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Google testing the hardware waters with a “personal communications device”

Google Image via: Robert Scoble's Flickr with Creative Commons.

Google is working hard to expand its influence, and plans to stay relevant with the way we interact with people, information and objects. Projects like [email protected] and Google Fiber are proof of such, but the Search Giant is not stopping there. Google’s most recent filing with the FCC revolves around a “next generation personal communications device,” which further displays Google’s commitment with their recent jump into hardware manufacturing.

We have recently seen Google hire an Apple Senior Director who was in charge of product quality at his former job. More interestingly, Simon Prakash was pulled in from Apple to work for a “secret project.” We do not know what this project could be related to, but we believe that it is hardware-related (due to his responsibilities at Apple).[1]

It could be possible that Prakash will be working on making sure Google’s product are up to industry standards, and he very well could have something to do with this device and others.

According to the FCC filing, this “next-gen personal communications device” is currently going through testing. It is mentioned that the device features both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which would make it something like a smartphone.

The device will be tested at Google employees’s houses, as well as Google offices. But more than testing the device, itself, Google is interested in testing the “throughput and stability at the home WiFi networks that will support the device, as well as the basic functionality of the device.”

It is yet unclear exactly what this is all about, but it gives off signs of something great to come. This could be related to [email protected] or Google’s future plans to become an internet provider. And this “communication device” could very well be some form of home phone competitor or the home¬†entertainment¬†system we learned of yesterday.

Regardless, we can expect this service to be affordable, like everything else Google offers. Surely, it would be nice if this happened to be an Android-powered device. It is mentioned that part of the purpose is to test its “real world performance and its impact on applications running on the device.” This just screams “Android” to us.

We will have to wait and see what Google has under its sleeve. That won’t stop us from speculating, though. What do you guys make of this? What do you think this “communications device” could be?


  1. Via Venture Beat

Via: Slash Gear

Source: FCC

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  • Owain

    A next-gen ‘central hub’ for all family communications?, controlling other aspects of the connected house etc?

    • Jeff Pan

      oh yah! that would happen in 2-3 yrs!

  • spazby

    Can’t wait for more detail

  • greeny42

    Nexus House! Please!

  • 2C

    Maybe the Google Tablet that has been rumored for a while now?

    • dcds

      This or that google goggles with a Hud.

    • cristian cristiandonose

      Remember that Jobs called the iPad almost the same ?

  • Owain

    I’m hoping for a trekkie style home computer – combining Siri-style jazz with home automation. (Google listening to every word spoke in you house though? – So long as it isn’t call Hall I’ll buy it!)

  • Leo Young

    I wonder if this is the Google glasses that have been rumored?

  • Nathan D.

    lets see what they got up their sleeves

    • Chris Lewis

      haha yeah I was on my way down the page to post that correction when I saw that you beat me to it!

  • cwjones4

    I would gladly sign up to test this if they need any volunteers

  • Paul Atreides

    Holographic Technology.

  • Thomas MacDougall

    Nexus tablet, nexus glasses or nexus watch

    • http://www.raymatthew.tumblr.com RayMatthew

      A nexus watch would be amazingly cool!

  • mustybooks

    Star trek anyone?

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      oh got please let it be a communicator like TNG

      isn’t it more likely that it’s the glasses?

  • aranea

    Ahh the tease! This news is everywhere yet we know almost nothing about the product.

  • Holymobilizer

    It’s only a matter of time before google has their own cell phone service. With Google fiber, they create a service where tjey run over wifi networks for a CHEAP price. Not only that but they will give you a “deal” if you will listen to an ad before each call. Sort of like the free 411 number. This gives Goohle more add revenue, and if its cheap enough, there may be a market for this and no traditional carrier could compete with the price point. What do you say? Too revolutionary? I say Google could pull it off.

  • http://tinkerdad.blogspot.com xfaith

    I will most likely get whatever Google is throwing at us, might not be first in line. I just recently acquired the Google TV. Now to find sites to hack it since I don’t really use it to its potential considering I dropped cable TV about a year ago.

  • bd1212

    I want a Nexus tablet. Hopefully this is it.

  • K2theIzzo

    Obviously this is a Hover Board.

  • JH

    I want a Nexus tablet!

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Hello Google, please come in, you are more than welcome to my house and life.

  • MoSDeeb

    Android @ home, I am super excited for the possibilities