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iPhone fanboys not a fan of Samsung Galaxy Note


Ok I fell for the trap. Jonathan Geller of BGR wrote a narrow-minded troll post about the Galaxy Note calling it “the most useless phone I’ve used” and now I’m giving him more exposure by linking back to it.

But this post isn’t about Jonathan. I wanted to discuss the Galaxy Note and Samsung’s marketing strategy behind the product. For starters, I think I actually agree with Jonathan on one point. The Galaxy Note is going to flop with AT&T customers.

Samsung chose with their Next Big Thing ads to attack and make fun of Apple customers, instead of focusing on all the benefits of the Galaxy Note. These negative actions actually upset iPhone customers. Geller says he is “almost offended by this product” because the “display and how it’s manufactured and designed” resembles his beloved iPhone 4S.

AT&T is still the number one carrier for Apple’s smartphone. They sold an astounding 7.6 million iPhones in Q4, for a total of 17.5 million units last year.

So here we have Samsung spending countless millions on Super Bowl advertising for an AT&T product that doesn’t really appeal to the core base of AT&T customers. And with a price point of $299 with 2-year contract and data plan required, the Galaxy Note is not going to tempt first-time smartphone buyers either.

I’m sure the Galaxy Note will attract some Android fans on AT&T, but there are not many there to begin with. Our Android Bowl results show that among the hardcore enthusiasts, AT&T ranks dead last behind smaller carriers Sprint and T-Mobile.

The timing of the Galaxy Note launch was also poorly planned. I have several friends on AT&T and they just upgraded at Christmas to either the Samsung Galaxy S II or Galaxy S II Skyrocket. They won’t be in the market for a new Android phone anytime soon.

So who’s going to buy the Galaxy Note on AT&T? Not many. Hopefully the rumors are true and it comes to Verizon or Sprint.

Source: BGR

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  • spazby

    yea, the marketing strategy on this one was not that brilliant, i think this was discussed already….

    • Jeff Pan

      and on top of that ATT is known as an iphone friendly carrier!

      • p51d007

        More like at&t IS an iPhone store. Walk into the store and you can’t go 2 feet without knocking into an iphone accessory. When the drones come over, they PUSH iPhone crap on you. If they spent as much time, pushing other products, maybe other devices would have a chance, but, after all, the “public” THINKS they all want to be like everyone else by getting iPhones.
        If you like iphones, fine, but I prefer MY device to be setup, modified to MY liking, not what Apple wants.

    • Zeratoda1

      Whats a BGR? And come on If i copied some one else’s work without credit even the pics id get kicked out of College no warning given.

    • granster

      It is actually great marketing stradegy. U can get this phonefor 299 even if your not due an upgrade.

      • Ken

        errr no. AT&T site specifically states 2-year contract and data plan REQUIRED.

  • Paul

    I sort of agree with the “Its to big” to be a phone, the Samsung Galaxy 2 is the Max a phone’s dimension should be, but even that can be a little big for some.

    Its not the screen size thats the problem it the phones dimensions, & the Galaxy Note is just a bit to big for a Phone, a small tablet maybe but a phone no.

    • kazahani

      I think that’s why God made bluetooth…

    • n25philly

      Thank you for deciding for everyone

    • M0nk

      Its the best phone I´ve ever had (GN7000 international version with exynos processor).
      You need to use it for some days before making any judgments.
      It is not for everyone for sure, now every other phone seems like a toy to me and my tablet is collecting dust…

      • G.p.singh

        I agree with you.i think its the best phone.after using this all others are(icluding my HP Laptop) useless

    • Jon Garrett

      the NOTE is not for narrow minded people (ie apple fans) there are people out there–professionals, who want both a phone and a tablet but don’t want to carry around 2 devices.

      the Galaxy Note gives them that option. its a small tablet that doubles as a phone or a phone that doubles as a small tablet.

      I know people who are real estate agents, doctors and nurses and this is something they are all excited about getting.

      I have a Galaxy S II & a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and have ZERO “use” for this device but come 02.19.2012 Im running my ass down to AT&T to get one.

      • baldilocks

        I wouldn’t say most Apple fans are narrow minded. No more than Android fans are narrow minded. To each his/her own. Fighting over which system is better is childish at best.

    • Christopher

      Paul is lame and has small hands

  • AsakuraZero

    fanboys will always hate we cant do much about that, and stealing pictures c’mon? thats kinda low.

    anyways, IMO it will be always sammy faults, 1 because they have launched 856875 rehashes of the GSII (and they dont get tired of doing that).

    2. i find the ads fun but the galaxy note ad wouldnt be like that, they are presenting a new phone in a new size and form, they really flopped with that add which didnt explained a thing

  • halo0

    The so-called “boy genius” is an annoying little prick. I quit reading his crap a long time ago.

    • YMS123

      Good move

    • thekaz

      yeah, they post crap like this and wonder why they have to turn off comments because of all the “nasty” comments…

    • 1ghostII

      What a puss, afraid to fly. Grow some balls boy genius.

      Now, that comments have been disabled on that site. They’re free to write what they please.

      • p51d007

        typical of “media” types. Just because they might have a “journalism” degree, they think they can say whatever they want, and not expect someone to have a different opinion.
        Narrow minded thinking if you ask me, but, it’s HIS site, and he can do with it as he pleases…but, as with digg.com, I bet his traffic will DECREASE.

    • cthonctic

      Geller is the reason BGR was kicked from my Google Reader, same as how MG iSiegler managed to get TechCrunch/CrunchGear ousted a year or two ago.

      If it’s one thing I cannot stand it’s whiney iFanbois who constantly have to piss on someone else’s (superior, heh) parade.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I read that article earlier today at BGR, I was surprised that he was bitching so much about it like a baby. Who cares if someone makes a phone that looks like yours? HDTVs all look pretty similar and they’re not complaining. Tablets look the same but you don’t see Geller whining about that (surprisingly).

    I read BGR via Google Reader, hopefully it doesn’t contribute to his page views. I’m at the verge of removing them from my feed.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Oops, didn’t even mention the Note. I’m not the biggest fan, but I can see its uses.

    • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

      I just left a post making a way less graceful opinion than yours. Why exactly are these phone makers bickering over design? You rarely hear of automakers making these same complaints. Can you imagine a commercial where Ford is saying “We were making cars with 4 wheels on them way before GM. They’re total copycats!”

      • Bryan Stoner

        You are circumventing the obvious and handing an excuse. The point is, this phone does NOT look like (we are definitely talking about iphone here) the iphone. Make that clear the next time you start a debate.

        By pointing out they are bickering (circumventing the obvious) you are just assuring them that they are right and it does look similar. But in fact it doesn’t. You have one thing they don’t, a brain. So use it.

        But you are correct. All the other manufacturers really don’t care about design! It would be awesome if smartphone manufacturers could just be who they wanted to be and freely design what they want.

        • delinear

          100% agree. Let’s stop trying to justify two devices looking the same and start challenging the assertion that they look the same. NOBODY is going to buy a Note by mistake because they think it’s an iPhone. Even the very idea is ridiculous. The whole point of design patents is to protect the consumer when one product masquerades as another, not to stop everyone apart from the “first to file” from making products that look good just because there are (some) similarities. The question should be: “Will a reasonable customer accidentally buy product B because they think it is product A”, if the answer is no then that should be an end of it.

        • bros

          You are completely right sir, iphone is nothing compare to the galaxy note, This device is truly a great devices. I took mine to the apple store and just look around asking a few question about MBair and as i pull my phone/tablet out and see the look at the guy face, It’s just make me feel gooood to have this phone. He ask and I quote what’s that, that is nice can i see it then he call a few of his co-worker over and man! those guy i can tell they are impress. may be jealous the same time.

      • tetracycloide

        Their car’s bumpers have beveled edges and come in white paint! We also do something similar to that!

  • Angel

    Samsung really dropped the ball on this one. The Galaxy Note should be called the ‘post script’.

    • PaulieG

      Then I must love my postscript. The Galaxy Note rocks. Look at the sales figures world wide. The Note has been selling like hot cakes even before it hit the US. Samsung didn’t drop anything.

    • cthonctic

      I accidentally +1′d you when I meant to (obviously, considering the cheesy troll post) -1 you. Sorry.

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    I love the line where he states that the Galaxy Note is “fit for use only by such a small subset of the human population.” If Geller would have attended CES, he would have seen that 90% of the Asian press that were at the show were sporting the Galaxy Note. Samsung has already sold millions of this device and we can expect a few million to be sold here in the US market as well.

    • halo0

      Damn Asians and their huge hands…

      • PaulieG


    • Jorge Vieira

      its cause he is in the US he thinks this is the only country that matters lol

  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    “I’m almost offended by this phone” seems a little vehement.And the “x is copying Apple design” statements are getting old. Apple fell onto good design, and of course you’re going to have other companies make variations on successful design. However, what if you heard me complaining that the handle on my friend’s coffee cup too closely resembles the handle on mine, and I was whining that his is an obvious knockoff of my superior mug? You would think I was having a stroke.

  • halo0

    The Note is going to appeal to a lot of people, like myself, who don’t use their phone as a phone very much. 99% of what I do with my phone doesn’t involve making phone calls, so why do I care if it’s huge? If I didn’t already have a Galaxy Nexus, I’d probably buy the Note.

    • Nory826

      Same here man. I love my G-nex , but I really like the size of the Note. Only thing that held me back from the Note was no AOSP ICS. If it had vanilla ICS, I would’ve grabbed it in a heart beat.

      • delinear

        Ditto here. I use my phone to make phonecalls a handfull of times every month, meanwhile I’m always using it for instant messaging/email/twitter/etc, browsing the web, playing games, all things where a slightly bigger screen is more important. I too bought the Nexus for vanilla ICS, but the bigger screen, SD slot and stylus input would all have swung me in the Note’s favour otherwise.

        If I was really self conscious about making phone calls on it I’d use a headset, but really, it’s smaller than my hands-free land line and it’s only just over a decade since we were all happily holding massive telephone handsets that were wired directly into the wall. Are we really so paranoid about being seein with a device that’s an inch bigger diagonally to a pretty standard form factor?

  • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

    I’ve played with the Galaxy Note and had no troubles using the phone one-handed and I can’t imagine anyone over the age of 5 having difficulties typing on it two-handed.

    It’s not going to be for everyone, but that’s the advantage of Android, we aren’t dependent on a single device to meet every users needs. iPhone fanboys need to remember that “options” and “choice” aren’t bad words.

  • http://ericweiss.me Eric Weiss

    Geller seems to have run dry with iOS news. When there is little news or development or official information outside of the annual press conference it must be hard to maintain BGR.

    Lately his solution has been to cover Android devices and talk about how bad they are, trolling for hits and comments. His blatant stealing from this site adds to his lack of journalistic integrity.

    Thank you for publicly calling him out.

    • CactusCat

      To put it bluntly, if there wasn’t any Android news to report on, sites like BGR would have NOTHING to write about. There is virtually no Apple news to report except the occasional rumor about when the next iDevice might appear (and those are usually wrong as well).

  • Hall Lo

    Just let the fanboy do whatever they want :/ And that just shows how unprofessional he is by writing that kind of “review”… But I can say that article is “the most useless and pointless review i’ve ever read”

    • LittleGreenDude

      Lol. For sure. Geller acted like a little kid. :P

  • E

    i noticed these ios sheeps really dont like to go with times or any sort of changes at all they are like hippies stuck in the the 60s same crap since 2007 jeez i cannot wait for the day ios faces what BB is going through they would probably commit suicide then join anything. then this numb skull has the balls to say this thing sucks this phone may be a lil in the ku ku side with the huge ass screen but dam that screen and hardware is beyond light years ahead of ios

  • Lee Swanson

    The one part of the Note super bowl ad I didn’t like is when apple fan boy said with a jealous tone, “It has a pen…oh man” or something like that. I had flashbacks to Newtons and Palm Pilots. The pen is both neat and not. I loose stuff like that.

  • Jack

    The post by Mr. Geller is awesome imo.

    ‘Don’t get it cause people may laugh at you because it’s SOOO big’.
    Great summary of iPhone fanboys point of view: my phone is for the other people, so that they respect me ’cause it’s an iphone, bro!’

  • Justin

    I had to remove BGR and Jonathan from all my news feeds yesterday. His once informative tech blog has become an Apple marketing website. I have nothing against Apple, even though I personally won’t buy an iPhone so long as its so locked down. I simply can’t stomach his bias any longer and he provides little value to readers that don’t care about Apple’s iPhone sales stats.

  • Hall Lo

    And I like how the Apple fanboys keep saying that Android are mainly oversized phones. Cant wait if the next iPhone has a bigger screen and they will all go like crazily happy with it ;)

    • James Wimmer

      I doubt the next iPhone will be bigger. The screen size, maybe, but the physical design will probably stay the same. I’m no one’s fanboy, but I will say this, I much prefer the size of the iPhone over the larger Android phones coming out. That isn’t a diss on the Android OS mind you, just the physical size of the phone. If I wanted something larger than what the iPhone offers, I’d get a tablet.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        And that’s the beauty of Android. There’s something for everyone. You can get an amazing Android phone so matter that your personal preferences are. T

        • Zac

          Amazing and android don’t go well together.

          • CactusCat

            Zac and smart don’t go well together.

  • westy

    Me personal, i find that its too big but im sure someone will buy it. 4-4.5 inches for a phone should be max. iPhone is way to small for my liking. But i stop reading BGR strictly for this reason, they are so opinionated in their blog post and cant seem to give perspective of a product without comparing it to the iPhone and rant about how much better the iPhone ecosystem is then Android. I stop reading Gizmodo for that reason as well, they arent as bad as BGR but damn near close. The Verge, Engadget, and some other android tech blogs are the ones i stick too now.

  • azulpiscina

    remember apple x pc ads?

    Isnt the same?

  • sarah

    I don’t think you have to love the iPhone to say the galaxy note is just too big to be used as a phone. The dell streak didn’t do so hot when it was introduced. I have a galaxy nexus and an iPhone 4s I change between and I think both have their pros and cons. Its all a matter of preference and my nexus is bordering on too big for me. I guess the note may be for some.people I don’t want to hold something that large up to make calls (which I still make on occasion) :)

    • delinear

      The big question is what does “used as a phone” mean anymore. I use my phone 99% of the time for doing stuff on-screen, 1% of the time for making phone calls. Obviously this will be different for everyone but I don’t think my situation is particularly unusual. As society gets older on average AND people start to do more in terms of online activity with their phones, larger, more readable screens suddenly become much more important to the average person for the 99% of the time and that 1% of time holding it up to your ear becomes less significant (and can easily be negated completely if it’s a problem, by using a bluetooth headset). I’d predict that phones with 4.5-5.5″ screens will become the norm in the next five years, while smaller handsets will become the niche market (unless we suddenly have an amazing breakthrough in fold-up screen technology or something similar).

  • Al *not* Bundy

    Wait, what? Super Bowl advertising? That clinches it, they’re more interested in creating sensationalism than advertising. I bet Apple has a plan to return fire. Or let the fans do it.

  • Shawn

    I hate to admit it, but I kind of agree with the article on BGR. I think it’s a bit too big to be a functional phone…maybe a small tablet…but not a phone.

    And while I’m here, please, for the love of God, give us better battery life, Android!

    • Shane

      Android isn’t causing the huge drain on the battery, it’s all the extra specs that haven’t been optimized yet. 4G, dual-core chips, gps, and all the screens that are getting bigger and brighter… Batteries just aren’t keeping up with the specs!

      And don’t say the iphone doesn’t have the same battery issues. Just look at the latest phone, everyone at first complained that it didn’t have as good of battery life as the older versions. Why was that? Because the phone now has a dual-core processor and siri’s continued need for a data connection drains the battery more. If they do add a 4G radio in the next upgrade, expect battery life to suffer even more.

  • Starship

    Anybody who markets their phone as the anti-iPhone is setting themselves up for failure. Play to your strengths, Samsung – the screen is huge and it sports LTE. Also highlight the software that utilizes the stylus. Consumers have gotten smart with their money and don’t want to put up with childish ads like this anymore.

    • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

      Or they own an iPhone….Because if you don’t have an iPhone…well you don’t have an iPhone.

    • delinear

      Exactly, I thought Apple’s “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” ads for their computers were petty and childish and insulting to exactly the people they wanted as customers (i.e. traditional Windows users). The Samsung ad, while not going quite that far, has the same petty feel to it. I’d rather Samsung focused on producing great phones like the Galaxy range and didn’t get involved in school-yard name calling.

  • Aimhetep

    I am getting the Samsung Galaxy Note and switching from Sprint, the Sprint 4G service is bogus in Raleigh-Durham NC, while the new AT&T LTE is way superior. I have done a few months worth of research and the Note will meet my needs and many others who do not want carry a tablet and a phone, plus only having one data plan makes more sense. The good thing about Android is the many choices that are available – being able to take notes or doodle in business meetings works me. I also do not wear skin jeans, so I need a phone so small that I can not watch videos and surf the web on. There will be more big phones in the future and the market will decide their.

    • Dl

      What are skin jeans?

  • Paul Atreides

    Geller is a tool.

    • Al *not* Bundy

      Tools have a use. He’s just milking a frenzy caused by Samsung’s ads making everyone else look good… Either him making a fool out of himself is good for everyone else, or just an embarrassment, is a matter of opinion.

  • triangle

    Totally agree with Taylor and the comments here. I lost respect for Jonathan a long time ago. There is way too much click whoring going on with that kind of article in the same vain as MG Siegler did for TechCrunch. I stopped reading both of them.

    If you didn’t see this blog post by Dan Lyons, it is an interesting read:


    The interesting thing is that Samsung sponsored BGR last year when they were rolling out the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy SII. I wonder is they’ll still sponsor him in the future. My guess is no…

  • 00quantameister

    I completely disagree. First of all, if you’re offended by a commercial making fun of a stereotypical group of urbanite hipsters of varying diverse backgrounds? You’ve got a lot more personal problems that might suggest that therapy might be in order. If your personal self esteem is shattered by a hilarious bit of satire? You really have got some seriously messed issues. It’s not worth going to pieces over a commercial & not a particularly great one at that..

    Second, I like the commercial. It was fun, out of the box, that did show off the functionality of the phone, & we’re 9 days past the commercial being aired yet we’re still talking about it. I would say that the old adage about controversy creating cash is very appropriate here. I know several people on my Facebook page who liked & several who went & downloaded “The Darkness” song, “I Believe In A Thing Called Love.”

    Third, I don’t think the commercials were to convert iPhone users. Nor was it for hardcore Android faithful. It wasn’t for geeks. I believe it was squarely aimed for the non-geek or as we know them as the normal people. It gave them a piece that was silly, over the top, ear & eye catching, bombastic, & if you had a sense of humor? You instantly got it and loved it.

    Fourth, a 5″ screen is AWESOME! It gives you tremendous real estate. The iPhone just seems too small. I have slightly above average hands. so pounding away on a dinky iPhone 3.5″ screen was annoying to me in 2007 as it is in 2012. Americans love big items. Watching movies on that screen must be great. Being able to take precise notes? Also a plus.

    Fifth, what is the largest third party peripheral for iPhones & iPads? The stylus. I have seen numerous Mac websites & podcasts where hardcore Mac users rave about having a stylus! If you’re an artist, if you’re signing a document, if you want to write in cursive, or you just want to do detail things that a finger just isn’t good enough? Cue the stylus. It does have a good purpose & its pretty ignorant to dismiss the usefulness of that utility.

    I really think this commercial was a lot better than people give it credit for. Just because the commercial wasn’t squarely aimed at you? Doesn’t mean it was a flop. I’ve seen several websites that rate this commercial & it made it into the top 20 if not the top 10.

  • @M_A_dubl

    Yeah but I’ve never heard of this website before. His site has much more noteriety. And the whole comment section seemed to be filled with delusional 30-something’s that can’t afford an iPhone. There’s no debate that android is much much poorer of a phone. Let’s not kid ourselves people.

    • Paul Atreides

      You must be kidding yourself here. Troll!

    • LittleGreenDude

      I just love how all the apple fanboys read android blogs just to troll on them.

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    From the main photo on the article, it’s obvious why he’s so mad. Just look at his hands, they are pretty tiny. No wonder the iPhone is perfect for him.

    • http://alxrock.deviantart.com alxrock

      Whenever I hear someone complaining about Android phones being too big, I always think of that commercial. lol

  • Shawn Clark

    Maybe it was bad timing for the note to be released on AT&T for that matter but its still a great device regardless of its size…Apple and its fannys need to chill n let Android do its thing…almost all today’s devices almost look at the same and made with the same purpose so who care anyway.

  • KennyL

    I tried reading BGR. Never could. I think he’s a little too convinced he’s a Genius. Either way, he’s a little boy.

  • fecat17

    I’ll be short and sweet… I have the Note, on At&t, using 4g, the s-pen is a cool little extra, the battery life is great, the screen res and size are awesome, it’s not too big…. crap I said short… I could go on!

  • co.ag.2005

    I won’t be buying a Note on AT&T. I’m loving my Galaxy S II (international version). The reason I don’t want a Note has nothing to do with advertising. I honestly think it is too big for my likes. However, I did find their superbowl commercial lame, it has nothing to do with that. Simply put, Galaxy Note = too big. 4.3″ is the max for me. my opinion of course.

  • Bryan Stoner

    This guy is a hunking pile of shit!! In no way does the GNote look anything like the iphone (aside from the obvious rectangle and a screen). The point that really bothers me is that people will actually believe him!! )@(URE)[email protected](@WJR RAARRRR!!!

    I for one would most certainly purchase a GNote if I were on AT&T. I Think it’s packin quite a punch and a wallop of fire under the hood. It’s also quite an awesome visual improvement compared to the previous members in the galaxy series.

  • Ben

    First of all the timing of the release could have been better planned. But complaining it looks similar to his IP4s please!!!. All phones borrow from one another that’s what happens well Apple tries to claim they came up with everything first. I am unsure how the Galaxy Note will do only time will tell. But it looks like a solid device and i am curious about it. But i also want to get my hands on the Xperia Ion.

    • Al *not* Bundy

      The fact he is all “plagiarism” over nothing is proof he doesn’t like authors, directors, parody musicians, and *GASP* Shakespeare!

  • Al *not* Bundy

    anyone want to tell him he walked right into a trap? His barking is making iphones less attractive driving more fans to choose an android over an Iphone.

  • Jonathan (BGR)

    First and foremost let me begin by thanking you for the traffic you are generating for me and the inevitable ad clicks that will likely result from it. Secondly, I honestly tried going into my hands on with your precious Galaxy Note with an open mind but the more and more I handled the device, the more blatant the rip off. You simply cannot argue that the phone fits very awkwardly into a users hands and handles closer to a Nintendo DS than a phone. I can’t imagine what idiot would like to walk around talking into a brick up against their head. Lastly, I may not always use original images but I try to always give credit and the content of my posts is always 100% mine and any claims that would state otherwise are false.

    • Haha

      You’re such a douche. BGR is the worst tech blog on the internet, bar none.

    • halo0

      You know, your claims about rip-offs of Apple design lose quite a bit of steam when you shout it from the rooftops about practically every device out there. Anything vaguely rectangular with a screen on it and it’s “OMG THEY RIPPED OFF APPLE!!!1!!!!eleven!!!!” I bet when you order a sandwich you get it and think “OMG THE CHEF RIPPED OFF APPLE!” because it’s a rectangle.

      Meanwhile, Apple blatantly rips off Android (notification bar) and not a peep.

      Why don’t you do the world a favor and shut down your site.

    • Paul Atreides

      STFU poopmouth!

    • Owain

      Who is this joker?

    • TrentBradley

      Its short sighted and ignorant people like you that actually make me want to get rid of my iPhone even more. I can’t wait to dump this thing for my preordered galaxy note on Friday. The iPhone is boring. It has no real appeal unless you jailbreak it. Quit acting like its the best thing since sliced bread.

  • slurms mckenzie

    those hands should come with every purchase of an iphone

  • Alex

    Its funny to watch iSheep get mad. its their way of expressing how angry they are at what a piece of shit the iPhone is

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Won’t comment on the Note commercial, that is a matter of taste. Of course, the Apple fans had no problems when Apple was mocking (with gross exaggerations bordering on untruths) Microsoft in the Mac vs. PC ads a few years ago.

    On the Note, I imported one via Amazon, and it is the best phone I have used. The bigger screen is fantastic – web, videos, and all third party apps looks so much better on the bigger screen. My other Android phones seem small after using the Note, and the iPhone 4 seems puny bordering on toyish after using the Note. The Note screen has vibrant color, text clarity is top notch, and the digital stlyus is just frosting on the cake. Even without the stylus, the Note is the best phone I use, and I also have a Galaxy Nexus.

    I don’t make many phone calls while out, my phone is predominantly a data device. However, phone calls are fine, and do you really think you look that much nerdier with a 5.3″ screen to your ear vs. a 3.5 – 4″?

    Concerning the looks like an iPhone comment. Don’t think anyone is going to confuse the two, let’s see – significant difference in size, Samsung written on one, and an Apple logo on the other. Also, the original iPhone reminded me of the 2004 era Sony Clie TH-55 (the last Clie Sony made). When Steve Jobs held up the original iPhone at MacWorld 2007, I thought he was holding up a Clie (not to be confused with the Vaio) TH-55 PDA circa 2004. The Clie had a tablet slab form, 480 X 320, 3.5″ screen, no physical keyboard, minimal buttons on front, and had the NetFront browser which could display most 2004 era pages fine including an optional shrunken full page view. Using the logic of many Apple fans concerning copying / inspiration , was Apple “inspired” with the looks of the TH-55 released 3 years earlier since the original iPhone released three years later looked very similar to the TH-55 albeit with updated tech that was available 3 years later? Still, for the first minute or so, I thought Steve Jobs was holding a TH-55. Others thought he was holding Dell x50 / 1 series WM PDA.. I could see the resemblance to that device as well.

    I have started to ask new iPhone users I encounter why that chose an iPhone. Did they check the competition, was it the Apple ecosystem, was it the alleged easier UI? The restaurant manager at one of my favorites answered “because it is cool”. She added she does not know how to use it, but will learn. Nothing about UI, checking competition etc, just it was cool. She is in her early 30′s. One of the servers in her early 20′s purchased a new iPhone as well. The reason was she has small hands, and the smaller iPhone was easier to reach the entire screen, and hold than the Droid. Again nothing about UI, ecosystem etc. I realize it is only anecdotal, but it will be interesting to check the reasons given vs. all the FUD, and internet lore about the reasons people choose iPhone we are saturated with all the time.

    • Dikembe

      So the answer for the two people you mention is because “it’s cool”/ didn’t check the competition.

      The galaxy mini and xperia mini are cute and small

    • John

      The Mac commercials mocking PC weren’t making fun of PC users, though, and that’s what you folks are missing. It was making fun of PC’s ability to do its job. These Samsung commercials are actually clowning iPhone users. Big difference.

      I see what Samsung was trying to do here but they took it too far. Instead they should have shown an “Apple boardroom” and how execs were trying to figure out ways to copy Android in order to keep the Apple cult going, or something similar.

      • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

        We either saw different commercials, or have opposite opinions. The Mac vs PC commercials did indeed make fun of / mock the PC user who was portrayed as a simpleton vs. the cool, hip Mac guy.

        • delinear

          Same impression here. The Mac vs PC ad basically depicted the Mac user as some ultra trendy artist type and the PC user as Mr “I Work In An Office Producing Spreadsheets All Day” Boring type. It was 100% an attack on PC users in order to say “If you want to look cool you HAVE to buy a Mac”. If it was really an attack on the device and not the user they’d use the SAME artistic guy for both devices and have them explain their experiences.

          I don’t think the Note vs iPhone was quite as bad (both types of user were depicted as your typical hipster types) but it did have strains of the “buy us to look cool” argument when what I want to hear is “buy us because of all this amazing functionality”.

    • PaulieG

      I agree 100 percent! I have a Note and I love it. In fact, for all the negative comments about it’s size etc etc, I am yet to come across comments from a Note owner who has been nothing else but in totally in love with their phone. The facts speak for themselves.

      I had a funny experience just before when I was leaving the shopping center and had ‘that’ frantic moment you have…… you know the one where you quickly frisk yourself because you can’t feel your phone in your pocket and you fear you’ve left it behind…. I’m sure we’ve all had it.. It was as always,…in my pocket.. I then smiled to myself and thought, If the Note is so large and obtrusive, that moment shouldn’t have happened.. Until you’ve owned and used a Note for longer than 10 minutes, these people just don’t understand how perfect a form factor it actually is.

  • aranea

    I can proudly say that I didn’t click on the link and give them an extra visitor.

    • Jorge Vieira

      i sadly did, it will be the first and last i go to that site. He always seemed (BGR common) like a joke i let macrumors tell me what he says lol

  • bobby

    Keep sucking that samsung phallus buddy!

  • Lulu

    Frankly speaking, I agree with him that Note is too big and you will look funny when you talk on it.

    But it’s nowhere ‘the most useless phone’. Also, I won’t call him a fanboy if his favorite phone is Galaxy Nexus. :-\

  • txbluesman

    BGR, Bogus Goon Report. Not a fan.

  • autonomousgerm

    You have to admit, it is comically large. I would feel like a total tool talking on it. Based on their “ad” this is the first I’d heard it was actually a phone. I thought maybe it was an Android based note taking device, based on it’s size, name, and the fact that it included a stylus.

    • delinear

      You don’t feel like a tool browsing the web, writing emails, playing games and watching movies on a device that’s comically small, though? Or do you use your phone exclusively for calls?

  • RRR

    Noticed the guy has midget’s hands? Hopefully his brain is ok though.

    • Al *not* Bundy

      I seriously doubt it. There are glaring holes in his logic being pointed out every two seconds. If we roast him for too long, we’ll have a hunk of iMutton instead of an iSheep. This will be my last post on this topic, because i don’t want to ruin the magic. I gotta say, this was the most fun I had in a single morning.

  • RRR

    What percentage of teens are salivating on the pictures of their future phones here? Like to know this very much. Run the poll

  • RRR

    Amazed by explosion of trolling on this site. Not a single one got the issue right, not the midget, not the author, not a single poster and not even Samsung.

    “I like Note because it’s screen is much better then my previous phone”– is type of bs i read here, there and everywhere. Sure it’s better then your dumb flipphone.

    Leaving color, brightness and contrast aside the LARGER screen becomes useful thing ONLY if you get ppi below visibility. Otherwise the information capacity of the screen does not grow with the size — when anyone will get that??? Couple of people posted this several times not being noticed.

    The problem with the Note is that its larger size IS ACTUALLY useless due to pentile screen and terrible 140+ something resolution in red and blue and less then 300 in green.

    • Al *not* Bundy

      for some, yes, this is trolling. But the main point is to discuss the rant and how his review is flawed. The main point I was pointing out was a distinct sensationalism, and my earlier Imutton remark was just my way of pointing out the explosion of trolling, and although i said that was my last post, I decided to post this rebuttal to defend my point and to stress that not everyone is trolling, just a majority. a nontrolling example would be the fact that there are a variety of android devices out there to choose from. I’m not just hatin’ apple, either. I’m looking at the possibility of an Iphone 4s myself, but I don’t pay much attention to posts like his.

      • RRR

        BTW, look here, It’s the best illustration how crappy nexus pen tile matrix is. On even larger Samsung Note the so called “dirty carper effect”on solid surfaces will be even more pronounced. And worst of all are sh#tty looking small fonts, they are simply terrible because of rare red and blue subpixels are much more visible at 140 PPI


        • PaulieG

          Yep, and then read the comments in that article from the Note owners.. Once again, user experience vs theoretical figures. I don’t scour over my screen with a magnification glass looking for pentile flaws, for I’m not a pedant. The consistent word you’ll get from Note owners is that they love the screen, so looks like these pentile and pppi specs don’t count for much unless your an image-phile.

    • PaulieG

      Wow, another shoot off based on nothing more than assumptions.. If you like a Note you must be upgrading from a flip fone.. Is that how you rationalize everything? Just make up some kind of alternative scenario so it all adds up in your head?

      Now for some facts. Anyone that had used or reviewed a Note has quoted just how awesome the screen looks. You can stick your Pen tile and PPI where the sun don’t shine. While it might not be beyond visibility, it’s certainly close enough. At the end of the day, the proof of a great display
      is how good it looks yes? Even my Iphone friends comment on how good the display is.

      As for your Pentile argument, my 10′ inch pad doesn’t use pentile yet I don’t pick it up anymore since getting a GNote. So your telling me my 5.3 inch screen is useless due to it’s Pentile display, yet in practical real work scenarios (Because I actually OWN a Note rather than shoot off over nothing more than tech specs) I can do everything I did with equal USER EXPERIENCE as I did on my pad..

      • RRR

        It’s good phone for those who had worse one before, which means basically for everyone who likes large phones. But it could be almost ideal if not its RGBG pen tile screen.

        I will repeat again (ready ? i succeeded to make my teen kid understand that) that increase of the size was useless. It actually made Note WORSE then one of Nexus because Samsung broke below 300 PPI (The Note increased little bit information capacity though 720 -> 800 but red spectrum pixelation became worse)

        To understand that imagine the same resolution pentile screen at 7 or 10″ tablet or even 53″ TV — you will hate its pixelation while information capacity will be absolutely the same – last one is defined by (A x B) pixels. because your cell screen is like 53″TV from 80″ if look at the Note from the 8″ distance.

        Too hard? You will get that later when true RGB SuperAMOLED Plus will be there or this PenTile reach 1920×1200. Basically, just the different arrangement — RGRGB pentile instead of RGBG one is enough to fix this screen.

        • PaulieG

          Once again you’ve just made that up.. I own a Note having previously owned a HTC Desire.. A Desire is not large being i think 3.5″ screen. On this matter your just making random stuff up. You have no evidence of the demographics of Note users and to use me as an example statistic, your wrong. I’d suggest if other Note owners here posted their previous model they’d lend extra weight to my argument.

          I understand what your saying and yes, a RGB superAmoled plus would be better. I do not see any pixelation on my Galaxy Note. I’ve researched reviews for the Galaxy Note screen and it’s use of pen tile and most concur that pixelation is virtually imperceptible at normal usage distances. Read here;


          I understand that it’s there, and if I was to magnify and hunt for flaws, I’d probably find them, but why? The screen looks beautiful from standard operating distances and that’s all I care about. Have you actually seen this screen in action yet or are you just running of the tech specs?

          I’m countering the claim you made that a larger screen is only useful if runs retina ppi and doesn’t use pen tile. That simply isn’t true, the 5.3 inch screen is perfectly usable and useful.

          • RRR

            Well clearly you still have not understood what i say. Take a pen and do a little math – this is almost the only way to get a proof that the Earth is not a plane. Or grow up till you stop counting wows of dumbos in the blogs.

            Do u understand that your cellphone screen is actually not small? And is approaching in angular dimensions your pc monitor? Do you use 640×400 monitor with your PC? BUT THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET IN RED AND BLUE ON THE NOTE.!!! And you do not notice that pixelation and blury small fonts in full screen not zoomed websites???? This is because you continue to zoom like i still do on my pentile not a retina display.Rotflmao. Do u permanently zoom you PC? LOL

  • http://muddypa.ws/blog nportelli

    It might be too big, but main reason why I’d never get one currently is cuz of AT&T.

  • cheeto

    Even though I would not buy this phone, this ballsy move by Samsung was needed. What do you if you feel cornered? you fight your way out and you go at it hard. Look how much Apple puts down Android . Just a little taste of their own medicine.

  • n25philly

    I’m importing an international one right now. (on T-Mobile and in an area where there are some pockets of their new upgrades so will occasionally get 3g on it) I can’t wait!

  • Dave

    Samsung looks to be running out of ideas to tempt customers. The s2 was really an iPhone clone for people who like Android. Anyone who leans even a little apple is going to wait for the iPhone 5 to come out in a few months or get the 4s on the cheap. It seems Samsung just thinks they’ll keep selling phones if they make the screen bigger. They are so dependent on Google right now. With Motorola being acquired by Google, if they wanted to they could restrict new additions of Android to Motorola first for 6 months and absolutely kill Samsung, HTC, etc. I’m kinda starting to feel bad for them. Google’s dream has always been to be more like Apple, this in obviously going to be bad for Samsung.

    • Dave

      Also, just want to post I don’t own an Apple. Just stating my opinion. Based on articles I’ve read flow seems to more easily go from Android to Apple than the opposite. Mainly because once you buy into Apple’s ecosystem you don’t want to leave. I have no idea why that would be.

    • PaulieG

      Dave, your talking out your bum mate.. Samsung also produce WinMo phones and are actively developing Nokia’s linux OS (formally Meego) which may eventually compete with Google within the year. You’ve dribbled so much horse crap I don’t have the energy to respond to each statement individually, but to summarize.. So very very WRONG!

  • richard

    Lol, Geller is pissed!

  • Alex

    Hah! Yes the Note is huge (for a phone) so what of it, Icrap fanbois? Remember, opinions are like sphincters…everyone has one…if anyone truly lives by others’ opinions, then…well, then you deserve whatever you end up with!

  • Unwired

    As someone pointed out in my Google+ conversation on this subject, the cool thing about Android is that there can be something for everyone. That it’s not right for you, me or @boygenius is elementary, obviously there will be buyers. As for me, 4.3″ is the sweet spot – perfect in my hands and my pockets, easy to hold, type on, make use of. I’m not interested in the Note, but this doesn’t mean I have the right to presume that nobody is.

    Reviewers will be reviewers (and fanboys, linkbaiters, jerks…). The thing is, this deviates a good bit from BGR’s normal style. Are we looking at the new, degraded iBGR?

    I agree completely with the fact that manufacturers need to slow down and develop quality, not quantity. It seems as though almost every other phone announced carries the moniker “flagship”.

    I’m loving the temper tantrum tweets! I don’t quite get what any relationship with Samsung has to do with it, clearly Taylor is slamming Samsung as a company, and BGR just a device. Poor argument from @boygenius if you ask me. What a blob.

  • Droidfan

    Geller’s rant is typical Apple FUD. His assertion that no one wants to look geeky holding this thing up to their ear. This is sweet. There is absolutely nothing more geeky than TALKING into your phone (that’s right SIRI). And if you are prone to be self-conscious, talking into your phone and having people hear what you are saying (What time is my GYN appointment?) isn’t going to make it any better. And if the case is…SIRI can’t understand what you want or gives you the wrong answer…you are now seen fighting with your smartphone. Geeky is as Geeky does.

    Holding it with one hand. If you are going to limit your smartphone to things that can be done with one hand…..your a moron. You obviously have no concept of what a smartphone of the 2012 variety is all about. Now I understand that the Apple’s concept of iPhone and iPad users is…. they are not capable of chewing gum and walking at the same time, But GET REAL.

  • Unwired

    Maybe the Note is not for the author because he already looks stupid? Just a thought.

  • cabrone

    Most of my iphone friends have noticed these Sammy commercials and said they are not only stupid but they look pathetic and desperate. I just think apple fan boys cannot handle apple not suing everyone.

  • 420speedwagon

    so i ranted on that article, but what bugs me is that the article seems to be a review article and it ends up being biased to a full extent. we’ve all read reviews and they all seem to be in the middle, if the auther has a different opinion on it, it’d be put in a simple, yet not so negitive way. i dunno all i can say is that im tired of the iPhone Nazis bitching about shit. can they just grow up or are they gonna act like children forever?

  • WlfHart

    I’d jump to Sprint in a heartbeat if it came out there.

  • Prime

    Apple can suck it!

  • Max.Steel

    What a tool.

  • PaulieG

    Anyone who is a self confessed ‘boy genius’ has already lost my attention.. What’s going on with that profile pic? Is he trying to look like a Backstreet Boy? I feel a little violated for clicking the link and giving this clown my precious time… That’s 2 and a half minutes of my life I’ll never get back and I want a refund! Who said denial of service attacks were ‘all’ bad….

  • Richard Yarrell

    Good marketing strategy or not….Bottomline here the GALAXY NOTE makes the iphone look exactly what it is….GARBAGE….I won’t even mention what the GALAXY NEXUS does to the iphone. Since when does anyone care about what iphone boys feel about everything Samsung. Their opinion’s mean nothing to android folk….

    • squiddy20

      What you apparently fail to realize is that without a “good marketing strategy”, the Galaxy Note will not sell well, regardless of how you *think* it makes the iPhone look.
      Also, “android folk”? What are you, Amish?

  • dj

    I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch, and though I’m sure the iPhone is good for making old-fashion voice calls and MP3 music listening, the 3.5 screen is useless as a web browser, or any kind of image viewer. I can’t stand all the pinching & zooming, and scrolling that’s required on those tiny Apple screens. I hope the Note, or a variation of it, comes to Sprint. The 5-inch screen looks just the right size for e-book reading and picture viewing.

    • PaulieG

      Having owned one for 3 months now, I can confirm it is :)

  • http://www.brokemanstech.com Juan Almanzar

    I work for AT&T and honestly don’t think the phone will be a flop. The phone isn’t out yet and we have already had a couple of customers coming in to ask and talk about it. Most of the people I work with already have a good impression/relationship with Samsung (thanks to the skyrocket/GS II) so I can easily see them suggesting the phone to anyone who doesn’t mind the size (though, most of the people who come in asking about it are purely amazed about the size and can’t wait for us to get it).

  • cb2000a

    I deleted BGR from my bookmarks and no longer read the blog.

  • Eli

    Just go to show how desperate Samsung…Samsung has copied the Apple devices iPhones/Tablets and now tv commercial. It just makes me despise them more.

  • RRR

    Well clearly you still have not understood what i say. Take a pen and do a little math – this is almost the only way to get a proof that the Earth is not a plane. Or grow up till you stop counting wows of dumbos in the blogs.

    Do u understand that your cellphone screen is actually not small? And is approaching in angular dimensions your pc monitor? Do you use 640×400 monitor with your PC? BUT THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET IN RED AND BLUE ON THE NOTE. And you do not notice that pixelation and blury small fonts in full screen not zoomed websites???? This is because you continue to zoom like i still do on my pentile not a retina display.Rotflmao

    • PaulieG

      Well while your rolling around on the floor laughing, learn how to reply to the actual thread of discussion funny man… Maybe if you spent more time in constructive conversation rather than taking pot shots at people you’d be a little more adept at it? whoops, rotflmao…

      So now it appears you can see how I use my phone over the internet as well. Unfortunately your looking at the wrong person because once again your wrong. You are a talented individual indeed.

      So what your saying is your allowed to quote another web site and its fact, I quote a contradictory web site and it’s full of dumbo’s.. I’ll pass your thoughts onto GSMArena..

      Answer this, have you SEEN and used Galaxy Note display? I’d suggest you haven’t your really just basing your opinion in technical beliefs and your ability to assume all wondrous kinds of things..

    • PaulieG

      You’ve never actually seen a real Galaxy Note have you…

      • RRR

        I answered u in the thread above, this is just doublepost, r u blind? This site has no delete or edit to correct and posts slide to the end by some reason

        Now i am giving up. R u 12 y.o.? I said i succeed to explain things to my teen kid (14yo) and he actually understood reasonably arguing with me but its too tough with you.

        Do understand what i say? I say that Note screen is the same as SGS & SGN RGBG PENTILE BUT IS WORSE THEN SGN IN QUALITY. USE YOUR BRAIN WHY. I EXPLAINED BUT YOUR EYES DO NOT SEE OBVIOUS. I’ve own SGN & investigated in details SGN and do NOT have to fly to the moon to see it’s not from cheese.

        And gsmarena was very bad article – you do NOT SEE that too?? The guy does not know how make a macro shot. LOLOL. Do i have to explain EVEN THAT to you? I will die here with you, u r too young, im not. My comment above though was about dumbos salivating with their wow comments literally about any phone in any site and you are listening.

        • PaulieG

          LOL, your not worth my energy anymore.. Gain a better grasp of the English language and come back when you can communicate. If English isn’t your first language, don’t post on English speaking blogs with your pigeon gibberish and accuse everyone else of being stupid. You claim to be an adult but you communicate like a 3 year old. For the record, i’m 37…

          • RRR

            ROTFLMAO No u r a pre-teen. And seems will be forever “a pre”: still having a female logic (“have you been there and seen that the moon is not from cheese?”). And worst of all traits of a troll: “rule #1 on all blogs: you are a troll if you complain about your opponent’s English no matter how bad it is”.

            HAHAHA Yes, my English is not my 1st language. BTW, my observation is that the only people who don’t understand it work at Macdonald’s

            For those who follow this broken thread – sorry for one typo, i made a mistake saying about GSMArena, it was the phonearena site where they can not make clear macro shot where you clearly see subpixels. GSMArena was great, see yourselves.

          • PaulieG

            RRR your a clown. Your not only a clown, but your a sexist clown. You are inferring that women are incapable of understanding simple logic. For the record, I’m a man, but unlike you a don’t assume women are stupid. You speak of trolls without realizing you ARE one. Look at the history of our conversations. You’ve been voted down by your peers on virtually every post. Who’s the troll now? You can ROTFLMAO as much as you want, your just getting dirty… it doesn’t change the fact the most people unfortunate enough to have read our exchange think your a twit. This is my last response to you, I just needed to bring that to your attention. Oh, and can you please learn how to post comments on blogs properly without submitting twice all the time? Reading your drivel is painful enough once let alone twice….for everyone!

          • RRR

            hahahaha. The mobile revolution brought to such sites all the teenagers and every dumbo in the world.

            As to the sexists and logic – learn and have a fun, teen:
            D.IN. Beklemishev – NOTES ON THE WOMEN’S LOGIC

  • Graham Bae

    I just can’t wait until Apple releases a similar device, and the fanboys come out saying how innovative and amazing it is.

  • Jorge Vieira

    Im pretty sure samsung even said that they are targeting first time smart phone buyers, buti def think they are doing some low blows too, witch i dont mind i think its halarious even tho i could fall in that apple fanboy relm, you have to be able to laugh at yourslef. I do not get offended its just a tech product.

  • RRR

    I answered u in the thread above, this is just doublepost, r u blind? This site has no delete or edit to correct.

    Now i am giving up. R u 12 y.o.? I said i succeed to explain things to my teen kid (14yo) and he actually understood reasonably arguing with me but its too tough with you.

    Do understand what i say? I say that Note screen is the same as SGS & SGN RGBG PENTILE BUT IS WORSE THEN SGN IN QUALITY. USE YOUR BRAIN WHY. I EXPLAINED BUT YOUR EYES DO NOT SEE OBVIOUS. I’ve own SGN & investigated in details SGN and do NOT have to fly to the moon to see it’s not from cheese.

    And gsmarena was very bad article – you do NOT SEE that too?? The guy does not know how make a macro shot. LOLOL. Do i have to explain EVEN THAT to you? I will die here with you, u r too young, im not. My comment above though was about dumbos salivating with their wow comments literally about any phone in any site and you are listening.

  • RRR

    again the comment slides to end instead of being in the thread. AAM – DELETE IT OR MAKE EDIT BUTTON

  • easybucketz

    For anyone that says that the galaxy note is too big better not own a tablet or want a tablet period. Because you’ll carry around a big ass tablet but have a problem with something actually smaller. I love the phone and wish it was out for sprint. I’d rather the note than carrying a phone and tablet. Besides even with my SG2 I find myself wanting more real estate to play games, watching movies, YouTube etc. iFags will always hate on anything not Apple but I guarantee if Apple was to come out with a 5 inch phone all the iFags would still buy it even after bashing anything bigger their iPhone and boring iOs that continues to copy from Android every year now but yet they hate it some much. I’m tired the iFags they hate everything they don’t have or can’t do until they can and then they try to make it seem so great. I love the commercials it shows them and the world how stupid they are for waiting for the same product plus sorri aka siri. Samsung doesn’t care last time I checked they are doing well selling phones world wide with or without the commercials.

  • Ralph

    Firstly, isn’t this the same Apple ‘fanboy’ who wrote the article; “Why the iPhone is worse than a Blackberry?”

    And secondly, after reading the article, I can’t see where Geller wrote that he was “almost offended by this product” because it resembles his beloved iPhone 4S. He was bemoaning the SIZE of this monster.

    You also totally ignored his statement in the same sentence; “the company’s current flagship is my favorite Android smartphone in the world.” -so get over the ‘fanboy’ name calling.

    Face it; the Galaxy Note IS too damn big! I feel sorry for anyone that actually buys one and is forced to use it day to day. This thing is literally DESIGNED to slip through fingers and shatter on concrete. (And cause car wrecks when users fumble with it while driving.)

    Samsung’s assertion that ‘two handed operation is the wave of the future’ is total BS. (And, imho, the scribe harkens back to the Palm Pilot. -We all know how well that turned out.

    • PaulieG

      Thanks for your sympathy but it’s not required. The size for me is perfect, never dropped it, the stylus whilst not being used a lot has proved handy for notes on occasion, and I can use it just the same as I did my HTC Desire. Unless you’ve used one for a period of time you wouldn’t understand. It’s awesome.

  • Johnz

    My wife owns a white Galaxy Note. This is a truly multi function handset with mobile phone functions. Does a lot of things and we has not encountered single problem for the last 3 months. She is loving it and thanking me still. (it was my present to her). My wife dropped it on concrete floor around our fire place, not a single noticeable scratch.

    • PaulieG

      It seems that the detractors of the Galaxy Note are the people who’ve never used it and are making assumptions based on its size. Has a single person who ‘actually’ owns and uses a Note commented anything negative yet? Not to my knowledge. Seriously people, this is one device where you shouldn’t judge it till you try it. I know 5.3″ inches sounds large, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how portable it really is. Go into a shop, pick it up, test it in your pockets. It’s no less portable or usable than any other device I’ve owned and my last phone was a 3.5″ form factor.

  • vid500

    That’s the beauty of Android phones, you can get it in every size and with every specifications you wont.
    But some do not understand the meaning of free choice.
    I was playing with the samsung galaxy note in a store a few days ago and it was amazing. And everyone should try it out before you say it’s to big. And if you do not like it there are still 100 of other phones that could be for you. :)

  • steveblue

    I have had the international note for about 2 months. I am a 20 yr. UI expert whose worked with and without apple over the years ( apple tried to hire me twice as their 3D UI expert). This is an amazing phone, I would say a game changer – Samsung did their homework on how big a phone could be and still “work”. It fits in my pocket ( every day), I can use one hand when I want ( Samsung makes special software for that but I do different things cause it is a new paradigm) but mostly it is so well integrated if you use your phone as a computer and media device – this design just took all the daily frustration out of trying to do computer stuff on a phone. Touch is their for fast and casual usage, the pen I pull out for any real detailed work ( anything over a minute) and I also use the amazing voice recognition for commands and discursive input ( email, messages), I move between then all quickly. With the amazing high res large screen and the real estate your fingers and pen has, you are so much more precise and faster for browsing , using a calendar, taking notes, and with the Wacon created resistive pressure sensitive, high precision pen, I can do text recognition: annotate: pics, screen shots, maps, pdfs: make charts and drawings and most importantly have pixel accurate control – no more zooming up and down just to click on a small link. Like I said it is a game changer – and it is NOT a capcitive pen (as I see written here and alot of apple sites) – the touch is capcitive but the pen has a full resistive digitizer under the screen for amazing control. If this came out by apple the world would be going crazy about it, I for one do not care about press or hype, just that I have a great new tool. If you want one – you need a day to get use to it, and read the forums,99% of new users say they can never go back to a regular phone. I personally got the international version because I am a design/computer geek bu profession and want access to dev tools, ROMs and ICS – keep in my that the USA/Canada carriers ( why do we put up with them) screwed up and use a different cpu ( slower too) just to push LTE. You call of course any NOTE is amazing.

    • Al *not* Bundy

      You are in the 1% on this topic that ISN’T a troll. Though I enjoy a good roast, it loses it effect after 10 million “geller’s a ******!” type posts, and an equal amount of rebuttals saying we are just trolling, with nothing meaningful to add. Not only did you say it was a better choice, you said in detail WHY. I was so impressed I had to respond. Samsung can count me as a prospective buyer.

  • hamid shaikh

    yes you are right every one is fan of that

  • Doan

    I’m a fan of both Samsung and Android, but I have no desire to own this device.

  • ed

    Have both the note and as daily phones, those who think it’s too big should reserve their judgement until after a road test. People used to carry and speak into brick sized devices and the note is far from that.

  • Gilval

    Im a mac user since 2005 and was forbidden to eat any forbidden fruits.. but when I took a bite of the Galaxy Note my world opened up…you have a choice.

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