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HTC One phones now available for pre-order from Expansys


Those impressed with the HTC One series of phones can now pre-order the HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V from Expansys. As you might expect, the unlocked devices are a bit expensive, but the prices are on par with those of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Sony XPERIA S.

We know most consumers in the US like to take advantage of carrier subsidies, which are paired with new two year contracts, but if you want to be the first in town with a new HTC One phone, we highly suggest paying full price to purchase an unlocked version of the phone. All three devices are compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile’s GSM networks, but AT&T customers are the only ones who will be able to use the handsets’ 3G capabilities. This is the only silver lining for AT&T customers, who were disappointed to hear that the AT&T-bound HTC One XL will be powered by a Qualcomm S4 chip rather than the Tegra 3 chip found in the international version of the handset. The only tradeoff is that they will not have support for AT&T’s new 4G LTE network.

As we mentioned above, the prices for the HTC One phones are a bit steep. Just keep in mind that the UK prices includes a 20% VAT, which you shouldn’t have to pay when shipping the phone to the US.  Will any of you be buying an unlocked HTC one phone? Or will you wait for AT&T and T-Mobile to release the HTC One XL and HTC One S later this spring?

Source: HTC Source

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  • Flow-Wolf

    There is a mistake on this article:

    The prices are:
    HTC One X: 499.99£ not 419.99
    HTC One S: 414.99£ not 249.99
    HTC One V: 249.99£ is correct

    • AnthonyRyan

      If those prices are correct I’d just buy the unlocked instead of waiting for spring .

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      We’ve updated the prices.

  • NeoJesus

    HTC’s bluetooth sucks! It won’t phone book sync with cars that don’t have BT 3.0 or higher. This is a Sense problem as phones w/o Sense will sync fine.

    HTC phones with AOSP ROMs will sync fine. But then, AOSP ROMs for HTC lack 4G.

  • BleedingEdge

    Too bad the devices are marred with no storage card slot and Sense on top of ICS.
    Shame. I’d love to wrong on this. Otherwise they look nice. Wonder what’s up with this stupid omission of the memory card trand.

    • ericl5112

      While I’m surprised by the no storage slot, I don’t know how many people would use it. Especially since the One X has 32Gb of storage already.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        I always laugh a little when i tell people that they can buy another memory card for their Android phone and they seemed utterly surprised. It’s not that people don’t know about memory cards, it’s that most smartphone users are on their very first phone and have never needed to have more memory.

        16/32GB should be more than enough for 95% of consumers. How many of you actually use all the memory space on your microSD card right now?

        • spazby

          Agreed. cloud has made the need for local storage smaller..

        • aranea

          I don’t even fill up 8gb. With google music and other cloud options 32gb will be more than enough for me. Of course on a trip to abroad where roaming will be very expensive may cause some problems but I can live with that.

    • McLovin

      I agree! Omission of the memory card trend is a bad thing. It’s almost as bad as the non-user replaceable battery trend.

      • NotRelevent

        Not really. Phones having soo much on-board storage now a days makes SD cards pointless.

    • http://oceanmedia.net Scotter

      I have the HTC Amaze with 16gb built in and a 32gb card and I fill it up with music.
      Also keep in mind it’s the power users mostly wanting this phone and we want flexibility and storage space.

      • McLovin

        My SD card got corrupted a while back and the way that I recovered was to remove the SD card, put it in a PC and run the FAT fix it program. Fortunately I recovered. If the card was not removeable my only alternate would be to do a factory reset and lose everything.

        I appreciate the flexibilty of removeable storage and will vote with my wallet against devices that don’t provide it.

        • h0ruza


          Frankly this HTC lineup troubles me with this shift to non removable batteries and storage.

          Android meant choice at one point but year after year the manufacturers copy the bad bits from apple and ignore the good bits.

          I don’t care about their mid range and budget phones, they can make them add crap and restricted add they want but please, please, please don’t hold back on the flagship phones.

          Otherwise what’s the point?

          • KC

            Agreed! My phone contract is about over, using HTC Desire. Was considering getting this new HTC, but when I learnt it has EMBEDDED battery, I dropped the idea. Now I’m looking at others with removable batteries, NFC, like LG 4X HD, HuaWeiAscend D quad XL, and even Panasonic Eluga Power.

            Why did HTC screw around with their flagship? No HTC for me now…

      • ericl5112

        While there are edge cases such as yourself, even most powerusers are happy with 32gb, or even 16gb. I consider myself a power user, I just don’t watch movies and only listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Saves a lot of space.

        • ablkida

          I stream music from Google Music and stream movies from netflix albeit not that often. The only reason I need storage is for pictures and videos. 16/32gb is good enough for me.

          • h0ruza

            I love my phone and it’s rarely out of my hands but I wouldn’t say i’m a power user.

            I love my music, audio books, TV and film. I have a dropbox account, Spotify account and a Netflix account but what happens when there is no internet?

            I’m currently on a snowboarding holiday in France sharing the worst wifi connection ever that trends to kick you out at random so if I had no SD card I’d have to suffer polite conversation for the entire time ;).

            Seriously data roaming is too expensive as an option to rock out on the snow with my own theme music so my SD card saves me.

    • http://oceanmedia.net Scotter

      … and movies.
      Keep in mind an HD movie (without crazy compression) can be anywhere from a gig to 8 gig. Think four big ones like that and you filled 32gb! I was pissed at Samsung when they removed the storage card slot from the Nexus S and I’m pissed now at HTC for doing the same. Yeah, I know, cloud storage. But geez do you have to force us there?

  • ericl5112

    $632, $524, and $315 before VAT. However, Expansys usually charges a little more in the US than the conversion rate minus VAT would suggest. So I expect to see these at $660, $550, and $340. Not an amazing deal, but not one I’m complaining too much about for an unlocked phone. The Galaxy S3 (likely to be this phones biggest competition) will probably be at least $50 more unlocked.

    • ericl5112

      Wish we could edit. I think I’ll wait for AT&T’s One XL and the SGS3, and decide between those two off contract. Unless there is a One XL unlocked that ends up working with AT&T.

  • http://oceanmedia.net Scotter

    I’m disappointed this phone is not coming with T-Mobile network compatibility.
    Maybe I’ll take the risk and get the LG G4X.
    Used to love T-Mobile (since the G1 and then Nexus One).

    Then T-Mobile passed on the Galaxy Nexus (I wasn’t super disappointed because I’m boycotting Samsung), which was kind of sucky for all the Nexus lovers.

    And now they pass on the HTC One? I bet a GSM version will come. I hope…

    • Ironzey Lewis

      Ditto. Except for the LG thing. I’m seriously considering getting a Galaxy Nexus. HTC has not wowed me since the Nexus One, I currently have a Sensation. I’m seriously thinking about skipping the Galaxy Nexus to see what else comes out.

      The ONLY way they are going to get me to spend any more money is if they are the next Nexus maker or come up with a Note type device. Short of that and I’ll be getting a Samsung.

      I sure hope the Sensation’s ICS update is spectacular.

  • Vance

    So is this roughly the price point I’m going to have to wrap my head around if I want the One X on t-mobile? I guess if I bought it unlocked, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about being locked into a carrier contract for 2 years if the device fails to get updates and/or something crazy amazing comes out in the fall or next spring. I may wait for pricing and availability on that new PadFone and PadFone Station. I love how the phone beeps if you move too far away from the station so you don’t accidentally leave it behind!

  • SGB101

    as soon as carpohne warehouse or phones4u, gets the OneX, il be getting this.

    Free on 24 month contract,, about £37 per month. unlimited data/text and 1200 mins. been waiting a long time for upgrade.

  • DROID Sam

    Anyone know when the new roaming agreement between ATT andTmobile starts? The One X seems like a great deal but I’m sticking to tmobile

    • AnthonyRyan

      Not sure if this is 100% correct but I read it’ll start Q2-Q3 between that time frame I believe

      • Galen20K

        yes plus there’s word that the refarming of 1900 HSPA+ spectrum should be a good deal done by 3rd quarter meaning that you’d have the HSPA+ 42 speeds on T-Mobile with the imported htc One X if you live in an area with that by then.

  • Dennis Petrospour

    if i had cash id order this one. Quad core mmmm

  • aranea

    For unlocked phones those prices aren’t that bad. I’m leaning towards One X but I’m chained to ATT for awhile more. I can buy without the contract just so I can upgrade whenever I want to.

  • prem

    HTC One X is a good phone. I have used it. I think it is faster due to its 4 quad processor.
    I found this review useful. http://pickadvice.com/htc-onex-mobile-phone-review/