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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III to be 7 mm thin, might launch around May

The wait is on.

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S devices are among the most popular in the Android ecosystem. It is about to be that time of the year when the next in the series is revealed, and an announcement should be coming anytime. It might not be during Mobile World Congress, but rumors are already spreading. And today we have a flurry of rumored specs, as well as a possible announcement date for you.

According to ET News sources, the Galaxy S II successor will have a quad-core processor, LTE connectivity and Android 4.0. These rumored specs do not surprise us, though. These specs, along with a 12 MP rear-facing camera, a Super AMOLED HD display, and 2 GB of RAM are specifications that we are already expecting from this device.

What seems a bit more interesting is the Galaxy S III’s rumored thinness, which is suppossed to measure in at 7 mm. This is a bit thinner than the 8.49 mm Galaxy S II. This is to be expected, as well, since Samsung is known to boast the thinness of their devices. But it is surprising that manufacturers are able to fit such great specs into a 7 mm device. We certainly can’t wait to hear more details, and hope to see an announcement soon.

We were all bummed that we heard that this device would not be announced this month at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. But we might not have to wait that much more. Samsung has been recently sending invitations to an event that will be held in France.

Said event will take place on March 22nd. And while we have no idea what it could all be about, that is not stopping us from getting our hopes up. It just might be the Galaxy S III announcement or it could be something related to their many other products. However, popular French blog Frandroid was invited, making people believe that the announcement could very well be Android-related.

We will have to sit tight and wait to hear more about this. One thing we know for sure – Just like last year, and the year before that, the next Galaxy S smartphone will be among the creme de la creme of Android devices.

Sadly, it might be a while before we start seeing them hit stores. Hopefully we see it get to the US sooner than it did last year. Now, that was a pain. Are any of you saving your upgrades for this one?

Update: No Galaxy S III at French event

Most of us were praying to all our entities yesterday, in hopes that Samsung would announce the Galaxy S III at a French event they will be holding next March 22nd. Well, guys – luck is not in our side.

The guys from The Next Web have received word straight from Samsung, and the next successor to the Galaxy S family will not be making an appearance at this event, either. Instead, it will be focused on all current devices from Samsung. So let’s skip this one and wait to see when that announcement will show up.

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Source: ET News

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  • YMS123

    I’m excited! Bring it Samsung!

  • Jeff Pan

    - Quad Core
    - 7mm thickness
    - 12MP Camera
    - ICS
    - 2GB RAM
    - Super AMOLED HD display

    Wohoooo !

    • Owain

      Definitely my next phone!

      I’m upgrading from a Nexus One… You can image how mega that’s gonna be for me! :)

      • Dan13

        This is my next phone too, I’ll be upgrading from a Nokia dumb-phone. Man, am I excited!

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      I think it will come in 2 flavors: dual and quad core. It will not have 2 GB of RAM because it will be overpriced. All the other specs are looking good.

      • dj

        Actually you are wrong 2gigs of ram is fairly cheap. Ram is one of the cheapest components if not the cheapest

        • delinear

          It would be a shame if they didn’t go with 2GB RAM, given, as you say, how cheap RAM is (relatively considering the cost of the phone) and how much of a performance boost you can get from doubling 1GB of RAM. It’s a logical step if they want to get a lot more performance for only a small cost increase.

          • Rhamza

            Ram is really cheap now. Use to be for performance RAM for a computer you’d have to spend well over $150 for 4 gigs. I just bought 8 gigs and it was only $50, imagine how much normal RAM would cost in such a little amount?

    • WlfHart

      Finally more than the 1GB RAM cap!!!

    • LukeT32

      Lemmie trade my gnex! :)

    • cthonctic

      Absolutely wohoo! I can barely suppress my anticipation now.
      I knew the GS3 would be something special but if they make all of this happen and steer clear of major showstoppers (I hope, I hope) then this will be so extremely awesome.

    • The bar

      You guys are setting the Bar TOO HIGH ! I am a GS 2 user, and no way 12 MP + 7 mm thickness, I don’t think the technology even exists.

      Imagine it to be like all devices, just with an Exynos processor, which would make it more snappy, and faster.

  • spazby


  • keithdpatrick

    Definitely saving my upgrade. I want this phone.

  • sunrise

    Thin is fine if you can deliver on great battery life at the same time. Otherwise, give me a slightly thicker phone with a larger battery than can deliver outstanding battery life.

    • delinear

      Would be nice if there was some way to add an optional deeper back cover to take a bigger battery (i.e. it’s only a sliver of plastic, they could stick the narrow and a deeper back cover in the box for pennies and make it easy for people to upgrade their battery that way). I know some of the current phones can do this, but a lot of them look clunky with the deeper case, like it was an afterthought, they should make the option part of the original design so you can have decent battery AND decent style.


    I’m always concerned when I see phones boast how thin they are. I’ll give up a few mm of thinness to get some battery life anytime. If this thinner model, only has the same old battery life of all the other option out there, then whats the point?

    Basically, I’m saying give me the Razr Maxx over the Razr every single time. Moto knew they could deliver a more functional device when they took a step back from the goal of creating a razor thin device and realized they could give the market what it really needed…. a top performing device that can be used all day long.

    • cwjones4

      samsung said their goal this year was to have phones with all day battery life, so perhaps they addressed the battery life issue and still made the phone thinner? If so that’s awesome; otherwise i’m with you. I would much rather have a phone i can use pretty heavily and still have some juice left at the end of the day, instead of a thin phone that has to be tethered to a charger all day.

      here’s the article i referenced:


  • inviolable

    The whole screen size debate hung around until us android lovers got used to the extra real estate, but when is a phone so thin that it doesn’t actually feel good in the hand?

    • R.S

      I’m more concerned with how it being thinner could mean it’ll break easier.

      I love the thinness of my GS2 but always have to be conscious not to sit on it since I sometimes carry it in my rear pocket. With my previous phone, I sat on it often and not once did anything happen to it.

      Granted, the smaller screen and overall size of the phone played a part in that but the thinner the phone, the more worried I’d be.

      As for buying the phone, as awesome as I’m sure it’ll be, I doubt I’ll be trading up to it from the GS2.

      • kazahani

        Omg please don’t sit on your gs3!

  • staryoshi

    I cant wait for 2GB lpddr3. Now that’ll be neat. I’m already thinking about a galaxy s4 :P

  • Oskar Wismierski

    How thin can those things get?! Soon we gonna carry 1mm think phones :P

    Not that I mind..

  • Vance

    I’m always leery to read a sexy dimensional spec without a specific battery spec. Granted, full disclosure won’t be possible for some time, yet, but, like others above me, I am nervous about battery life. Also.. how thin is too thin?? Do we think thinness in mobile technology could be trendy like it is in fashion?? Will thin phones go the way (I pray) of skinny jeans in a few years?

    It definitely has sex appeal, though, I remember unboxing my Nexus One and feeling like my head was going to explode I was SO excited to hold that device in my hand.

  • greeny42

    Well there be the dreaded camera bump?

  • van

    I’ve only had my GS2 for a few months, so right now I don’t mind how long the GS3 takes to get to Australia, haha. But it’s definitely looking like it’ll be my next handset when I’m ready to upgrade.

    And since I cracked the screen on my GS2, that might be sooner rather than later..! Just need to accidentally drop it off a bridge or something…

  • E

    very impressive way to go sammy sounds like a true success

  • http://blog.artesea.co.uk artesea

    Hoping for an early May release so I can upgrade my GS2 which I got on a 12 month when it was first launch in the UK.

  • Hall Lo

    OMG if all these specs are real then I would definitely get this phone as my next upgrade!

  • RRR

    For the millions people upgrading their older crap this is definitely amazing phone.


    2012 is the year of

    - quad core CHECK
    - true 4G LTE or 42mbps HSPA+ CHECK
    - ICS and possibly Win8 at the end of the year CHECK
    - full day battery life ???
    - true HD 720p RGB matrix ???
    - 5+” screen sizes ???

    12 Megapixels is total waste of resources (physics).
    7mm thin is OK but if battery last whole day

    • KC

      You forgot NFC. Without NFC, the device is as good as dead. Everything from nowon, will be using NFC – Android Beam, e-Payment, students attendance, carparking, MRT, etc.

  • DuDlik

    Oh.. very thin

  • Mil

    I’m all for making the phone thinner but not at the expense of the battery. I’d rather the phone be 10mm thin (still pretty thin) but have a much beefier battery that’ll allow it to last a whole day of super heavy use.

  • DroidPower

    this sounds awesome! most exciting part is the possible march announcement!!!

  • kwills88

    I just wonder how comfortable a phone that thin will feel in one’s hand…I went from a G1 to a Galaxy S II, then I’ll be saving up for the SIII, If Samsung can just lower the prices of their tablets, then I might just own everything Samsung/Android related.

    • cwjones4

      I’m really hoping one of the tablets they are rumored to announce at MWC will be a ~7 inch model with a 2GHz processor for around $250 – 300 to compete with the Asus MeMo and the Kindle Fire.

  • Owain

    In all honestly in regards to battery life, I’ve always had a couple of spares, just swap ‘em over and you have 2 days + battery life. Just grab and external charger and your set, never had an issue with it and you can get them cheap enough.

    • delinear

      I wouldn’t mind this so long as they can make the backplates feel more solid. I’m always scared when I have to remove the one from my Nexus, it’s pretty thin and has tiny little plastic tabs that you have to force into place reasonably firmly when you replace it. If I’m going to be doing this a few times a week I want a proper quick release system.

  • classic_hero

    if its true, heres my wallet

  • slurms mckenzie

    ok now this is a worthy upgrade over my s2. just please make the screen really big

  • Nathan D.

    Well they better not do the same thing they did to the T-Mobile version changing the processor because that wasn’t a good idea to me anyways. But other than that can’t wait to see the phone officially announced.

  • Orion78

    I’m definitely saving my upgrade for this. I just wish we can get some more concrete info on the specs.

  • cvette83

    Keep us posted fellas! Definitely excited and I’ll be impatiently waiting.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Samsung is so HOT right now it’s criminal. Today I am happy with my Galaxy Nexus. For me 2012 around Oct/Nov I will be looking to either the NEW Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Journal, or maybe this Galaxy S3. I can’t help but believe that the upcoming jellybean galaxy nexus spec wise will be better than anything else in 2012. That’s and argument for another day for the next 8 or 9 months i will be just fine….

    • Orion78

      First of all, the next Nexus will not be called a Galaxy Nexus. It could be made from a different manufacturer. The GS3 is going to dominate 2012. Plus I have news for you. Nexus phones never were meant to have the best specs.

  • jamal adam

    Bringing out the big guns. Me likes it. Android FTW!!

  • Rhamza

    I will get an upgrade in march next year, I just bought the Infuse last October and the recent Gingerbread update will keep the phone interesting for another 6 months… lol This will likely be my next phone! (if it is still relevant by then…)

  • Trinhbo

    I am a little concerned about the rumored 7mm thickness (or thinness rather). The Galaxy S II is thicker than 7 mm and it sometimes feels almost too thin in the hand. I find myself nearly dropping the phone a few times.

    And battery technology hasn’t really improved recently as fast as processor technology. Keeping a relatively small battery will help with a thin phone but at the cost of true all-day performance.

  • Mike

    Very much looking forward to this release. As I want to update my aging Galaxy S

  • http://samsunggalaxys3review.net/samsung-galaxy-s3-release-date/ JeffryScott

    hate that each and every website on the web offers different information about Galaxy S3: http://samsunggalaxys3review.net/samsung-galaxy-s3-release-date/

    But this still doesn’t holds me back for waiting this phone! If some of these rumors will come true it will be amazing phone

  • Seraph Chu

    So amazing, but sadly,it doesn’t work with CDMA

  • Quintosz Dezu

    Definitely my next phone too!!!
    My dad going to present me thisssssssss!! WOHOOO!!~~
    Comon s3 comonnnnn!!!
    YOU’re MINE!!!!

  • byrontem