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Samsung demos quad-core Exynos processors, we drool


If you are an avid reader of our site (or processor nerd like me) this might not come as much of a surprise, but Samsung has finally demoed their quad-core Exynos 4412 processor in public. This upcoming chip was first spotted last November and we were unsure if it would ever see the light of day, but Samsung LSI was previewing it at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference this week.

Samsung’s latest mobile application processors are being built with their 32nm High-K Metal Gate (HK/MG) low-power process in their Austin fab.

Upcoming Exynos parts include:

  • Exynos 4212: 32 nm, 1.2-1.5 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, ARM Mali-400 GPU
  • Exynos 4412: 32 nm, 1.5-1.8 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, ARM Mali-400 GPU
  • Exynos 5250: 32 nm, 2.0 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU, ARM Mali-T604 GPU
  • Exynos 5450: 32/28 nm, 2.0 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU, ARM Mali-T658 GPU

We originally thought the 1.5 GHz dual-core Exynos 4212 might appear in the Galaxy Nexus, but Google and Samsung went with the Texas Instruments OMAP4460 instead. Recently we have also speculated that the quad-core Exynos 4412 could be used in the Galaxy S III, but that is still up in the air.

Recently got we got chance to see the Exynos 5250 in action at CES, on a tablet running Android 4.0. Again I speculated that this part could be used in the rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6, and we are still waiting to see what happens.

The latest addition to the Exynos family that we have not talked much about is the quad-core Exynos 5450. Daniel P. of PhoneArena reported this upcoming part will feature the latest ARM Mali-T658 GPU, but we know nothing of its availability.

Samsung already said they would be implementing ARM’s big.Little setup in an Exynos processor this year, but we don’t know which model that will be. I know for a fact it is not Exynos 5250, so it’s possible that it could be Exynos 5450. If that happens, then I wouldn’t expect the Exynos 5450 in product until early 2013.

Hopefully we will learn more about Samsung’s roadmap at Mobile World Congress next week. I know everyone is all excited about quad-core, but I’m hoping we see the dual-core Exynos 5250 inside the next Galaxy S III and Galaxy Tab 11.6.

As Texas Instruments pointed out, Cortex-A15 is a huge improvement over Cortex-A9. We might not see TI’s OMAP5 in devices until early 2013, but Samsung has said that their Exynos 5250 will go into mass production next quarter. That would be perfect timing for it to appear this summer in Samsung’s flagship devices.

And now we wait.

Via: ZDNet

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  • Owain

    Tech is advancing like a runaway train! This is amazingly awesome and all but – when do I upgrade!?

    Part of me secretly wants this all to plateau.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      You upgrade when you can afford it. Buy the best tech available at the time. Or just wait and update once a year on Google’s Nexus cycle to get the latest version of Android.

      • Sid

        I’m guessing these upgrade cycles will become more frequent once Google completes the acquisition of Motorola. Once that happens I’m hoping along with good hardware Motorola(Google) gives us (the users) an option to opt for stock android (if they do decide to keep motoblur. IMO they shouldn’t.) and provide OS updates along with the Nexus series of devices. More devices with stock Android => Reduced fragmentation.

        • TJungus

          I think another good thing about this model is that the update then come right from Google, eliminating the carrier involvement. The less I have to wait on my carrier and then the OEM, the better.

      • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

        You don’t have to upgrade once a year. You can upgrade every 2 years and you should still get the latest version of Android. I am very confident that my Evo 3D will get the next Android iteration after ICS.

    • sunrise

      I think it will plateau in the next 2-5 yrs. By that time upgrading to the next best thing will not really be worth it. Speeds will be fast enough to hold people off from getting a new phone every 1-2 yrs. Same thing happened with PCs. For most people a 5 yr old intel core 2 duo laptop gives the same real world everyday task performance as a newer intel i5.

      As we transition into fast dual core and quad core phones, the same will happen. Which honestly is very exciting, it could mean demand drops and prices fall. Then again carriers with their contracts and manufacturers are in a price fixing scheme with smartphones, so maybe the free open market will never come into play.

      • mustybooks

        There will always be ways to advance, companies will ensure it’s the case. It’s how they make money from us gadget lovers!

        • Paul Guess

          Absolutely right – They’ll shove something down our necks that we don’t want in order to try and get us to buy – look at the TV industry – enjoyed massive demand for LCD, then enjoyed demand for HD – then ‘Full-HD’ — after a decade of huge profit they’re after are money with ’3D’ and soon ‘Super-vision’ (or whatever its’ called). It’ll be the same with phones I reckon..

        • VASRA

          Tech *will* plateau. Look at desktop CPUs. They have already started to level off 6 years ago due to manufacturing processes, transistor tech and power leakages.

          My 2006 model dual-core 2.33GHz laptop with 4GB of RAM is still plenty fast for almost anything today. Except for the GPU.

          So SoCs will start to level off at nearly 2.5GHz, 28 nm and a generation after A15. GPUs in the SoCs might have a few generations after that to still speed up.

          After that, it’s all about more cores and they don’t bring such increases for 80% of the usage scenarios.

          Power profile will of course improve, but raw speed not so much as for the past 4 years.

          • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

            Your 6 years old CPU is good enough for daily chores, but not for the usage I am accustomed to. Even my E8400 Core2Duo with 4 GB of DDR2 still struggles sometimes for demanding tasks. I think that you should upgrade your phone every 3 year maximum, you can still get a good price for it if you sell it.

      • Chris Lewis

        I dont think it will plateau…ever.. check out this video it makes you think about the rate at which tec is evolving.

        • Chris Lewis

          Didnt think it would post the video on the site and looks like I can’t edit my post either.

          My bad

        • honourbound68

          Hardware plateaus only long enough for software to catch up to it. Pretty soon augmented reality will be commonplace. We will all have wearable computers. Can’t imagine the stories I’ll be telling my grandkids.

          • mustybooks

            bloody mental eh?!

    • Jon Garrett

      Ive upgraded so much I cant go any further. all 3 of my phones got recent upgrades and Id have to add more lines or pay full price until this time next year.

      I may have to sell some of my “old” gadgets (Galaxy tab 10.1 iPhone 4) to buy something new.

    • http://theandroidappshow.com Lane

      I recommend buying previous nexus model when a new one comes out.

    • redraider133

      I think with tech advancing the way it is you do not need to upgrade as often. I mean dual core will easily last you two years( I know some want the latest and greatest) but unless you absolutely need to upgrade I think you will be able to keep a phone for two years or however long you like and not have all the lag and issues that older devices had in the past.

  • http://normanma.net/ darkhorse166

    Colour me slightly confused, but has Samsung not bothered to change the GPU from the old Exynos 4210? (Apart from the smaller process allowing faster clocks.)

    • Zomby2D

      Between the 4212 abd 4412, no they haven’t changed the GPU, just doubled the number of CPU cores and increased the clock rate. However the 5250 does have a more powerful GPU and the 5450 will have the latest powerhouse GPU from ARM.

    • honourbound68

      The old gpus were really good. My old Samsung epic can run all the latest game loft games .

  • Dirge

    Hence why I’m waiting to upgrade :D
    if nothing is announced for Verizon at MWC, I might just take the plunge and get the Galaxy Nexus. :)

    • Bart

      MWC has never been about American carrier specific phones. The phones which wil be announced at MWC will probably be released here in Europe first, as every one of your carriers demands their own @$#&$-version of the same phone.

      • Fulaman

        Exactly which makes me think that American carriers always screw things up. Why they don’t just use the exact same version as the international version irks me beyond belief. It really annoys me. For example, I have a variant of the original Galaxy S series (Fascinate on verizon model #: sch-i500), I am still in awe at the amount of features left out that the original Galaxy S (i9000) has in comparison.

  • spazby

    Please please please sammy, have something really powerful in galaxy s3…time for me to upgrade in september…

    • Dirge

      My actual upgrade month is August, but i’m eligible for an early upgrade now, so we’ll see.

  • inviolable

    They should just start putting images of SoCs and processors and mobile phone manufactures next to ‘competition’ in the dictionary.

  • Fulaman

    I’m hoping that the Galaxy SIII will use the Exynos 5450, my upgrade is up in Dec. 2012, I want a quadcore Cortex A15 processor with a super powerful GPU.

  • Fulaman

    They really need to get rid of the Mali 400 GPU though in their next generation chipsets. The GPU in the iphone 4S (PowerVR 543mp2) outclasses it, so why use it? The Adreno 225 i the next gen Qualcomm processor also outclasses it, again why use it?

    • Zomby2D

      Did you not read the article? The 5250 is using Mali T604 and the 5450 will use Mali T658. The Mali-400 was the fastest when Samsung released the Exynos 4210, but it’s been outclassed since. Let’s hope these new GPU will level the playfield.

      • fulaman

        Did you not read the article? Their next gen cortex A9 quad core uses the old mali 400gpu

  • Nathan D.

    I’m loving this article and the comments right now.

  • David

    Anyone think anything compelling will be available on Verizon within the next couple months? Otherwise, I’ll probably get a Nexus.

    • Fulaman

      Don’t bother getting a Galaxy Nexus, although it will get the latest software updates, its hardware specs are left a bit to be desired.

      • David

        I’m kind of feeling that way, but what other phones would you suggest?

        • Fulaman

          Hmm well the specs on The galaxy S3 are still unknown but i will wait for mid 2012 – late 2012 before thinking of buying anything. Technology changes so rapidly, that your decision today will make you regret your decision tomorrow.

          • David

            In my opinion it makes little sense to wait on an upgrade tied to a 2-year contract, for that exact reason.

  • Naitsaves

    I just want these phones to come out already so I can upgrade.

    • WlfHart

      Agreed, been holding out on upgrading for almost a year now…

  • Fulaman

    @David, if you have the money to spend, then go for it pal. For me, who isn’t really rolling in money, I do have to wait 2 years :( . But don’t get a phone with an outdated Cortex A9 dual core processor. I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but like rich folk would say “that is so last year”

    • David

      I have an upgrade coming up next month. There will never be a point at which the technology available to consumers is NOT outdated by unreleased products. I will be upgrade to a new Verizon smartphone within the next 3 months. Hopefully something comes out that can best the Nexus, but for now it is at the top of my list.

      • Fulaman

        Yah definitely, if nothing comes out within the next 3 months that is quad-core, or something that is really game changing I would also opt for the Nexus because it will get the quickest software updates.

  • fingers26

    Yes I have a Galaxy Note this phone work charm but I will wait until the quad cores are available to change my great phone..!!!!

  • sunrise

    Will these new generation of Exynos chips work with T-Mobile’s faster HSPA+ network, or will T-Mobile end up releasing a SGS-3 with a different chip in it?

    • DroidPower

      great question… i know how tmobile switched the chips for the SGS-2 and now there are some screen caliberation issues with the different chip… hopefully the chips will stay the same for the newer samsung devices

  • Hall Lo

    No matter what, Galaxy S3 is a very exciting device we can look forward to! ;)

    • Fulaman

      I don’t want it having a worse GPU than the iphone though again. They need to step it up and give it the Mali T658. Otherwise I will just wait for the Exynos 5450, or look elsewhere. I was disappointed when I saw that the GPU on the iphone 4S was far superior to the GPU on the Galaxy S II when the GPU on the original Galaxy S was a lot better than the one on the iphone 4.

      • Dikembe

        You do realize the s2 came out almost half a year prior, right? there’s no way two high end phones with maximum specifications would be equal

      • Zomby2D

        When the Exynos 4210 came out the Mali-400 was the fastest mobile GPU around. It was definitely faster than the iPhone 4 GPU at the time. Yes, 6 months later the 4S came out with a faster GPU and we’re hoping the new Mali GPU in the 5250 and 5450 are faster than the A5.

        • fulaman

          The gpu in the original galaxy s was better than the gpu in the iphone 4, that’s why I was disappointed. But I guess that’s expected since the 4s came out a long while later.

  • Max.Steel

    The 45nm dual core A9 Exynos 4210 uses Mali-400MP4. The previous generation chip used PowerVr540 (chip that was recently renamed Exynos 3110). Given that Samsung last year licensed multi-core PowerVr series 5, and apparently has “access to” Mali T604 and Mali T658, it seems at odds they would rework their own inhouse graphics that were last seen in single core A8,S5PC100.

  • cthonctic

    Simply amazing. Samsung really makes the best hardware. Can’t wait to see the SGSIII and what comes after it.

    • Joel

      Agreed. I owned the Galaxy S I (Epic 4G) and I was one of the millions who ranted and protested for froyo update (seems so silly now lol) – converted 2 of my coworkers from their old EVOs to get the GSII and another coworker from iphone 4 to GSII – Im an avid supporter and im proud of them for the ability to launch killer hardware.

      Regardless of how this year goes…I think ill end up owning a GSIII

  • aranea

    2.0 GHz quad-core is enough to make me drool.

  • Paul B.

    Very well written article. Showing the varios processaors names and discussing tablet release possibilities was informative. Other articles on the subject do not explain or hihlight tje sifferent processors. Very easy to read for a non-tech person. Thank you.

  • jus

    Nice another fast graphics chip.

    Correctly programmed bloatware would also be a plus. *Coughs* AP Mobile.