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Sprint: If we give you $100, then will you stay?


Despite the promise of LTE right on the horizon, a slew of some of the best Android phones available, the iPhone 4S and some pretty cheap plans, Sprint isn’t doing so well. Their numbers have been slipping for quite some time now, with potential and former customers flocking to Verizon and AT&T in droves. Do Hesse and company have a long term plan in order to turn things around? Maybe, but we’re not seeing yet. For now, their best bet is bribery.

In order to keep customers from switching carriers, particularly those who are at a high risk of leaving, Sprint will be issuing $25, $50 and $100 discounts on handset upgrades with a two-year contract. The exact discount depends on the model. The promotion runs from February 5th to March 18th, and customers who are eligible for the discount will be notified via email or snail mail.

While this doesn’t fix the recent spike in network problems Sprint customers have been faced with, at least Sprint isn’t sitting back, digging their grave already. Although I have a feeling that if anyone is seriously ready to switch carriers, a $100 discount will do little to dissuade them. If you were looking to jump ship, would a discount on your next phone purchase get you to sign another two-year contract?

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  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    Sprint gave their customers the Nexus S and finally snagged the iPhone, what more could they want?

    • dabluzzz

      How ’bout more coverage in rural areas.

      • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

        I never had coverage issues with Sprint. I must be the 1%! (Not sure if :) or :( )

    • thaghost

      what about faster data speeds?

      • eallan

        They’re working on it, it sounds like their LTE network should be great. They got a terrific phone to launch it with as well.

        • http://www.brokemanstech.com Juan Almanzar

          At this point I it is going to be a long time before Sprint covers even a small portion of the market in LTE.

          They completely screwed up when it came to Wimax and now the lightsquared agreement is pretty much disappearing before their eyes.

          I jumped ship from Sprint to Verizon a few weeks ago and there’s no way I heading back to that sinking ship.

    • Ahmad Hasan

      Service. What’s a phone without a good service. I live in California and I face a lot of weird data speeds. Like 3G=800 Kbps and 4G=250 Kbps. And you know what it happens a lot. And sometimes even with 4G = 3000 Kbps, I have a friend whose T-Mobile speeds 3G ranges from 2200 Kbps to 6000 Kbps. How about that?
      I admit that Sprint is doing OK in some parts but at three of my best friends houses, I don’t even get new gmail notifications.

      • Voliam

        And this applies to ALL carriers..

    • Jeff Pan

      Better Network lol!

    • Nelson

      What’s the point of having a great phone with unlimited data if you can’t get a signal to use it?

    • honourbound68

      how about sammy phones that don’t have LOS bug? or wimax coverage that can penetrate beyond the windows of my 1 story tiny home?? i’m counting the days til my contract expires in september then if sprint doesn’t have their lte game plan straight, i’m off to big red.

    • Josh

      Well I have the htc hero…you know that phone from long long ago. I’ve been planing to get a new one for 1+ year. I waited for the nexus s and by that time it was released it was expired. Now i’m waiting for the new nexus hopefully this one is available a little fresher.

    • applesuxdonkeyd!k

      seriously that was what 2 yrs ago my og evo is still the best phone they got they need some new htc’s and sammy’s i guess.. not a sammy fan but the nexus s is a joke and dont get me started on the iphail crapple shit

  • Bryan Stoner

    Family data plan before Verizon and you have my vote.

    • alan

      We already have that on a family plan with unlimited data!

      • Ahmad Hasan

        You’re quite right. We have family plans with unlimited everything and it is way cheaper than Verizon.

        • alamoe

          But doesn’t have coverage in nearly as many areas as Verizon.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    A free phone would maybe keep me… but not a discount. Can’t see how a new phone would be incentive if the network is the problem… “Here’s a another device that will be crippled by our network… but you still have to pay some money for it… oh, and you just extended your contract another 2 years”

  • Jon B

    Nexus S = blah
    iPhone = even more blah.

    Only thing keeping me w Sprint is the lower plan prices and (technically) the unlimited data. Service sucks 4G sucks and the customer service sucks even more.

    • alamoe

      So aren’t you actually throwing away money if you can’t use your phone where you need to? Why not pay a little more but have much better coverage?

  • David F

    I was on sprint for 10 years. Left them and their crappy service and went to verizon. (I live in northeast). I now get cell coverage at my house, better 4G coverage where I work. I pay slightly more after my corp discount, but well worth it.

    I was with sprint the last few years because of their benefits like premier. Once annual phone upgrade went away with the end of Premier Gold, I had no reason to stay. I have 10 GB data with the promotion, a nexus and couldnt be happier.

    • Ahmad Hasan

      Good for you. I know that Verizon is the best in terms of speed and coverage. But i’m still with Sprint because it is the cheapest.

    • applesuxdonkeyd!k

      thats funny cuz verizon sux i can have full bars and drop calls like nobodys biz and prices blow

  • spazby

    let’s see what sprint will do with LTE… that could be the make-it-or-break-it point…

    • thaghost

      i agree. im ready to leave tmo and sprint will be an option if their LTE is legit.

  • David

    With the extra $10 per line charge (3 out 4 lines now have it) and the change of the service discount to just the first line of service, Sprint has raised our bill $34 per month (not included bumps in the misc. fees) over the last year or so, roughly 20%. For our needs, Sprint is comparable or more than VZW in price now.

    So, no, this one time credit isn’t going to do anything to stop me from switching our lines to VZW, which has tremendously better coverage.

    And then changed then eliminated Premier.

    • Gary

      Dave, im in the same boat as you. Get a 22% corp discount- they already eliminated the 22% on lines 3-5, and now will eliminate it on line 2. Then $10 premium data for 3 lines. I am eligible for a $20 discount with Verizon, the difference in price is $6 per month for the 5 lines. I realize i will loose unlimited data, but i only ever use 1-2 GB anyway (when i DONT use Netflix and Pandora). The 4G-Wimax network is never going to expand so my current handset is already a dinosaur, and Sprint will not support WiMax after 2015… at leastr now i have a 3 week window to leave without the ETF (due to the discount chance). I called them and they will not back down….they would rather loose 5 customers for the sake $4 a month. This is not a good business model,….reading how they are offering $100 to customers to stay infuriates me!…Where is this money coming from!…..Silly customer service model (did you also see how they slipped in the JD Power listings?…now they are dead last with Tmo!)

  • vic

    I’m about to leave T-Mobile. But found sprint w a better family plan charge n “unlimited data” true… but this type of news has make me think twice. So sprint users. Should I just go straight up go to Verizon? Thinking Gnex. Anyone

    • UMA Fan

      If you get good Tmo reception in your area T-Mobile, T-Mobile is the best bang for your buck when it comes to price for the data speeds you’re getting. If data speeds are important to you I don’t know why you would even consider Sprint… Sprint has the best coverage of the slowest network nationwide. Plus T-Mobile is the only carrier with Wifi Calling so you get perfect reception wherever there’s Wifi. If you need more data just grab one of their HSPA+ 42 phones and their 10GB data plan (with the free tethering right now) and call it a day.

      • cb2000a

        Right now T-Mo is looking good (after the failure of the ATT buyout). They get more bandwidth, free roaming on ATT for seven years, good phones, wifi calling (cell service where NO towers exist), HSPA+ (fast internet without LTE issues), cheap plans ($50 a month unlimited everything no contract). I have had no issues with their customer support at all (only used them once as everything else I could do online). I would not go back to Verizon (and pay twice as much for less minutes).

    • Jason

      Yes jump to Verizon, Sprint is now way behind the 4G curve. As Sprint is trying to plant 4G LTE across the US, Verizon is making plans to upgrade its 4G LTE network moving it closer to full fledged 4G. Fyi per the 4G specification, 4G LTE is a step towards 4G. If I remember correctly 4G is at least 5 times faster than 4G LTE. And Sprints WiMax is a complete joke! I have 6 lines, 4 EVO’s, 1 Nexus S 4G and an LG Optimus. Sprint charges me $10 per line for 5 of the lines because (I quote the customer service rep) “they have the potential to use more data” even though thier 3G is SLOW and getting a WiMax signal while driving is next to impossible ANDHALF half of the phones are on WiFi most of the day. I’ve been a Sprint customer for 12 years, because they used to appreciate my business. Not anymore, they introduced Premier Gold as a way to “thank our loyal customers” only to yank it just a few years later. To me they seem to be sinking.
      I have been buying phones in Craigslist when we want to upgrade phones. 4 of my lines are now contract free, the last two contracts expire end if this year and when they do Sprint will be losing a 6 line customer. I’ve warned them that I will be leaving, but the report told me

      • Jason

        Sorry it sent before I was done…. The report told me there is nothing they can do about waiving the $10 per line even though my highest data usage line uses less than 1gig! It’s a ripoff and a shady way to raise my bill.
        My employer uses Verizon so I get to see first hand a Sprint phone and a Verizon phone side by side. My Verizon phone always gets a signal where our Sprint phones do not. The Verizon 3G completely out performs Sprints 3G hands down! Most of the time Verizon 3G is at least twice as fast as Sprint and I get 4G LTE on my Verizon phone in most areas. Verizon 4G LTE is pretty ang amazing, blazing fast!

  • Ahmad Hasan

    I already got my Samsung Galaxy S II for 1 cent from Amazon Wireless. With tax free, free shipping and free activation. I don’t think their $100 offer can beat that.
    For me, it’s either offer a monthly discount (or may be at least remove the $10 4G fee, because now all the new phones come with it) or increase the data speeds (at least to compare with the other networks). That’s it…

    • Rich

      dude, how did you get a phone for one cent?

      • Rich

        I mean, I see it on amazon wireless, but if I go to the store it is $100 on amazon wireless 1 cent. What gives??

        • VZWchimp

          Amazon Wireless makes you agree to another ETF when you purchase the phone at 1c. So if you did decide to cancel early Amazon would slap you with a $250+ ETF as well as the carriers $300+ ETF.

  • dmanrtfm

    I am a 13 year Sprint customer. I will be leaving as soon as I can. The promise of wi-max for almost 2 years, now the phone I do have will not work on when LTE 4g arrives maybe in 2013. Meanwhile my 1M data speeds have slowly been going down to 100k to 200k. My wife’s AT&T non 4G has average speeds of 2.5-4M. I would be willing to pay 20 or $30 more a month for decent speeds. I have NO reason to stay with Sprint. Very good customer service just very poor data service and no real plan to offer any upgrades within a reasonable amount of time. And even if they had a plan, I do not trust them financially or ethically to fulfill it (wi-max, no wait LTE, with Clearwire, no wait, LightSquared, oops they conflict with GPS, oops Clearwire is going bankrupt, no…..)

  • eldenW

    Interesting… I wonder if sprint will send me an email

  • aburgthing

    I’m in a holding pattern waiting to see what Sprint announces with the LTE expansion this summer. “dmanrtfm” hit the nail on the head though with all the recent hiccups Sprint has been having lately. I’m sure because of the Network Vision project, Sprint seems to be paralyzed by inactivity and there is little to be excited about regarding new handsets. (I like the Nexus concept but still no microSD expansion = no go for me). So I think Sprint is in a very dangerous period right now. Competitors blasting out new, exciting and most important, relevant to their network handsets, the wandering path of 4G, poor 3G service, loss of incentives e.g. Premiere Gold etc. has many including myself glancing over my shoulder and weighing options come my July contract terminal date.

    The idea of mobile phones/mobile computing has evolved from the earlier days of “dumb” phones. Smart phone users are now much more informed tech savvy consumers considering a multitude of factors in choosing a provider. Mobile technology is a part of most Americans daily lives. The tenuous hold of “Unlimited Data” may very well not be enough to hold the above described consumer; again including myself. IMHO Sprint needs to give us hope that the best is yet to come by hitting the airwaves with new announcements, leaks of new ultimate elite handsets and a solid understandable vision of the future or the thundering herd of defectors will only increase until they have to turn off the lights.

  • Chad8771

    I used to be a big supporter of Sprint. Well not no more. I am fed up with them. They lied to me so many times. Telling me something would cost so and so. Then when I get my bill its $20-$30 more. They can suck a d#*@! I’ve been paying $10 for 4G wimax for 3 years and it
    never got close to where I live. Now there starting lte service with a company that has no idea what there doing.

  • yankeesusa

    There are complaints about sprint data but they are definitely improving it and they still have great prices. I’m sticking with them till my next discount in june. Hoping for a quadcore lte htc phone running ics. Hopefully they’ll keep unlimited data, heck even if they cap it a 5gb and throttle after that I would stay with them. They still have better plans than verizon and att even if they took away unlimited.

  • Cwalden21

    I’ve always had pretty good luck with sprint and never have service issues..the only complaint i could have is the data speeds but they are continuing to improve. Their prices still kick the hell out of ATT and Verizon no doubt!

    • Rich

      I agree with you! Sprint prices beat the heck out of Zerizon and AT+T and I refuse to ever use Verizon since they dipped into my bank account after I had paid them all i owed them and took $40 out and refused to look into it. 9This was landline/DSL service) F Verizon!

  • austinjam

    I was lured back to Sprint in July with an Evo 3D for $150, plus a $125 port over credit, PLUS the district manager promised me a $75 credit off the phone in addition. Well, after three months and not receiving my $75 bucks, and having a phone that is a complete piece of crap (would not charge if the battery drained to 0%….had to have an external charger to give a bit of juice to the battery, then reinsert and boot up).

    I moved to ATT when The Shack was offering the GSII for $50 on Black Friday. Sprint, of course, hit me with the $200 ETF….called NUMEROUS times to work out the $75 I never received. I ended up eating the $75 just to get the hell out of their system.

    Sold the Evo3D on craigslist last week for $150 and will never go back to Sprint, even if they offered the G Nex for free.

  • Ramzy

    Agreed, Sprint coverage is kind of whack but I still LOVE the unlimited data. I believe no other carrier offers unlimited data anymore (only way is if you were grandfathered in or whatever it’s called)

    Sprint is working on their network though and their customer service has gotten way better. I think they’ll be a-ok.

  • Matt

    I switched to Sprint when the EVO came out June 2010..Never had them before and they totally suck..I always miss calls and their data speeds suck..I’ve asked other people in my area and they miss calls all the time also..Terrible service..

    About the only way they could get me to stay is if they gave me a free SGS3 then I might consider it but even then I would probably just buy the phone and roll on GSM prepaid.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000953902834&ref=tn_tnmn Cesar Ruiz

    How about better 4G coverage? I want it everywhere.

  • spintrex

    I’ve only been with Sprint and prior to upgrading to the S II was very persuaded to go to Verizon, what turned me off? Increased price with a data cap, even though I believe the min. data cap is more than enough for myself. Either way the S II came out and the hope of LTE really brightened the future of Sprint… so i decided not to jump ship.

    The only downside to Sprint in my eyes is their 3G speeds… i believe as being one of the slowest out of the main carriers.

  • Ray

    No Way would I stay unhappy with any carrier for $100. You have to be stupid out of your mind to do such a thing.

  • Gekko


  • Jerome

    I’ve been with Sprint since 2005 and have always had pretty good service, decide data speeds…..my main reason for staying now is unlimited data on my family plan

  • Drew

    To everyone who talks bad on Sprint….you might have the right to, will you talk bad about Sprint in the coming year? Maybe, but I’ll tell you one thing they have an ace up their sleeve that noone is going to see coming.

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    $100 won’t make a difference. When Epic 4G contract is up in August, will be leaving after about 14 years. Sprint has not been that bad, just have too many contracts. The $10 monthly extra fee for mediocre 4G has been a disappoinment.

  • WlfHart

    $100 is less than the usual on contract discount… unless they mean an extra off the top I wouldn’t blink at such an offer. Even so, $100 in exchange for two more years of unhappy if a customer is already at the point of leaving… I think they should just invest that money into actually fixing the issues those at risk customers have with the company.

  • Voliam

    Even though I wouldn’t go with Sprint, I certainly hope they survive. The competition is necessary to keep the others in check, just as the TMo/ATT merger was denied.

  • PC revealed

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  • Tonedabone

    I had Sprint, but just moved to AT&T 2 days ago. I could slap myself for waiting so long! I live in South New Jersey, where I almost always got a signal w/Sprint, but data was almost ALWAYS very slow. I Just bought the Galaxy S II Sky Rocket on AT&T and my speeds have gone from 0.02mbps down and 0.00 up at work to 7-11mbps down and 4.11 up at work using Speedtest app. My speeds have quadrupled easily. Sprint says you can have unlimited data, but what good is unlimited if you only receive 0.02mbps at a time? I know Sprint is VERY good in some areas, like Wash.DC, I got blazing speeds there. Back at home in S.NJ, I just couldn’t bare it any longer. Sorry Sprint. Maybe see you again once your network is fully functional ….thing is, I don’t think they will be able to catch up to the other carriers for a very long time.

  • Oil Drinker

    Been with Sprint for 8 years. I’ve been lucky I guess; I almost never have dropped calls (I live in Seattle), and customer service for me has been just fine. But as others have reminded us, the data speeds are horrendous. That mandatory $10/month for sketchy 4G no longer makes any sense to me.

    My contract is up this April. I think I might stay on month to month and see if the chatter about their LTE becomes any clearer and if their pricing remains comparable to what I pay now. I dunno… Decisions decisions…

  • swazedahustla

    this guy just made over $500 in a day just from his Facebook, crazy…


  • Justan

    I just left sprint a week ago for at&t and ill tell you right now I’ve been more happier with att in the last week then the the two years I was with sprint. Sprints data is junk the 4G on my skyrocket actually works I wasn’t promised over and over I’d get it only to be disappointed I had it when I signed up and so far no issues with my phone now I see wht att and Verizon are the top two

  • http://willoughbyjunction.com Jayson Olson

    Sorry, $100 isn’t enough for me if I were a Sprint customer, and I suppose that’s only for the top-tier phones. If I got a mid range device and the offer was only $25-$50…..pffttt….nope, not even close to make me turn my head up.

    A $100 today is forgotten very easily in 6 months down the road if I can’t get coverage or I’m going to be disappointed for the term of my contract. So, for 2 -year contract, $100 rebate breaks down to just over $4 a month….No…that’s not worth it for headaches and frustrations.

  • Skis03

    They are getting a refreshed Galaxy Nexus aren’t they? They should be happy with that.

  • Dan

    Have been considering dropping Sprint for months now. The only reason we have stayed is the ETF for 3 lines. Voice coverage is acceptable here but data speeds are a pathetic joke. When we moved to a semi rural area in VA last year, 3G speeds were 3-400 kbps. At this stage they are consistently below 100 kbps. My upload speeds are almost always faster than download! So no. A measly $100 credit won’t be enough to keep us from jumping ship in April when our contract expires. Something like FREE upgrades on all 3 lines and no more 4G tax might be just enough, but even so, we’d still be stuck dealing with the network problems. And since the closest WiMax tower is more than 100 miles away, I seriously doubt we’ll see LTE here either. More substandard 3G and 1X speeds.

  • http://www.brokemanstech.com Juan Almanzar

    I switched from Sprint to Verizon a few weeks ago. After years of mediocre service, the straw that finally broke my back was a multiple week period where download speeds were worst than dial-up and when I would go into the stores, they basically shrugged it off like it was nothing.

    While Verizon isn’t all that great here in Tallahassee, FL, its leagues better than Sprint.

  • Chris Paulino

    I have had the same problems of not receiving calls and texts for over 4 months now and no help from sprint. Only crappy customer service, run arounds, and bull crap excuses with no solutions. No wonder you are losing customers, I hope you lose them all.

  • residentpilgrim

    My wife called to clean up some account questions the other day and they offered my line an $80 dollar credit directly off our bill simply to renew for a year. I’d rather have the money off a new phone, honestly, but I was pleased to be offered a discount for what amounts to a short term extension (the end of my portion of the contract was set to expire in August as it is, now it’s extended through February).

    Living in metro Detroit, service is decent. Most of my bottlenecks seem to be more phone-related than service (Samsung Moment – sludgefest even with an app-killer and extraneous programs removed). I’d been looking to snag a PHOTON until hearing about the Samsung Nexus LTE to be released “soon”, but I’m starting to second-guess my choice to take the money rather than slogging through to end-of-contract and jumping ship to V-town.

  • Cheesycook

    I have been with Sprint going on 13 years. I live in Pensacola, FL and am now in the middle of nowhere Oregon. I have never had an issue with signal and get better 3G here than friends on Verizon. I can stream Netflix on my EVO 4G no problem so I could care less for 4G connectivity,….just wish I wasn’t paying for it. My biggest gripe is that Sprint needs to figure out that people want new phones when they are new. Don’t buy in on the iPhone hoopla and think your done. Can we get some Android phones that aren’t meant to be free with contract junk? Galaxy Nexus, everyone else has it, not us. Samsung Galaxy SIII coming soon, I wonder how long after everyone else gets it will I get the privilege of paying as much as everyone else months later. Oh, and when I called Sprint about some incorrect fees and lack of decent phones right now I was told I could go elsewhere. I think they just don’t care anymore.

  • Josh

    Every last one of you on here confuse the hell out of me. I don’t understand why anyone would do business with any of these carriers.

    I’m not trying to be a troll, but here is what I did. I got an iPhone 4s off Craigslist for $300. Then I got a sim card from straight talk and now I have unlimited EVERYTHING on atts network. $45 a month!!!!!!!!!!!

    Download speeds are typically 5mbps – 6mbps.

    Just my two cents. Don’t waste your money on a typical cell phone account.

  • Josh

    Please don’t flame me lol

  • John


  • John