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Rumor: HTC One X to Sprint with LTE, T-Mobile to get stock Android 4.0, quad-core CPU


Leading up to Mobile World Congress, HTC had the most buzz. They delivered a smartphone worthy of the hype with their One X flagship announcement. Initially the device will be exclusive to AT&T in the United States, but this is HTC’s premier smartphone. We know they want it on as many carriers as possible. This week we did some digging around, and now we have the first details on other versions headed to the United States. Read on for the full rumor report.

The Rumor

The HTC One X smartphone will launch on Sprint and T-Mobile this summer. Like AT&T’s variant, Sprint’s version will also use the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with integrated LTE. T-Mobile will go with the quad-core Tegra 3 processor that supports HSPA+, similar to the global version of the device.

We don’t know the final name of the Sprint version, but it is believed to be a part of the EVO family. Rumored names include the EVO LTE, EVO HD and EVO 3. T-Mobile will call their version the G4x and it will offer stock Android 4.0 like their other G-series devices.

Both devices should be announced at CTIA in May.

The Sources

Evan Blass of Pocket Now is the source of the Sprint rumor. If you are not familiar with Evan, he started blogging with Engadget back in 2005 and has become the number one insider for HTC leaks. Check out previous Evan Blass stories for a history of his predictions.

The T-Mobile rumor comes from a number of trusted sources who wish to remain anonymous.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

I’m sure someone will write this is a no-shit kind of story or is obvious speculation, but we find it fun to report on the latest rumors and discuss if they are really true or not.

When it comes to the Sprint version, I will believe anything that Evan Blass reports. I don’t know where he gets his HTC information, but it is almost always spot on. He recently discovered a device codenamed HTC Jewel, and it sports all the characteristics of the HTC One X.

Sprint’s EVO brand is their premier smartphone, and they have a history of releasing a new model each summer. We already know that Sprint will launch their first LTE markets around the middle of 2012, so it makes sense that they would go with the HTC One X that features the dual-core Snapdragon S4 with integrated LTE modem.

As for the T-Mobile version, this is where the rumors get interesting. While AT&T and Sprint will offer the version with dual-core Snapdragon, T-Mobile will go with the quad-core Tegra 3 version that supports their 4G HSPA+ network.

Once again, Evan Blass was one of the first to report that he had seen the name “T-Mobile G4X” floating around. I reached out to a reliable T-Mobile source who confirmed that their G-series of devices will “always” live on.

At first we assumed this T-Mobile G4X device might be LG’s Optimus 4X HD, since the Optimus 2X became the T-Mobile G2x. However, no one from LG has even hinted at their quad-core smartphone coming to T-Mobile, and last year’s device had all sorts of problems. On top of that, I had a third unnamed source who told me the quad-core HTC One X was surely coming to T-Mobile.

If this rumor turns out to be true, and I wouldn’t be writing about it if I didn’t believe in it, then T-Mobile could have the most compelling version of the HTC One X in the United States.

For starters, the inclusion of stock Android 4.0 would be a major selling point for the Android enthusiast crowd. HTC’s Sense 4.0 UI offers some cool features, but it’s beginning to turn stale and many hardcore users prefer the Holo UI of stock Android 4.0.

The addition of the quad-core Tegra 3 is another attractive feature. A couple days ago there were all kinds of headlines like “Snapdragon S4 slaughters Tegra 3″, but the latest benchmarks of the HTC One series reveal that the Tegra 3 version is actually faster in browser and gaming performance.

Anand Shimpi of Anandtech went back and updated his benchmarks of the HTC One, which now show Tegra 3 leads in a number of synthetic tests. The Snapdragon S4 version was faster in a GLBenchmark test, but Anand notes it was run at each device’s native screen resolution. The HTC One X pushes 77% more pixels than the One S with Snapdragon S4, and it still remains competitive. Clearly Tegra 3 is on par with Snapdragon S4 in processing power, and it takes the lead in graphics performance.

NVIDIA also claims that the Tegra 3 version will offer greater battery life than the Snapdragon S4 version. We will not know if that is true until we spend some time with the devices, but Tegra 3 tablets have offered industry leading battery life. (Short story: I watched 3 full length movies on my Transformer Prime + dock while flying to Barcelona and my battery level was around 70% when I landed.)

Wrapping things up, it looks like Sprint and T-Mobile customers once again have an exciting device to save up for. Both the dual-core and quad-core models will offer amazing experiences, but I’d personally like to get my hands on the T-Mobile variant with stock Android 4.0.

We have a ton of Samsung fans around here, so I’m really curious what you guys think. How many people would consider a switch back to HTC for their next smartphone purchase?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • jesus

    sweet!!! I hope sprint gets it so i can trade my galaxy s2 :)

    • spazby

      very exciting indeed… Especially for sprint markets that are getting lte this year…

  • Zagrash

    damn…that could probably get me to ditch my G2

    • Galen20K

      probably?? ha, don’t think twice!

      • Zagrash

        I still have a strange fascination with having a hardware keyboard, even though I’ve found I rarely use mine anymore, that’s about the only hesitation

        • ablkida

          I agree. I had to give up on my G2, but got the MyTouch Slide and I have to say the hardware keyboard makes a big difference. I found out I sent 10k texts in a month so yeah I use the keyboard a lot. The tmo twitter has been taunting the HTC One S and they actually have not mentioned the HTC One X. Will they offer both or just one? Taylor great article again, maybe you have some info or perspective on this?

          • McLovin

            G2 here also and still holding out for a physical keyboard.

    • Jeff Pan

      Vanilla Android
      Tegra 3

      I think I would ditch a physical keyboard for all these!

      Go TMobile. Go HTC

      • Zagrash

        yeah, my wife looked over my shoulder as I was looking at the pictures and asked what I was looking at, and my reply was “probably my next phone”

      • yankeesusa

        Great comment and great points. An htc phone with quad core and stock android 4.0? My goodness it can’t get better than that…. wait yes it can, beats audio, wireless video transfer to a tv, and hspa+ 40 and above in some areas. This is great. If I wasn’t on sprint I would give tmobile a try with this setup.

      • SAM

        whats the RAM?

        • some inetrnet dude

          1 GIG o Ram/

      • LittleGreenDude

        All this talk of vanilla ICS is making me hungry :)

  • techvudu

    now your talkin. best part about TMO not having LTE is that HSPA+ runs with all the fancy CPU’s. (or at least the option is there). Stock ICS is gonna sing with those 4 cores.

  • Hector Manzanarez

    I really hope this turns out to be true, the One S heading to T-Mobile is really underwhelming. Tegra 3 in a phone for the summer would be perfect

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Yes t-mobile HTC one x goodness :D

  • boro09

    Hope T-Mo will get this – it’s killer!

  • Dirge

    Darn, I wonder if Verizon will get its own variant; perhaps the successor to the Incredible 2?

  • Galen20K

    Oh HOLY YES a Quad core Stock htc One X on Magenta!!! WHooot, that will surely hold me over until T-Mobile’s LTE hits next year – D I am very Pleased for sure

    • Taronba25

      I can’t wait untill 6/3. My contract is done and a new EVO will be here. I love that HTC is back beating the daylights out of that iPhone. 4.7″s and rescaling of text, sweet! Iphones can’t do that and it makes readability so nice. Movies are great on my EVO now and I get a half inch, dump the Ipig

  • MoSDeeb

    So much T-Mobile good news. Would be nice to see the HTC One and play around with.

  • Vance

    Hot Damn tmo now you’re talking!

  • aranea

    Stock Android! That’s yummy!

  • snowbdr89

    its kind of a shame to have a sweet phone on such a slow network (sprint)

    • brian

      with my experiences with sprint they have a fast network and they are the only ones with unlimited everything compared to everyone else.

      • snowbdr89

        Um im with verizon and i have unlimited everything

        • Jimneezy

          Yeah but thats grandfathered

        • whylee77

          I’m not sure if its luck or what…. But years ago I negotiated a 5gb plan on all my android plans for 15 bucks each. We have gone over a few times and have yet yo be throttled.

        • Sucio

          You probably pay a lot more than Sprint, too.

  • PapaLos

    Finally stove htc/tmo news worth salivating over! My contract is up after summer, One X, here I come!

  • Deeds

    This thing will be an absolute beast with Stock ICS

  • Wunako

    :o *does backflip* cant waaaait! wow but idk if my phone will hold out till summer time… hmmm maybe ill just buy a off contract phone till then or i might just ball out of control and get the One S then Trade up to One X lol j/k. but i always wondered when the next G Series phone would come out, i remember there were rumors of a G Infinity but hey HTC One X = G4X even better!!!!!

    on that note, imagine a slightly modded up One X as the next Nexus? (Yes im a HTC Stan)

  • http://about.me/LuisOTorres taz88ny

    I’m very disappointed that the LTE version of the HTC One will be dual core. I’ll save my money for a quad core Galaxy S III.

  • AnthonyRyan

    Damnit so should i get the HTC One S in the Spring or wait til the Summer for the HTC One X known as the G4X so i can get a Quad-Core device which i don’t really care if it dual or quad cored im kinda stuck between HTC Sense or Stock Android….

    Mhmm…. not sure what todo i have my sensation and annoyed with it because of the lag the screen size and the random sense reboots plus actual phone reboots sometimes

    But i’ve used a custom rom for stock android and it was nice but i like custom UI’s better then stock..

    choices some one help…

    • pokemontrainer4life

      Well if you really like Sense that much (I have no clue why though) then you might want to go with the S.
      But with the X, you’d be getting a (supposedly) better CPU (along with Tegra Zone goodies), higher res screen, bigger battery, and stock ICS.

      And if you’re into custom ROMs, I’m sure the G4x will have a much better dev community.

      • Noor Mahmoud

        Idk, according to the benchmarks out, the dual-cored S4 is more powerful than the Tegra 3. Other than that, I have no concern with the One X being mostly better, but I am worried that there won’t be any news on the rumor when the One S is released.

        • ObsceneJesster

          The Tegra 3 is faster where it counts. Web Browsing and Gaming.

          • AnthonyRyan

            I really don’t care for tegra zone and custom roms im not in to them I know im a heavy user so that should say to go for the One X but with everything sense has to offer with sense 4 its making me want to choose the One S

          • swazedahustla

            No its basically the same in real world experiance. Faster would actually mean looking at it and telling a difference which isn’t the case. Wake up and leave these benchmarks alone.

        • Teej

          Read the article, dumbass, the author mentions that.

  • pokemontrainer4life

    I think I just had the biggest nerdgasm.
    Contract is up in June, so if this is true about the G4x, then I’m about to have one hell of a phone. Definitely a worthy upgrade from the G2. HTC G-series for life!

    I was really fearing that the Optimus would be the G4x, since I don’t trust LG, plus it’s just damn ugly, especially after how nice the 2X was.

    Although to be honest, I don’t know how much I believe T-Mo getting both the One S AND X. Let’s hope it’s true.
    And to think I was about to import the GNex soon.

    • UMA Fan

      Looking back historically, one thing that makes me believe it is that when HTC announced the Desire Z and Desire HD, T-Mobile got versions of both (G2, myTouch 4G) when the other US carriers got versions of one or the other.

      • pokemontrainer4life

        Umm, the MT4G is completely different from the DHD. Don’t know where you made that connection.

        • Deon Davis

          Um no you wrong! The mytouch4g is a DHD with a smaller screen and a front facing cam

          • pokemontrainer4life

            Which makes it a different phone…
            The DHD is an Evo with an aluminum body.
            MT4G is the MT4G.

          • Galen20K

            The myTouch 4G was based off the DHD, the specs are nearly the same except for the screen.

          • aj nash

            Watch out guys, dont want himbto send his pokemon out on you hahaha

  • MrMrMan

    Too good to be true. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Chad

    I know it’s still early in the year but for a company who was almost non-existent about a month ago, my T-Mobile is starting 2012 strong by putting boots to @$$&es! GO T-MO! And if all is true, I will be making my triumphant return to HTC with a G4x purchase this year.

  • coyote

    I would love to get this! On sprint but with all the new devices coming I’ll have to see which one suits me. Evo4g now so I’m use to sense. Seems like a good onex :-)

  • Mike

    As an OG Evo owner I’ll be very disappointed if this it true. Sprint already has a duel core pos with the Evo name.

    • swazedahustla

      Dude, you should really research things before you post. This dual core S4 outperforms the Tegra3. This chip set is nothing like any dual core currently on sprint or any other carrier right now. Go watch the demo on youtube or something. This phone kills all current phones out. Did you see the camera?? Its light years ahead of any EVO related phone.

    • revs

      evo 3d is no p.o.s my frsiend

  • Frettfreak

    My problem is my next phone must be a quad core. I think its total crap that they are downgrading the processor SEVERELY to take it to sprint, att and eventually Verizon. At LEAST put an equal processor in it!! Its a no go for me. As cool as i think this phone ill be, i am not gonna get stuck for 2 years with something that isnt absolutely top of the line the day i buy it.

    • pokemontrainer4life

      If you’d do any research or even read this very article, you’d know the S4 is actually very comparable to Tegra 3. They didn’t downgrade anything at all.

    • inviolable

      Severe downgrade? The 2 chips are almost neck and neck, and that’s actually saying a lot for the S4 which is “only” dual core.

      • Galen20K

        very true, honestly at this point in time I’d be happy with either the S4 or the Tegra 3. They are very comparable in capacity, nearly exact in benchmarks.

    • Shawn Clark

      Any amount of money…the main reason the cores were sacrificed the way they are is beforehand the phone was already designed so the 4g radio technically replaced 2 cores…so u could always opt for the international version if u dont care about 4g n crap n just cough up the extras for the international One.

  • revs

    wheres all the bs ab t mobile having no phones now ??????? HAHAHHAHAHAHA
    quad core with hspa 42 !!!!!!!!!
    lte suck a fat one

    this phone might be next but im really liking pad phone

  • Ironzey Lewis


  • Orion78

    Wow! Now that’s a surprise. Looks like T-mobile will have the best version of the One X. If that’s true then congrats to all of you on that network. I’m hoping Sprint version will be bumped up on specs….even though its a beast in its own right. I’m looking foward to the GS3 though. Choice is a great thing.

  • jamal adam

    First the HTC One S and now the One X. If this is true, this would be a home run for T-Mobile.

    • Keenan

      Dude I totally agree with you. It’s so sad being a loyal Tmo customer. VZW get a new hand set every 5 mins. AT&T got the Galaxy note, and even sprint got the Galaxy Nexus. smh….

  • http://kestrelsaerie.com Steve Hall

    Right now, anything but Moto. However, it’s all moot, as there aren’t even any rumors on new VZW handsets, so all I can do is try to be glad I’m not stuck with AT&T.

  • Keenan

    FINALLY!!!!!!!! T-MOBILE Gets something cool!!!!!!! Worthy of my hard earned money! OMG!!! I’ve been sporting my Blackberry 8900 curve for over 3 years waiting patiently for something I think I’d be comfortable using for the next year or so and using my full upgrade, I think this is the phone. I convinced my self that the One S was the phone but in light of this new info, I’m def going for the One X or *clears throat* G4x!!! Thank you for this info!

  • Darrell

    I agree with Frettfreak. There is no way I will spend in upwards of $300 bucks and not have the best of the best. C’mon Sprint, let’s stay competitive on the quad core front.

  • UMA Fan

    i totally came my pants when I read this!!!!

  • the5thdimension

    T-Mobile is back! And they will be better than ever! I’m excited about the future of T-Mobile. I just pulled the trigger on the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus which I get Thursday (can’t wait) and I have an upgrade just waiting for me to use. If T-Mobile gets this HTC with stock 4.0 and a quad-core then I may be going back to HTC. Looks like they’re stepping it up. They’re eyeing the next Nexus.

  • AThibs

    I cannot wait for the T mobile version. I was going to buy the international version and then use it on T mobile anyways. Just saves me money and time.

  • 94wolfpack

    T-MOB!!!! Making me wish my contract was up.

  • Adam

    Why isn’t Sprint getting the quad core one x???? WTF!!!!!

    • JohnShehard

      If Sprint does not come up with a quadcore phone this summer thousands will be ditching Sprint.

      • Alan

        No, because the T3 as the international version will come with an S4 on Sprint. Why does quad core matter so much? If my phone doesn’t freeze, or lag at the most heavy games, what does it matter?



  • thaghost

    After reading this story, i dont have to read anything else. Im in phone heaven…good night.

  • inviolable

    Aw hell now what do I do. I don’t know if I can wait til summer.

  • Christopher Wueste

    This is the best news of MWC so far. A stock android 4.0 handset made by HTC is awesome news. So excited. Haven’t had the best experience with Tegra 2 but I hope Tegra 3 lives up to all the hype surrounding it. I think I just found my next handset. Go T-Mobile!!!!!

  • sunrise

    Well isn’t this interesting. Good for T-Mobile if it’s true.

    If true, I rather have the faster dual core S4 over the 4-plus-1 Tegra-3.

    Maybe they can throw in 32GB memory too.

  • Taylor

    A high-end, quad core, stock Android mobile phone from HTC on my affordable network? Yes, this is precisely what I’m looking for to replace my beloved, but aging, Nexus S. To quote Picard, “Make it happen.”

    • Mark

      Make it happen? Or Make it so?

      Make it So Number One (X)

    • inviolable

      lol when did Picard say make it happen? Haha

      • Galen20K

        Ahahahaa he didn’t ever lol see Mark’s comment

  • Marcofromda510

    And I thought I was going to have to settle for the One S. It’s ok, but I really have had my heart set on the One X since the first rumors popped up as the HTC Ville. A little dissapointed I have to wait til the summer, but definately worth the wait.

    • Marcofromda510

      By the way, I would really rather have the One X with 32GBs then settling on the One S with 16GBs.

  • benben

    That would be awesome! Means I can buy the European version and get a stock ROM made for One X :)

  • Y314K

    Humn…. Trying to understand something… From different posts I’ve read…

    So the new S4 chips for the HTC One X & Asus PadPhone won’t be TMobile US HSPA+ compatible ??? Are any of the S4 chips suppose to include TMobile’s HSPA+ bands???

    Are only S3 (21Mbps HSPA+) & Tegra 3 (42Mbps HSPA+) is TMobile US HSPA+ compatible ???

    So that completely negates any chance of a Asus PadPhone coming to TMobile unless they’re is a old S3 chip version or a Tegra 3 versions ???

    • Galen20K

      The S4 is compatible with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 network.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Way to go my tmobile friends and sprint buddies. Go get your top of the line devices folks. Sprint will be rocking this summer with the Galaxy Nexus, Evo 3/Hd, as well as their version of thr Galaxy S3. It’d great to see tmobile and sprint doing well.

    • swazedahustla

      The One X makes the Gnex pretty irrevelent.

  • RRR

    The only what would make me switch to htc is better phablet then Sammys and LG.

  • Vance

    My predicament:
    I move back to the lower 48 next month and will be saying good riddance to ACS and my miserable Desire forever. I’ll need a tmo plan and phone on April 1, but this rumor of the OneX in summer is giving me perpetual wood. What do I do in the meantime?!

    • Mark

      Buy a cheap G2X on Craigslist for about $180, it’s dual core. It has software issues so put a custom ROM like CM7 on it, then it’ll be great. Pickup a Family Mobile SIM chip from WalMart for about $25 and then for $45/mo you’ll have unlimited talk/text/web. This will easily hold you over for several months until the One X comes out, then sell your G2X for $150 on craigslist, and put that toward the One X with a 2 year agreement on T-mobile.

      • Vance

        Good plan :)

      • Chris

        Finally someone with a brain. Come on people. Craigslist works wonders. I could never live with a phone for 2 years. Thats just insanity…LOL

  • gg555

    Now if only there were no T-Mobile branding on it, it would be perfect. I hate carrier branding. My phone is not a NASCAR race car.

    • Vance

      You’re a unique brand of idiot. T-mobile isn’t a corporate sponsor of the phone like Nabisco or GoDaddy are of their respective NASCAR cars.

  • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

    Depends on if it has a micro sd slot. Also stock android 4.0 sounds nice.

    • Mark

      The T-Mobile G1 had Stock Android, so did the G2 :-) The G2 was awesome with stock Android, none of that Sense junk. Wife’s MyTouch 4G Slide has Sense UI on it and while it “looks” nice, it’s like 20 APK’s, it’s a resource hog.

  • copa

    So hypothetically if I want the One X with stock ICS I would have to order it from the US?
    I live in Germany and from all I know, all of the ONE devices will have HTC Sense on them. I do not own an Android phone yet so I am unfamiliar with the possibilities in terms of choosing an OS. Would it be possible to “jailbreak” the phone to get stock ICS running?

    • benben

      It is possible to root Android phones, giving you a lot more freedom than what jailbreaking an iPhone does.
      Europe and US use different bands for data traffic, though, so you will not be able to use 3G on a US version. Rooting a phone doesn’t make it possible to change that.


    that is awesome for tmo if it is true… wonder how stock th UI will be.. Tmo will stick something in there

  • joecyclone

    Battery life is important, so that understanding will play large into any decision to switch. However, the less models strategy from HTC should mean keeping them more up to date with the latest version without having to ROM. Sammy is just throwing too many models out there with different hardware configurations. I just don’t see how they can provide full support to all of those models.

    If HTC can provide a good performance to battery life balance, and provide good version support, they can definitely get some market share back from Samsung.

  • Paul Atreides

    If Sprint adds this to the EVO family, they should bring back the kickstand and offer it in the same blue as the EVO Shift or shiny black with the brushed metal accents for the camera and kickstand. Jealous if T-mobile’s getting stock ICS, but I’m almost positive in it’s present form this isn’t my next device. I’m not ready for an HTC device with a battery I can’t extend or replace.

  • SGB101

    7 April for the UK i heard. i relay hope that is true as my desire is looking so old at this moment.

  • Prime

    I WANT IT, WANT IT, WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike C

    I really wanted to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but now it seems that Samsung will not be releasing 32Gb versions in Europe.

    So now the plan is to get the HTC One X and live with Sense the crap. But after this new I wonder: The T-Mobil One X will be the same hardware as the euro One X. Then I might possibly be able to put the T-Mobile stock image on my euro HTC One X and get stock ICS … that would be so cool!

  • mdawg924

    No offense HTC but as far as the name I’m all Evo’ed out.. I mean I’m typing this on my evo 4th right now but everything past the evo sidekick just felt like it took away from my phone. How about the One X? Now there’s a cool name can’t we, on sprint, have it too? Anyone else feeling me here or am I out in left field?

    • Mark

      Evo OneX or Evo 1X

    • Paul Atreides

      Using the EVO name would be a good idea. It’s definitely recognizable. That being said, EVO HD/XL would suffice.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Htc Evo Hd sounds great. My Evo 4g/3d friends will love that Evo. Sprint always throws in their flare on a device and HTC loves Sprint. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the kickstand back or maybe even a 5inch screen. Ctia is in May so Htc has plenty of time to change design for sprint which you know they will.

  • cvette83

    This just made my day! As a T-Mobile customer who was contemplating leaving, it gives me something to look forward to. Hopefully, this rumor gets confirmed as we get closer to summer. Yippee!

    • Mark

      I left T-Mobile but for Simple Mobile (Same Network, Same Phone, $40/mo unlimited talk/text/web) but recently switched to Family Mobile (Same Network, Same Phone, $45/mo unlimited talk/text/web) because the internet was much faster on Family Mobile, comparable to what I had on T-mobile.

      • takiefan

        There is no difference between Family Mobile and T-mobile except who you pay your bill to. and of course, how much you pay.

        Family mobile operates on the tmobile network. So does Simple but they throttle users to 3G speeds whereas Family mobile does not.

  • Johnathan Prochaska

    Glad to see T-Mobile stepping it up with both their LTE network and their upcoming lineup of phones.

  • yankeesusa

    tmobile is looking good after that att bid failed. With them working on their lte and now getting the quad core hspa+ phone its great to be on tmobile. I just hope that sprint steps up the lte expansion since it looks like my next phone will be this one. Only thing that may make me stop is waiting to see if any new phones coming out will have the same battery life as the moto razr. that is one thing that I am jealous about. People being able to use their lte phone all day without swapping a battery or charging the phone.

  • Dennis Petrospour

    if tmobile gets the Quad core im upgrading lol

  • Nathan D.

    I would so buy the quad core one X from t-mobile over the one S and it stock which is what I’m use to is perfect for me. I was bit disappointed when I heard that they are getting one S over one X but now I’m see a good light now, hopefully this rumor is true!


    i will stay with my Gnex and hope the next variation of Googles Nexus supports Tmobile LTE & Hspa+, with Jellybean in toe.

  • Mark

    lol, awesome. The T-Mobile version will be closer to the International version, a complete opposite of the Galaxy S II situation where the AT&T Version is closest to the international version and T-Mobile’s is a crazy offshoot with a different CPU and such.

  • rfgenerator

    Non-removable battery… end of discussion.

    • Vance

      I’m tired of the “non-removable” battery argument. Why don’t we hold off criticism until we see what kind of performance the combination of the stock battery and T3 Quadcore processor can provide?! For crying out loud we’re living in the most rapidly advancing technical age the World has ever seen; so just because the phone in your pocket can’t keep a charge past 6pm, doesn’t mean this phone will have nearly the same issue. In my ideal world, not having the option swapping in a spare battery is not the problem, NEEDING to swap in a spare battery is the problem.

      • Paul Atreides

        Either way it’s a problem that hasn’t been solved. This may not be a major concern for you, but for many others it definitely is. HTC has a track record of bad battery life, I don’t put blind faith in companies. When it’s proved that this is the way to go, the critcism will die down. People are tired of living by chargers, and lugging extra accessories around. If you love the phone that’s good for you, but don’t let someone else’s personal opinion steal your thunder.

        • Vance

          :) it hasn’t stolen any of my thunder. I’ve owned the Nexus One, and the HTC Desire; I’m intimately aware of the historical battery life issues and have a half dozen spares as well as an entire pocket in my bag dedicated to different chargers. I guess my point is, I’m tired of needing spare batteries and constant access to a “plug”. My hope/thought/prayer is that the more efficient processor on the One X eliminates the need for a spare battery altogether. Regardless, it’s a new device, it’s new technology, it’s not to market yet, so what’s the point of throwing a fit about a feature that we don’t yet know to be a problem? A feature that may actually be a solution to an age-old problem? It’s just my humble opinion.

          • Paul Atreides

            You’re right, makes no sense to get worked up about it. If it does have a nice battery life, I would definitely give it a second look. I also hope we are at the turning point with this sucky battery life situation.

  • John

    I loved my G2, and it was awesome it was stock Android. Of course I ran a bunch of custom ROM’s on it before I settled on CM7, still stock’ish. I loved the overclocking ability and the general use of the phone, but the hinge design was a bit annoying, kind of opened too easily, especially with the added weight of a case, but other than that it was a great phone. I sold it when my job gave me a AT&T Galaxy S II and I put the money into a MyTouch 4G Slide, which I believed to be a good successor to the G2, I mean it has a keyboard, it’s dual core, has a D-Pad, has better resistance to opening, etc. but the dev community is kind of weak, a few ROM’s here and there but nothing like the dev community for the G2 or my SGS2. Sad, but the wife doesn’t notice that or care, she loves her MyTouch 4G Slide. If I can convince her to go keyboardless, I may sell it and get her a One X, she’ll be one lucky gal. I think my work will (hopefully) upgrade my SGS2 when the SGS3 is released.

  • Shawn Clark

    Im willing to give up my 3D for that One X or S…and if its true for it to the successor to the EVO line-up then im all game for it.

  • iconiciroinc

    Both One s and One x on T-mobile, Oh my.

  • Zak Lambert

    Hmm… This is pretty sexy but I’ll wait till we get closer to the release date so I can see what the SGS III is doing.

  • slurms mckenzie

    galaxy s series for life. cant beat the power of samsung. im sure when the gs3 is released everything will bow down to it even this

  • leo

    T-Mobile is stepping up there game
    4.7 in screen
    720p screen
    Tegra 3
    Stock android 4.0
    Beats audio
    Sounds good to me!

  • leo

    Dual-Core Qualcomm S4 A-15>>Nvidea Quad-Core A-9 Tegra 3

    • dillybar

      Not really….only certain benchmarks .

  • dillybar

    happy happy happy joy joy joy :)

  • sota767


    I’m really glad T-Mobile is taking away the G#x title away from LG. My HTC G2 was a great little device and the LG G2x a smoldering piece of crap. If the G4x is going to be the HTC One X I’ll pick it up in a heartbeat.

  • MrDSL

    What am I missing thats so special about this phone?

    Doesn’t it only have like 1 gig RAM and a measly 1800 non-removable battery?

    • Vance

      You ask what’s so special about the phone, then listed two features which you deem not “special”. So in answer to your question, about what is special:
      The first quad core stock Android ICS phone to market = special
      Top-of-the-line 8-megapixel camera with 2.0 f-stop, burst mode and ImageSense technology = special
      4.7 in Super LCD Gorilla Glass Screen with 720P playback = special
      Tegra 3 Quad-Core processor = special

  • jaydeeIL

    I bet there are a ton of renewals in April that are just salivating at the news of the One X coming to Sprint

  • redraider133

    Wish one of these would be coming to verizon around the same time and not months after everyone else gets it.

    • Darrell

      Actually, Verizon has been dropping bombs on the rest of us:droid bionic, charge, 4, razr and razr maxx, gnexus…I think it’s our turn to shine a little now. Sprint fo life!! We just gotta stay competitive now and get our lte up and running, and provide quad-core phones. That’s what I wanna see. The spec sheet in my head is a motha, I just hope we get the motha of all phones this summer.

  • ihatefanboys

    I think HTC should give T-Mo a variant of the ONEx with a hardware keyboard and call it the G3, not some lame name like “G4X”….if it is the next in the G series it should follow the G2 as it followed the G1. I’ve hated names like “G2X” because its not correct, plus the device with that title sucked, something the “G” series does not.

  • jus

    They say T-Mobile is losing customers, yet they some how pull off getting a quadcore phone over ATT and Verizon???

    And, Sprint LTE. On Lightsquared? You’re kidding, right?

  • Sheep

    I didn’t think T-Mobile had this many customers.

  • Non Nexus

    I would say, if you are planning to get a non Nexus phone…. at least wait until what Samsung got up in their sleeves

  • KC

    The thickest of all the new quadcores, and yet it sports an EMBEDDED battery. The other slimmer ones (LG, Panasonic, etc.) come with removable batteries. What gives?

  • demize!

    Its about time. I hope this is true because my upgrade coincides exactly with this. It has what I want. 4.7″ quad. Great cams HTC build quality and style, I like white phones, pretty much everything. My Samsung Galaxy is getting stale and not real happy with the design, though it will take a drop. I didnt see batt stats, hopefully the cpu. is more power economical too.

  • Windy City Wolf

    You know….. this is horsesh*t. I just popped over to the T-Mobile UK site. They are getting the One S, One X (quad), and even have the iPhone 4 (which who really cares about anyway). This just really pisses me off with T-mobile USA. To even give me more of a “red ass’ over this entire thing, is they are offering what they call “The Full Monty” Data Plan. TRULY UNLIMITED DATA WITH NO THROTTLING!!!!! I’m sorry but W T F is going on here? Are we not part of the same company? Is AMERICA not good enough to AT THE VERY LEAST get the same data options??? When I got my HD2 I had true unlimited data. Then they changed my plan, without my knowledge to throttle after 5g. But I got over that… now I see T-mobile UK has the One X quad core, the One S, iPhone 4 and truly limitless data? It actually says you can use your phone to share YOUR UNLIMITED data to your pc or laptop without restriction or charges.

    I want to know what idiotic slob they hired to handle the US customers and service? I can see things may be a little different across the big pond, but this, in my opinion, is a huge slap in our face.

    • Galen20K

      Easy, their parent company DT hates the United States. I wonder why they even started business in our country in the first place if they weren’t going to fully support it since as it stands they’ve NEVER supported T-Mobile USA ever.

  • Windy City Wolf

    I guess what pisses me off most… is T-mobile in the US is struggling. They bring top products to the UK like One S, One X, iPhone 4, iPad 2, the new Sony…. Yet we are forgotten. Now the benchmarks one the One S are outstanding. So its not a “crap” phone. I understand this. But why would I spend hundreds of my hard earned cash, plus my two year wait for an upgrade, for a second best phone? US Tmo users have been begging for Apple’s brand of overpriced toys, we haven’t seen anything, yet T-mobile UK is handing them out free. It is beyond obvious that we wanted the One X quad. Again, they get their hands on it in April. The Tegra will run perfectly on our current network. We are getting throttled for every bit of data we go over on, yet UK T-mobile users have a Full Monty data plan that you can stream your data to anything you wish. It says “its your data, use it how you wish” At NO extra charge, restrictions, or data throttling.

    I am tickled the UK has got top notch service and products. I’m happy and wish them the greatest mobile experience.

    I am pissed at T-MOBILE USA. Why can’t I, as one of their customers expect the same great things on my end? Why am I not able to have unlimited data. (truly unlimited ). Why can’t I tether to my desktop without getting warning texts telling me I will be throttled for sharing data to my computer. I paid for it didn’t I? Why is the best phones available to me, when the same company sells them overseas?

    It’s not like they lost the bid for the device, they have it. They are selling in the UK. They didn’t crap out and let AT&T take the glory. They have it available in the UK in April .

    And why the hell would I want a phone that has no SD card expansion and only 16g (actually 12g because of OS space). At least the One X has 32g (29g actually)… I could have lived with that plus the amazing screen it has.

    The way I see it, if the One S is all we are getting. I will either get the HTC Amaze that HAS an SD slot, or hold out for the Galaxy S3.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Hold out for the Galaxy S3 you will be happy.

    • Steam

      My guess is that because Deutsche Telekom (TMobile USA’s parent company) wanted to sell off T-MoUSA for quite some time now (I’m glad AT&T didn’t get them for many reasons, not least of which was that it would be senseless to break up a massive company for being too big – literally a monopoly, then let them buy back almost everything). Perhaps DT hasn’t been pushing TMo USA to get better devices because they just don’t care – it’s a company they don’t want, and their spectrum and telecommunications infrastructure is worth far more than their portfolio of devices.

      I don’t know, I’m only speculating as I don’t know anyone who works for DT. That may not be the case at all, but it seems strange that the one carrier who used to have a great, if not the best line-up of Android phones at one point now has a weak lineup, relatively speaking.

  • Sam

    It would be sooooo great !! I’ve just seen a video on youtube about the One X Quad-core. The guy makes a few benchmarks (AnTuTu, Linpack and Quadrant) with the quad core and the results are just… wow ! Here is the link of this video http://youtu.be/TmWRaaAteZg

  • donger

    tmobile is finally gonna have the best android phone.

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/ibbarkingmad ibbarkingmad

    What I am wondering is what happened to all the phones with sliding qwerty keyboards. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the specs and stuff, but I’m very interested in form and function. I find Android’s strength is in its diversity in form factors. Crapberry, iP0ne and WP7 all lack in these areas.

  • demize!

    What no sd slot? Why, this is a stupid trend. Should be hot swappable imo. Did I hear that the batt is non removable? If so another silly trend. If Im on a flight etc.I can carry extra charged batts. Until they improve batt tech or include a thin 5000 mah I dont wanna be sool walking around looking for outlets.

  • LittleGreenDude

    Stock ICS AND Tegra 3. That would put the GNexus in some serious trouble.

  • Nard

    Tmobile is gone release the HTC One S but I believe the HTC One X coming to Tmobile will be the Snapdragon S4 version. The HTC website mentions the HTC One XL as supporting LTE on AWS and HSPA+ on AWS.

    • Windy City Wolf

      Yeah but the One XL only comes with 16g of internal memory and no SD card. NOT THE 32G the international version has. So basically it will be the same as the S with a bigger screen.

      Now that the Amaze has been officially discontinued, we will be stuck with few options. Samsung has officially debunked rumors of a spring release for the S3.

      I’m not going to spend $750 for a phone that T-mobile won’t support or warranty.

  • Dave

    I just got the Samsung Galaxy 2, its nice but I don’t know if I wanna ditch the Screen for this phone. Sure its gonna be faster and have all this and that, bu I need a screen I don’t have to turn all the way up in the daylight outside. I love me some stock Android that might get me away from Samsung Only problem is I will have to buy retail, just renewed my contract.

  • BoB LinK

    My EVO is sooooo being replaced with this… Come on I got the cash right here waiting for it…

  • Josh

    Everything about this article is wrong for the most part. Cariers, specs and all. That is what you get when you believe rumors. Do you want to here my rumor? I believe that sprint will be launching the “Evo One” as there flagship LTE Phone. It will also have the 1.5 GHZ quad core CPU. I can only hope that they will chose the same order of cities to get LTE first, if not more. I would like to see St. Louis be in the first group of cites to get it.

  • d


    Everything http://www.htconeclub.com has said so far about the phone has been accurate, so I’m going with yes, it will happen..Duh..

  • Jay

    I hope these rumors are true. So long Verizon; I can’t wait for the HTC One-X on T-Mobile.

  • some inetrnet dude

    Ill be going back to tmobile for the quad core.

  • some inetrnet dude

    Went to my local T-mobile store and the dude there was taking names and numbers for the HTC One X, I’m still in contract on one phone but the rep said that my $1.99 a month Cameo picture frame qualifies my for a full discount. Who would of thought.

  • Enigmatosis

    Now, when T-mobile finally announces the HTC tegra 3 powered G4x, it needs to be Magenta. Not just white, silver, and black. I never bought a phone so quickly after release as I did the RAZR in T-mobile Magenta.

  • Bradleybones

    It’d be nice if T-Mo got a top phone instead of always getting the “little brother” variant like they did with the OneS. T-mo’s version is not the 4.7 that ATT got with the OneX. Hopefully if they’re really going to do a OneX with the Tegra 3 it’ll be the larger screen version.