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T-Mobile Valentine’s day sale – Get your lovin’ on with any 4G device for FREE (Update: It is official)


Thinking of getting something for that special someone, this Valentine’s day? How about a 4G smartphone from T-Mobile? According to these screen shots (and past rumors), T-Mobile will be holding a one-day sale on February 11th, dedicated to all the love birds out there. But this is not just any sale – customers will be able to purchase any 4G device for free after mail-in rebate.

This is after signing a 2-year contract, of course. This deal is applicable to both Classic and Value plan subscribers, which happens to be a first for these “All Hands Day” sales. Such sales were only applicable to Value plan subscribers before, making this a much more enticing offer.

According to TmoNews‘ sources, those that pick the Classic rate plans will have to pay for the device’s usual subsidized price and receive the full amount via a mail-in rebate card. Value plan subscribers will get the same treatment after paying the down payment. (Upgrade rules and migration fees apply).

If you have been looking to get a new 4G smartphone from T-Mobile, we suggest you circle February 11th in your calendar. The offer applies to all 4G devices, including tablets like the LG G-Slate and the Huawei Springboard. There is a small catch for some devices, though. It seems like top-tier smartphones, such as the HTC Amaze and Samsung Galaxy S II might require a subscription to a 5 GB data plan.

All T-Mobile retail stores, customer service and authorized dealers will be participating on this offer. If interested, you might want to wait for the official announcement for more details, which is rumored to be as soon as this afternoon (according to the sources).

Let’s sit tight and wait to hear official details. Is anyone taking advantage of this sale? And just out of curiosity – will anyone actually purchase a phone for a Valentine’s day gift?

Screen-Shot-2012-02-07-at-1.37.39-PM Screen-Shot-2012-02-07-at-1.38.12-PM Screen-Shot-2012-02-07-at-1.39.21-PM Screen-Shot-2012-02-07-at-1.40.25-PM carly-valentine

Update: T-Mobile announcement

As expected, T-Mobile has just gone ahead and released information about their Valentine’s one-day sale. The information goes along with most of what we already knew. Among the most important details, though, the press release includes information about the minimum requirements for data plans:

  • Voice Phones: 200 MB data plan
  • Most smartphones: 2 GB data plan
  • 42 Mbps devices: 5 GB data plan

For more information, check out the press release or go to T-Mobile’s official site.

There you go, guys! It is official, so start making your plans!

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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  • spazby

    very cool

  • Bpear96

    Im just wondering :P . Why would anyone get any phone besides the Amaze 4g or galaxy s ii :P. and if they dont want 42mbps phone to get lower data plan, why anything other then the sensation (or maybe the g2x :D) unless maybe there a blackberry fan o_o or windows phone. I mean galaxy s 4g, gravity smart, wildfire s, double play vs amaze,sensation,g2x and galaxy s ii at same price, free!

    • Jeff Pan

      Lol! Yeah pick up an AMaze 4G or Galaxy S II or Sensation!

    • Tangent

      For one thing none of those has a keyboard which my wife absolutely wants on a phone…

  • greeny42

    Valentine’s Day Sale… February 11th… Does not compute.

    • R.S

      How does it not compute?
      Christmas sales are done before Christmas. Why should a Valentine’s Day sale be different?

      Plus, it’s not a good idea to buy your special someone a Valentine gift on Valentine’s Day.

      As for the sale, it’s obviously a great deal. I took advantage of a similar T-Mobile sale (Father’s Day) in 2010. In fact, it’s what helped me decide to switch over to T-Mobile.

      • shadowxof

        Unlike Christmas however ALL stores have regular business hours on valentine’s day. Where about 95% of stores are closes Christmas day.

        But I do agree it’s a great deal, but it looks like new customers only and current customers trying to upgrade are shafted.

        Doesn’t help that my upgrade becomes available on ACTUAL Valentine’s day

    • Jon Garrett

      “customers will be able to purchase any 4G device for free after mail-in rebate.” and there’s the catch, there’s always a catch with t-mobile.

      I cant tell you how many “free” phone sales they have only to tell you to pay $200+ upfront and another $20/month for 24 months and your “free” phone ends up costing you $680 plus your rate plan.

  • boro09

    T-Mo is AWESOME!!!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I reviewed the Amaze. It is a great device. I would…

  • Johnathan Prochaska

    Awesome opportunity for T-Mobile to grab some new subscribers. I’m considering getting a tablet so this could work for me. I just need to check out the available 4G tablets.

  • RRR

    This picture reminded me one anecdote of good old past.

    The Politbureau boss on the meeting tells his partaigenosses:
    - Comrades, i have bad and good news — which one to tell you first?
    - The bad first!
    - Well, i have to tell you, brothers, that there is nothing at all to eat. Only sh#t.
    - Noooooo…. And the good one ?
    - And good one is that we’ve got a LOT of sh#t

  • Loo


    What if you are already a customer with a 2 yr family plan contract would I be eligible to get a free phone????

    P.S. we go the plan on summer last year ( July or august )

    • R.S

      No of course not otherwise people would constantly upgrade every time a new model came out.

      The main point behind subsidized prices is for the carrier to lock you into a contract. If you are already in a contract, they are already guaranteed to get your money (until your contract runs out) and thus have nothing to gain by allowing you to get a free phone.

  • asifriyaz

    Do not trust t-mobile big time rip off with 2 years contract. Carefull when try to get free stuff

  • pzilla

    Rip off. 2 year contracts are always a rip. Pay 60/month prepay and get a phone off craigslist for half price. Think about how much u save over 2 years. They aren’t giving anything away for free.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I think a new phone is coming out soon. When T-mobile has deals like this most of the time a phone is near launch.

    • sunrise

      Amaze 4G already discontinued, so I think you are right.

  • Cheapoguy

    I don’t know. The 2 year contract is a deal breaker for me. I like the new 4G phones and was checking them out at Walmart. Getting a subsidized price on a phone is only prolonging your pain slowly over two long years. Do the math! Figure out how much it would cost to buy an unlocked version of the phone without the 2 year contract. Then, compare that to the cost of your monthly service. Most people end up paying hundreds of dollars for a “free” phone.

    Get an unlocked 4G phone instead and then sign up for T-mobile prepaid which costs $30 a month. You still get 4G speed and 5GB of data. But, it’s pay as you go. No contract! Check out this page for some info: https://sites.google.com/site/cheapsmartphone/

    My Spidey sense starts to tingle anytime someone offers me something for “free”. I start to wonder “What’s wrong with it?” or “What’s the catch?”. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

    • sunrise

      Some people actually use a phone to talk, and the 100mins included with the $30 plan is not enough.

      The other option is the $50 plan, but you only get like 200mb of 4G speed or something ridiculous like that.

      I guess if you never talk then do the $30 plan, then again why even own a phone, get a tablet with data plan.

  • Nathan D.

    Dam it I wish it could have some how made it on the 16th instead so I could get a free phone when I upgrade

  • n25philly

    I laughed when I saw top-tier in a t-mobile description. I then cried when I remembered I’m stuck with t-mobile.

  • glennw

    Can I just get the T-Mobile girl, instead?

    • n25philly

      That would like form a bigger line than a new iphone

  • Rob

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    If you could authorise my comment, with luck my site will then be picked up within google blog search.
    all the best.