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Google’s 7-inch Nexus tablet to enter production in April


Google Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt hinted at a Nexus tablet last year and then Digitimes confirmed the report in January with their supply chain sources. This week Richard Shim, an analyst with DisplaySearch, provided additional details on the rumored device.

Shim claims the 7-inch tablet will feature a 1280×800 resolution and enter production in April. This lines up with earlier rumors that Google would bring the device to market in June. Shim also thinks the initial production run will be 1.5 million to 2 million units.

It’s still not clear how Google will position the device. Shim said, “I don’t know how they plan on marketing it. If it’s going to be a premium device, or if it’s going to be a Kindle Fire type competitor.”

Given the rumored 7-inch display and $199 price point, we expect Google is going directly at the Kindle Fire market. Amazon shipped an estimated 5 million units last quarter, which makes it the best selling Android tablet to date.

Google recently pushed back their annual Google IO developers conference from May to late June, so that’s the best chance we will likely hear more about this device. If Google decides to announce Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, it’s possible that this Nexus tablet could become the flagship device for the latest OS.

ASUS is planning to launch their $249 quad-core MeMo 370T around the same time, so we hope that Google will be able to match those specs.

It feels like most of our hardcore audience prefers the larger 10-inch tablets, so I’m curious how many would be wiling to purchase a 7-incher from Google. What features would Google need to include in order for you to fork over $199?

Source: CNET

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  • htowngtr

    Can’t wait… for $200 I’d bet there will be a very, very long waiting line.

    • autonomousgerm

      Unfortunately there won’t be unless they do something to stand out from the pack. If it is a “Nexus” line, that implies it will have vanilla ICS. How will it be better than the Kindle Fire for the same price? Google is a day late and a dollar short to this party. Unfortunately Kindle Fire has already set the standard for tablets at this form factor and price point. If Goog doesn’t do something to differentiate it, it will look like a stripped down, less feature packed Fire to the average consumer. Remember that the “Nexus” moniker doesn’t really have any clout with normal people, only to Android fanboys.

      • David

        Are you trolling? The Fire is abhorrently crippled by Amazon’s overlay. It’s Android heritage is unrecognizable. People want the best UI, and the best UI on Android is vanilla.

        • 666

          The Kindle Fire is the best selling Android tablet to date. So you’re wrong. People want something else and ain’t simply vanilla Android.

          • LSH99

            You’re wrong. People want CHEAP. That’s why they want the Kindle. It’s not a horrible device… for the price. But that’s it. The user interface is basically brutal. To charge any more for that device would be stealing.

            “Vanilla” ICS may have tons of intricacies, complexities, and potential for customization (which, of course, pleases the nerd in all of us), but that doesn’t mean it’s “complicated” or difficult to use for the average person. That’s just an absurd notion.

          • Jon Garrett


            Im a diehard Samsung fan and I like Touch Wiz while others hate it.

          • LittleGreenDude

            666 You should should take a reality check. People like the Fire cause its cheap, and fairly functional. They probably don’t even realize it’s an Android with all of the UI crapware. Android is so much more useful without any UI on top of it(unless its like touchwiz or sense 4.0). Anybody would jump at a chance to get a vanilla android device for $200.

        • theDL

          False. The Kindle Fire is simple. It’s most refined example of what *most* people want out of a tablet that size, because Amazon has made themselves into a one-stop shop for everything. While you and I would prefer more freedom to do what we wish with our tablets, Amazon has captured Apple’s philosophy of smart devices for dumb people. You don’t have to figure the Fire out, it’s all just there.

        • ablkida

          First of all, what do you mean by best? Best for who to be more precise. My point it that it’s subjective. I love the vanilla UI, but my dad prefers Sense. So either way is good, as long as people can appreciate the value of the OS overall. These discussion that occur here and in many Android sites are extremely specific- to a level that most people do not get into. So let’s flesh out and say why vanilla is the best UI. What advantages does it have over custom UIs etc. More in depth I guess.

      • zerosix

        Not sure if trolling or just stupid.

      • Vforvortex

        “A day late and a dollar short”? Rewind back to 2007,, when thats what they said when google released the G1 vs the iphone. Amazes me how some people forget so fast.

    • Jeff Pan

      I would buy this for sure. I would love to have a Nexus tablet!

      • thekaz

        I agree. Vanilla on this would rock. I’ve been considering an e-reader, and was torn between Nook and Fire (Nook because my wife has an old one, so we’re already “invested” in it), but I would easily drop $200 for this and just install the Nook app on it.

        I went Vanilla (or close enough to it) with the GNEX, and I don’t wanna go back.

        • Christoph

          @ thekaz My advice is to wait, the Nook app for Android is better that the stock Nook app, I have seen both on my wife’s NC!!

    • KRS_Won

      I would save up and pay $300-325 if it was feature rich.
      -7″ gorilla glass with Motorola’s quality(considering the acquisition is almost complete, most likely Google could make it in house)
      -5mp back camera, 2mp front camera (I don’t need that great of a camera on a tab, it looks funny when someone holds an ipad to take a picture, but I would probably video chat more on a tab)
      -Medfield, or quad core with newer GPU (entertainment oriented)
      -SD card expansion (instead of micro. If you can fit 32gb on a micro, give me 50gb on a full size SD. Maybe even NFC capable cards for Android Beam use)
      -3500 capacity battery
      -decent speaker
      -in my hands.

  • Joe Fedewa

    I definitely prefer something bigger than 7″. The Tab 8.9 is the sweet spot I think.

    • kazahani

      I agree with you, but the difference in price might be just too much for me to justify.

    • WlfHart

      If only the 8.9 had higher resolution and native stylus support! Just small enough to fit in my pocket but big enough to feel akin to a full sheet of paper. Can’t wait to see if any other manufacturers jump on this form factor.

  • jerkyjones

    If that’s the price point for a 7″ *with top-end power*, then I’m very willing to look at the 7″ for factor. I think the 10″ tablets will have to do something more (be that price, performance, or features) to differentiate themselves from the ~$200-$250 7″ tablets that pack the same heat.

  • Sturoid

    I would be on that thing like flies on doodoo. But I want it to be almost a Tab 7.7 clone but as a Nexus tablet.

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    It would have to have an unlocked bootloader for me to purchase. I think I’d want a larger size, too. 8.9 or 10.1 would work for me.

    • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

      Pretty safe bet given it’s a nexus device

    • professandobey

      How would a Nexus have anything besides an unlocked bootloader?

  • AnthonyRyan

    It should have amazing hardware in it.

  • Amromun

    personally I prefer a 10″ tablet and I really don’t know why Google is going against the Kindle Fire especially when we know that Google devices don’t really do (sell)well compared to the other products out there.

    • delinear

      This may be Google testing the tablet waters with a cheaper low end device and a small run initially. There’s nothing to say they won’t do a larger version if the 7″ proves popular, having said that the Fire nailed tablet sales when released so there is obviously demand there for a smaller device.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I have mixed feelings about such a device. Is 7″ a good form factor? Yes, for a toy. And don’t take that negatively as I have owned 2 7″ tablets (Nook Color and Dell Streak 7) and zero 10″ tablets. But for me to want something more than a toy, I think it needs to be larger and higher resolution. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that Google is making a Nexus tab but I think they could have done better.

    Either way, I may still get one of these to replace my Dell Streak 7. Toys are fun, afterall! :-)

    • delinear

      Definitely, most people buy tablets as toys, not as serious creative, work or gaming machines. Larger screens make them a bit too pricey for many, especially those who already own a laptop or NetBook, it’s far less of a dent in the pay cheque to pick up one of these little devices.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Agreed. I think my first serious (non-toy) tablet purchase will have the following requirements:

        1. Transformer-like and/or Padfone-like docking functionalities (KB dock is critical, phone-powered would be nice)
        2. Ubuntu on Android (or equiv) compatability that kicks in on HDMI out OR when I dock to a keyboard
        3. ~10″ screen (sorry, I can’t do real work on a 7″ screen – 10″ screens will already be hard enough)

        Give me something that can do these things and then I can possibly justify replacing a laptop with this and I’m willing to spend some real money. Otherwise, it’s just a toy.

        • Zak

          I agree with most of what you are saying, BUT what you are forgetting is the price point! By no means am I saying it’s 100% capable as a laptop replacement, but what if it could be both? I have the Ainol Novo 7 Paladin, and hate it. (Wif is TERRIBLE, and the MIPS processor architecture is what killed it.) But the one thing about 7″ is perfectly capable for half the stuff you use a computer for. (Word Proccessing with bluetooth or usb keyboard, and a whole lotta youtube/internet browsing). For anything else I hit my desktop. I’m a highschool kid who makes minimum wage, so at least for me a tablet like this for $200 would be an instant buy.

  • Wunako

    It would come down to how it looks, how it performs, and what they add on to the tablet… as far as it being 7in im kinda bummed i think that 10 is a perfect size for a tablet, glad they are deciding to compete on 199 price point which will help it fly off the shelves and who know might show more casual consumers what android can really do

    • Kevin Cox

      I also think that with as big as the screens are on phones these days, if someone like me already has a Galaxy Nexus, a 7″ screen isn’t that much bigger to justify the purchase. I’d rather spend 350-400 on a 10″

  • h0ruza

    Sounds great and what a price. Amazing!

  • BleedingEdge

    7″ display at that resulotion suits me fine.
    OMAP 4460 minimum
    16GB storage
    1GB RAM
    At least 1 Micro-SD or SD card slot
    USB Host
    WiFi only version
    ICS minimum

    Icing on the cake:
    HDMI or Micro-HDMI out

    • coryteague

      Allow me to be a debbie downer for a moment and predict that AT THAT PRICE there will be no microSD slot, no USB host and probably won’t even be Dual Core…

      Unfortunately, viewers of this site AND those that fancy themselves Android geeks aren’t sought after when developing new equipment unfortunately (IMO anyway). SO I don’t think that we are going to get blown away by this. I hope I’m wrong.

      The last time we had a device that was geared towards us was the Asus Transformer Prime and we have seen the issues associated. I still haven’t had my dock shipped and I’ve been waiting since Jan 02. The Galaxy Note needed to be geared toward the more advanced user but advertising isn’t making it so. Now the Note 10.1 should be the next line in “advanced” user products but unfortunately I think it will be advertised to the general user as well with a hefty price tag.

      • MeasIIDX

        But the fire is a dual core and its only $200

        • Zak

          That’s because the fire is actually sold for loss. Amazon puts that much faith in you buying books and apps from them. An as much as we all hate it… it’s working.

      • masterpfa

        I too would love these products to be geared toward us , but marketing and commercial needs dictates that selling numbers counts above all else, so they sell to the numpty and nerd alike.

      • honourbound68

        i hope you’re wrong.. but if you’re right, my money will be on the Memo

      • PerfectHairGuy

        People that frequent this site are not the target market. Google sells books, music, apps, movies in their store now… just like Amazon and Apple. They can potentially do some cool things with their own device. I’ll be interested to see what they come up with. Could be fun.

    • delinear

      Nexus phones never have an SD slot – I really hope that’s not something they carry over to a tablet range as it would seriously limit the usefulness of such a device too a lot of people. I can live with 16GB on my phone but on a tablet I want movies aplenty which means more memory.

      • Kevin Cox

        Yeah, None of them have SD cards…..except for the first one. So 66% of Nexus phones don’t have SD cards.

    • TJungus

      These specs would be nice. Maybe Google will bring back the original Nexus heritage and actually make this a great developer AND consumer device. Having the Nexus label used to mean something, and I am really excited to see if they release this as a Google device or as a Motorola Xoom type crippled by a carrier. I think having this being sold with some type of old google.com/tablet style store would be nice too.

    • bigrob029

      wifi only version?! if they entertain the idea of letting wireless carriers have any say on this thing it could spell disaster. let the motorola team handle the 3G saddled tablet clusterf*ck and allow the nexus to be a nexus- all google, no bull.

      …bluetooth support would be nice too :D

      • Zak

        Could not agree more!!!

  • triangle

    There’s definitely a place for a 7 inch tablet, just like there’s a place for a 10 inch tablet. Not mutually exclusive, especially at a $199 price point.

    I think the portability of a 7 inch tablet creates some different use cases than a 10 inch tablet. Why not have both?

    • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

      Good point, I do have both the 10, and 7 inch tablets, and an 8.9 to boot. Although the larger screen is nice for videos, web etc, the 7 / 7.7 are a better choice for mobile use for me. When I leave the house, an imported Galaxy Tab 7.7 (with the fantastic Super AMOLED Plus screen) is in my winter jacket pocket. It replaced a Galaxy Tab 7 which was a reliable, mobile partner for the previous year. I tried taking the bigger screen devices with me when I go out, but have found the 10, and even the 8.9 to be a bit too big / cumbersome to carry around all day. For my use, the 7 / 7.7 is the best combo device from web, video, 3rd party app, PIA carrying around, bulkiness, and weight perspectives. A plus is the smaller tablets fits in my winter jacket pocket.

  • MitchRapp81

    Not sure if this would replace my XOOM (still a “google experience” tablet)
    my xoom is almost 100% a portable gaming machine now, and 10 inches sure looks better than 7 (considering my phone is 4.65… closer to 7 than a 10.1!)

  • rantmo

    I’d been set to buy the 370T but this would complicate that decision and that’s awesome. It’s great to see the potential for real competition at this range of the market. The only thing I’d want for certain from Google (assuming that the hardware is comperable to the 370T) is a firm commitment to timely OS updates.


    It will be MIIIIIINEEEE !!!

  • fletchtb

    I love how easy it is to hold a 7inch tab in portrait mode with one hand. It makes it so much more portable and usable in my opinion. To me it makes the smaller screen size for video and games worth it.

    I can’t wait to see more info about this upcoming beast!

  • MoSDeeb

    I’ve always wanted the tablet in the picture used in this article every time I see it.

    Bring out a Nexus tablet with Dual booting Android 4.0 and Chrome OS on the tablet pictured.

  • smeghead68

    7″ seems just a bit small, but for $200 this might be worth a shot.

  • James Woods

    The success of this will rely on a very fine balancing act. They can offer it at $200 but if the specs aren’t enough to entice you then people will shell out for something more expensive but with the desired specs.

    The proposed res screen, 1Gb RAM and one of the better Dual cores out there. ASUS have a cheap quad core in coming for around $250 so they need to get things just right or it’ll fail pretty bad.

  • Vance

    If the Kindle Fire already shipped 5 million units (including the one I bought for my Dad), and they intend to produce 1.5 to 2 million units of this Nexus 7″ tab, then is Google really “going after the Kindle Fire”?? If so, they’re fighting a battle they’ve already conceded and, if tablets are still considered something of a “niche” then 7″ tablets are especially “nichey”. I just don’t understand the business strategy. The portion of the population who would gravitate toward a 7″ tablet are no question the Kindle Fire demographic, or in other words: people who don’t really care or understand that this offering is a Nexus device. Those of who do understand it is a Nexus device are fewer and farther between and many of us will be turned off by it’s smaller size. I think a Nexus device should target the segment of the population who went ape nuts over the Prime, not the Fire.

    • autonomousgerm

      You nailed it. If this is simply a vanilla ICS device (which the Nexus moniker suggests), I’m calling this one DBA. Dead Before Arrival. The market has proven time and time again that people don’t want Google’s stock operating system in a tablet.

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Definitely add one of these to my electronic toy box. I am definitely proof that the statement “The only difference between a boy and a man is the price of his toys” is definitely true.

  • lancaster09

    I’m really happy with my 8″ G-Slate as far as size goes… It is really to travel and does feel bulky. However if I was to use it for more productivity apps like note taking in school i would probably prefer a 10″ with keyboard dock (yeah I’ve got my eye on a Transformer Prime in the future).

    In short I’M TORN!!!!

  • ranwanimator

    It’s got to have bleeding edge hardware. If it doesn’t out perform what is already available, then there is no reason to buy it other than the promise of timely Android updates. My wife has a Nook Tablet and it’s nice; she loves it. For me the 10″ tablet is the only way to go. Love my TFP even with the current firmware quirks.

    Google simply can’t do the same thing everyone else is already doing and hope to be successful in this quickly saturating market.

    • Bruce

      Not necessarily bleeding edge. It has been proven that price point make a bigger impact to amount of sales than spec.

  • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

    I drank the Googlaid probably before I bought the G1 but I may not jump on this one. 7″ is not my preferred tablet size but I think if Google includes something slick like wireless screen mirroring, support for gamepads and well-designed accessories, this may suddenly become my tablet of choice.

  • magnum80

    Hmm… When you own a Galaxy Nexus with a 4.65″ screen, would you then opt for another device like 7″ tablet? For me something closer to 10″ would be more tempting and justify to spend again some bugs. Although the 7″ form factor makes it very portable I guess.

    • fc1032

      I have a Gnex and Galaxy tab 7, they difference in size is notable, and the main reason I chose a 7 inch over the 10 inch is cause its really really portable :)

      Plus it served as a spare phone in many occasions!

  • tonis79

    If it’s quad core and comes with Jellybean…yeah I’d jump on it. I have the original nook color hacked with cm7. 7″ works for me. In between my GNex and my laptop but small enough to toss in a small bag or even carry in my back pocket. A way to tether with the GNex would be stellar, especially through something like easy tether.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    This can be a smart move for Google since tablet owners will no doubt agree that apps optimized for tablets are still lacking. The Dev community loves Nexus devices and even if Google doesn’t create an “iPad killer,” (I don’t think that’s what they’re after here) this may just prove to be what is needed to provide the kick in the a** that tablet apps need, going forward. A 7″ tab may not be an ideal size, but an unlocked bootloader, no bloat and Google support along with competitive hardware and price point will no doubt make this aa win-win for us and Google.

  • mustybooks

    If the nexus tablet can match the MeMo for hardware this is going to be an incredible device! I know Asus are good for updates, but it’s all about optimization of hardware from experience with the Galaxy Nexus.

  • http://muddypa.ws/blog nportelli

    I have a HTV EVO View and think the 7in size is good. Not too big, not too small. Though Google’s 7in is higher resolution than mine, I’d like to see even more on a 7in.

  • masterpfa

    For me a 7″ tablet is my ideal format. I would tend to carry one with me most times and the 7″ form factor suits this, for me a 10″ tablet would just be too big.

    If I had to go for the larger format the Asus Eee Transformer Prime would be my tablet of choice and with Asus’s recent record of quick to device updates, a near Priority experience as the Nexus.

    I wonder who Googles partner for this tablet will be?

  • spazby

    Excellent, can’t wait to see more info

  • txbluesman

    Man, between Asus and Google, they are gonna make me work hard to decide on my 7″ tablet this year. Bring it!!!! I got to take it easy, I am getting way too excited. LOL!

  • anon

    Nexus tablet – wonderful; 7 inches – boo. Hope they have a 10 inch deluxe version planned.

  • 2C

    After installing the leaked version of ICS on my Acer Iconia a100 and seeing how smooth it runs I’d love to get my hands on a 7″ Google Nexus Tablet. As a current Samsung Nexus Galaxy user and former Nexus One owner I don’t care how lightly a “skin” or customized interface is. I strictly want a stock Android experience. Period! $200 – $250 and they’ll have my money the first day it’s released.

  • Chad

    Just bought a wi-Fi Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and I love it but I will be buying this a s well!

  • Dan

    If Google can make this device with 32 gigabytes of storage, ICS out of the box, a dual core 1.5ghz processor, 1 gigabyte of ram, and HDMI out then I will consider replacing my Xoom with this.

  • Matthew Varallo

    I am a soon to be 3rd year medical student, this device would be perfect to fit in my coat. My hope is that there is enough storage to keep all my medical textbooks. If nothing else a micro SD card slot would do the trick.

    I really hope that google doesn’t go the same way as Samsung and other tablet makers went by no including a micro SD card slot.

  • Hall Lo

    Finally! Have been waiting for this day for so long! Nexus Tablet ;D Google you are awesome!

  • Renato S.

    Right Now tablet isn’t something that I need so much so I’m willing to buy something more expensive, so a pure Google experience for $199 is all I really want.

    As a matter of fact, right in the beginning of the year I wrote a post saying what I think a Google Tablet should be like and so far I was spot on with my predictions.

  • uansari1

    7″ sounds like the perfect size. I had the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for about a month, but returned it because I felt it was too big. I want something I can carry around to my meetings, which are all over the city at any given time. A 7″ would be like carrying a notepad around.

    • KRS_Won

      Thats what she said??

  • sunrise

    They should come out with both 7 and 10 inch Nexus tablets, the more choices the better.

  • Tintifax

    10″ is too big, 7″ + HSPA is perfect for daily use on the road. My current Mediapad is good, but is lacking Custom ROM support, so a 7″ Nexus tablet with UMTS and maybe dockingstation/keyboard would be great.

  • RRR

    Bhahaha one more innovation. Can anyone just for fun compile a list of things Google copycated starting with day one (search business)?

    • masterpfa

      Bad example, “Search”, it’s like saying Mercedes copied Ford when producing their cars, or Apple copied Nokia when producing a phone.

      Marketing is not always about “Innovating”, but supplying the demands of the consumer.

      Just wanted to know what point you were trying to make on a topic/question posed by the OP of ” What features would Google need to include in order for you to fork over $199?”

      • RRR

        Irrelevant. Let me rephrase the question : “What features would Google need to stea….errr…copy … in order for you to fork over $199″. Got it? This feature is called innovation.
        Compile the list

        • masterpfa

          Nothing in that case

  • jamal adam

    Ooh! Google! You somehow always know how to get my attention.

  • rswelch

    Give me a android tablet with a 4×3 aspect ratio display/formfactor like the iPad or the now deceased TouchPad. For reading that form factor is perfect.

  • fc1032

    :) Seems like a nice upgrade coming from the original galaxy tab 7.

    A “small” wish list:
    * Stylus support please (though I’m not sure if 7inch would be a good experience)
    * Maybe make thinner bezels… and squeeze in a 8.9 inch screen :p. 7 is “sufficient” but A4 pages on 7 inch is a little cramped, but “ok”
    * AMOLED screen ^O^ (seems unlikely for its price point)

    • fc1032

      Oh and if possible make a decent keyboard dock available for it like the transformer :) must be readily available on launch!

  • YNWA

    Well seeing as how the Kindle fire isn’t really an Android tablet without any Google apps, or access to the Android Market, I would say its Nexus all the way.

    I started out liking the Amazon Appstore since there were free apps every day, but I have noticed a lot of the apps and games don’t get updated like they do in the Android Market. Plus now it seems like there are only a few good apps every month for free, whereas it used to be a lot more.

  • aranea

    They should not forget the high-end tablet get a bigger one out with state of the art ingredients.

  • sandy

    I own a Fire and a 10″ tablet and tablets are a toy, no more and no less. They will never replace a laptop. But they can get a lot better and I mean ALOT. micro sd card slot, cameras, larger drives, more ram, and access to the whole android system. Wi-fi is only going to get better and access easier, so wi-fi only will be fine. 8″ will be nice as 10″ is to large to be truly portable. But I still look forward to each new release, bringing me closer to my dream spec’d out tablet.

  • nault89

    I’d prefer a ~10″. Small is nice, but I’d prefer not having to zoom in all the time, and that’s the experience I’ve had with smaller. Almost any bag that fits a 7″ will probably fit a 10″ so I don’t see it as any less portable (not planning on trying to fit a 7″ or 8″ in my pocket–except in the case of the med student).

  • kungpaodragon

    After owning Android devices since G1, Nexus One, now Galaxy Nexus, and also a Transformer, I’m pretty sure Android has all the features I want except maybe the ones that could be useful but I can’t think of so I’m just gonna leave that to the smarter people. As far as hardware goes, I hope they’ll produce a bigger one. I am very used to my Transformer, a 10″ would be great.

  • DroidPower

    now that the competition has moved from premium to 200 dollar range tablets, I wonder if we’ll soon see 150 dollar or even 100 dollar markets emerge.

  • KRS_Won

    Should it say ” Google announces Motorola will be making a Nexus tablet”?
    Xyboard Nexus anyone?

  • bigrob029

    i still want my tegra 3 asus memo for 250…. but a nexus tab (for cheaper!) would be the hotness.

  • Simon

    If Google will build this device with thirty two gigabytes of storage, ICS out of the box, a twin core one.5ghz processor, one GB of ram, and HDMI out then i will be able to think about substitution my Xoom with this.