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Rumor: Galaxy S III to feature 4.8″ display, launched in 50 major markets simultaneously


When we first heard that Samsung would not be announcing the Galaxy S III in Barcelona, we knew the rumor mill would start flying. On the eve of the biggest show in mobile, BGR, who has been known to indulge in a rumor or two, claims to have information from a solid source about Samsung’s upcoming flagship 2012 device.

First up, the display. The Galaxy S III will reportedly take a more is more stance, with a super-sized 4.8″ Super AMOLED HD Plus display (likely a 1280 x 720 resolution similar to the Galaxy Nexus). The S III is also rumored to be touting a quad-core processor, likely its own quad-core Exynos 4412 chipset we were drooling over yesterday, which clocks in between 1.5-1.8 GHz on an ARM Cortex-A9 chipset. We could see something come out of left field, like the inclusion of the 5250 or 5450 Exynos chips, which are Samsun’s dual and quad-core (respectively) chips running on the greatly improved ARM Cortex-A15.

A rumor of the stranger variety is that BGR’s source claims the Galaxy S III will feature a ceramic backing instead of the plasticky textured backings we’ve grown accustomed to in Samsung’s smartphones. This rumor should be taken with a grain gallon of salt, as using a ceramic backing to the device would be an interesting design choice on Samsung’s part, to say the least.

Regardless, we likely won’t be hearing official details about the Galaxy S III until it’s officially unveiled closer to its launch date, which is rumored to be in the March/April timeframe. If BGR‘s final claim is accurate, the Galaxy S III will reportedly launch in 50 major markets simultaneously, which hopefully means that us folks over in the U.S. won’t have to wait a long time to get our hands on the next great Android smartphone.

Who else is excited to pick up a Galaxy S III later this year? I know my Galaxy S II is looking a little bit sadder this morning.

Source: BGR

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  • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

    Will it come to Sprint? That’s what I want to know! I want to get out of this evo3d.

    • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

      Why wouldn’t it? Only Verizon skipped the Galaxy S II because they were getting the Galaxy Nexus.

      • Fulaman

        I don’t think that’s the reason why Verizon skipped the Galaxy S II, where is this reported. Don’t forget that T-mobile got the Nexus S and Galaxy S (Vibrant) at the same time.

  • redraider133

    Hopefully verizon grabs it this time and hopefully the US doesn’t get it months later.

    • Joel

      Hopefully Verizon DOESNT get it…this phone needs space to breathe and flourish…and Verizon does a pretty sh*tty job of properly advertising their best devices frankly because they have too many.

      Had the GN been released multicarrier from the beginning it would have done way better with sales.

      How many Nexus commercials have you seen? Okay….Now I bet the number of Razr commercials are 2x that.

      Tmo, Sprint, and At&t would be able to give this awesome device the attention it deserves. No disrespect to Verizon customers, My concern is with the phone getting more than the usual attention – To the average consumer it’ll just be another face on the over crowded Verizon shelves.

      • redraider133

        That is because the nexus is a pure google device and up until sprint got the nexus s they weren’t really advertised that much. Not to mention the rezound, razr, and others are just as good spec wise as the nexus and get plenty of advertising. Verizon would advertise this like crazy. Every carrier has tons of phones that is the most idiotic thing I have heard. I mean at&t got what 3 different versions of the sgs2 and barely advertise any of them….

        • Joel

          Cmon red, pay attention – the point I was trying to make was relative to the sales and attention the phone would get to the AVERAGE consumer, not to the tech savvy ones like you and I.

          And I agree with your point on at&t – but that’s also because they’re trying to still ride on the coat tails of the iphone. (Saw 3 commercials while typing this)

          Ill rephrase…standard setting phones – ie GN, GS3, would get the limelight they deserved if not released on ANY single carrier first.

        • archangel

          Sprint is getting the Galaxy nexus in May/June.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Is that WHY the Galaxy Nexus OUTSOLD both Razr and Razr Maxx…

        • squiddy20

          Has it now? I’d like to see one shred of evidence stating this “fact”. Just like you said it was a “fact” that rooting was for “2plus year old devices”. Haha ok.

        • kye

          give up dick. No one gives a shit about your obsessive juvenile rants.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Soooo Verizon shouldn’t get the phone because it needs space to breathe…. ok then. You’re thinking about this a bit too in-depth.

  • staryoshi

    I’ll be ready for the Galaxy S IV in 2013 ;)

    • Doan

      I’m saving my current upgrade for the GS III. I don’t even want to think about the GS IV that I’ll likely end up skipping.

  • WlfHart

    If they do drop an A15, quad core, that could be a real beast!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Too early for that. Maybe the SGS IV.

  • Johnathan Prochaska

    Noooo… I waited for samsung galaxy s2 because I assumed (my big mistake) that there would be another delay for this phone to come out. I could have waited those few extra months for this. Oh well.

  • David

    That picture on BGR is exactly what I’m looking for in a phone. All screen.

    • RRR

      +1 for design
      /* if geller not photoshopped it himself.

  • Silgrond

    I’ve lost my Galaxy S 1 two weeks ago while I was skiing, I’m planning to buy a new phone around September, it might be a good upgrade for my Sony Ericsson k810 lol

  • Inquizitor

    Let’s remember that these were the guys who predicted the all-aluminum iPhone 5, and the October release of the “Droid Prime.”

    • David

      BGR is the worst tech blog on the internet.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    Let’s hope that when it comes to the US, the name of the phone won’t become “Galaxy S III 4G Touch Wizard Edition Times 3″.

    • Inquizitor

      Ahem, please. I think you mean the “Samsung Galaxy S III Epic TouchWiz Skyrocket Edition Times 3 4G LTE featuring Super AMOLED Plus HD”

    • Doan

      Blame the carriers for that.

      • snarkbot

        Personally, I blame them all equally without distinction.

  • Hall Lo

    Arent most of these are some known facts already? I would be surprised only if it doesnt feature a 1280×720 screen, and not at least using its 4412 chipset… But anyways this phone is something we definitely could look forward to :D

  • Felipe B

    What about the rumors regading frequencies: GSM or CDMA ? If GSM : AT&T or T-Mobile style frequencies? LTE ? which?

    My wishlist: GSM Pentaband, LTE multi-band … but having the user the ability to turn on and off any band depending on his location of use.

    Yes, yes, I know cell phone operators will never allow this…. but nice thoughts, aren’t they…?

  • http://alxrock.deviantart.com alxrock

    I wonder how much longer it’ll be. September maybe?

  • jspiby2

    I love HTC phones and I’m looking to buy its new flashship phone one X but I hate to say it this really could be a great phone, I don’t know what to do now :-(

  • spazby

    Will it have lte for sprint?

  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

    I’m surprised none of these rumors re-iterate the fact that the Galaxy S III is supposed to get a sealed internal battery like the Droid RAZR in order to increase battery size.

  • mrbill187

    verizon probably wont get this until 9 months after the european release. then SGS IV will be released 3 weeks after.

    • mrbill187

      gah login fail.

  • jamal adam

    It seems like I have to take the words of BGR with a “gallon of salt” lol

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      yeah, the source of the rumor is why i used the gallon of salt analogy. ha

  • Naitsaves

    My day was made when I read “simultaneously”

  • nory826

    Looks like I may be selling my GSM galaxy nexus soon! Especially when the devs figure out a way to put AOSP ICS on this bad boy.

  • Yonas

    I never got my hands on final fantasy I or II two ,when i was a kid….but i nailed III.
    I think history is gonna repeat itself,but this time with samsung.

  • David

    Can we please troll that Apple cult over there at BGR? Someone photoshop a picture of a Galaxy note, call it the iPhone 5, send them it via an anonymous tip, and watch them go apeshit over the revolutionary new design.

  • Orion78

    Without question, this is my next device. Sprint, let’s do this.

    • eagleheart4333

      yes, i REALLY REALLY hope Sprint gets this. truly unlimited data is the only way to use this device

  • RRR

    The rumor sounds good but i was thinking about the Note 2 with such bezelless design and same true RGB matrix will be almost perfect larger size SGS 3 brother for those who care about this category (which is ideal for browsing and as a tablet substitute). Just add 4000mAh battery and the beast will be ready to get any power hungry processor

  • THo

    With Samsung’s fixation on Apple they have to release something that will compete with the A6 in the iphone 5 — quad A9 cores are yesterday’s news. By the time the iphone 5 is out anything less then 2 A15 cores will be a fail.

  • Cod3rror


    But the the reason they made it 4.8″ is probably because they could not make an RGB HD screen smaller. The reason Galaxy S II was 4.3(4.27 to be exact) is because it was an RGB Super AMOLED and that was the smallest size they could manufacture.

    Still, 4.8″ is just too much. Not interested.

  • BigCiX

    I think I’m officially waiting for the next nexus to drop and pray it comes to at&fee.

  • aburgthing

    While waiting for HTC to launch something sweet, I may have to change allegiances and go with this. The HTC One IMHO has struck out with no replaceable battery or SD card. Hoping Samsung doesn’t follow suit.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Yes this is BOSS it’s either this or the next NEXUS for me. Right now nothing beats the Galaxy Nexus and that will last till at least Nov.

    • squiddy20

      “that will last till at least Nov.”
      Haha just like you said the Evo 3D would be “Sprint’s flagship phone well into 2012″? Riiiiight. Keep dreaming Dick.

    • Steam

      ZOMG Richard. Nothing will beat it until November if that’s when you get a new phone, or when you get a new phone, whichever comes first. Then, of course, THAT phone will be the “pimp-slapping, fap-fappin’, boss, whatever-retarded-saying-you’re-using-at-the-moment”.
      If you knew anything about tech and Nexus phones in general is that despite what some people think or blog about, they aren’t the ultimate flagship android device, nor are they actually meant to be. They are what is called a “reference platform”. Dude, seriously, grow the fuck up.

    • Vance

      Why November? Do you ever back up anything you say with reason? You may want to pay attention to MWC tomorrow.

      • squiddy20

        He says November simply because that was around the time of the Galaxy Nexus release (even though it was actually December), so he’s hoping that the next Nexus phone will be out then.

    • Orion78

      Do you ever stop? Till Nov? What, have you been hiding under a rock or something? The phones announced at MWC alone will destroy your precious Nexus. And do you know what the kicker is? The GS3 hasn’t been announced yet. If you think the Nexus will be the most dominant phone for the course of 2012 then you are an even bigger idiot than I gave you credit for.

      • Steam

        No, he doesn’t stop. Until he gets kicked off a site. He’s been kicked off of a bunch of Android sites, and this one ghost-writes an article for him (what the FUCK were you guys thinking?! Make the insane guy with the mentality of an 8-year-old feel better about himself?!). He was kicked off of Phandroid at least three times under different disqus names until they either finally got rid of him, or he went elsewhere. No, he is relentless, he will spam-fuck every thread about his GNex (or, actually whatever device he currently has), regardless of what the subject matter is.

    • snowbdr89

      The nexus is garbage i begged verizon to let me exchange mine for the rezound, i dont see why people like that phone piss poor call quality, always going from 4g to 3g ics is laggy as hell i guess thats why i dont buy samsung ohones !!

    • kye

      Moron, your bus is leaving.

  • Lx

    2012 and still no edge edge to edge screens?


  • CJ LaFleur

    Skipping on the gnex will be worth it if it comes to att in a timely manner. The rendering of this phone has no bezel on the side which is amazing. It could be the same size as a normal phone but fully utilize all the space it can for a great screen! This is great!

  • Leo Young

    Ceramic has the nice features of being transparent to radio waves (depending on the composition of the ceramics), cheap and it can be very hard. The problem is that ceramics are usually not that good with impact. Dropping the phone could make it shatter.
    I think this one is unlikely.

  • Jay


  • Nathan D.

    Nothing surprising about this except for the ceramic back hopefully something more usable will be uncovered soon.

  • kye

    BGR Are so full of shit its unbelievable.

    Scoring hits with cheap made up rumours. As some else said, they are bigging the phone up to create disappointment on release. But I don’t care, if its even a 30% improvement on the galaxy nexus which it undoubtedly will be in every way. It will be an awesome phone.

    And who knows, if samsung actually produce a product that actually is this good. Then BGR’s ‘disappointment campaign’ will back fire.

    Cant wait for it either way.

  • Fulaman

    Hopefully all Samsung Galaxy SIII devices will have the exact same features and capabilities. The first Galaxy S line, the devices were quite different (some did not have TV-out, some had much less internal storage than others, most were lacking a front-facing camera). Make them all exactly the same this time around. No using different processors here and there to make customers regret their carrier, none of that crap you pulled previously.

  • jus

    AP Mobile app too? I hope Samsung knows how to program it so it shuts off this time and doesn’t eat into people’s data caps. Idiots..