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Video: Catch Eric Schmidt’s MWC keynote


Google has made the full video of Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt’s Mobile World Congress keynote available for your viewing pleasure on its YouTube channel. I haven’t had a chance to watch the keynote for myself just yet, but Mr. Schmidt spends over an hour talking about the future of technology and how Google will play a prominent role in how that future will be shaped.

From 1Gbps and beyond fiber networks, Chrome and Android, to driverless cars to holographs and support for small businesses, it can all be found in Schmidt’s talk, which is embedded below. We’d love to hear your reactions to what Mr. Schmidt had to say in Barcelona. Be sure to drop us a note in the comments.

Source: Google Youtube channel

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  • Toonshorty

    Eric Schmidt powers my phone.

    Soon he will power my car, my internet and my finances.

    Still won’t be able to spell his name…

    • coyotejbob

      One man to rule it all it seems.

    • Joel

      Really? its easy…look – S as in Such an awesome guy – C as in Can he get any awesomer? – H as in How can he possibly get any more awesome? – M as in Man….this guy is awesome – I as in I didnt think one guy could be so awesome – D as in Damn this guy is awesome! – and then T as in Tom.

      • zerosix

        Or just “htdimhcs” in reverse, just flies off the tongue.

  • spazby

    schmiddie is awesome

    • Jimneezy

      Is someone watching New Girl too much? lol

  • cheeto

    Eric Schmidt is androids steve jobs

    • zerosix

      Oh, no. At least he is alive.

  • Nathan D.

    Love his vision of the future in the video

  • Микола

    Шмідт розказує як космічні кораблі броздят простори вселенної )

    • YNWA

      You said it champ

  • WlfHart

    Mesh certainly sounds great!

  • Beesus77

    I was really hoping they would announce the release of Project Majel or the update to Voice Search / Voice Actions.
    “computer , when will you and SIRI become self aware?”
    ” I set a calendar event for December 21st , 2012.” “Is that ok?”