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Sony acquisition of Ericsson now complete – what we can expect


This has been one of the smoothest acquisitions we have seen in the life of Android. In less than 4 months since its announcement, Sony has completed the full acquisition of the Ericsson mobile devision. This costed the Japanese manufacturer €1.05 billion, but good ol’ Sony is now in full charge of its mobile division.

Even before this transaction was finalized, though, things had already started to change. We have seen the latest Xperia devices being unveiled without the Ericsson branding (like the Sony Xperia Ion and the Xperia S). But we feel like Sony’s plans are not fully portrayed by these devices.

Sony can turn the tables around, and make things much better for its future. And we would assume that Sony has a plan – they did not spend €1.05 billion on a hunch. Sony Ericsson hasn’t been making the best profits, but we should start seeing some strategy changes soon.

Seamless Connectivity with Sony Products

According to Sony, this is the main reason for said acquisition. The company wants smartphones to be part of the connected home that they have been creating for years. As of now, they have done a great job with their other products: computers, televisions, Blu-ray players, game consoles and other devices have the ability to communicate with one another, taking us closer to the “smart home.”

This is something we can see the smartphone being integrated into – better communications with other Sony products and services. Many Sony TVs can now be turned on automatically when a Playstation 3 or Blu-ray player is in use, and the console can be controlled via a keyboard and mouse.

It would be great if a portable device could be added into the equation. Imagine if there was an option that allowed you to do the same with your smartphone. Simply select the DLNA (or any form of wireless communication) option when walking into the living roon, and boom – the TV turns on and starts playing the movie.

Maybe being able to access your Playstation 3 while on the go will also be featured in the future, much like the PSP devices have been able to do for a long time. The possibilities are endless, but such features are what we should start seeing in Sony smartphones. The connected home is the future, after all.

Better Gaming

Sony is one of the most successful competitors in the video game industry. Its consoles have created a great consumer loyalty since the release of the Playstation 1. It continues to hang with the best of them with consoles like the Playstation 3 and the PS Vita.

There have been recent rumors of Sony moving to Vita OS in the future[1], but this is not expected to happen for a long time. And we hope it never happens, because it has great potential to be successful in the Android world.

Xperia PlayGaming is something very important in the mobile ecosystem, and Sony can apply some of its talent to coming smartphones. We have already seen a gaming device being released, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (image to the right). This phone is great, and the controller pad definitely makes for a better experience. The games and specs left much to be desired, though.

With Sony in charge, we should be seeing many improvements in the Xperia gaming strategy. Better gaming smartphones and tablets, an improved Playstation Certified experience and console quality games could really turn things around in the Android ecosystem.

Will we see super phones with access to games with PS Vita quality and resolution? We will have to wait and see. It is highly likely Sony will make some strong moves within mobile gaming, though.

Design and Performance

Sony Ericsson devices have not been the best, but they improved greatly last year. Sony Mobile Communications could take great advantage of the company’s resources and talent. As already mentioned, Sony is no small kid on the playground. Many of its products are highly desired by the population, and their name has a great reputation for solid manufacturing.

Sony Ericsson’s design already fits in with Sony’s style, and we probably won’t see that changing too much. We may see Xperia devices with much better specs, though. If the new smartphones are going to be powerful gaming devices, the specs will have to be much more impressive.

Quad-core processors and gadgets with 2 GB of RAM are just around the corner. We might, or might not be seeing Sony taking a leap in this movement. Sony might have some hiccups with the transition, but we could expect them to stay on top of the game from then on.


Sony has great potential and talent. We have seen it in their other products, and hope to see better smartphones being added to its line – but this is only the beginning. There is much more that could be done. The Japanese manufacturer could make use of its talent to add great cameras, better sound, better displays and all of the above mentioned improvements.

But Android enthusiasts care about even more – for some, a super phone is immediately discarded after learning that it has a locked bootloader (Sony Ericsson has been great about open bootloaders). It is also a big “no no” if a manufacturer is known for not keeping its devices updated in a timely fashion.

There are many things that Sony could do to make its customers very happy – some being relatively simple to accomplish. So let’s see how Big Sony plays things out. We hope that it goes well. Competition is a great factor for the mobile evolution, and we hate to see manufacturers fail.

But let us know what you think. Do you think Sony will do well with the acquisition? If so, what do you see coming in the near future?


  1. Via The Verge

Source: Sony Ericsson

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  • SGB101

    the same over hyped crap Sony usually produce.

    living off past glory they need to step up their game!

    • Jeff Pan

      that is mean!

    • kazahani

      Not kidding you: I think the Xperia Arc is the best single-core Android device available in terms of style, function and user experience. Sony is legit. Stop drinking that haterade.

      • SGB101

        sorry guys, not been near a sony phone since the xperia10i (iirc) horrid. this came out 4 month after nexus 1 (htc desire) and didnt even have multi-touch. but sadly had time scape!!

        but my comment above was more aimed at Sony as a whole. they have a great brand, based on hifi’s tv’s and walkmans. from the 1980s and 90s

        the walkman is dead, their tv’s are a shadow of that they was, and are trading on former glory still. their hifis granted are still good and reasonable price compared to Bose.

        but over all Sony brand is Way better than what they actually deliver

      • raudi

        … and camera, and price, and build quality.
        you get it used for 200CHF here in switzerland
        it takes excellent pictures, especially in low light
        an I accidentally smashed it to the floor really hard, and it still works. the display has some cracks, but seriously i think there is no a lot of smartphones that would be working anymore-

        i LOVE it!

  • Meister_Li

    I fear that the Developer-Friendliness Sony Ericsson has displayed will now abruptly stop after Sony has taken over the Steering Wheel. :/

    • Dirge

      For some reason, I don’t think it was the Ericsson portion that was the developer friendly one.

      • okfourme

        Care to elaborate? As a software developer with experience of working at both Japanese and Swedish companies I’d say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the developer friendliness came from the Swedish side. That said, the takeover does not mean Sony is packing up and moving all of the resources of the company over to Japan. It’s highly likely that most of the software development will continue to be done in Lund, Sweden which should contribute to positive relations with the developer community.

    • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

      Yep. And say hello to proprietary docks cables etc. left right and centre

      • kazahani

        At least someone will be making custom accessories for this device. That’s something that most major Android devices don’t see.

  • spazby

    There is definitely an opportunity here. I used to be a fan of sony a while ago, a good while, and if they can bring back the magic, I would consider them in the future…

  • Dr.Carpy

    Let’s hope all these things are true. Sony certainly can’t do any worse. As a tablet S owner, Sony does have a cool clean aesthetic, and being able to play Crash Bandicoot with my son, with a PS3 controller doesn’t hurt either. The universal remote feature is awesome! Sometimes I’ll surf, email, and control my television (Go Knicks Go!). Great article again Edgar! I’m hoping that ICS makes it way sooner rather than later. As well, Sony should really consider making a a stock android device, really all phone manufacturers should.

  • fathom614

    I’m hoping they make a real PSP (Play Station Phone) with PS3 and PS Vita integration. Make up for the lackluster Xperia Play.

    • T1392

      Only good thing about the Xperia Play was screen size 4′, front camera, & stock Android 2.3. It had the potential to be great if it came 4G LTE, dual core, 1gb ram, & more memory.

    • R.S

      PS3 integration would be nice but as long as I could play actual PSP (now PS Vita) games, I would buy it in a heartbeat. That is of course provided it was released on my carrier. Unfortunately it’ll never happen since the PS Vita sales would suffer. After all, how many people would buy a handheld game system when they could buy a phone (at subsidized prices) that does the same and more as the handheld game system? I know I wouldn’t

      Releasing their phones on more carriers (like all four major US carriers) is definitely something I’d like to see. I’m sure it would greatly increase their sales since Sony phones don’t have the type of followers that would change carrier for their products.

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    I always liked the design of the Sony phones. Very clean and sharp looking. I’m sure they’ll keep that up, at least.

    • klacebo

      Before they joined forces with Ericsson, Sony phones looked like crap.


      Sony’s 2001 CMD Z7 clamshell phone: http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_cmd_z7-281.php

      Ericsson’s 2001 T20e clamshell phone: http://www.gsmarena.com/ericsson_t20e-251.php

      BTW, I’ve owned both of these phones, and to this date, the T20 is the best phone (design-wise) I’ve ever held. It used to fit perfectly in my hand, and frankly, every one asked me to hold it (insert “that’s what she said joke”)

      If anyone cares to search more, before taking cues from the design team of Ericsson, all Sony mobile phones looked like cheap Nokia and Ericsson rip-offs.

      So, I’m a bit skeptical about the design capabilities of Sony, unless they have taken their lessons from their joined venture with Ericsson.

  • T1392

    Would like to see what sony will offer now. If they offered stock phones I’m sure people will buy as long as they offer the right specs with the phone & a OLED screen.

  • Nathan D.

    I hope they make gaming on smart phone better with better spec.

  • Mark

    Well I do consider Sony one of the only people out there truly competing with Apple’s integration. I mean, the Blu Ray player, the Audio Receiver, the T.V, the computer, the tablet, the phone, wireless speakers, etc. Sony is making the best effort to integrate them all and get them all talking to one another; just like Apple does with its products. I don’t necessarily agree with it or like it or use it, but if you’re looking for a non-apple alternative with the same inter-device integration capabilities, Sony is your best bet.

  • Hall Lo

    The thing I think that will improved the most I think is the design of the devices. Sony’s design team is terrific. And pleas Sony show us Android users some love by pushing out great devices! :D

  • jamal adam

    With Kazuo Hirai at the helm of Sony, I expect great things. I see a bright future for Sony.

  • Anibal

    Imagine a playstation phone with a dual boot ? Android and PS Vita OS ? With something like 120 Go for the PS Vita games..? And Playstation Certified for the PS One games. It would be awesome !!

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  • emez

    I am fan of sony ericsson and now sony please sony we need walkman phone larger screen than wt 19i. xloud is good for external speakers we also need the earpiece bass application that was used in w550i walkman and tv out through earpiece plug and video upto 1080p