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Video: Xperia S unboxing videos, leaked commercials; a new era for Sony ‘non-Ericsson’

sony packaging

After a few short months of proposing a Sony acquisition of Ericsson’s mobile division, the deal has been finalized. The Japanese electronics giant is at the dawning of a new era, and we’re already starting to see the fruits of their labor.

New smartphones like the Xperia Ion and Xperia S no longer have the Ericsson branding embedded. Recent unboxing videos show the same pattern for the boxing of new devices, but with some major changes in packaging design. We must say that the new Xperia S box is a bit odd. It’s wider and thinner, making it look a bit cheaper. But it’s interesting and unique, nonetheless.

We know you guys couldn’t care less about the packaging, as it goes to the closet (or the trash can) soon after it’s opened. If you want to see how the device performs and looks, the second video should be more to your liking. It displays the device’s good looks and translucent buttons bar and Sony’s new UI, which seems to be called UXP NXT (also seen in the teaser video).

Major changes seem to include tweaks to the gallery, media player and TimeScape. You may or may not like Sony’s UI Overlay, but it’s not as bad as others. And after making a few modifications, it has the potential to be much better.

We can see in the unboxing videos that Sony has included Ericsson chargers and cables in the boxes (probably just trying to get rid of them). But this is the beginning of what could be a great improvement for Xperia smartphones.

Either way, the Sony Xperia S is an awesome device. And it looks like it should be coming very soon, as review units are already being delivered. Let’s sit tight and wait for more details. In the meantime, make sure to take a look at our hands-on post and video.

Check out the videos and let us know what you think. Do you like this device? Do you see Sony doing a better job in the Android ecosystem now that it’s running solo?

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  • Meister_Li

    Can you check if the phone’s bootloader is unlockable like in the 2011 Xperia Line? You can find a short guide here: http://unlockbootloader.sonyericsson.com/instructions

    • fartgirl

      wut a fugly fugly phone

      • E

        Said the fat girl Lmao

      • Patty Patty

        What a fugly ugly TROLL!

  • damambt

    I like it. Besides looking nice, i don’t see a purpose for the see-through bar, it just makes the phone look larger but its space that could have been used for display real estate. Boot loops happen. Nice article, best one I’ve read today.

    • azswift

      The clear bar changes the aspect ratio of the device. Making it look longer and hopefully slimmner. Sony did that on a bunch of flat-panel TV’s over the years.

    • zerosix

      It makes the phone look Sony-style.

  • sunrise

    Anyone else have bad luck with Sony products? Even back in the 90s when Sony was really popular, I always had problems with their products always breaking down. Makes me nervous.

    I do like the phone though, and it appears Sony is dedicated to the Android developer community. The battery seems too small though.

    • spazby

      Owned many sony products, never had a problem…

    • delinear

      Sony hardware has always been pretty reliable, it’s their business practices that worry me (remember this is the company that brought us rootkits, removing features from the PS3 post-sale, losing personal data of 70 million customers etc). I won’t buy from them until they start respecting their customers, but the phone looks great.

    • jordan

      Yes! I had a Sony Xperia x10 as my first android phone… it was a POS, unfortunately, nice looking though, i was very unhappy with sony at the time ….but i believe in second chances :-)

  • Oskar Wismierski

    My girlfriend wants one of those.. :P

  • AsakuraZero

    i would loved it if it had S4 chips and ics, but pohne itself is sexy!

  • Hall Lo

    This phone is really handsome. Now let’s hope that Sony will bring ICS on it soon!

  • gentleman

    1 to 1.5 gig as internal memory! what? perfection is incomplete.

    • Jeb Johnston

      You do realize that is the RAM, not the internal storage, right?

  • kwills88

    That fast capture feature is pretty impressive..the screen is lovely, overall I say Sony is heading in the right direction.

  • Jorge Vieira

    Awesome! Viewing that screen,on my nexus screen, made me jealous looking at it. can’t wait to see it in person. this phone kinda changed my mind on Sony phones.

  • Nik

    Great looking phone, but no microSD and no removable battery make it automatic pass. Plus the clear bar takes up unnecessary space that can go into a smaller form factor or larger display.

  • chris

    these phones were made by sony ericsson. Lets see if Sony can match the design chops of the former sony ericsson with their next generation of phones

  • Vance

    The internal memory is much, much too low. Next.

  • carlos

    i like how the design is nice and dont same a copy of the same shity design

  • Jeb Johnston

    It definitely looks pretty. For all the individuality and uniqueness that Android has, the phone designs are typically the blandest bricks you could possibly imagine. That said, I wouldn’t touch the S from the specs alone. The internalization idea just reeks of Apple.

  • VS

    The low internal memory is the real deal breaker. I have a Toshiba Thrive and the 3GB they partitioned for the internal memory has been a pain to work around. I have to use the File Manager that Toshiba included (thankfully) to manually move movies to / from the SD card to Internal Storage if I want to watch it (UV digital copies).

    The phone does look nice though, good start by Sony.

  • Angel

    No removable battery? Low internal memory?

    That automatically makes this phone the Edsel of smartphones…

    Love the way it looks though, especially the clear bar idea, so points for that.

  • sekhamhed

    This phn is feature….