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HTC launches official company blog, continues to tease MWC


Rule number one of big press events: Always check under your seat for free stuff taped to the bottom. HTC just launched an official blog and one of their first posts was titled Greetings from Barcelona. In the post they teased they were unpacking something amazing and shared a picture of a bunch of bubble-wrapped objects.

When we see bubble-wrap, we think of something valuable. A free smartphone or tablet for the attendees perhaps?

HTC says the show will begin on Sunday at 8:30 PM CET, which is 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST in the United States. Nick already previewed what is likely to get announced, but check back this weekend for the complete details.

So, what do you think is in the box?

HTC unboxes "something amazing" for MWC press event.

Source: HTC Blog

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  • spazby

    Whatever it is, I want one

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Lucky you guys :). Maybe if you get a lot, you can give your fans some ;)

  • M3rc Nate

    I would just like to know if my HTC G2 will get ICS or not (im betting not but i can dream).

  • Panatella

    I want one, tough I find it hard to believe they package 60 smartphones (30.000 usd worth) in a box like that.

    • sunrise

      How else would they package them, with an armored car?

      • M3rc Nate

        Maybe not that extreme, but more than a box you can open with a finger nail and steal a handful from. lol.
        I get what hes saying, i personally would have expected some Pelican style cases maybe, or something. Anything more than cardboard boxes lol, might as well be plastic bags from a grocery store.

        • sunrise

          I’m sure there is an HTC employee who is responsible for inventory in that box. If they go missing so will his job. I wouldn’t expect them to take any other extreme measures.

          • WlfHart

            Not to mention that most thieves don’t look for valuables in a cardboard box…

  • David

    Inside is simply an index card with troll face on it.

  • Nathan D.

    One of these days I’ll get a chances to go to these event.

  • http://www.bossyman15.com Adam Clark

    all i find under my chair is gum.

    • masterpfa


  • cb2000a

    It’s the Ville….

  • nebsif
  • sharina

    im gonna buy this one. but first a href=”http://www.unlock-store.nl/htc-simlock-vrij-maken”>tc-simlock-vrij-maken