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MediaTek to bring Android 4.0 and high performance specs to entry level devices


One billion people will own smartphones in four years, says Forrester, a research company. A large portion of that growth over the next couple years will come when owners of feature phones finally switch over to smartphones. Companies like MediaTek will accelerate this transition by delivering high performance chips to entry-level Android devices.

This week MediaTek announced their MT6575 platform that includes a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, PowerVR SGX Series 5 GPU, and proven 3G/HSPA modem. MediaTek’s new platform will support Android 4.0, qHD (960×540) high‐resolution displays, dual-SIM capability, and 720p high‐definition video playback and recording with an 8MP camera.

“We expect significant growth in entry and mid‐level smartphones, with wholesale prices under US$190, over the coming years. We forecast that this segment will almost triple in size from 191 million shipments in 2012 to 551 million by 2016. At that time, we also expect approximately 75% of those entry and mid‐level smartphones to ship to emerging markets” said Neil Mawston, Executive Director, Global Wireless Practice, at Strategy Analytics.

MediaTek claims their new platform provides a 35% improvement for browser applications and over 20% improvement in graphics capabilities for gaming when compared to “competitors’ best offerings in these segments”.

One of the first entry-level devices to use the MediaTek MT6575 platform could be Lenovo’s A750. MediaTek says these devices should appear in the first quarter of this year. There have been conflicting reports over this phone, but Chinese site Android-sale says Lenovo is the first. They recently got their hands on the A750 and uploaded several hands-on videos to YouTube.

Another Chinese blogger compared the MediaTek MT6575 against Qualcomm’s Snapdragon MSM8266 and found that MediaTek came out ahead in the Neocore benchmark. The older Adreno 2xx GPU’s found in previous generation Snapdragons have been weak, so it’s no surprise that a PowerVR SGX Series 5 GPU was faster.

Almost every pre-paid carrier in the US now offers Android phones, but the majority of these models run old versions of Android and offer less-than-desirable specs. If MediaTek and their OEM partners can deliver phones based on Android 4.0 and priced under $199, that deliver high-performance graphics, large qHD displays, and record 720p HD video, then I think the adoption will really take off.

What specs would you like to see on Android phones priced under $199?

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Via: NY Times

Source: MediaTek

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  • aranea

    More Android fun for everyone. Who can argue that?!

  • spazby

    There is huge market for chapter but decent phones out there with global economy reeling…

    • spazby

      cheaper, not chapter

    • Matthew H

      I would definitely be in the market for one of these phones. I need an unlimited plan because I do a lot of calling for my work, and the big players (Verizon, ATT, Sprint, T-mobile) are much more expensive with unlimited plans than Virgin Mobile (my current company), Simple Mobile, Straight Talk or Cricket. But with pre-paid plans, you pay the whole cost of the device, and I just can’t convince myself I need to pay $600+ for a Galaxy Nexsus right now and use on Simple Mobile. So a good quality mid-tier phone at $200 would be a no-brainer for me today, and I would gladly trade up from my too-slow LG Optimus. It works well, I just want a larger screen with more speed.

  • AsakuraZero

    this would also help to make the high end phone more “accessible’ because they would be competing in getting those buyers of the mid range to spend the extra buck for a great high end.

    or well those are my thoughts

  • Matthew Reynolds

    im 100% sure if htc didnt lock thier displays to 60 fps we’d be seeing way more fps on neocore.. neocore is a HORRIBLE benchmark

    • Bob

      The gpu in the MTK, beats the one in the qualcomme, so no..

  • Matthew Reynolds

    T mobile gs2 is qualcomm adreno 220 and beats everything on benchmarks. HTC just loves to bog this cpu down

    • Matthew Reynolds

      *last comment meant beats all other adreno 220*

      • Bob

        The Adreno 220 is half the speed of the Mali400. and the mali gets better scores, so id say the exynos is the best, not the one in the tmobile gs2

        • Bob

          Oh sorry i get what your saying, that the samsung adreno 220, beats htc adreano 220, not all gpu, sorry

  • ben

    4G and NFC!!!

  • SGB101

    im due an up grade now (two month ago actually), will wait a month and get the latest offering sgs3 (i hope, if not gnex) im in the uk. but after this device i think my day so chasing specs will be over.

    in two years time an entry to mid device will be good enough for me. i hope.

  • allan soria

    when it will come here in the phil.?

  • Jef

    Samsung, Sony, etc! Please Use this Processor on your Entry level Smartphones cuz I really want an ICS phone w/ good performance in gaming.