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Motorola beats Apple in court; iPhones and iPads banned temporarily in Germany


We have something special for your daily flurry of lawsuit news. We usually see Cupertino Giant messing with all the little boys in the playground. Today, Motorola has taken a big swing at Apple, winning a permanent injunction in Germany. This forced Apple to pull most of its devices from its online store (you could still find them at stores) for a while.

Devices affected included the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and all 3G-enabled iPads. These went off the German Apple Store website for a while, until the ban was lifted again. An appeal took place after Apple complained that Motorola was not being helpful with the licensing of the patents at hand. Apple made a licencing payment offer, and its products should be back in the shelves soon. [1]

Regardless, it seems like iPhone and iPad users in Germany might still be losing some iCloud functionality. Mainly, the use of push e-mail, which is a great loss, if you ask us. Being able to get your e-mail & notifications in time is crucial for many users.

It seems like Google was not so wrong making the decision to acquire Motorola, in order to defend the Android operating system and manufacturers from legal battles. Motorola is on a roll with Apple, with this being the third time they won against Cupertino Giant, in Germany.

We are also still waiting to see what happens in Florida, where Motorola sued Apple, as well. Odds are looking awfully great for Motorola. And with this happening in Apple’s home country, we can expect to see those tables not only turned, but flipped upside down.


  1. Via BBC News

Via: Engadget

Source: FOSS Patents

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  • WarDrake

    Go Moto!

    • Jeff Pan

      Go Android ! Get Apple!

      • teecruz

        Hey, Chica! Get Funky!

        Sorry. reminded me of the Melody in a certain song.
        but yes.. Go MOTO! :)

  • ranwanimator

    As much as I hate the patent wars all together, this does make my heart happy.
    How do you like them Apples?

    • honourbound68

      what comes around goes around lol.

  • Slith

    Finally some good news in the 21st Century Patent War.

    • zerosix

      SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and patent wars can be named “the 3rd World War”

  • PResto117

    lol the ban was lifted before you even posted this due to the FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discrimnatory) nature of the patents. Apple appealed this because Motorolla refused to allow them to pay to use the patents, while other companies like Nokia and Samsung are allowed to, so Apple will now be able to pay Motorola for them, which is something Motorola refused to due before.

    • Applesux

      Apple refused to other use the patent the “ITs shaped like a ipad” patent.

  • Thomas Biard

    Apple opened up this can of worms on their own…I could be wrong but if they hadn’t have started it this whole thing could have been avoided.

    Oh yeah I forgot… BOO YA!

  • spazby


  • NegativeOne13

    Kickin’ some ass, and taking names!

  • jsweetser2

    lawl. more skullduggery is abound, on both sides!

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    Honestly, I don’t like it when Apple does it, but I don’t like it when Google/Motorola do it either. It’s just bad for technology. I know they are retaliating, but both sides really should just meet and say, let’s stop this and innovate.

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      These were my thoughts too. Apple took the first step, it’s time they realize that this is not the right way. I have a hunch Apple will not stop at all.

      • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

        If they don’t stop a judge (or lawmaker) is going to put a stop to it at some point. It all looks petty and ends up being pretty pointless in the long run.

    • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

      Someone’s gotta do something in retaliation though. If they don’t apple will just steamroll everyone. This way hopefully apple sees the weight of patents behind android and is forced to give up.

  • Petraeus Prime

    This is whta moto wanted, now apple will have to license their tech to google for droid, there is no way for apple to have its cake and eat it too

    • Presto117

      Except the patents that Moto has that they’re suing Apple for using are deemed basically common among devices. However, the only reason Apple got the ban lifted was because Motorola openly licenses the patents to Nokia and Samsung, and never gave Apple that option, discriminating against them. Apple doesn’t license their tech, which is still not great, but gave them grounds to get it lifted. I think we can all agree, though, that anything that’s pretty standard and common-place on a smartphone should be allowed to use by everyone. Except for Samsung. Touchwiz on the Galaxy S looked more like iOS that iOS did, so I had no problems with them getting sued.

  • greeny42

    I’m surprised nobody has made a Patent Wars video game yet. Either way, all of this needs to stop. The patent system needs to be reformed, and these endless lawsuits are a waste of resources. I recommend the This American Life Episode – “When Patent’s Attack.” Just brilliant.

  • Billy

    Bwahahahaha … so … Android Mfgs pay MS. Apple pays Moto. Moto pays Goog (via ownership). A tangled web … but fun and interesting .. kind of.

  • Carlos icee0711

    I can’t help but laugh. Some might argue its already happened but how long until apple is irrelevant?

    • Presto117

      When the Earth dies.


    i am smiling from ear to ear right now

  • Matt

    take that apple !

  • sunrise

    All of them need to just get together and agree to stop suing eachother. The only people benefiting are the law firms and legal counsels handling these suits.

  • E

    Keep it coming

  • Ismael Rodriguez

    Someone needs to make an updated “Android peeing on Apple” image with Android wearing a Motorola jacket, hat or something.

  • Ricky

    I completely agree with Ismael Rodriguez that would make my day if they did that! not that this article hasnt already (im sharing this article on facebook 4 my annoying fanboy friends) I am so happy right now its about time Apple got what was coming to them I hate Apple! GOOO MOTOROLA

  • fulaman

    Don’t do onto others that you don’t want done onto you

  • Max.Steel

    These companies just need to stop it. This is getting old.

  • aranea

    Finally, Apple is tasting its own medicine. Though I bet apple fanboys will find a way to explain why they didn’t need the push at the first place :)

    • Ricky

      Lol crapple fanboys always have a lame excuse

  • KC

    An Apple a day, keeps the lawyers LOL to their banks.

    All the “suing me, suing you, ah ha” gotta stop. It’s stifling innovations.

    It all started with Apple’s Steve Jobs who vowed to destroy Android all all cost! Well, he’s gone now, so we should just let us all live in peace.

    But Apple and MicroSoft are not ever letting up. BAD KARMA, poor losers Apple and MicroSoft!!!

  • Ruben Alvarez

    I think this, and hopefully the case in Florida does, is hopefully end this whole sue instead of innovate mentality that all the manufacturers have, especially Apple. Motorola, cough Google cough, could say to Apple, we will charge you a reasonable licencing deal but this all has to stop. Lay off of Samsumg, HTC, Motorola of course, and stick to making gadgets. We are no longer vulnerable to your type of tactics, and can even win at your game. Leave us alone and we we will leave you alone. Best one wins, as it should be.

  • Hall Lo

    Hey Apple how does that taste like?

  • The Truth Squad

    Patent wars are nothing new. The radio and the airplane went through the same thing early in the century. The only difference then was you had to actually had to have something to build, not just some hair-brained concept you may or not may use some day. A patent was once issued for a “flying machine” which meant the whole airplane.

  • Thomas MacDougall

    Apple finds out what it feels like…

  • KRS_Won

    I remember a while ago, when the first mention of Google acquiring Motorola, people were guessing why. Some said for Motorola’s patents, and there were naysayers dismissing Motorola’s patent portfolio, saying it wasn’t that strong. It seems like Motorola is the only company successful at going against *pple. I bet Microsoft probably has a few patents that would hamper *pple, too. But it appears that they would rather take money from Android. My thinking is that Microsoft figures if they can cripple Android enough, people will buy Windows phone instead.

  • Uncle Rico