my atrix simply because its not a resource hog. The default player on my phone uses about 30mb of ram while google music only uses about 5mb. However, they are more expensive most of time compared to amazon mp3 service so I buy my music through amazon.

  • Manuel

    I already can’t live without it. I sure as hell hope Google won’t drop it like they did with Wave. And yeah, I’m from Portugal and it wasn’t an IP check that stopped me.

  • Nathan D.

    I use it and it is awesome for me even though I’m limited to wifi only since it on my tablet only it has made my music better in every way and I really don’t care about their limited selection but they organize my music well the thumb up really help sort the best music in my liberty.

  • txbluesman

    When Google Music launched, I jumped right on that bus! I love having my music on my phone, computers, and my Google TV. I have a little over 5100 songs, so the cloud is great. If there is something I like to listen to more often, I just save it to my phone so I don’t have to stream. Love it!!!!

  • Patrick

    Not since itunes has a platform enticed me to constantly BUY music the way Google music does. I love it.

  • droilfade

    I swear Google! Launch it in Canada..and I will use nothing but google music!

  • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

    In general, streaming my music is the way to go. But specifically, I think Google is lacking some features that other services have. For instance, I like how Pandora automatically plays recommended music, how Spotify keeps the library organized and how Last.fm syncs to iLike for concert updates. In the end though, free storage and streaming of my large music library keeps me comin’ back to Google Music. ^___^

  • Michael

    I agree Amazon much more reasonable price wise, wider selection of musica.

  • Rob

    Although I have been using Google Music, there are a few issues that bug me about.

    No gapless playback (even when streaming over wifi) which essentially makes it useless for live albums, dj mixes, etc.

    All of the tag metadata is stripped from pinned (offline) tracks, so even though I can see and play them in Poweramp, they all show up as unknown artist/unkown album, etc.

    No smart playlists/doesn’t recognize iTunes smart playlists. I have over 25,000 tracks in my iTunes library. I have a little over 2500 tracks uploaded to Google Music. So I whether I sync with my iTunes library or to a folder on my hard drive, I have to manually choose what to upload or manually create playlists. Even if there’s never a full-fledged iTunes-like client, there needs to be some eaiser way to create and manage playlists.

    Prices are generally a little higher than Amazon, not that I’ll ever pay more than $5 for an mp3 album anyway. Why would I pay almost $10 for a lower quality version of an album when I can get the cd for the same price at Amoeba or the next time I’m at Target? That being said, I have been taking advantage of the recent sales in the Market.

  • rhY

    Well, yeah, the interface blows. You have to install something that is Windows only, it doesn’t realize that when I reformat my android device IT’S THE SAME DEVICE still, it doesn’t quickly d/l tons of stuff when I have a good wifi connection in preparation for when I don’t. It doesn’t automatically find my podcasts and add them in easily and readily, frequently it’s slow to switch to the next song when on shuffle, it makes too much loud noise when switching from music to a text message when it’s streaming over bluetooth, the store is COMPLETELY clunky, over priced, and hypes shitty pop acts like the black eyed peas and jack johnson rather than rare and interesting artists you might actually like….. If you don’t want to be disappointed, don’t put out total crap. LOL I love my gmail, love my google search, love my android tablet, google docs, etc… But they brought their F game to the table on google music. It’s much worse than most of the current players, and horribly clunky at every turn. The BIGGEST problem is really the promotion of crap pop that anybody who’s looking for can find without even trying. Buy Pandora or something. Figure it out.

  • rantmo

    I like Google Music quite a bit. While I do load most of the stuff I’m likely to listen to regularly onto my phone directly, I love it for when I’ve got a particular need for a song and am away from home. The big complaint I have is that the market’s selection is still weak and very oddly so. What albums they’ll have available for a given artist seems really arbitrary. I’ve had to go to Amazon a few times recently but I’m trying my damndest to support the service.

    As a semi-related note, I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to delete songs from the app that I’d streamed and had automatically stored on my phone. I’d love to be able to clear them out but I can’t figure out how to do so. Any ideas?

  • bhake

    Streaming will not be massed adopted, I believe. Local storage is king. It always works regardless of data connection. With phones offering more and more internal storage, external sd cards getting cheaper and cheaper… why stream when you can store. The minority, who have more music than they can store on their phone (that they actually listen to), can benefit from streaming their collection.

    Fyi,Once Google Music gets more license deals with record labels, improves their UI, competes with Amazon on pricing, opens service internationally, INCLUDES Google Music as default player on all new Android phones… then they might have a chance to raise their expectations.

    I use Google Music primarily. Their selection is limited and more expensive usually as most people mention here. So Amazon Music is a great alternative to buy, then playbthe

  • Randall

    Sadly, people are stuck in the habit of buying from iTunes and they really dont want to ‘think different’. I use Google Music every day and will buy albums and songs from Google Music when I know that I can get the same songs at the same price. Apple has really cornered the market with the iTunes only bonus tracks and then selling the albums at lower prices.

    Any time I see a link on the web to buy a song, its “buy on Itunes” you click it and it sucks you into that horrible bulky iTunes program that causes the computer to whirr and chug with the Bloated money sucking iTunes program. I have yet to see “buy on Google Music” in the right location.

    For example. Madonna has a new album, you can pre-buy that on iTunes for weeks now. Google music doesnt have that available to pre buy – and it doesnt have the attention that Amazon or itunes has so major album releases like that will not be the cash cow that built Apple into the greedy pocketpickers they are.

    Chrome is a great browser and Gmail is a great email. Their search engine still kicks ass. I use Google Music all the time, and have converted many friends to use Google Music after lots of upselling. I really hope they dont drop the service. I have said goodbye to iTunes and Apple and would rather eat razors and glass than go back buying from them.

  • Dirtriding

    I use Google music all the time, I find it to be a very good music player.

  • Ling

    Love Google Music. Took me three months to upload all my music but now I have back up copy on Google Music and hard copies on two other local PC. Also, it is on my mini SD card for my phone if streaming is not an option. Is hard work but now I can really do without my CDs. So, even my home audio is being used more often now.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Personally i am satisfied with google music and use it daily on my GNex. I am not a big music buff on a daily basis but i enjoy it

  • jeffon

    Google music is the bomb. I use it to purchase songs I do have. No use re-buying songs that i already purchased on i-tunes and amazon. However, i prefer google music to the other mp3 players. so i hope that google does not give up on it. one thing that frustrates me is that people don’t give it a chance. they give up on something that is simply another option. plus, google music needs to open up in other countries as well… but other than that.. love google music and will try my hardest to keep the support going for them…

  • jeff

    i love it when google has music on sale.. like it did during the holidays.. i hella bought music at 25 cents… that was enough to keep me a loyal follower.. =) hope they have more sales like that though

  • masterpfa

    Since it’s introduction I have been a regular user of Google Music, although being based in the UK it has not been the full experience.

    But similar to the OP, I have such a large library of music, I tend to want to listen to music I already own and hence preferring Google Music, once the initial upload has been completed, any new addition to my library at home is synced to all my Google devices.

    I ended my Spotify account, which although a good concept, didn’t like paying a regular subscription for music I didn’t own.

    The problem may well be that Google were late to the party and people tend to be creatures of habit, so what ever service was being used before, would likely be the service that any user would be likely to continue to use.

  • hector

    Would love to buy music from Google, but it doesn’t work outside of US… ¬¬

  • Mike Lowrey


    i’m from germany and despite the need to work around the geographic barrier Google Music is the service which makes me love google.

  • kusic

    If Google is going to serve all this services as “US only”, then it is not possible to gain Worldwide success., isn’t it.

  • Androidicus_Maximus

    I use Google music for all the stuff I own, but I do not by virtual stuff any more because I have been burned in the past and have issues with it currently. I used to use Musicmatch jukebox and when they switched over to Yahoo ownership I lost the ability to play all the stuff I paid for. It still says to this day that it can’t find the licence to open and play. Luckily my Creative MP3 player disregards DRM and I can still listen to the stuff I bought. Same thing with Xbox DLC I pay for it but if my internet goes down I don’t have access to it anymore. I will just stick to the old fashion physical media and upload it to Google so I still have it on the go BUT also still have it regardless.

  • lol clouds

    Name one benefit of cloud music over local?

    I can name several benefits of local over cloud:
    - Higher bit rates
    - Better support for sets of 1 – 3 hrs
    - Available WHEN YOU NEED IT; parties with no risk of music interruption, train and air travel, when you’re in countryside, etc.
    - At least half the battery sucking requirements
    - Sharing
    - Can use music clients of your choice

    …to name but a few

  • George

    Solution: make it available in more than just the U.S. (I’m in Canada and I have an account, but for a normal user who doesn’t know how to bypass the restriction….)

    Also, I would BUY music if I was able to. But not yet in Canada…

  • MitchRapp81

    damnit, guest account.

  • J

    There is no clear advantage to use google music over itunes, amazon etc.

  • jenskristian

    I’m a very happy Spotify Premium subscriber right now, but if I were to buy music I’d love to to it from Google Music. But I can’t because I don’t live in the US…

  • Dimitry

    I am already waiting for this service for more then a year. but its only available in the US. As a European I can’t test it :( realy sucks.

  • Steven

    I wish they made a google app for iPhone. No I’m not an iPhone fan boy, I just got an iPhone to try it until sprint gets te nexus.

  • Stirfry

    I was very excited to start using Google Music! Evo 3d on Sprint’s unlimited plan. I love the storage in the clouds, keeps space from being eaten up by my ton of music. There are however things that could help set it apart from other players. More customization could help. some defaults drive me crazy, such as every time I back out of a single artist’s list it always jumps back to the very beginning of the artists’ list. Back to the A’s. I’d like it to just back out to where the artist is that I just left. Minor point, but it means a lot!
    Gapless playback. It skips in between songs, so on live albums you can clearly hear a small pause in between tracks. The ability to edit songs/tags/genres within the app would be great!
    As for the Market, I love purchasing and it’s right in my cloud! However, prices are not always the best. Sometimes I’ll buy from Amazon cuz of their better deals. Plus Google is still missing contracts from major music labels and it drives me nuts when I can’t find all the music that I want. So Amazon still wins for the majority of my purchases.
    A big plus for Google Music is the fact that my wife can also access my music from her phone, so yes, we have managed to stream or music to multiple devices at a time. Even listen at the same time. We love it! And it keeps things easier for me to keep everything organized! So all in all, I’m thankful for the app; but I look forward to every update as well.

    • KDubs

      Not being able to edit song/album information directly from the app on my Galaxy Nexus is definitely frustrating. It seems like this is a pretty standard feature for ANY music player and a major oversight by Google. I’m actually appalled that this very *BASIC* feature has not been added to the application by now….

  • dcdttu

    iOS launched off of a music player (iPods), Android was the other way around, having a music service launch off of an OS. Also, it’s been a long 10+ years since the initial ‘buy an album, get on phone’ model was launched. Spotify and alternative methods are gaining popularity. What did Google expect? People already have their ways of getting music on their phone, Google was a bit late to the game.

    If I could use Music to stream a monthly subscription, I’d be on it in a heartbeat. Love Spotify’s service, HATE their app.

  • JT

    GOOGLE MUSIC has a lot of known issues; every time I call Google with a problem- they say its an issue they’re aware of and nothing I can do for now. So playlists don’t sync correctly, metadata is all screwed up, songs get duplicated in playlists; Google Music website doesnt match what I see on Google Music on my phone, and on and on and on.

    Plus the streaming idea is great but most people don’t have unlimited data connections so if you use it, you’ll use up your entire data plan really quickly.

  • Billy

    Late to the game. Some issues at the start. Poor desktop app.

    I use Spotify and haven’t looked back. The tracks can be cached so I can play them offline. I have a large music collection but only use it when Spotify doesn’t have something.

    Google should consider a subscription based service like this tied into G+ and their existing music store. Done well and I am on my way!

  • bellken

    I own enough of my own music, I don’t need to use to use google music. Plus, I am old school, so, alot the newer music doesn’t appeal to me.

  • Michael N

    If they would have made it a subscription streaming service like Rdio, I most likely would have switched from Rdio to it (even though I loooove Rdio). I’m done with buying music. Other than the rare favorite exceptions, I don’t care about ownership, only access to music. Subscription streaming is the future of music. Yet another MP3 store is not. I do use Google Music for the rarer albums and leaked albums that aren’t on Rdio though.

  • Moebius

    I use Google Music. I use as much of the cloud as I can. Is a step forward in technology and it’s free. You can always download music while on WIFI and listen to it.

    I use it all the time.

  • Scott Beamer

    You forget AmazonMP3. Many Android users don’t use iTunes at all. But AmazonMP3 is huge and has unlimited storage for your own music in addition to that, that you buy from them.

    I have no reason to abandon them. Google Music doesn’t offer me anything that’s any better than what I get already.

  • Andros69

    I really like Google Music, but my needs are pretty simple. don’t listen to music much and when I do its my own. I like the convenience of having my music in a single source.

    I would love to see how Google Drive integrates into this. would be an excellent way to bypass the music uploader interface, and instead rely on a local folder the syncs to the cloud.

    - Add a song to the folder and it uploads to the cloud.
    - Buy a song from GMusic and it gets stored in GMusic and copied to your GDrive, which in turn is synced to your desktop folder. So you have your music in the cloud as well as on your drive. Satisfying those that like it both ways.
    - If you have GDrive on your desktop, great, you can have your music locally. If you don’t have a device with storage capacity, you can still stream your music.

    It would also mean that you can play your GMusic purchased songs with a desktop app (iTunes, etc.) if that’s how you roll, or you could connect your DRM-free music purchased elsewhere with your GMusic folder.

    sounds like a win to me!

  • Jason

    I use Amazon MP3, they just update the app and it runs much better and nicer to look at.
    I tried Google Music but I hate the PC uploading app, it would not let me pick and chose what I wanted on the cloud, it insisted I send everything. So i uninstalled it as I have way more music than what would fit on Googles “free” space.

  • warren488

    Its only available in america so what do you expect. Make it worldwide then you’ll see success

  • Bridget Olivier

    I love Google Music and routinely connect my Galaxy Note (N700) or Amaze to my receiver via Bluetooth and stream my music and playlists through my home system. It sounds tremendous. I also enjoy listening to music (using Google Music) on my computer while browsing the web……

  • LouB

    in concept Google Music is a great idea – the problem lies in the crap interface. Navigation sucks, MP3 management sucks, interface, well, sucks. Take some notes from *Pod, Zune, and even Winamp. Improve the front end to match the brilliant back end and more of us might start using it.

  • urlybird

    Google Music isn’t available in Canada – neither is Google Currents, or Google Books, or Google Offers or Google TV or Google Voice etc,

    Guess the Canadian market isn’t of interest to Google. Too Bad.

  • Silverclaw

    Maybe if it were available outside the us it would have better adoption?

  • http://www.rebelbits.com criddar

    I mostly listen to music on my Android while running, while also using Runkeeper. The two do not like each other. Google Music will sometimes randomly stop and either not come back, or start the song over (and this is even after caching the playlist locally).

    Having to fiddle with your phone while running is a PITA. So I’m back to just storing everything on an SD card and using the regular music player.

  • Jaren Angerbauer

    It’s been said before, but I’ll reiterate it. Google’s Music app and interface need some serious reeengineering. They (the apps — not because of bandwidth issues) are slow, cluncky, and not intutitive at all. I’m on a Mac, and use iTunes to categorize all my music. I like the fact that I can access all this online via Google Music — I just wish the user experience was better.

  • Mostofa Noor

    I used Google Music all the time, haven’t bought a track on it yet, but for local music and streaming while i’m in the car works fine. The user interface is nice and simple. I think its still new and not enough people have heard or tried it yet. Plus it doesn’t exist on iPhones yet. I use it almost every day. I also use Spotify sometimes and Pandora also for new music.

  • Neko

    Google Music is lacking. in terms of functionality. Heck you don’t even have options to do so!

  • jillian

    I would use it more if the prices we’re on par with Amazon’s. Right now Amazon is still cheaper. And Amazon sinc’s with my Rezound’s Beats Audio which Google’s player does not.

  • BB

    Google music sucks. Very limited selection for music especially 80s stuff I like to buy.
    Way too many cover bands with authentic sounding names. Make sure you preview every purchase or you will wind up disappointed and mad. No one is searching for cover band music to buy. Why do they even have this bs ?

  • user

    Personally I’d love to use Google Music but since I live in Europe I can’t, which is a huge disappointment. I suggest Google puts the Google Music Player into all its Android devices, and then allow (but don’t force!) users all over the world to upload their music to the Google cloud if they wish to access their private music library not only on the personal computer.

    I want to be able to listen to my music (copied into MP3′s from my own, bought CDs as well as purchased digital music, from both Amazon and iTunes) while at work, but without filling my work computer with my private music library, and without putting it all on my phone (no room for it all on my Android phone’s SD card).

    I live in a country in Europe where Spotify is available, but I don’t want to get a FB account to play music, and I don’t want to find my music all over again. Instead I want my own music library up in the cloud. That includes my own music recordings from when I play in orchestra or sing in choir i.e., not stuff available on Spotify etc.


  • XdrummerXboy

    Google Music is an amazing tool. I currently have an LG Ally, which has maybe 512MB of internal storage, and a 4GB SD card. This creates a problem for lugging my music around, because I have around 32GB of music.

    Google music allows me to carry around ALL my music around, all for the size of about 11MB (whatever size the app is). It is PERFECT for me.

    The only thing I wish Google would add is a googleMusic.exe program for your local music (or online music) that you can install on your computer instead of having to access it via the web.

    Regardless, they’re doing an amazing job with it!

  • Bradley

    That 200 million Android devices is highly likely world wide activations, not specifically US only, which is where the music is available. Perhaps once Google sort out these stupid licensing problems and offer the service elsewhere, things might improve for them.

  • Mugur

    I tried Google Music in Beta and full release, on my desktop/netbook and Android phone. I ended up steering away from it because of these issues I had with it:

    - It makes more sense to keep your music locally and stream music you don’t have. This is because of mobile data limits, and mobile connection range limitations. Though I wouldn’t mind using cloud storage as a backup.

    - I found the Android app a bit too big and heavy. Other apps that function similarly are generally smaller with more options and controls.

    - I uploaded over 12,000 songs. According to my Google Dashboard, over half the songs are not playable but there is no way to filter out those songs to do a batch delete.

    - There’s just not enough user options and controls. I think Google tried hard to simplify it so users can use it rather brainlessly (akin to i…), but there’s a way to have a simple app without losing user control functionalities. Google didn’t achieve that this time.

  • DiableDuSoleil

    I uploaded my music library to Google Music, but it changed what CD each song was associated with. It made a real mess out of my library. It also limits downloads (verses playing from the cloud).

    As a result, I choose Amazon. It’s cloud player is superior and I can download songs that I have purchased as many times as I want.

  • John Schneider

    I have issues with music skipping when playing on the iPhone with 3G. However, no issues streaming from iTunes, Pandora, Tune-In, etc…

  • Shannon

    Google needs a better selection of music. It seems to me that if your not searching for Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj then your out of luck. I couldn’t find one song from the actual band “The White Stripes” to name one of many. I have to go to Itunes and and transfer to my droid. That is one major reason Apple is still maintaining a larger piece of that market.

  • KArnott

    I would use it but they will not let me in canada.

  • Vicky

    Come to Canada! I’m still buying CDs just because I refuse to give my money to Apple or Amazon!

  • Peter Breame

    It would be useful if you could play google music in the music manager on internet radio.

  • Levi

    I’m not fan about playing my music through the cloud. I prefer download my music and play it from my SD Card. Moreover the cloud is dependent of the quality of the network and Internet connection, and in mobility use it’s a big problem (In Paris subway, for exemple, where i listen music a lot, there is nearly no data connection, but GSM and GPRS). Then the data consumption while streaming from the cloud is huge.

  • Jacob Godserv

    I’d love to see a desktop client. Nothing really beats the efficiency of a desktop client reading music locally, especially when doing something intensive with the computer. My desktop player manages to play music even when everything else slows down while I’m doing heavy processing. Google Music’s website? Not so much.

  • damark

    I have a simple answer to the article: I have a brand new macbook air (with a large itunes library i would like to add to google cloud) and the music manager sign in screen is blank so i can’t use the service. Also tried to open an Amazon cloud account and nothing happens when i click on the import music button. Their techs haven’t resolved this problem. Kinda hard to use a service if the software doesn’t work.

  • Miranda

    I used to use Google Music ALL the time. In the last year they have disappointed me, however. Some of the albums I bought on google play are placing the wrong song with the wrong title…with some of the songs not being available to play at all. I am in the process of switching all my music over to a different music player…sorry google…you are just falling short!

  • Vito

    I love goggle Music and I’ve been using it for a couple years. I have over 16,000 songs uploaded, and it’s great having it all at my fingertips. I would love to subscribe to their subscription service, but the fact is, $10 a month is just too expensive.

    It’s great having the access to play any song you want, anytime, but I’m more in to the Pandora like radio function that customises stations to my preferences. Google music does that and much more, but I can’t justify spending $10 a month when Pandora does it for $3 a month. I think I would subscribe for $5.

    Another thing Google should consider is changing it to a A La Cart model, maybe offer different features at different prices, if you want all access, $10, if you only want the radio feature, $5, something like that.

    Regardless if you want a subscription service, the plain ol free Google music is pretty awesome. It’s a great player, and the ability to upload your songs for free and have them all cloud based is awesome.

  • derrick

    huge problem is ALL software around google play sucks. the website is slow as molasses. The matching of songs is horrible. matching barely works. an album is clearly in their database but it doesn’t match. the uploading software has no features, you can’t pick to upload only matched, it doesn’t clearly indicate what’s matched, its horribly unuserfriendly. Back to the desktop interface, it’s not streamlined, it’s horrible to search, screen space is wasted by cover art. i like cover art and went through great pains to add mine but if you’re searching for artists it’s much easier to get a list of the artist than a few squares of covers. you click on links and they take forever to load. it’s a horrible experience. They need to utterly rewrite that to make it origanize well and function flawlessly quick.

  • derrick

    by the way i have 18k songs in google music. i only use it through an app on my iPhone because it works better than the desktop app by a country mile. but it needs some attention.

  • Eriks

    To be honnest;
    Deliver quality and I will pay…
    But quality means FLAC format and not 320kbps decoded MP3.. yes you really can hear the difference!
    Another point GOOGLE is lacking on:
    Payment possibilities. Only google wallet by creditcard?
    Use Paypal, Ideal and such services…. i would like to BUY apps, but it is impossible? I need to go to a speciall store to buy prepaid? Or i need to order an anomynous creditcard… what a troubles.

    Now I use spotify which works without problems. Only thing: I’m quitting spotify paid services, due to lacking of FLAC support (when songs are in offline mode)

  • Brian Willy

    Google Music is not living up to its expectations of user adoption BECAUSE it is a terrible product. The UI is bad, the app is buggy, and it seems most of the song I want to hear (that I uploaded) have been removed (probably due to copyright). But if I own them and I uploaded them, then I should be able to play them w/o having to lug my external hard drive around. Product score on 1-10(awesome) = 3.

  • Jerker

    Here are the reasons I stick to spotify (in order of importance):

    1. The sound, when playing on my PC, got interrupted all the time by other high priority tasks within the browser. Very very VERY annoying!

    2. I want a separate app on my PC. Not a tab which is hidden somewhere in the browser among ten other tabs…

    3. Could not import my spotify lists.

    And the reasons why I considered to change:

    1. Adding my own music easily

    2. Nice GUI

    3. Easy to search of new music

  • Summer

    There’s not as much of a selection as there could be. I’ve been able to find a few obscure artists but I’m surprised how hard it is to find a single video game soundtrack. I can find many user’s versions of the songs I’m looking for, but i want the actual song not someone else’s version. Even looking up the actual composer for the music doesn’t help.