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HTC’s flagship Android phone to be called One X, Ville to be called One S [updated]

The only leaked image of the HTC Endeavor

HTC’s flagship smartphone with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor has so many codenames that it has been hard to keep up with the device. First there was Edge, then Endeavor, and Supreme. Now Evan Blass of PocketNow is reporting the device will go to market with the name HTC One X.

According to his sources, the “X” will be placed as superscript above the word “One” for branding purposes. Evan Blass has been blogging since 2005 and has become one of the top HTC insiders, so we believe this information to be accurate.

Rumored specs of the HTC One X include:

  • Quad-core 1.5 GHz Tegra 3 processor
  • Android 4.0 with Sense UI 4.0
  • 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage
  • Backlit 8 MP rear camera with 28-millimeter, f/2.2 lens
  • 1.3 MP front-camera
  • Beats Audio
  • HSPA+ 21 Mbps support (bands 850, 900,1800,1900,)
  • WiFi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
  • Slightly over 10 mm thick

With all the recent leaks, the HTC One X could be the most impressive Android phone to date. It will feature all the latest hardware specs, along with Android 4.0, Sense UI 4.0, possible PlayStation certification, and Beats streaming music service.

Digitimes recently reported that over 20 carriers had placed orders for the HTC One X, so we expect this device to launch in all the large markets.

We already billed Mobile World Congress 2012 as the quad-core phone show, and it appears HTC could walk away with the best device of the show.

Update: Chris Davies of Slashgear is reporting that the device we have been referring to as HTC Ville, will launch as the HTC One S. Some sites are calling this a “mid-range” device because it features a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, but Qualcomm has hinted that their new Krait CPU architecture will out-perform Tegra 3.

Leaked render of the HTC Ville, now HTC One S.

Source: PocketNow

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  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    And a battery life approaching Sega’s Game Gear!

    • Bill Nye

      I swore off anything Tegra-powered, after Nvidia’s role in the G2x debacle, but I’d consider this phone just for the simple fact that the developer community for it would be huge. As great as the T-Mo SGS2 is, it’s got to be the most boring “new” phone available in terms of development.

    • honourbound68

      PS Games and Beats?? WOW!! Can you imagine if they can add these on the next GNex??

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I remember those days. Geez you had to play by an outlet just to do anything.


    Any chance there might be a version of this, or any other HTC tegra 3 phone, set to release with a keyboard?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      There have been rumors of a device called HTC Fireball that was headed to Verizon. It has a QWERTY keyboard and 4G LTE. Don’t know much about the CPU yet, but it could be Snapdragon S3 or S4.

  • jonathan3579

    It sounds cool… That’s about it. HTC’s cookie cutter styling has grown stale for me personally although I’d love to give this phone a look once it is released. Who knows… HTC might make a fan of me again yet.

    • cthonctic

      I have to agree. Back in the day, I was completely in love with the original Desire, it was a thing of utter beauty – and I was devastated when I had to send it back due to a hardware fault and couldn’t get another one because they were so sought after.

      But now… those specs are very nice, my sister’s Sensation is a cool device already – but I just cannot get excited for HTC hardware anymore. I’m open for pleasant surprises but I won’t hold my breath for this one.

  • profjoe

    Why would this *not* come with LTE?!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      There will probably be different versions for different countries. One with HSPA+ for international and one with LTE for other countries.

    • SGB101

      probably as it will be euro release first, and the euro dont have LTE

  • uknowme

    Oh good googly moogly that sounds amazing!

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I really hope they ditch the buttons and use the navbar…

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah the render above was leaked last year. Chances are the phone looks different by now.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Oh, good! Wasn’t sure where the render came from – I kinda ignored most phones towards the end of last year thx to the GNex. :-P

        • Dee Boy

          Me, I hate ANYTHING Samsung. I ended up getting the Nexus One and I absolutely loved that phone. Nexus S was a disgrace to me.

      • http://ericweiss.me Eric Weiss

        Excellent! The only thing I don’t like about it is it’s looks. I’ve got a some cash sitting in my savings account waiting for an awesome new phone to come out. Until now I was thinking the Galaxy III was it but now I am thinking One X. All of my favorite phones have been HTC.

    • SGB101

      the nav bar sucks, first thing i turn off, when i flash cm9.

      • CTown

        Are you referring to the onscreen buttons? Then how else would you navigate without a home or back button (assuming the phone does not come with real buttons)?

        • SGB101

          my mistake, i was referring to the google box at the top of each home screen.

          but the on screen buttons ive not used as my device has real buttons.

  • hinds

    This phone is a beast! the specs rival a full blown computer! I wonder what will be the next level after this!?

  • Shawn Clark

    The bar has definitely been raised!!!

    • vieper

      where you get this from?`

      • Shawn Clark

        Nobody can really offer what HTC has to offer later down the line…My opinion states that HTC maybe the first to released a Quad-core high end device…and look at the standards of this phone. I could be wrong in which rarely i am, but seriously my point is Quad-Core is the new processor on the block n it seems HTC is gonna be the first to release it if not LG.

  • hopscotchjunkie

    Love the phone, not too keen on the name. I preferred “HTC Edge”, that actually sounds like a phone. This just makes me think of Futurama.

  • jvictorc

    So its One^X? but 1^X with X being any number is just 1… I don’t get it.
    Oh well, I’ll probably still get the phone.

    • SGB101

      the X is for; X rated

    • Andy_jr

      That’s the first thing I thought of also. I guess we’re just geeks. ;^)

    • Postal Jim

      One^x Will always = 1. That is correct. So this will always be the No. 1 phone! HTC ROCKS!!!

  • Vance

    Yep… I can wait around for this…

  • Richard Yarrell

    Gotta say this is looking BOSS no doubt. Let’s wait and see what daily usage would really be like. This won’t show to market till May or June….

  • delinear

    Well the spec sounds amazing but the big question will be how well Sense plays with ICS. I have to admit I was a big fan of Sense on the 2.* Android range, but I’m an even bigger advocate for stock ICS. I’m interested to see if they can sway my opinion…

  • Ennon

    One X?

    Terrible name choice. One X = 1X = EDGE = 2G = slow as balls. At least that’s what I think of right away haha

  • kicost

    Good to see HTC with Tegra 3 :)

  • pitacrisps

    Will Three Days Grace sue over the naming of this phone? Haha.

  • wuZheng

    4.7-inch display… deal breaker, I thought the Nexus One was comfortable at 3.7 inches, 4 inches was perfect, 4.3, pushing it, but 4.7? It might as well be a Galaxy Note… (read: mini-tablet, not smartphone)

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I have the Galaxy Nexus with 4.65 inch display and found that size still works great for one hand operation. The large 720p display is great for watching video.

  • fatspirit

    HTC Chameleon

  • thekaz

    Sweet specs, but after tasting Vanilla on my Nexus, I am not sure I could go back to Sense…

    • Zak Lambert

      I don’t think you would have to wait long to get some Stock Android ports for it.

  • Hall Lo

    Amazing! Please include a better battery as well HTC!!

    • Laurentiu V.

      Right! The phone looks very good (in terms of specs) – all it needs is a good battery.
      If they’ll add a much better battery than my Galaxy Nexus (1750mAh) I’ll definitely buy this phone. I need a phone that last at least one full day – my GN lasts about half a day…
      I like both ICS vanilla UI and Sense UI so there will be no issue with this.

  • Brad

    I love how they call it there flagship phone when the sad reality of any phone is once you get it home and out of the box a week later its out of date and HTC no longer updates the UI or no longer supports there device and a “new” phone rolls out

  • redraider133

    HTC should do what samsung is doing with the galaxy line and bring it to every carrier making it their flagship phone for each carrier.

  • WlfHart

    Anybody else feel like the constantly changing name is an attempt to keep up hype despite having been announced what seems like an eternity ago?

  • rashad360

    “According to his sources, the ”X” will be placed as superscript above the word “One” for branding purposes”
    Fun fact: one raised to any power is just going to equal one… not sure why they are going with that name. Other than that, the phone sounds great

    Also, there is a typo: 32GB storage is listed twice in the specs

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Fixed :)

  • greeny42

    What’s in a name?

    It’s the guts I care about. I’d buy it if it was the Unicorn Princess 5000

    • ashclepdia

      Best reply I’ve read so far!! hahaha.. almost spit my coffee all over my phone!

  • Cod3rror

    I hope it has no front buttons and it’s all screen with a narrow, small bezel.

  • spazby

    After seeing Transformer Prime performance, I am a fan of Tegra 3

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex


  • Kaote

    Drop the Sense UI and add an SD slot and I’ll gladly hand over my cash.

    • ashclepdia

      32GB not enough for ya? lol

      • Kaote

        Its not that it isn’t enough, but I like to have the options for expansion. More is always better in my opinion. I currently have a 32gb Transformer, sporting a 32gb micro SD card and an addition 32gb in the keyboard.Seems like overkill, but I like having options.

  • ashclepdia

    Doesnt matter, soon as u buy this there will be rumors of a quad core 2ghz ICS w/ 2gb RAM and “top of the line camera” that comes with a full blown surround sound bluetooth speaker set up anyways

    • Postal Jim

      yes, the Galaxy S3!!!

  • lawrenceh

    I tend to sway toward HTC devices. But even reading this and seeing the LG spec shots, it seems that LG may be about to pick up a new customer.

  • T1392

    I got 2 upgrades up my sleeve right now, but I’m fine with my GNex for the time being.

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Have been a fan of HTC devices since the Nexus One, and HD2 (WM) phones. Specs certainly look top shelf, looking forward to seeing / using it.

  • VS

    I think the name should of be reversed.

    HTC X “1″ with the numeral being the superscript. If this is to be a flagship, it’d be easier branding for sequels with this sequence vs what is being proposed.

    HTC Two “X”? HTC Three “X”? Maybe it’s just me, but it doesnt seem to tie in as one product line. Maybe they are going to go the Sammy route and just use the “X” Superscript on the various versions they provide the carriers. Even then, what do you use for the 2nd generation? “XX”? HTC One “XXX”? Really?

    Maybe I’m just fixating on it to much. A rose by any other name is still a rose…


  • Disbelief

    4.7 inch phone, seriously… if this goes on Samsung may as well add a radio to its 40 inch 9000 LED TV line-up by year 2020 and have the most wicked phone eva….

    Seriously, I am disturbed and upset that things went past 4′ inch, I was talking myself into buying next phone at 4.3, but now apparently I will be buying something outdated if I go for 4.3, cause now 4.7 is the new kid on the block. I mean what kind of hand one has to have in order to use the phone comfortably with 4.7 screen?

    Then comes the battery, what kind of battery do we need if i want to run it for 2 days? Fukushima???

    This is why many manufacturers end up scratching their heads at IPhone’s success (I am no fanboy, love Android much more)

    This why iphone using pretty much 5 years of virtually the same design, can wipe ass with most of the phones to this day:

    1. Size (3.5 is not the biggest size, but with great res looks great)
    2. Pocketability (i am never bothered carrying Desire or Iphone form factor phone in Jeans, try that with GSII)
    3. Battery life (are you kidding me? 4.3 inch phones die within 12 hours of non-intense use)

    Why not learn from competitors?

    3.5-4′ HD screen
    1 GB RAM
    16-32 GB ROM
    8-12MP snapper (Carl Zeiss or alike)
    Android 4+ (maybe with shell on top, but with option to turn the shell off (i hate Samsung’s wiz for instance, but like Sense) to have faster updates and plain Android experience, which HTC have talked about, but never lived up to its words)

    What of the above (other than screen res.) have not been done before?

    Is it that hard to put in one package?

    Common people do not give a damn, about cores and speed and frankly speaking I do no see much use for such computing power on a phone at the moment and by the time it may be used, the phone will be obsolete most likely.

    Sad state of affairs, to say the least.

    HTC make HTC incredible with HD screen and borrow camera optics from Nokia N8. I will buy one! While you are at it, borrow some design from Nokia’s latest phones too. Too bad Nokia went for Windows, Epic fail and RIP for once a great company.

    • Numbertwo

      Just dont buy it then, stop complaining! theres other phones out there, thats the greatness of android, variety!

  • Malcolm

    Thank you for wanting to name the phone after me. :-)

  • CTown

    I can be more than happy with a dual-core Snapdragon S4 but why did HTC forget the 720p screen and NFC? In my opinion it could have become the best HTC phone easily, especially on T-Mobile!

    • jspiby2

      Because ‘one x’ is the flagship phone not the ‘one s’

  • yankeesusa

    This phone looks sweet. If only it had a 3d camera with a kickstand. Oh well, I would still buy it if it was ics with quadcore and lte chip for sprint.

  • Derek

    Never buy a phone/tablet with NVidia Tegra2/3 in it. You’ll never get any kind of good alternate ROMs for it. NVidia refuses to release the source code for their hardware.

    • kicost

      Derek talk for those who want a custom ROM…
      those who want official roms are ok with the official updates!

  • NeoJesus

    looks like any other htc phone = fail

  • Schmidty850

    Major want the One X!! Hopefully it’ll be on a good carrier

  • Mike C

    Hey Android-And-Me …

    When you go to MWC, ask NVIDIA if they will release source code for the drivers for this chipset. It is crucial for the custom ROM community (and thus for me).