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Update: HTC in talks with Google to be selected for Jelly Bean Nexus device


According to a new report, HTC is in talks with Google in hopes of being selected as the next OEM to produce a Nexus phone which is expected to be powered by Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean). Google worked closely with HTC to produce the original Nexus One, but the two companies have had a close partnership since the development of the first Android powered phone, – the T-Mobile G1.

Google hasn't chosen its Nexus partner for (Android) Jellybean as yet. So right now all the manufacturers are crossing their fingers.Jeff GordonHTC

Being selected to be the next Nexus manufacturer is a big deal, but Jeff Gordon stressed that HTC’s current priority is to deliver Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and HTC Sense 3.6 to its current devices. Our official HTC Android 4.0 update list features 17 HTC devices which will be updated to Android 4.0 with the first three phones (Sensation, Sensation 4G and Sensation XE) scheduled to receive the update before the end of March.

Samsung’s reputation within the Android community has received a huge boost since it was selected by Google to develop the Nexus S and the mass market appeal of the Galaxy Nexus has helped boost Nexus brand recognition with the general public. HTC already has a strong foothold with Android, but being able to partner with Google on the next Nexus device would give the company early access to the next version of Android which could eventually translate into quicker updates for its its current handsets and the HTC One phones which will launch in April.

Do you think Google should select HTC to build the next Nexus device or should Motorola or LG be given an opportunity to shine?

Update: We’re not sure why, but Tech Radar has take down their article. It could be that HTC was not happy with the details that HTC’s Jeff Gordon shared with them. If there are any updates on the story, we’ll let you know.

Update 2: Jeff Gordon has reached out to us to clear a few things up. It looks like our friends over at Tech Radar took Jeff’s comments a little out of context, though he does state that “there’s an extraordinary halo effect that happens for the brand of the Nexus manufacturer. Unfortunately, I have zero knowledge of any direct conversation between HTC and Google about a future Nexus device.”

Tech Radar has re-posted their article but have changed the title and removed all direct quotes from Jeff. As Jeff’s original quote stated, all manufacturers are collectively crossing their fingers in hopes that Google selects them for the next Nexus device. From our readers’ comments below, it’s clear that a lot of people would be excited about another Nexus phone developed by HTC – a sentiment which we hope Google agrees with.

Source: Tech Radar

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • TMartin

    With the annoucement of all the new HTC devices and the incredible specs….Google would be crazy not to let HTC do the next Nexus device.

    • tao.lviv

      They’ll acquire Motorola, it’ll be quite illogical to give next Nexus manufacturer to HTC.

      • Sturoid

        The Nexus program has nothing to do with logic. Every company has to put in a tender to be a part of the Nexus program and that would include the hardware among other factors that they have to put forward.

        • delinear

          They will need to think about the market reaction though. What kind of message does it send to customers if Google announce Motorola aren’t good enough to make the Nexus? It would be like Apple refusing to support ITunes on an iPhone, it shows a lack of faith in their own product. I know Google are saying they intend to keep the two companies separate but customers are still going to know this is basically a Google phone that Google refuses to put their name to.

          • kevin

            Alternatively. if google does choose motorola for the next nexus device. people will be saying that this is google showing favoritism

          • Guest

            Eh….why does apple need to be brought in? And compare this article with apple?

      • professandobey

        Right and as Andy Rubin said yesterday, they want to put a separation between Google and Motorola, letting Moto run independently. If Google chooses Moto for the Nexus program anytime soon, they would really piss off the other OEMs.

        • Joel

          Would be nice if it were rotated so all OEMs could get a chance.
          It being a Nexus I doubt it would hurt sales THAT bad…especially if the specs are amazing.
          Its this type of thing that hinders our ability to be truly united as a community tho.

          • Siang

            I don’t like the idea of rotating all the OEMs. What if an OEM is not particularly popular one year, you would then see the Nexus sales drops?

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

        It’s illogical to give Nexus to Motorola — because Motorola shouldn’t even make a non-stock phone after the merge is completed. Every Motorola phone should be a Google branded phone and there’s really no need to label them as a “Nexus”.

        Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be happening.

    • sunrise

      Incredible specS? Plural? Unless I missed the memo HTC didn’t release anything with amazing specs. Just one good spec and that was the S4 processor in the U.S. version of the One X and One S.

      -16GB total internal memory is not amazing
      -no expandable microSD slot is not amazing
      -relying on dropbox storage and and top of that only for 2yrs free is not amazing. Am I buying hardware or temporary 2yr storage in the cloud?
      -small batteries are not amazing
      -built in non-user replacable/exchangable batteries are not amazing
      -Only 1GB RAM running resource hungry Sense and ICS. Nothing amazing there either. Rumored Samsung GS3 spec of 1.5GB Ram will be amazing.
      -Nothing new or amazing about the screen technology either.
      -Did the phones have NFC? Not sure, but I don’t think so. Again not amazing unless they do have it and I just missed that spec.

      There is nothing amazing about these phones in my opinion. Nothing revolutionary or game changing. Great new processor ya, but thats expected. I would argue because of all the reasons I listed above, HTC actually went backward rather than forward with their new phones.

      Give it to Samsung again over HTC or just make us all happy and let Motorola make it.

      • McLovin


        Built in non-user replaceable batteries. A sin against mankind. Thanks Steve Jobs!
        No expandable microSD slot.

        HTC, please don’t follow the mistakes of Apple, THIS IS ANDROID!

        • delinear

          Agreed, being able to add storage, remove the battery, install what I want, easily root my device, these are all reasons I chose Android over iOS. I don’t want non removable batteries, lack of SD, locked bootloaders, non removable bloatware etc. Manufacturers need to realise these are their unique selling points over the competition and stop trying to bury them.

      • JayB95

        How does that make sense. HTC has put good processors, hd screens, and good cameras in their phones ahead of most manufacturers. I mean if your not happy with the current tech that’s one thing but you can’t fault them for not using some imaginary specs you would like.

      • jspiby2

        Some of your info is wrong lad and you can’t compare an actual phone to rumours of another phone, and when the first phone comes out with more than one gig of RAM in I’m sure all the other manufacturers will follow suit and for the record every one knows samsungs UI is shit, let’s be honest HTC sense is the best android UI out there if you have to have one have the best lad.

        • Brandon Peters

          Ummm, no, what the guy stated above is fact, your post lost most credibility when you tried to pass your own personal opinions as facts.

          HTC Sense is not the best UI out there, lets see you prove me wrong…

        • Brandon Peters

          FACT: 20 million, that’s 20,000,000 Samsung Galaxy S II devices shipped, your turn…

          • Sid

            I think the Samsung Galaxy phones sell mostly for their hardware(esp screen technology) than their UI. I think every manufacturer should give the users an option to opt for stock android. What do they have to lose?

      • ihatefanboys

        You cant judge what HTC does in the future based on one series of phones. What they do with the G series and what they do with the Nexus series of phones could be totally different. But yes the specs are amazing for the ONE series, 16GB is more than enough internal space and 1GB or RAM is awesome for a mobile phone. I was surprised you touted how much better a 1.5GB of RAM would be, so .5 is THAT much better ?? really ? But bottom line is, if you dont like the ONE series, dont buy it, but dont assume that HTC will do the same thing with the NEXUS series. HTC has never, ever, dissapointed, LG and Samsung, and Motorola cant even come close to saying that.

        • h0ruza

          HTC’s sales have fallen so i’m not so quick to agree with you’re statement that they never ever disappoint.

          Consumers have voted with their wallets.

          HTC need to earn the right to build the next nexus phone surly?

        • Ishken

          .5GB of Ram is actually an extra 512MB of ram or the amount of what was in the Nexus One when it shipped. If you don’t understand how much faster your phone/tablet/computer becomes when you increase your ram, then you should really not comment on such things.

      • Tariq

        Some times the whole is more than the sum of its parts. This is truly an amazing phone not because of this that or the other but because all of them together, can you name a phone that is better. Yes it’s always the case that something better is just around the corner but as it stands the one x is simply the best phone on the face of the earth. Full stop, and that my friend is what’s amazing breathtakingly amazing

        • Erick

          Have to disagree. I think the One S is probably the best phone. Same processor and (imo) the better QHD resolution. Better size in the hands and 720P over QHD is a game of diminishing returns.

          The Samsung GSIII is going to be very hard pressed to come close to comparing in real world speed to the One S.

          Even “The (sense hating) Verge” likes Sense 4.0. It is lighter, faster, and looks great.

      • Ravrahn

        Several mistakes here:
        – The One series does have NFC.
        – The One X has new screen tech, SLCD2, which everyone who has seen it has loved.
        – No other amazing specs? What about the camera? The dedicated image processor?

      • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

        I agree with most of your post but there’s no way you can claim deep system dropbox integration (I’m hoping for automoatic sync folder on device a la dropbox on PC) and 50gb free for two years as a bad thing.

    • jonathan3579

      I would like to another HTC-branded Nexus device. It’s a much better choice than LG.

      • delinear

        If I could only choose between HTC and LG then I agree, LG are okay but they aren’t really exciting at all, but I love my Galaxy Nexus and would be happy to see Samsung take this again.

        • cthonctic

          Exactly my thoughts as well.

    • LittleGreenDude

      Having HTC make the next Nexus phone would be a very smart move on Google’s part. It would change up the market a little bit and force the OEMs to innovate so as to keep up the competion.

  • Vieper07

    HTC deserve this second chance!

  • steve19137

    Yeah, HTC should totally have the next Nexus. They have done a great job in the past, and I have never been let down by the quality of hardware. I would jump at the chance to have another HTC Nexus phone.

  • dcds

    HTC is definitely a good call. The software will bE Google anyway, and their build quality is nice.

    All in all, an ok decision, if it goes through.

    • dil

      The winner is LG……no need to worry

  • comandantecee

    Oh hell yeah that’s what I want to hear!

  • Shi Wei

    Yes Samsung sux with its delayed launch of galaxy nexus in Singapore. Please let us buy the next nexus device directly from Google just like nexus one!!

    • Noel

      I say Amen to that…they should bring back buying direct from Google online. Bought my N1 that way…it was a good sales model that needed to be complimented by other outlet sales…like in stores where the masses could interact with the device etc.

  • Sturoid

    I think it is fair to say that Every OEM is in talks with Google to be next in line to be Nexus partner

  • redraider133

    I would love another htc nexus. I think htc had a great design in the nexus one and sadly those of us on verizon never got the chance to get that. HTC especially with the new designs for their phones look like it would be a real contender especially with stock android.

    • thekaz

      I agree, I like HTC’s harware, but I am not a fan of Sense (especially now that I’ve tasted vanilla).. I think a non-Sense HTC phone would be a great phone…

  • tao.lviv

    What about batteries on HTC? Are they OK on last cells? If they’ve made it to last at least full working day – HTC Nexus Jelly Bean – looks tasty… ;)

    • AnthonyRyan

      I think for the nexus HTC would do a great job with the battery for Google

  • AnthonyRyan

    That’s a bummer my phone will get sense 3.6 with android 4.0 update.. but besides that I would like to see HTC make the next nexus phone. That could look pretty neat.

    • honourbound68

      neat? hopefully you’re not saying that it should have HTC Sense because then it wouldn’t make.. sense.. But, in the Android world, I’m def a fan of Sammy, HTC for their build quality & parts, and now Asus for their originality and quick updates. I’d eventually like to see Moto and LG get a crack at making the next GN’s just to have more competition. But, I’d like everyone to remember that the GN’s are developer’s reference devices. They may not have to have the top-of-the line specs or part because of this and so for me, it’ll be about build quality and design since the manufacturers will have the hardware dictated.

  • Y314K

    The next Nexus device should be a updated Asus PadPhone….. Anything less will be just me too…

    • professandobey

      This would go perfectly with the rumors that one of the big new features of Jelly Bean is providing a desktop experience similar to Ubuntu for Android.

  • levi

    HTC !

  • Giuseppe

    LG should get the go for the next Nexus Jelly Bean device. The company could use a boost. Motorola’s got a lot going for itself if you consider their new line of the Droid Razr or acquiring Google’s Motorola Mobility. Also, adding another dog to the Android device fight can only be good for the consumer. Competition between manufacturers will deliver higher quality devices quicker & more often – consumer wins.

    • professandobey

      Agreed. While I like all the Nexus veterans, I think this would be a great opportunity for LG, Sony, or Asus. Our ecosystem can only grow if we have more big dogs.

  • jamal adam

    After what they pulled off on Sunday with the One series, I think they deserve it. One S design with One X guts.

  • Urbanhideaway

    Agreed with many that with the recently announced HTC One devices, Google should consider HTC as their next Nexus phone partner. The One X shows that HTC is getting things right for its devices.

  • bellken

    Jeff Gordon stressed that HTC’s current priority is to deliver Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and HTC Sense 3.6 to its current devices.

    I am glad they have their priorities in order, though, I thought it was going to be Sense 4.0 with ICS.

    As for who should build the next Nexus, HTC would be great, and, it allow Google to keep it claim, that is is vendor neutral. Picking Motorola would not.

  • slurms mckenzie

    ok if they do pick HTC please for the love of god DO NOT PUT QUALCOMM CHIPS. I DEMAND EXYNOS NOTHING ELSE!!! (thumbs up if anyones gets it from phandroid post)

    • professandobey

      …or Droid-Life.

  • York

    HTC makes the most horrible looking phones… and what they pack inside is more likely to disappoint. I’m hoping sammy gets to build the next one, if not then it’s off the nexus train for a while.

    • alankrut

      i own an HTC Sensation. And in no way is that a horrible looking phone.

      Samsung is good. But when compared to HTC, their build quality is decent.

  • aakash

    HTC in my opinion has been producing elegant phones. out of the nexus 1, nexus s and galaxy nexus, the found the build of nexus 1 to be the best. I seriously hope that HTC gets this chance over LG, or any other manufacturer.

    • virexed

      +1 To this day I miss the feel of my old Nexus 1 in my hand. It was a nicely built device. And please bring back your online store, Google! Free overnight shipping like you did for the N1. You’re no longer in the experimental stage, almost everybody wants a Nexus now. Avoid that mess you made with Verizon.

    • BruceCLin

      Have to disagree with you here. Out of all the Nexus’ (I own all 3), Nexus one is the only one that I had hardware problem. Bad multi touch screen and failing power button is just too much. I have 0 problem with Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus.

      • Erick

        Multitouch was actually not necessarily the device, but more likely growing pains with Android. Remember that Nexus One was the FIRST android device to have multitouch capabilities. Trying to work around the Apple patents was not a very easy situation on any level. We were not even allowed to call it “pinch to zoom”. Nexus One did not even ship with multitouch enabled.

        Now the power button… that is fair. But HTC has moved on and faulty powerbuttons are not on the radar as a trending issue on any carrier with any new device. They learned their mistake on that.

  • spazby

    HTC will do something special if given a chance…

  • EggoEspada

    I’d love it for HTC to make the next Nexus. If it looks anything like the One series, I’ll be completely content. Wonder what the specs would be like around Q4.

  • yankeesusa

    This is awesome. I have always liked the original nexus, plus I love htc phones. An awesome google only htc phone would be great. I really hope they get it. If thats the case then without a doubt my next phone will be htc google nexus phone.

  • Charlesbrown79

    The Nexus One was far more sturdy than the nexus s & the galaxy nexus. HTC Free!

  • drauks

    The recently announced One series really got me excited for a new HTC Nexus. But not before, there have been a lot of boring HTC phones since the Nexus One.

  • uknowme

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face. I have been patiently waiting for HTC to get another crack at a Nexus device. I just love their build quality. I just ask for two small things. A removable battery and a micro SD slot. Anything else is just frosting.

  • dh33r4j

    It will probably be like this.
    HTC will come up with a 4.5-4.7 in HD LCD display with Qualcomm S4 Pro processor and a real solid body.
    LG will come up with a 4.5-4.7 HD IPS display with… emmm… TI OMAP 5? with a shitty look.
    Sammy will show them a 4.5-4.7 Super AMOLED HD plus display with ARM Cortex A-15 Quad Core Exynos 5450 with Mali T658 but with lightweight plastic body.

    Now it’s all about Google’s decision,

    • Steve Barry

      I want this (Super AMOLED HD plus display with ARM Cortex A-15 Quad Core Exynos 5450 with Mali T658) but with and HTC-ish body. Is there any chance this could ever happen? I’m thinking not as that would be simply the best phone to ever exist. Nothing else would come close, and a new standard would be set.

    • BruceCLin

      It’s too bad because after getting spoiled by 3 AMOLED screen phones, I just can’t do LCD anymore.

      • Adnoxaei

        Same with me. I tried to go back, but I couldn’t deal with all the blacks being more of a darker gray color. The contrast was just terrible after being spoiled by actual black and vivid colors. I have been impressed with the Rezound screen. It is at least crisp and has nice colors.

  • Owain

    Looks like my next phone will be a Nexus! :)

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    I keep dreaming the day that there’s not just one Nexus, but one Nexus from each top-tier manufacturer, every year.

    • dcds

      Then it’s not a Google phone anymore, the paradigm phone.

      That would be if all manufacturers tried to use an AOSP series themselves, and that would be A Good Thing®

    • Adnoxaei

      Hmmm, hat would be interesting…

      HTC Nexus X
      LG Optimus Nexus
      Samsung Galaxy Nexus II
      Motorola RAZR Nexxus
      Asus Nexus Infinity
      Huawei Nexus Quad

      I think it would become confusing for consumers and remove the idea of the Nexus line being the standard by which all phones should be held. I think I would rather see Google negotiate a way for consumers to disable custom skins and use stock Android without voiding warranties or rooting.Hmmm

  • westy

    RIght now Samsung puts out the best hardware, it is annoying that they always seem to save the best for their phones but none the less Samsung’s display is beautiful and i find it difficult to go to an IPS or LCD display at this point. I love my deep blacks and bright colors.

    Next Nexus phone better have a extremely good camera, quad core processor, great display, etc.

  • Owain

    Saying all this, what is Jelly-bean is like that Windows 8 thingy – a ‘downgrade’ to allow more efficient and slower processors (longer battery life) and all that jazz? In which case, it may not be so mega-awesome.

    • Max.Steel

      What the hell are you talking about??

  • Usman Ansari

    For the next Nexus, I was hoping for a quad core Exynos 5250 or better..

  • cheeto

    Talks of Jelly bean and more than half of dual core android phones have not received ICS.. Ill bet by the time Jelly Bean comes out there will be many dual core android phones without ICS. I love android but these software updates are a fucking mess.

    • dcds

      This post is not complete without the word “fragmentation” in it.

      • honourbound68

        really?? how can an article about a pure google developer’s reference device be even referred to as needing the word “fragmentation”? did i miss the boat about any GN devices not having pure google??

        • dcds

          I have a GSM GNex. :-) My post was a _reply_, not a root reply, not for the main story.

          Therefore, it should be understood in the context of the root post. In this case being the fact that someone comes to a Nexus post to talk for the millionth time about update issues of other phone models, like there aren’t any better stories to vent that off topic rant.

          Enclose the previous post in [rant][/rant] tags and I’m sure you’ll understand.

        • dcds

          And by the way, that’s why I didn’t say “article”, I said “post”, in a reply.

          • honourbound68

            sorry my bad :)

          • dcds

            No problem…

    • masterpfa

      Hence the reason why I tend to buy Nexus phones. I have had my headache with manufacturers and Mobile Providers delaying Android updates (HTC Hero actually). Enjoyed the Nexus experience with the original Nexus One, bypassing the Galaxy Nexus, as for me IMO didn’t bring too much to the table that the HTC Desire HD, I had acquired, brought to the table.

      If you can, the Nexus experience is the way to go (although phones released later tend to have better hardware), but you will receive priority to a degree when the latest Android OS is released

      • masterpfa

        Oops spotted my error too late

        Hence the reason why I tend to buy Nexus phones. I have had my headache with manufacturers and Mobile Providers delaying Android updates (HTC Hero actually). Enjoyed the Nexus experience with the original Nexus One, bypassing the Nexus S, as for me IMO didn’t bring too much to the table that the HTC Desire HD, I had acquired, brought to the table.

        If you can, the Nexus experience is the way to go (although phones released later tend to have better hardware), but you will receive priority to a degree when the latest Android OS is released


    Can u just enjoy my galaxy nexus.. Lol, love the rumors

  • MoSDeeb

    Who ever ends up getting to be the nest nexus manufacturer will hopefully put in a high pixel density screen capable of 1080p and a\ dual core A15 processor. Multi-Band LTE would be nice as well.

  • E

    why not after all HTC was the first to run android and yet again first to give us the NEXUS yes MOTO might have a little advantage over HTC but is not so much of a bad thing either after all the OG droid was the first true successful android device while still running vanilla and i perfer any of these two built quality and radio over samsung any day

  • Jorge Vieira

    I would love to see a motorola nexus they have excelent call quality on there devices

  • WlfHart

    I’d be down to see what HTC does if handed the Nexus torch again.

  • Jake Gall

    First HTC needs to go with Super AMOLED HD screens. I have a Rezound but I have to admit that I love the vividness of Super AMOLED screens.

  • Jenning

    I think the best manufacturer to make the next Nexus would be… Sony!

    They have just bought over Ericsson, its time to prove that they can pull their shit back!
    What’s better than to make the absolute best Nexus ever?

    They always have unique design on all of their phones, and they have very good cameras on almost all of them. The CPU chip and software sides of things will be handled by Google, so its all good!

    • dh33r4j

      Sony is good. But behind always behind in technology. The Xperia S is good. I didn’t like the design of it. Wasted space in the bottom. I liked the Arc S more.

      But in prospective, it cannot stand up against the competition.

      Many of the manufacturers have some unique hardware advantage. Like the Exynos chipset and Super AMOLED display (although you may see this display in other phones, the latest and the best at the time of release will be exclusive to Samsung phones) for Samsung.

      The design in just subjective. So it all comes down to the hardware advantages.

      Sony doesn’t have anything that could really make it stand out in the crowd. Any spec that goes unbeaten.

      Bravia Engine and other proprietary stuffs are just software additions. Other manufacturers too could include some enhancements to their audio/video without calling it with a specific name.

      Techcrunch reports that GS III will feature ceramic body that should give it a premium feel and shut many deprecating mouths.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I really don’t care who gets the next Nexus device as long as it’s:
    Either: OMAP 5/Exynos (A15)/Tegra 4 (don’t know if this timing would be possible)
    1.5-2 GB RAM
    MicroSD slot
    Strong ass glass (lotus/gorilla/whatever)
    Either solid battery or replaceable option
    Awesome camera
    Carrier app free

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I forgot to add
      1080p screen

      Man I wish there was an edit button!

      • Erick

        1080p sounds great on paper, but I am not really down for it. Diminishing returns on a handheld device for sure. What I want is that pixel density on my god damn PC.

        In terms of removable micro SD storage, that would probably be ok for you and most of the tech heads on here(including me), but for the average consumer – who realistically matters the most – it is a disadvantage.

        Try to shoot 1080p video while taking 8MP camera shots using a class 2 4 or even 6 micro SD card. Removable micro SD storage will destroy the device experience for the normal consumer unless they just happen to get lucky enough to get a class 8-10 micro SD for a huge price.

        Also throw in HTC’s 99 camera shots in seconds tech that the One series has and you can see that removable micro SD’s for general populace should be forgotten about.

  • alexanderharri3

    HTC is looking good (under the current trends) and their photo tech is top notch. Finally they are back as trendsetters after a lull since the GalaxyS.

    Disturbing trends of choices:
    1) Apple-ey unibody. No battery choices, no removable sd card, internal storage. This is where the market is going. Can’t have THIN THIN THIN phones without removing the things that make these phones over 9mm….this thin game really has gone far enough – below 10mm really doesn’t matter and too thin is getting to be the case….more battery please!!! Thunderbolt is very good with the extended battery option (half price sales for the win)

    2) No external storage – it’s a virtual SD card folder time….this trend is poised to turn android on its head for power users….at least give us a slot to put in there for better nandroids/flashing capabilities.

    3) RIP standard battery pull capability…phone frozen? Either remember/hope the OEM put in an override and use..maybe.

    4) The kickstand trend was nice while it lasted….now…that’d just add thickness so no way we’ll see another one…it’s quite handy to have – T-Bolt.

    • masterpfa

      I think demand determines devices.

      1) Slim is in.

      2) External storage, the trend is out, great for power users but not essential as well as arguably better read write speeds with internal storage only.

      3) Battery (see answer 1)

      4) Something for the case manufacturers now as again see answer 1

    • Erick

      1) Non removable batteries do not have to have the hard cases that removable ones have. Increased size and weight on removable.

      2) See my post above regarding micro SD cards.

      3) Press and hold power for 10 seconds and it will do a hardware reset on the One series.

      4. A oft forgotten fact on these thin phones is the fact that they are getting to be much much more durable. Put a case with a kickstand on it if you want. I don’t want a kickstand (:

  • http://goncalossilva.com goncalossilva

    I was already aiming for the next Nexus release. If HTC makes it, I’ll definitely buy it.

  • dobri

    vote for HTC …

  • Jeremy

    I’d prefer Motorola.

    They make damn sexy phones with great talk-times and power optimization, but locked bootloaders and poor support condemn them.

    Put unlocked AOSP on there and Google would finally have a worthy superphone!

  • ihatefanboys

    anyone else think that HTC needs to start production on the G3 for T-Mobile ? ? ? It’s been about 2 years since the G2. Mine is still going strong !!! Its an HTC so the hardware and software are a perfect mix, no lag, no reboots, no problems at all. Another reason they should be chosen to make the next NEXUS.

    • ihatefanboys

      Absolutely MUST have a keyboard. 5 row is a wish, but I could live with a well laid out 4 row.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    So far that’s two companies announcing their intentions: LG and HTC. I’ll take the next dozen Nexus phones by HTC before I take one from LG.

    I predict Samsung will probably be in the running too, and Motorola will probably make a paltry bid (just to show that they tried and weren’t chosen, to assuage concerns of favoritism).

    My heart still lies with Asus though. I’ve never been a Samsung or a Motorola fan, I’ve been burned by LG, and I used to love HTC until they started releasing *all* their phones with Nonsense UI.

    Asus > HTC > Motorola > Samsung > LG

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Ouch, lots of downvotes by Motorola and/or Samsung fans…

    • jiminikiz


  • Solrac924

    i’d put my money on an HTC-built Nexus with a Tegra3 quad-core & 32GB on T-Mobile. no if’s and’s or but’s. the sooner, the better.

  • Bartlomiej Pasek

    Hopefully, this Nexus device will have a Micro SD slot.
    I didn’t buy a 32GB class 10 Micro SD, jut to have it lying around.
    Anyway, cloud storage isn’t really great atm, with all the tiered plans and low speeds.

  • rk20817

    Google should get core components fixed early in the product cycle such as kernel and hardware and disseminate to vendors so driver development can commence. They then could co-develop a stock “Nexus” for each of the top OEMs. This would also eliminate the 4 month wait for other manufacturers to get on board.

  • Joel Bird

    LG phones are buggy rubbish. They need to up their game to be included in the Nexus program. HTC has already earned its spot.

  • Jason

    Htc is the only true quality phone! If you don’t like em then go get your samsung along with many refurbished replacements you will need in your two year contract.

  • iamXiV92a

    HTC, add NFC to your phones!!!

    I would rather have it and not need it…

    • Erick

      On the One Series and even the HTC Amaze and others.

  • MarkF

    HTC build quality alone should set it up for Nexus. Love the new phones. Had original Desire for nearly 2 years, and looking forward to upgrade time. Not sure if X is too big for my pocket!

  • BigCiX

    I rather see a different company make the next Nexus. All HTC phones look the same.

  • Richard Yarrell

    After what GOOGLE see’s what SAMSUNG does with the upcoming GALAXY S3 it would be a great BET that SAMSUNG will be making the NEXT NEXUS with jellybean. If not as a secondary option I will purchase an HTC NEXUS if it came down to it. Much better than some silly LG nexus Lg should NEVER get their hands on the NEXUS LINE….So for me I choose 1. Samsung, 2. Htc, 3. Motorola in that exact order otherwise I will just purchase the amazing GALAXY S3 that will be out that device alone espically from a spec standpoint will dwarf all other in 2012.

    • squiddy20

      Give it a break already. We all know you’re Samsung’s new bitch (which “coincidentally” happened when you picked up the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon), just as you were HTC’s not even 6 months ago. We get that you think Samsung “bitch slaps” the competition, but what’s funny is that you said the same BS of HTC when you had their Evo phones on Sprint. Seriously, you’re the biggest trolling bandwagon jumper I’ve ever seen. Time to grow the fuck up little Dick (and yes, pun intended).
      The fact of the matter is, the next Nexus phone certainly won’t be coming to Samsung, regardless of what Google “sees” from them. They’ve made the previous 2 Nexus phones in a row. Google giving Samsung a third chance would give off the impression of favoritism, ultimately alienating all other manufacturers. It really is sad that none of this registers in your tiny, pitiful excuse for a brain.
      Also, when will you ever learn that the incessant caps lock is completely unnecessary and makes you appear even more stupid and desperate?

    • squiddy20

      Also, I’m still waiting to hear your reasons on why you think I am a “poor loser” because A) you know absolutely nothing about my economic status, nor can you make an educated guess based on what little you do know about me, and B) if I really were a “loser” then I’d like to hear you explain why you can’t provide any sort of substantial argument against my points other than to insult me like a little child having a temper tantrum. So come on Richard, explain yourself if you can.

    • redraider133

      Except the sgs3 may not even come to verizon just like the sgs2 didn’t so what would you do then if the nexus was made by lg and no sgs3???

  • masterpfa

    I think Google will continue to make the right choices when choosing a partner for the Nexus with healthy competition between manufacturers as they try to outdo each other, however, I do hope that Google take more of a stand against demand from Mobile Providers, so one phone for the Global market with the only differences (options) being colour and storage size.

    Initially I wasn’t too happy when Google changed from HTC to Samsung, but Samsung have gone on to produce, arguably, some of the best handsets for the Android system and as as a result, “I’m a believer”

    However, who ever the ultimate winner for the right to produce the next Android 5.0 device, please, please, please lets’s not have any further toning down on the specs i.e. HTC Desire out speccing the Nexus One or The Nexus S with it’s single core CPU at a time when Dual Cores were being introduced or as is the case with my current Nexus the Galaxy nexus a 5MP lens where the standard has been 8MP for so long.

    Shall I start the rumour mill going now?

    Quad Core CPU, Cortex A15, 2Gb RAM, 64Gb internal storage, 16 MP rear lens, 2MP front lens, Super HD Amoled Super Plus(Plus) screen………

    I digress

  • haters on the rocks

    I hope HTC would make another nexus phone I say they make one of the better android devices up to date no lie. I prefer them over LG I got the g2x its a good phone but when it reboot after a 30 minutes of talk and it shut down and I had to take off my phone cover and then the battery cover and basically do a hard reset. I hate doing that everytime so I really blame LG for a crappy software . They said it fixed but it didn’t do anything I would say its the last cellphone manufacturer I would get but if their the next nexus maker ill have to deal with it but I really hope they would let HTC make another

  • TaoRenCe

    Rather have a Nexus from HTC than LG

  • Hue Three of Five

    Htc is my fav. This would be awesome.

  • kungpaodragon

    Should HTC, Samsung, LG, or Motorola, anyone be selected for the next Nexus? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It’s not about who. It’s about the device! Whoever shows the ability to put out the best device with proven record should get the chance. I don’t care who it is!

    And that’s just the thing that’ll make Android awesome, openness and fair competition stimulates innovation. Can’t wait to see what the next company comes up for the next Nexus device.

    That said, I had 3 HTC devices. All rock solid. Though N1 did have issues with the power button and finicky touch screen sensor. Galaxy Nexus had shown no sign of major flaws of any kind after 3 months. Both HTC and Samsung have passed numerous unintentional drop tests and never had one with shattered glass face. My N1 was even ran over by a car (or several) after falling off my the roof of my car. I then realized it 10 minutes later and turned around and found it. Glass and rest of body was perfectly fine. No screen protector. The LCD display; however, is cracked due to pressure (I’m guessing). Had the LCD replaced and the phone works as it did prior to the accident: awesome.

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Nexus One is definitely one of my favorites, and also one of the best designed I have used. Would welcome a new Nexus by HTC.

  • h0ruza

    I don’t doubt HTC’s skills for building phones so I say why not give them another stab at the nexus.

    I’m not due for an upgrade until the release of the GSIV so I won’t be buying it wether it’s a good or bad phone.

    That said Androids success is something I root for so I’d like the nexus phone to have zero compromises and based on last years HTC phone and this years line up I don’t see it.

    Prove me wrong HTC!

  • Ajay

    I don’t think Google will put all eggs in one basket. There could be more than one players other than HTC who would be more than keen on taking a pie out of this deal.


  • thecityboy781

    I’m about to go on a limb here:

    Please HTC make a newer design..something that would want to make me spend money that i dont have on the next nexus device.

    Sincerely, me =]

  • Noel

    As one who owned the N1 i will LOVE to see HTC as the OEM of the next Nexus. But please HTC learn a thing or two on how Moto can get a 3300mAh battery in such thin devices. Google pls work hard to make sure Sammy sell some Super Amoled HD panels for this project and the device has to have a 32GB internal storage with an SD card slot. Ofcuz HTC will incorporate their new camera tech in the device. For now i enjoy using the GNex cuz of the lovely 4.65″ screen and stock ICS

  • goldenboyrb


  • josegb2011

    While HTC is a great choice.. I would like to see Sony get a crack at it ..simply because they make great designed built phones have great cameras and I would love to see a bravia HD screen..

  • donger

    I hope Google picks HTC. HTC makes great phones, I just prefer one from HTC that has a stock version of android just like my old favorite Nexus One.

  • Nard

    I would like to see HTC make the Nexus again. HTC would make the Nexus the premier phone instead of 2nd fiddle to its flagship phone like Samsung does.

    • masterpfa

      Unfortunately, this may, IMO, be why HTC were dropped. They did in fact do the same thing by introducing the HTC Desire at the same time as the Nexus One, with a few additional features

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/ibbarkingmad ibbarkingmad

    Awesome! HTC makes some great devices!

  • Derek

    As long as HTC would produce a phone without their Sense on it.

  • redraider133

    Not to mention if HTC made it, google could still choose what processor will be in it like they did with the samsung galaxy nexus going with omap rather than their own exynos processor, so essentially it would be more than just HTC since HTC uses primarily snapdragon and now recently tegra 3.

  • disassembler

    I’ve loved the Nexus devices Samsung has made, and I would like to see them take a crack at the next one. Elegant simplicity in design is key.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    I would love a second try from HTC on the Nexus legacy, even more than one from GoMoto or LG. In the end, I would say this: Google, choose whatever manufacturer you feel like, but please, please dont chain to the phone to a carrier, make it a global phone, and also expand your services to outside of US.

    You worry about how Android and the Google service (aka Music) are doing? Just make it open to the world and sit for the results my comrades!

  • Varuch J.

    I hope to see new Nexus from HTC.

  • greig

    HTC all the way! I will have no other…