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HTC ready for a wild ride on the Tegra roller coaster


Rumors of a Tegra-powered phone from HTC go all the way back to 2009. Anonymous sources say that HTC was in the final stages of preparing a smartphone with NVIDIA’s Tegra processor, but Qualcomm somehow swooped in and killed the project. Three years later, it appears that we will finally see a HTC device powered by Tegra.

How does Qualcomm possess so much influence over HTC? Qualcomm made a minority equity investment in HTC back in 2001 and they have always given them preferential treatment by allowing them early access to their latest Snapdragon processors. The partnership worked out pretty well as HTC became a major player in the Android ecosystem and rose to the number one smartphone vendor in the US.

Then something happened.

We don’t know exactly what changed in the relationship between the two companies, but HTC started hinting last year that they would source processors from NVIDIA. Several months later we got our first glimpse of the Tegra 3-powered HTC Edge (aka Endeavor and Supreme), and now we expect the device to be unveiled as their flagship product for 2012.

Today, Digitimes corroborated the rumors that HTC will indeed partner with NVIDIA.

We expect to see more HTC phones with Qualcomm processors (like the Ville), but this is a significant win for NVIDIA since HTC has said they will scale back and release fewer models in 2012 as they focus on hero products.

The HTC Edge is one of those hero devices, and we expect it to be available in all markets that HTC currently does business. It will be the most high-profile Tegra 3 smartphone yet and likely the best selling phone that NVIDIA has ever been a part of.

Mobile World Congress 2012 will definitely go down as the quad-core phone show and I believe HTC has the potential to produce the best device, at the biggest mobile event.

HTC’s press event takes place February 26th at 8:30 PM Barcelona time (2:30 PM EST), so we will find out in a matter of weeks if they can live up to the hype.

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  • spazby

    HTC and Tegra combo does not sound bad

    • eallan

      Doesn’t sound amazing either. I suppose the rezound would be pretty amazing with a Tegra 3 and vanilla ICS. But neither of those are realistic.

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        HTC has unlocked bootloaders, so I’m sure you will see some stock ICS ROMS pretty quickly.

        • BiGMERF

          this can only help HTC stop there down trend .

        • swazedahustla

          AHAHA…those unlocked bootloaders don’t do anything. More people have found themselves hating HTC’s method because it doesn’t give you S-off and provides all kinds of issues for people trying to flash custom roms and kernels. Their method only made things worse for people who chose to flash it, and not the methdods recommended for their particular devices.

  • Shawn Clark

    This phone sounds like its gonna be badass…Hope they dont let us down at the big upcoming conference.

    • Correactive

      Shut up you idiot. How can htc ever let anyone down. Your comment is as ignorant as your pic is butt ugly. Htc rules. The only young possibly better than htc products is the iPhone. Go crawl back into the hole from which you came dumbass.

      • Shawn Clark

        First of all homie…i own a HTC…unless you own one, you cant tell me shit and even if you tell me anything it wouldnt matter. Secondly, that statement you made about the iPhone is straight shit. My last comment Thanks for the pic comment…im going to take that as a compliment sir, mam, whichever you are.

        • dcds

          You never know what will come up from the depths of the Internet, right? :-)

          • Shawn Clark


  • Kim

    That would be great.

    Higher prices. More heat. Shorter battery life. Bulkier devices.

    All to make apps load in 0.1 seconds, instead of 0.2.

    Games that already play 100% fine, will now play the same.

    All without fixing a single 1 of the bugs/problems that devices *DO* have.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Tegra 3 tablets offer the best battery life of Android tablets. We are also seeing Tegra 3 tablets announced at $249 price points, so I wouldn’t say higher prices.

      • Derek

        I’ll believe the best battery life statement when I see it. Tegra2 is terrible at battery life. Much worse than Samsung and Qualcom dual cores. And Tegra2′s GPU is not as good as the others as well. And thats what NVidia is supposed to specialize in.

  • Nate B.

    It’s one thing to have this power inside, but what kind of phone are they going to make with it.

  • Galen20K

    About time, it’s nice to see new options.

  • greeny42

    It’s time for a little competition to foster some innovation!

  • Craig Mogi

    I’d love to see some Tegra 3 powered phones. The Transformer Prime is sweet with the Tegra 3 processor and I can only imagine where HTC will take it. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    It’d be awesome to see more Tegra 3 phones. I’m glad that HTC has taken a part of this! NVIDIA will definitely benefit from this :)

  • Derek

    NVidia’s Tegra line is overrated. I’ve used a couple of Tegra2 devices and they arent all that great or fast and battery life is abysmal. Samsung, Qualcom, TI chips are better. NVidia was the first to market with a dual core and now is first to market with a quad core, but so what? I know that the others will be better.

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    This might actually make me interested in HTC phones again. It definitely looks promising, I’m just hoping that this device will have better battery life than most HTC phones. (Should be pretty decent with the Tegra 3 though.) Either way it should be a great device, it’s nice to see something besides a Qualcomm processor from HTC.

  • AnthonyRyan

    So far all my android phones have been HTC and all three I enjoyed alot so now that we are getting Tegra 3 im excited to see what new phones come out this year and what will my next HTC device be can’t wait til MWC

  • Ray

    When will Android get their youtube app to play in HD?

    Any ideas anyone??

    Hopefully they fixed that issue on ICS. noobs

  • Nathan D.

    I can’t wait to see all the phone that are going to be shown this year, can’t wait to upgrade.