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HTC continues to tease MWC, first press shot of One X leaks


Yesterday HTC teased, “This Sunday you’ll discover something fast.” Today their message is, “This Sunday, you’ll hear something authentic.” HTC’s previous message was accompanied by the number 5, and today HTC used the number 4, so we are assuming the numbers represent a countdown to Sunday.

To go along with today’s tease we also have the first press shot of the HTC One X (formerly Edge), courtesy of Evan Blass of Pocketnow. The Tegra 3 powered device looks similar to when we first saw it last year, but it now only features three buttons across the bottom instead of four. We can also see the new Sense 4.0 home screen, which has been leaked pretty heavily this month.

HTC says their Mobile World Congress show will begin this Sunday at 8:30 PM Barcelona time, which is 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST in the United States. We don’t know if they are providing a live stream yet, but we will be sure to let you know if one is available.

No launch partners for the HTC One X have been announced, but it was already rumored to be on order at 20 carriers and NVIDIA has said that Tegra 3 smartphones will be shipping this quarter. If some of us are really lucky, we could see this superphone in stores next month.

Via: HTC Facebook

Source: PocketNow

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  • Jeff Pan

    Kinda disappointed with Sense 4.0 . Had great hopes on it. The bottom bar looks bad!

    • Sere83

      To be honest, I think all the icons and general look of sense is weak. Touch wiz isn’t much better either. Sony’s latest efforts are perhaps better than both, but by no means perfect

      Flyme on the Meizu MX is the best looking android skin around IMO. Otherwise stock ICS all the way.

      • nebsif

        It just looks so dated & pre ICS..

        Could have got myself a sensation (got desire atm) or GS2 long ago, didnt buy Sens cause it has really crappy hardware compared to GS2, didnt buy GS2 cause it doesnt have sense.

        My point is that if sense looks crappier than something like stock ICS, what’s the reason to stay with HTC? Its like they “lost it” after the desire series and just started copy pasting the same thing with leet names..

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The bottom bar has exactly the same function and layout of Android 4.0, just styled different.

      • Paul Atreides

        That launcher style is old, I’ve been using that on ADW Ex for the past year or so. The bottom bar could be more luminous but it’s not bad. Also, same old flip clock and notification bar from 2009.

        • Paul Atreides

          My mistake, I think those are capacitive buttons below the launcher :/

        • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

          The flip clock has actually different than ones from the past and the notification bar is now transparent, similar to MIUI.

        • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

          The flip clock is actually different than ones from the past (different graphics, font and slight layout tweaks) and the notification bar is now transparent, similar to MIUI.

          • Paul Atreides

            You’re correct I took another look. The font is different which I like, but they are still really minimal changes at best. I highly doubt if they do allow themes, like Taylor metioned, they won’t differ much. They could get rid of some of those weather widgets for all I care and give me some more pizzazz. Also, allowing the widgets to be used with 3rd party overlays would be a step in the right direction.

      • Jeff Pan

        It would have looked better if the bar extended across the screen. But then it would have looked like vanilla ICS.

        They tweaked it and it looks like Froyo! :(

  • fletchtb

    Looks like a Thunderbolt

  • Starship

    So I’m assuming those are capacitive buttons on the bottom?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Looks like it, but hard to tell from the picture.

    • Zach

      It seems like OEMs didn’t get the memo:
      “Android 4.0 removes the need for traditional hardware keys”

      • steve buscemi

        Well, ill be playing games on that beautiful full 720p screen while not having any pixels wasted with a grey bar.

  • nebsif

    bleh wtf is that bottom bar? Sense is the main reason im buying HTC and now it looks like just another (pre 4.0) stock android, not even IC themed.

  • Derek

    I really like the look of that new clock/weather widget! Can’t wait to get my ICS upgrade on my Rezound to get the new Sense 4.0 widgets. Not a big fan of Sense in general as it’s a f’ing resource hog, but I do love the widgets!

    • Hue Three of Five

      I agree. Sense widgets are great. That new weather clock looks nice! Just got the Rezound and had a Inc2 in the past. Sometimes I just use Fancy Widgets though, because of all the different skins. Regardless HTC is the best IMO and can’t see what the future holds for them.

    • spazby

      yup, it looks great

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    I rather have no HTC custom UI.

  • amgala

    HTC phones are starting to look too similar

  • David

    Am I the only one who wants less bezel? Is it an outlandish request that a new phone improve on the most basic aspect of my Droid X? I mean I see an easy half an inch of screen real estate on that phone, which is already huge to begin with.

  • Max.Steel

    Looks like any other HTC phone…

  • Jorge Vieira

    Don’t like the way this looks. Buy the specs or swine. I didn’t like the amaze till i actually handled it so maybe I’ll change my mind.

  • Foxy

    Just use stock ICS already… or improve on the Sense look, now it looks so dated

  • Darkseider

    I don’t get it. The HTC One X and the LG G4X or whatever you wanna call it are both quad core and shipping with ICS yet have capacitive buttons. Kind of defeats the purpose of ICS don’t ya think?

    • jimmyB

      So the purpose of ICS is to put buttons on the screen? I thought is was about all the new features in the browser, face-unlock, better multi-tasking, individual notification clearing, advanced lock screen, better camera, new NFC functionality and a lot more.

      I love it when the main thing people care about are the UI changes and on-screen buttons. Those are the least important improvements in Android 4.0

      • steve buscemi

        Yeah, people are retardedim going to love having that full 720 screen to browse and game on. The only place ive seen the soft button bar hide completely is during video.

  • MoSDeeb

    Unimpressive and the same styling for the last three years and its not a good thing. The speaker grill is hideous, the bezel is too distracting, and not to mention the silver strip surrounding the front facing camera.

    I cannot stand chrome parts on a phone. Is there anything on a phone that deteriorates at the same rate as crappy chrome plastic?

    • steve buscemi

      HTC use real chromed metal not shitty plastic like everyone else. I hate Sense but ill be using Go launcher or launcherpro anyway so its moot. What will keep me from buying this is no sd card slot and the rumors are all conflicting.

  • MrDSL

    Sense has to be the most bloated custom UI there is..They have nice widgets but not worth it for all the other sense bloat you get.

    • dillybar

      So don’t buy it.Never understood why people knowingly buy a device that says it comes with Google Sense. then proceed to complain about it ….having Sense. Root it and use a custom ROM.

  • Nate B.

    I guess I’m just curious of what it can do because the physical design will never change. People need to start making the awesome concepts people come up with.

  • revs

    great looks just like my sensation ,,…..and my cousins thunderbolt …and evey other htc phone

  • Hall Lo

    Sense was really good before, but not 4.0. It really takes away part of ICS’s natural beauties. The flipping clock still looks good tho.

  • jamal adam

    Is it me or does the blackish background on the icons 5 main icons seem like a terrible idea. Personally, it has no use and should be eliminated, immediately.

    • VS

      That might be the big item right there visually. I hate to have Sense use even more system resources, but if that’s the way Sense is going to go, they might as well copy the transparent windows and borders of Aero in Win 7. Make it all visually stunning or just put stock ICS on there, dont half arse it.

      While we’re at it, why not take a page from Sony’s new Xperia and change out the faux chrome speaker at the top with a translucent plastic with various color modications for incoming calls, notifications, etc.

      Bling this baby out!

  • Nathan D.

    well this phone is beast i just wish the other one is just as goos