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Official Samsung Android 4.0 update list


Getting the latest version of Android is a constant concern for the enthusiasts out there, and Android 4.0 is one of the more significant shifts we’ve seen. So it’s understandable that people are clamoring to know when they’ll be getting it. Samsung’s dramatic rise to popularity amongst Android users in general and our readership specifically, coupled with the fact that they have been responsible for the last two Nexus devices, means that they perhaps have the largest target on their back.


Our list of Samsung devices that will and won't be receiving Android 4.0 can be found at the bottom of this post and will be updated as new information becomes available.

Will my device be updated?

As you are no doubt aware, Samsung was first out of the gate with Android 4.0 on first the Galaxy Nexus and then the Nexus S, but those are Nexus devices and that was to be expected. They have, in my opinion, been slightly less forthcoming than some of the other major manufacturers about their plans for the rest of their lineup.

The sheer number of devices they have released is no doubt at least partially to blame and despite often releasing the same line of phones (e.g., Galaxy S II) across many carriers, there are minor hardware variations in each that render the shared name less meaningful.

While Samsung hasn't given a comprehensive upgrade list yet, it is worth nothing that thus far Samsung has not committed to upgrading any of their single core devices. So for the time being, that's probably the best indicator of whether your Samsung device will be updated to Android 4.0. But don't conclude that if you do have a dual-core device then the update is guaranteed.

Latest Android 4.0 update news from Samsung

  • 1/3/12 -¬†Samsung Galaxy S won't be updated to Android 4.0 - "value pack" or otherwise
    After a brief rumor surfaced that the Samsung Galaxy S variants might see an update to Android 4.0 that stripped out TouchWiz to make room (basically the dream scenario), the hopes of millions of Galaxy S owners were extinguished like so many Alderaanians. (Too soon?). It wasn't a terribly surprising decision, but considering this was the device that put Samsung on the map for Android users it would have been nice if they could have pulled it off.
  • 12/20/11 - Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II to lead Samsung's Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades in Q1 2012
    This was Samsung's biggest release of information regarding their Android 4.0 plans, but only positively identified a timeline for the Note and Galaxy S II.

Samsung devices that have Android 4.0

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Global Version)
Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE
Samsung Nexus S (rolling update should be completed in Q1)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (unreleased)
Samsung Galaxy S II (Global version is receiving a rolling update)

Samsung devices that will  receive Android 4.0 update in Q2

Samsung Galaxy Note (Global version)

Samsung devices that will receive Android 4.0; timeline unknown

Samsung Nexus S 4G (likely Q1)
Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T)
Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile)
Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch
Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T)
Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket (Leaked update available)
Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD
Samsung Galaxy R
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Samsung devices that will not be updated to Android 4.0


Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S Captivate
Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

Devices not listed here have not currently been commented on by Samsung

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  • AsakuraZero

    i dont believe samsung but oh well

    • nosense

      Say thanks to Touchwitz crap…for the Galaxy S non update.

      Then you have the very same HW with ICS: Nexus S.

      • thel0nerang3r

        I have the Nexus S 4G, no ICS yet. So… it’s a crapshoot

  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    So no love for the Droid Charge. That’s too bad, as that phone could reeeeaaalllly use an update.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Well, no official word one way or the other on the Charge, but I wouldn’t say it’s looking good.

    • rojo623


  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Be great to see the Note with ICS. ICS on Galaxy Nexus, and S is great, should be fantastic on the Note.

    • delinear

      Agreed, if I knew it was coming to Note as soon as Q1 I would have had an even harder time choosing between it and the Nexus. Note and SII definitely need this update ASAP so this is good to see.

  • mipd1980

    I can’t wait til my NS4G gets some ICS love…. I’m unrooted and stock patiently waiting ….

    • Sahas Katta

      Same here, it has been 3 months since ICS became available already. I have never bothered rooting a device, but I am thinking about going about that route if Google/Sprint doesn’t deliver the update by the end of the month.

  • Paul Jamieson

    We have 20+ Nexus S devices here at work on Telus, but we do not have a ICS OS on them yet .. Not sure what samsung is talking about .. maybe Telus opted not you upgrade them !! :(

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I’m certain they will be updated, the GSM Nexus S rollout of 4.0 has not been ideal to say the least and at least as far as I can discern it is just ongoing and will eventually make it to all variants.

      • Jamie

        Has any Nexus S received this update?

  • Inquizitor

    So, wait, why is there no AT&T Galaxy S II on this list? I mean the original S II, which came before either Skyrocket. Will it receive Ice Cream Sandwich? My friend bought it at launch on my recommendation…

    • Dan13

      I’m sure it will. It is almost identical to the international version in terms of hardware. The only difference is the external build.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Sorry, just an oversight. 3 versions of Galaxy S II on AT&T got the better of me.

      • Inquizitor

        Ah, phew, no worries. That phone still doesn’t really have any 4.0 roms out yet and I feel badthat bro is still stuck on (albeit cyanogenmod) Gingerbread while I enjoy the galaxy nexus. His fault for sticking on Ma Bell,I suppose!

    • sylar

      I’m sure by the time the GS II on AT&T gets 4.0 we will probably be on android 5.0 or 6.0. Because AT&T takes forever to let the update out.

  • honourbound68

    Bah!! no worries for me though since I got the GN and my second phone (Epic 4G) will get ICS loving care of the wonderful devs on XDA :)

    • honourbound68

      whoops.. I meant the CM team :) go alpha v. 4!!

      • AmericanJedi001

        Yessir! I hardly even keep up with the XDA Epic 4G forums now, they’re so cluttered with BS. I just go to http://epiccm.blogspot.com/ for my ICS fix, courtesy of Decad3nce and the crew.

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s so beautiful to have ice cream sandwich since december it’s such a wonderful operating system. I would love Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Note to come already with ics in june.

  • Dirge

    Oh well, wasn’t really expecting ICS for the Droid Charge ever since Samsung said the original Galaxy S won’t receive it. Hopefully I dev can get RIL working soon.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Oh hey let’s keep working on gingerbread even though ice cream sandwich is out. Fuck that. Hello custom roms ;)

  • Meister_Li

    While I can understand that Samsung or any other Manufacturer may not want to invest the resources into getting the latest and greatest Android running on their old(er) devices, I’d like to see them at least release more of the device driver’s sources, so the Community has an easier time porting the new Android to those devices. It’d be a good move from Samsung and make enthusiasts much more happy to buy their devices that aren’t Nexus-Branded.

  • HadLaNi

    how i know if mine a global version?

    • Meister_Li

      If you’re in the US, it’s not. If you’re outside the US, it is.

      • HadLaNi

        Thank you.

    • WlfHart

      If you ordered yours from outside the U.S. it will likely be a global version.

  • Adam Snyder

    Samsung Nexus S* (Not Nexus S 4G… still waiting)

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      The joys of a “rolling update,” I swear I’m always last for those as well.

  • mike s

    What I like is a have an upgrade available to me, and can choose from Galaxy S II for T-Mo, or HTC Amaze for T-Mo. Both currently $229. I’ll wait for them to go on sale. I could also get the HTC Sensation 4G for T-Mo for $149 but a bit older. Any way I’ll get a phone w/ICS in near future. As for Galaxy Nexus it’s still a mythological creature to me…

    • zack

      HTC did confirm ICS on sensation and Amaze. There’s already versions on xda. If u want updates and a better interface then scrappy touchwiz, go with HTC.

      • zack

        Crappy, not scrappy.

      • mike s

        Actually I said this because I checked, and both are. Perhaps I should have added 4G after each. I like HTC better as well. And that HTC camera looks pretty cool. My HTC G2 camera has impressed me most of the time. And that is end of life. I believe I will take on the Amaze 4G! Thx for your input!

  • ArticulateFool

    Samsung is pretty good at this stuff lately. Props to them for actually releasing a list and not making their customers play the guessing game.

    • omnom

      :O I don’t think samsung compiled this list.. and they are making them play the guessing game.. they only announced ics for 2 phones i believe.. I could be wrong

  • Shawn Clark

    Thats good to hear, im certain all the galaxy owners who stuck under contract with the previous galaxy S series quite upset about that.

  • spazby

    Keep your devices updated sammy please

  • CTown

    I commented about this a few hours ago on a different article on this site: http://androidandme.com/2012/02/news/t-mobile-android-buyers-guide-february-2012/#comment-274246

  • BigCiX

    Wow……what happen to the charge and the infuse. If HTC can update the inspire to 4.0 and moto’s original atrix how come Sammy can’t do the same. I hope the Galaxy Nexus will show up on at&fee. Tired of this pick & choose update crap by carriers/manufacturers!

  • bill c.

    What about the samsung 4″-5″ player?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I believe that Samsung classifies both the Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0 as Galaxy S devices, so while we can’t be certain my guess would be no.

  • sunrise

    By the time Samsung gets Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updated on the phones listed above, Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will be out. None of those phones listed above will get Jelly Bean. Instead, Samsung will start shipping Galaxy S3 with ICS, and S3 will get Jelly bean.

    Just my prediction :)

    • jemocomments

      Lol. I just hope samsung will keep us updated, at the earliest.

  • Luke Haviland

    oh geez
    my Charge isn’t even listed under the not updated ones
    Sammy sure does like to take their time updated devices
    yet…i’m hook to that AMOLED screen

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I’ve added an extra line to the end of the post to clarify this point as you weren’t the only one to take it that way. The Charge is one of many that Samsung simply hasn’t commented on one way or the other which is the reason it doesn’t appear on the list.

  • Mitchell

    as mentioned above i have a nexus s here in canada and i have yet to get ics upgrade still on 2.3.6, so the list is WRONG!

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      The upgrade is still rolling out in Canada so some users seem to have it while others do not. I’ll update the post to better reflect that.

  • ferry

    will samsung galaxy Wonder get update to ICS?

  • james

    I really want to know when my T-Mobile gsii well get it I’m stock no root

  • Elitistnot

    Dumping android after this contact. Sick of this crap with these android companies… A lot of phones never even got gingerbread. Android, google, samsung and the carriers are all BS. Bye bye andrule.

    • Elitistnot

      Oh yeah… And just wait until jelly bean (5.0) comes out. Android is a fragmentation disaster… Continually pissing off customers every few months.

    • jim howell

      what are you gonna get apple so you can jailbreak it ?

  • Rohan

    Any news on when will Samsung release Galaxy S2 kernel sources? That’s what I’m waiting for..

  • Nurzhan Kazbekov

    Heard that official update date is not in q1 but in q2(april-june)

  • Eli

    Thanks Samsung for nothing…my Galaxy Tab 7″ will soon face the dark ages. Lost my business

  • kwills88

    Whenever my friends ask me why they should root, I always throw this fact around, that if you depend on your carriers and manufacturer for updates, your phone will be nothing but a relic, I had my g1 for 3 years thanks to root and devs’ support, it sucks that a lot of ppl won’t experience new updates because of hardware issues and lack of support.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    Cyanogenmod will finally be able to finish off ICS roms ;)

  • h0ruza

    A month and a few weeks is not too long to wait. Plus I’m in no rush to upgrade to a diluted ICS.

  • Marlon

    Phew! Well i hope that samsung will add the samsung galaxy ace to the android ICS upgrade list

  • Derek

    If the Nexus S hardware will run ICS 4.0 with no problems, then any Galaxy S will as well. It’s just Samsung being lazy and not putting it out.

  • Yowan

    What about the Galaxy S Plus i9001?
    Sony will be rolling out ICS for most of their devices which have around the same specs as the SGS1, Samsung is just making excuses as usual.

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    FWIW, a rooted Official ICS ROM is available for the E4GT over on XDA (a lot of acronyms!). Flashed it last night and it’s niccccccce!

  • droilfade

    I understand there can be hitches while pushing updates, but Samsung has only done a bad job till now! I remember waiting for I9000 official GB update for like six months! I hope they stick to the schedule this time around!

  • Billy

    Wow! That looks promising. Go Samsung!

  • cristian cristiandonose

    Too bad. Was hopping for some ICS love for my Galaxy S. Guess i will still use some ported roms.

  • Adolf

    F*** you, samsung. Asus and Acer put ICS to they tablets, but u still cant…

  • Chris

    Lol I got t959 vibrant running ics fast and smooth never better

  • XEOD

    You know its messages like these that drive consumers aware from certain brands. I owned a Galaxy S and upgraded to an SII just because I wanted to make sure that I was up to date with new releases, however the lack of support from Samsung as definitely started to create some remorse were I may invest more money to buy “pure” Google devices. Ones that will receive updates on time. Looking forward to a pure Google Tablet

  • jemocomments

    Hey author, can you send me an update when will my galaxy tab 7.7 have its ICS? Thanks!

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      The GSM version I take it?

  • Miguel

    I live in uk, I too am still waiting for my ics update for my nexus s, at the moment its 2.3.6 gingerbread.
    For the galaxy s users, my friend has ics on his but of course he rooted his and it runs smoothly..

  • Samsung Galaxy S User

    I never never own another Samsung phone again The is crap and so is the company for their lousy updates. They should just stick to TVs

  • fingers26

    When will take place the update ICS in Mexico. I have a Galaxy Note… waiting for the Update…!!!!
    Please Release it NOW..!!!!

  • abhishek agarwal

    dude thats not done!!! samsung galaxy sl is not getting any update
    i have to use the alpha version of ics builded by the xda developer

  • ghst

    Most updates we will start March 1st.

  • thecityboy781

    So i have the S2 (gt-9100) and im on tmobile…will i get the update on March 1st?

  • Km

    What about Galaxy S Plus??? ICS update

  • John A Smith

    Any word on update 4.04 for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus?

  • Danny

    Hahaaa. I already have ICS on my Captivate … Couple of months ago… Smooth like butter.

    Do Samsung engineers ever go to XDA and take some notes/feedback.

  • Mitchell

    as soon as my nexus s gets ics i will sell it and get iphone, fuck samsung and google for there absolute lack of communication!

  • perlowin

    I’m anxiously waiting for ICS for my SII, but my phone still works. Why are people getting so angry that Samsung is taking so long to come out with ICS? Are you still using your phone? Would you be angry if Google stopped making updates and you were “stuck” with what you have now? Yeah it’s nice to have the latest and greatest, but why get so pissed off if you don’t get it the 1st day it comes out?

    I think we’re all spoiled with updates!

  • Wes

    I hate to say it, but I have been enjoying CM9 for almost 2 months, why wait for the carrier? I live in Alaska, and my carrier is even slower in providing updates as they are not part of the big 3. So anytime there is an update, I look to the developer community, and have been much happier for it.


    The list does not contain anyware for samsung galaxy s plul 9001 in Samsung devices that will receive Android 4.0 update

  • Sebastien

    and what about ICS for Samsung galaxy tab 7 plus (GT-6200)????

  • Geir Stensrud

    Someone know when android 4.0 coming to samsung galaxy xcover gt-s5690 in norway?

    • Indrek Paas

      I’m afraid never. This has been the case with all “cheap” phones. They will not support it for long. I like my xcover but regret getting it. Should have gotten a motorola defy2 instead.

  • Sawa

    what about the samsung galaxy s plus?

  • masini giulio

    volevo sapere se si puo aggiornare il mio x cover s 5690

  • ALI


  • nikunj

    pls releas update of 4.0 for splus i9001

  • satya yadav

    my samsung wave y mobile so how to update mobile in android

  • majid

    I galaxy ace2 phone will be updated to Android 4

  • milad

    is the galaxy ace2 updated to Android 4 or will be to android4?

  • chaman

    samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830i
    ka android update hua hai kya from 2.3.6 .