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Samsung asks iPhone users, “Can your phone do this?”


Samsung marketing executive Younghee Lee recently said she wants consumers to be “obsessed with the company and its products.” The ironic thing is that her company Samsung is obsessed with Apple and its iPhone. In a new series of web videos called Street Challenge, Samsung once again goes after iPhone users and asks them if their phone can do things the Galaxy Note can.

Compared to Samsung’s Super Bowl ad, this clip actually does a good job of highlighting the unique features of the Note’s S-Pen and showcases some real examples of what it can do. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Speaking of the Super Bowl ad, Samsung has actually been uploading a bunch of awesome videos for the Galaxy Note. The first 60-second clip below would have probably cost about $10 million less to produce than their 90-second ad, and it does a much better job of showing off the product.

So, anyone pick up the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note yet?

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  • Dylan Andersen

    I actually traded in my Skyrocket, and am way happy with it.

    • http://dylandersen.me/ Dylan Andersen

      But apparently I’m still not smart enough to remember to log in. :D

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        How are the 4G LTE speeds? Does your area have coverage?

        • Corey

          Taylor I have to give it to you, I was incredibly skeptical about this “phablet” and thought it was ruined after Samsung wasted $10 million on that ridiculous superbowl commercial. But after reading your article, some of the comments and watching the 2nd video I want one!

          Maybe Samsung should hire you for their marketing team?

          • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

            I didn’t make the videos, just reposted them haha.

    • redman618

      Hey Dylan how did you trade your Skyrocket? Would LOVE to hear how you did that!!

  • PapaLos

    At first, I laughed at the thought of such a huge phone. But honestly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious.

    And I like the way they’re going after Apple. Not to flaunt that they’re phones are better, but hopefully they’ll open some eyes and get people to see that the iphone isn’t the only smartphone in the world worth getting.

    Also, anyone want to place bets over when Apple is going to try and sue them over these commercials?

    • Mark

      “…but hopefully they’ll open some eyes and get people to see that the iphone isn’t the only smartphone in the world worth getting.” PERFECTLY STATED

    • aranea

      Can Apple sue Samsung? As far as I known in US you can use other products in your advertisement as long as you don’t lie. Samsung is not lying because we all know how crippled i-devices actually are. If apple sues they will have to admit that their devices can’t do all those things in the court room.

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    I actually liked the Super Bowl commercial (disclosure: I have always been a fan of The Darkness), but the first video above would have been much more useful in that spot. It would have done the trick of making people go, wow, I want a phone that can do THAT.

  • spazby

    great commercials

  • Joe Fedewa

    Here’s the thing, if that chick ever wanted to do any of those things in the “challenge” she could easily find a app that could do it.

    • Phil

      That could be true though trying to do it on a tiny screen would make it a pain. But to me it kinda reflects iPhone users. Honestly many of them have no clue what their devices might be capable of and don’t really know why they have it in the first place.

    • Steven Seagal

      Why did Joe’s comment get voted down? He’s right. iPhones can do all of that stuff, regardless of whether it’s via third party apps or through the OS itself. Also, I still think the Note is too big to appeal to everyone (although the sales figures might prove me wrong) – you’re telling someone who has a phone they can hold in one hand, quite comfortably, with a not-too-small screen that the best alternative they have for its shortcomings is a bathroom tile with a stylus.

      I’m not hating on the Note – I can see the appeal (especially in battery life) for certain users. I guess I just hate this kind of advertising. It’s like the “smoked by Windows Phone” commercials. “Oh, your phone texts two seconds faster than mine? Damn, that means my phone is completely obsolete. I must buy the one you have because those two seconds are really important to me.” It’s almost entirely meaningless and implies the consumer is an idiot who can’t work out how to do these things themselves.

    • SIN

      The point of this “challenge” is that the NOTE has built-in apps specifically for the phone for free. As for her, even if she can download apps she might have to pay. Did you remember that Apple didn’t allow “copy and paste”, this is taking screen shot of anything and editing, in photo or videos.

      • Dl

        We have both in our home of 7 people and don’t hate on anyone because of their device it’s a DEVICE. I wanted to note that copy and cut and paste are a feature of the Iphone4S I don’t know about others. I am also interested in asking if there are videos that show or report the quality of the telephone calls on the Note, I need to get a new phone for my son and I know he would like the tablet part. Thanks!

  • ldu

    I dont think the first video is a fare comparison, i’m sure the iphone have applications that can do that photo crap thing. Also that girl looks like the only thing she know how to do with the iphone is dial a number. Get someone that really knows the ins and outs of the iphone and im sure that you are able to do whatever the man was doing.

    i’m no iphone fan btw, just saying

    • AsakuraZero

      i think thats the point of the challenge, most people dont even know about installing apps, they use the iphone because is a fancy phone, its trending, or they got it as a gift,

      its more “there are more phones that can do lot of things out of the box”, my phone aside of the social netwroks i have are games and thats all.

      the iphone its not that good, it lacks, lacks in many ways, one is innovation, android have that because of the variety.

      • Phil

        Exactly. I have friends on iPhones that are just like this. I end up telling them about the things they can do with their phones. And ironically they are also the ones that think the things they know how to do can ONLY be done on an iPhone. So they are doubly amazed when I show them things on their phone and mine as well. This video kinda shows the world that other phones do “amazing” things as well. I think people would be surprised at how many people buy iPhones because they think its the only choice to do some of the simple things they do.

        • Hue Three of Five

          Exactly. I have a slew of friends with the iphone that think that they can only look up directions, think that their VZW 3g internet is faster than my VZW 4g LTE, and more. They fell for Apples great marketing, they are iSheep now lol.

          • Dl

            We have all makes of devices in our home, apple, android, microsoft and we don’t talk nasty or call another names because of the phone that they have or like. I ended up with and Iphone 4S when my Samsung started on fire in my pocket, and burned through my pants and oxygen tube, which caught on fire. Thankfully our son put it out. AT&T prorated an IPhone 4S for me and because of Siri and my disabilities, I figured i would try it and it does help me greatly. I am now going to buy another Android phone for our son, so what name are you gong to call me or us? andoridsheep, isheep, just love fanboys? being a woman. All of this name calling and all of these insults to others over a device are upsetting.

    • thekaz

      c’mon. no one really uses their smart phone to actually make calls! :)

  • tao.lviv

    I’m wondering is it so handful as in commercial? If so it’s great, but if it’s not it’s just large not-phone, not-tablet that not fit in your pocket =/ IMHO

  • David

    My mom just got an iPhone 4S. I asked her if she had ever used Siri. She responded, “What is Siri?” Then I proceeded to race my Droid X with regular old voice actions against her 4S with Siri. Directions to “x” – winner Droid X. Call “x” – winner, Droid X. Etc, etc. It is very shiny though, I will give it that.

    • cb2000a

      And apparently the Woz likes Android over Apple for voice commands…because it works better.

  • McLovin

    TMO :( And I apparently am the only one that wants a stylus.

    Everyone is bitching about how big this phone is. It’s a small tablet in my mind, something that is big enough to actually take notes on in a meeting and small enough that I would actually carry it everywhere I go. My 10 inch HP TouchPad hardly ever gets used unless I’m sitting on the couch. I would never consider carrying a full size tablet around when I go to the store or out and about.

    I love that Samsung got it correct by:

    1. User replaceable battery +
    2. 32 MB expanable memory slot +
    3. Optional stylus +
    4. Ice Cream Sandwich update in March +

    • Ironzey Lewis

      Besides no T mobile support the other thing that gives me pause is TouchWiz. I’m sure it’s not as bad as the really hardcore Android folks will have you believe but after dealing with Sense I’m not going to be in such a hurry to get another customized UI.

      • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

        Before owning the Note I’ve had the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and Mytouch 3G. All of them being completely stock Android devices. Touchwiz 4.0 is much less intrusive than Sense, or Motoblur, it also adds hardware acceleration to make things buttery smooth. It also adds in some really nice features, that make the device more usable straight out of the box. All of my previous devices I’ve felt the need to root, and constantly flash roms. But I still have yet to root my Note, although I may do it in the future.

        Therefore, coming from someone who is used to completely stock Android devices, Touchwiz is awesome, and I really enjoy having it.

    • WlfHart


  • yankeesusa

    I just held it for the first time at best buy and I really like it. My wife loved it even more especially to help her with her blog. Samsung did a really good job with this one. I probably would have bought it already if it was on sprint or even verizon. But I just can’t see myself giving att anymore money.

  • GF1Fanatic

    What, not on Verizon!? What is Samsung thinking!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Rumored to come to Verizon and Sprint as the Galaxy Journal. Don’t know if that is true or not.

      • Terry Naylor

        Fingers crossed that at the very least Sprint gets it and SOON!

  • GiantLeaf

    It’s pathetic Samsung’s obsession with Apple.
    They hope one day to be like Apple. Samsung should focus on being Samsung and not try to be Apple. Apple is Apple: Shiny expensive toys with a large fanboys that are willing to camp days to get one of their devices. Samsung should get a life and leave Apple alone.

    • OsamaDROIDladden

      Im thinking about getting the unlocked version,because i can use it on tmobile…and im going to buy the 10.1note if they release it.Im samsung crazy

      • McLovin

        I’m not getting 100% good vibes that it will work 3g/4g on TMO. The guys over at xada make it sound like it only works on Edge on TMO.

        • Ironzey Lewis

          That is why I gave up n importing one. These devices are useless for me without 3g or better.

      • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

        I’ve used the international version on T-Mobile. Sorry to say you will only get Edge speeds, which drove me to start using Straight Talk. Which is cheaper anyways, plus I’m getting speeds of 2-3 mbs down, which is more than fast enough for me. (Especially while only paying $45 a month for unlimited everything.)

    • iamXiV92a

      What’s pathetic is Apple’s obsession with Samsung (take a look at the lawsuits and “We’re trying to block sales of your device in X country”)

  • Hue Three of Five

    This is a generalization but…iPhone users don’t care what other phones can do, they just buy the IPhone cuz everyone else has it…and they only like what apple tells them to like.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      There are A LOT of good reasons people go with the iphone.
      1. They are invested in itunes.
      2. UI consistency.
      3. Accessories.
      4. Build quality.
      5. They got a deal.
      6. It’s easier to use.

      Those are just ones that I thought of off the top of my head. Maybe, it’s time to coe up with another generalization.

      • AsakuraZero

        http://www.myfacewhen.net/uploads/1492-yeah-sure.png build quallity, the same quality of “drop me and i will shatter like a mirror?

        android is piss easy to use, there a lot of accesories for popular phones.

        android 4, more inovation on the UI and OS, yeah you may be right its too complicated for monkeys >_> as i said before there are people that doesnt even know how to use the iphone,

        most of those people come from feature phones or justdont give a damn

        • Hue Three of Five

          Yes. +1

      • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

        I am sure your reasons are applicable to some buyers, others buy the iPhone just because it is cool .(nothing the matter with that). I asked a recent iPhone 4S purchaser why she purchased the iPhone. Her answer was it’s cool. She was moving up from a featurephone, so she had no investment in accessories, and barely used iTunes for music, or videos. She did not check out the competition, or get a good deal, just purchased it because it was cool. She also stated she did not know how to use it, but would try to learn, so it was not because of the alleged ease of use. Her final words, I bought it because it is cool. If Samsung, or others want to get the “cool” branding while keeping the plethora of options they currently offer, wise business move.

        • cb2000a

          iPhone for the mindless masses. I think that pretty much sums it up.

      • CactusCat

        5 out of 6 ain’t bad. Your #1 reason “invested in itunes” is the #1 reason that Apple sux. Itunes is the worst ever. You can’t easily move your music to any other device unless its an Apple product. Itunes is Apple’s cash cow and they do everything possible to protect it. You’ll never see me use iTunes on anything. And lastly on a side note, I do IT support for a living for a long, long time now. When something messes up on iTunes, its a NIGHTMARE to fix. The hours I’ve wasted trying to fix Apple’s craptunes…sheesh.

  • cvette83

    Pretty impressed. Definitely a better ad then their SB commercial.

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Whether you are an Apple fan, or not, they do have excellent marketing. They show their devices doing tasks the average non-tech consumer thinks is useful, or “just looks cool”. Although the Apple commercials don’t state their devices are the only brand that can do that task, many consumers think so because they rarely see an ad from a competitor showing the device doing a similar cool task. Since they don’t check the tech blogs, or regularly check the electronics at their favorite big box store, the TV / print ads are their main source of tech info. We all know about all the free mentions Apple gets in the mainstream press when a new, or upgraded device is announced / released.

    The specific ads referenced in this post are subject to your personal opinion whether they are good, or bad; however, the fact Android vendors are showing their devices doing things of interest to non-tech consumers vs. just rattling off meaningless specs (to the non-tech consumer) is a positive move. The restaurant manager at one of my favorites recently bought an iPhone 4S. I asked why she decided on the iPhone. Her answer was “It’s cool”, and I don’t know how to use it yet. She had not used Siri, and probably will not use it on a regular basis. So her only selection criteria was “it’s cool”, no comparing it to competition.

    I am sure Samsung would like Apple’s profit margins, any company that would not is doing a disservice to its stockholders. Although Samsung may desire Apple’s profit margins, and “cool”, hip persona, they certainly are taking an entirely different approach from the one size fits all of Apple. If anything, many feel Samsung releases too many devices vs. Apple’s once a year model.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      Just a couple years ago I would look at apple to see where Android was going to go. Those days are thankfully well behind us. Now we are beginning to see Android manufacturers try something new and diverge from apple’s formula.

      I love the fact that Samsung is finally showing what their Android phones are capable of and not just saying “hey it’s cool!” I don’t know if it will be enough to sway most people from the iphone but they do make a convincing argument.

  • seven2k

    Wow this would so useful…..im torn now. Galaxy Nexus or NOte.

    • Terry Naylor

      I’m in the same boat! It’s rumored that Sprint is getting both, and originally I wanted the Nexus, but since I saw the Note – well I think I want it much more over the Nexus. Now if Sprint would get their crap together and carry them both before I dump them. haha

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      I’ve owned both, I originally bought the Nexus, and sold it for the Note. I couldn’t be happier with my decision, the Note is an awesome device.

  • iamXiV92a

    I’m already over on my “30 day exchange” or I would definitely trade my Skyrocket for the note and call it a day…

  • Terry Naylor

    I want this phone (in an obsessive “Jump-Ship” and leave Sprint sort of way) but my question to those that have it now is: will it fit comfortably in my jeans front pocket? I don’t want to have to figure out another way to carry my phone around and I don’t like belt clip cases.

    • Darren

      Yes, at least in my jeans pocket it fits fine. It’s the first phone I’ve ever carried that way. Whenever someone asks me that question, I hand them the Note and tell them to try it out. The response is usually “hey, that fits better than my phone!” The thinness of the Note is responsible for that.

      I jumped to AT&T after more than 15 years with Sprint Nextel to get this phone and I haven’t regretted it for a moment.

  • delinear

    Much better. By all means highlight flaws in the competition so long as you are also showing people what your product does. I much preferred this to the Superbowl ad which did nothing to show off the Note’s unique selling points. More of this please.

  • Luke

    I bought the Galaxy Note and love it, fits in my jeans pocket easily, not too big to hold up to my hear, screaming fast processor and LTE data with a ton ton of apps installed on it, no complaints so far!!!

  • thaghost

    This ad is wack! Promote your device and stop trying to insult or “samsung” the iphone all the time. None of those ads has stopped the less than stellar iphone 4s from breaking records. First of all samsung started off by copying the iphone. Focus on your great products and leave the iphone alone please.

    • Dom

      Samsung is smacking apple in the face every other day because apple has attacked samsung some where close then commercials, they have repeatedly sued or tried to sue samsung over and over because apple knows samsung is there closest competition and where they cans out sure them with features and flare they try to jan them with license law suites samsung took the gloves off after the last 10 attempted bans and suits

      • Dom

        the Best way to promote your device is with controversy and by comparing to your nearest competitor.
        assuming you think you are out doing them. I for one like samsungs stragety

  • NitroG7

    I would def grab one if they had a wifi only version. Or at least on Verizon.

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      Here’s your wifi only version, or pretty similar. It’s called the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, and it’s only $270.


      The Note should also be coming to Verizon as the Galaxy Journal. (Or so it’s rumored.)

      • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

        Damn, didn’t realize the resolution is so small on the player. Guess, it’s not that close to a wifi only version.

  • SGB101

    let apple have there stupid customers, as tbh, the only other option is moving them to android, but they still be stupid.

    i joke of course, i know a lot of android users, that dont have a clue what there phone can do.

    we (geeks) are a rare breed, most peeps want facebook, FB messenger, calls and mms, for when no data signal. christ a BB can do all that. lol.

    samsung should concentrate on there own products than go after apple all the time. the first add was great, it was funny, now it looks desperate and all they will do is alienate apple users from ever using samsung

  • n25philly

    I got an import note last Friday. Everyone has the same three step reaction

    1) “Oh my god that is so huge, what is that? It’s not a phone.”

    2) I hand it to them “Oh, it’s not really that big…”

    3) They play with it for a minute “Oh, this is really cool. The screen is awesome. I want one!”

    Best phone out there right now.

  • Hue Three of Five

    Pen technology is really cool. My girl has a HTC flyer and I draw on it all the time. She uses it for her management job as a day planner and organizer. We need more devices like this with advanced styli.

  • Hall Lo

    That “Meet the Note” is much better than that Superbowl one. Simple, but informational, and very attractive. But anyways Note is a sweet and useful device.

  • Mark

    I’ll be honest, I miss the stylus from my old WinMo 6/6.5 days. I always thought finger only was a bit bulky, you don’t get the precision. But the phones back then also didn’t have nearly the sensitivity to touch that todays phones have. Having a phone that has both a stylus for precision control and also works with standard touches just makes sense. It’s a good idea but the screen is just too big. It’s too big to be a phone and too small to be a tablet. I’m thinking 4.3″ is the biggest I’d go on a screen and that’s only if they got rid of the 4 static buttons on the bottom, allowing the screen to use the entire front. I don’t want the phone to be any wider as my thumb would then have issues reaching the other side of the screen while holding it in one hand.

  • GiantLeaf

    LOL… It’s pathetic to see Apple vs Android fights going on and on and on and on while Apple’s taking home 75% of smartphone profits.
    Just buy what you like.. If it’s iPhone, go for it. If it’s Samsung or Whatever flavor of Android you like, go for it too..

    • Joel

      Its also pathetic to see apple and its 75% nitpicking on every move android makes in hopes of finding the next thing to sue them on.
      They’re more concerned with the audience they’re losing than what they already have..
      Believe me..Samsung wouldn’t be calling them out if they thought it was pointless.

      • GiantLeaf

        Nah.. Samsung has no design team. If they do, they design team must have iDevices products lol

        • Dom

          only someone that has only eyes for apple would say that. I for one see a thousands models of phones that resemble each other but all have there differences, aside from a few iphone 4 vs the iphone 4s is a great example, then comparing the iphone the iphone the 3 the 3g the 3gs if you want to see a poor design team look at apple. Always the same design forever and when they finally change it they screw up the fundamental workings of the “phone” so that your forced to purchase a bumper which they just happen to have millions of them produced…. People ned to open there eyes and realize apple pours in expensive hardware and spares no expense to get your money, tel the design team to give the freaking thing a bigger screen already and use a thicker gorilla glass. That doesn’t shatter at the sight of the floor. How about apple needs to copy samsung.and I don’t mean with the notifications bar

          • Dom

            one WHO has held a samsung galaxy note and an iphone 4s in the same moment knows samsung is playing a whole different tune when it comes to design. And that also goes for the tab 10.1 and the ipad 2 which btw is a copy of the ipad lol epic design team right? Go apple ! Next model will have twice the power and be.001 mm thicker lol no other changes ha ha,
            Ok maybe a better screen because they can’t get away with the same crappy screen 3 times lol

  • http://ericweiss.me Eric Weiss

    Street Challenge is very poorly acted and is still insulting, though less so than the Super Bowl ad, to those they are trying to convert. The other ones are much better in my opinion.

    I still think their biggest problem is too many models. The average person is going to simply shut down when they are confronted with a list of Samsung’s phones and the various features and benefits and trade-offs to each one. Believe it or not people like the iPhone because Apple makes the decision for them: this is the model for this year, take it or leave it.

    It’s hard to be “obsessed with the company and its products” when the product you purchased last week already seems out of date because a new device is releasing next week and there are rumors of yet a better version of it in a month.

    • Joel

      One word – Fragmentation.
      Blessing and a curse..

    • Vance

      I disagree with your logic. I think the great flaw with the iPhone approach is that it assumes all users are the same, want the same things, have the same goals, and ambitions with their mobile technology. There’s a reason when you walk onto a Ford lot you have everything from Mustangs to Expeditions. Technology is, similarly, about function AND style for the consumer.
      The iPhone model worked when it was the only true smart phone available, just as the Model T worked when it was the only horseless carriage available, but those days are long gone, and having a strong lineup with variety on corresponding price points is now more critical than ever.

  • mustybooks

    To be fair to apple I think Samsung picked one of the more clueless apple users haha

  • Topher

    If it comes to VZW I’ll totally snag one. Until then I’m happy with what I’ve got.

    Also, it’s coincidental, not ironic.

  • Lee Swanson

    The Galaxy Note seems to be the Lana Del Rey of the phone world. People either really love it or really hate it. I was ready to hate Lana Del Rey until I listened to her album, I really like it. I’m guessing I might be the same with the Note.

  • JAG

    Who cares what someone else gets. Why get all uptight when someone says they think they have the better phone…or whatever. Buy what you like, and if you don’t love it, take it back. Only someone who has tried both Android and iOS can really compare, and even then there are those who would disagree. As for those stuck on the bigger the screen the better it must be, I’m glad Apple has stuck to the 3.5″ screen. I can use my iPhone with one hand which would not be possible with the 4.3″ screen. This little simple thing is a big thing to me. I won’t go further to tout all the other great things I love about my 4S, because, well…why should you care. Just get what you like and stop all the hating…Geez.

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      You must have tiny hands if 4.3″ isn’t manageable in one hand, nonetheless the iPhone is perfect for you. I can touch all four corners of my screen and it’s 5.3, (Yes without using two hands) so the Galaxy Note is perfect for me. Most of us hate Apple because of their business practices, I refuse to give them any of my money, since all of these legal battles are only hindering technology.

  • Nathan D.

    I like how there ads keep knocking down the iPhone like it was yesterdays news, ooo wait it is! Out dated before it came out which is pretty sad if you ask me.

  • yankeesusa

    The videos of the people on the street are scripted or don’t show the whole picture. I love Android and would never buy an iPhone as long as Google keeps innovating but the street battle video could have been a little better and more realistic. The other 3 videos are really good though cause it shows how great this phone is. I hope Samsung integrates the stylus feature into other phones.

  • NasLAU

    All of these videos look better to me than the SB commercials. I’m mad they didn’t use them. And now I’m extra mad because my job is going to make me use an iPhone. Urgh!

  • aburgthing

    I find it a little disingenuous to believe that Android users are more technologically adept than iPhone users. I am a true “techie” that lives and breathes Android from its inception. If you honestly take the small microcosm of friends and family who buy Android over IOS what I find is that Android owners don’t know much about their phones either. My department of say 200 people are buying varying flavors of Android handsets at 3 to 1 clip over Apple. When you ask them if they are aware their phones can do this or that I find they look at you like deer staring at headlights. Sort of like those who have computers that know how to surf the web or do what applications are required at work; nothing more. Therefore I think Samsung is on the right track with its ad campaign of simplifying and highlighting the differences. I think the next ad blitz should take say 20 random Android users (their product will do) and compare their screen setups e.g. widgets, launchers etc. and then 20 iPhone users with the same icon laden screens and market the individuality of Android. I guarantee no two Android screens will look alike unless they are straight out of the box versus the 20 very similar iPhone screens. Dumb it down to the extreme but push individual choice.

  • Angel

    I find the ads very misleading, and Samsung is now officially starting to annoy me. If they want to show what their phone can do then of course that’s fine, but at least be completely honest and fair about it.

  • dVyper

    That comparison video is just stupid.

  • jus

    The same Samsung providing components for the Ipad 3, no?

    The utter hypocrisy from Samsung is very pathetic to say the least.

    • Dom

      Samsung has sold parts to every competitor from the beginning, thats what I call confidence. That they would sell the competition quality parts to know what posts are in the product. Then make one that is better in most ways. Its a good strategy.

  • Chris

    I bought a samsung galaxy note and ditched my iphone. 1 week on this device and i will not go back to apple now. Its an Amazing device!