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Poll: Would you wear Android powered glasses?


Rumors have been swirling lately about a pair of Android-powered glasses and this week Nick Bilton of the NY Times reports that Google will put them on sale to the public by the end of the year. The glasses are expected “to cost around the price of current smartphones” according to several Google employees familiar with the project who asked not to be named.

We have already seen smart glasses for the military from companies like Vuzix, but those retailed for around $5k and were not designed for the average consumer. If Google can truly price their glasses around $250 to $600, it will be real interesting to see how they are received by the public.

People familiar with the Google glasses say they look like a pair of Oakley Thumps and will include a small transparent screen that sits a few inches away from someone’s eye. It has previously been reported that there are a few buttons on the arms of the glasses, but they could be mistaken for normal glasses. They will also feature a data connection and include other sensors like an accelerometer and GPS.

Seth Weintraub of 9to5Google recently reported that Google’s glasses would feature a unique hands-free input method where users would tilt their head from side to side in order to control scrolling and clicks.

I already wear glasses, so I’d be interested to try out whatever Google is working on. I’m a little concerned by the integrated data connection (aka carrier contract), but hopefully there will also be a WiFi or Bluetooth version that just tethers to your mobile device.

Knowing what’s already been revealed, I’m curious how many of you would want to test these out. Participate in the poll below and then let us know what you think about Android-powered glasses in the comments below.

Via: NY Times

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  • bruce080

    I wonder if there would be any integration with viewing your phone or tablet through the glasses. Can we get the glasses to put a layer over the phone? Can we make holographic images appear over our tablets? Holographic images would be sweet…

    • iamXiV92a

      Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope…

      Holographic images for the win!

    • Andy_jr

      I would be very interested in glasses that would offer 3D (i.e. a different image to each eye). I agree that integration with a smartphone would be very nice.

      One major concern is the control method for these things – I would probably not want to walk around jerking my head around as if I had a tic. Maybe the smartphone integration would help here also.

  • James Woods

    The possibilities are endless, however, the direction Google have decided to go with them will be the difference between them being awesome and just plain pointless.

    • Joel

      Agreed. Much space to do amazing things with, but also alot of room for failure. Hell some regular quality frames cost that much now…why not pay the same for a pair with gps?

    • spazby

      i share your opinion… they could potentially do a lot with this product including Google TV integration

  • Sean Prunka

    I want there to be a pilot program, like the Cr-48 that I can get in on! I’d wear the heck out of them, but I wouldn’t pay too much more than regular glasses for them. (Mostly because I already have regular glasses and an awesome smart phone.)

  • AsakuraZero

    HUD? im in for that

  • kazahani

    Augmented reality glasses? Yes please!

    So many possibilities…

    • honourbound68

      Heck ya! We ‘ll be looking at the world through Google-colored glasses :)

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Just a few more years ’till we live on the world of Shadowrun minus the magical elements. Google TV, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, home appliances, network, services, glasses… I would personally love a pair if they come in WiFi or tethering to my phone models, won’t be paying another 3G service just for that.

    Google All The Things!

  • thekaz

    At museums or monuments. When looking for restaurants, perhaps.Maybe a sporting event. At amusement parks. Sure.

    I don’t think I’d walk around with them unless they looked like regular glasses. But it is a nice, hands-free way to get more info via-augmented reality in certain situations.

    • bruce080

      Adding augmented reality to any roller coaster would be wicked cool.

      • WlfHart

        It certainly would keep decade old roller coasters fresh!

  • http://www.droidgamers.com Andrew Huff

    The logical person in me say rarely while the hardcore geek in me says I would wear them 24/7

  • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas Vettese

    As long as these do not require a secondary data plan, and can work either from a Google Data Plan or through your Android’s Bluetooth, Hotspot or Wifi, then I am all in. There is no need to purchase anymore data plans for more equipment.

  • josegb2011

    X-ray vision anyone…. haha I would not trust myself with that ..run away girls.

    • Maximus

      LOL What a PERV!

    • PacoBell

      Doesn’t even have to be x-ray. Infrared is good enough to detect heat differentials. With the sheer clothing people seem to be wearing these days, they might as well be not wearing anything with these IR sensors.

      • Dr Mark Philips

        You know there are many doing surgery to get out wearing glasses!

        We are the the patients wish really do we can wear ANY type of glasses at all at http://www.kcglobal.org

  • Skywalker

    Any cloud connected eyewear for the consumer will be great. Vuzix’s deal with Nokia Labs will also bring this closer! Looking forward to it.

  • Wahmuk

    If they look like sporty shades that will fit over my regular glasses, I’m in. Shades with a HUD? Road trip! Bluetooth or tethering to my phone’s data connection is a must, I’m not paying Verizon any more than I already do. Yes, I think I’d wear them most of the day.

  • mdawg924

    Not if they look like the ones in the picture.. :-) Sorry I don’t love you that much Google..

  • Mike

    I’m down as long as it has vision correction built into the lenses. :)

  • kzlife

    Glasses like the ones in “Heavy Rain” for ps3 and they could just take my money! ;)

  • n25philly

    No, but only because I tend to get terrible headaches from even the lightest of glasses. I am looking forward to hearing more about it and how it would work though.

  • Alex

    I can already see lawsuits lining up when someone crashes their car with these glasses on. Oh brother…awesome idea though!

  • Andrew Goodwin

    I would wear them for sports. for example. I would love to know what time it is while snowmobiling, or read a text message and voice reply. I am always late getting home or missing important messages because I dont want to take gear off to check. GPS would be awesome as well.

  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    Anything to look like Marty McFly Jr. from BTTF2.

    “Dad, telephone! It’s Needles!”

  • slurms mckenzie

    yes as long as they dont look like the star trek ones

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    This would be great for driving esp for routes that you’re unfamiliar with. GPS integrated glasses? I’m down for that.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I’m very excited i just feel like it will be underwhelming. But i would love to be blown away and forced to get one!

  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    Aug Reality Laser Tag. WIN ALL THE THINGS!!!1!!!11!!

  • PacoBell

    I would actually be okay with just a dumb display device that paired with my smartphone. I already have an Android phone. Why would I want another similar interface? Just make it a webtop interface like the Atrix or Ubuntu for Android and tweak it a bit for mobile instead of entertainment.

  • xsynth

    I think I would prefer it if it was some kind of insert you can put in your own pair of sunglasses so we can have them look however we want.

    I would also just prefer it to connected to my phone and use that for everything (perhaps it’s own GPS though)

  • JonnyP

    If the cost was no issue I’d pick up a pair of these on the first day. I’ve been waiting for this since reading X-treme X-Men back in middle school.

  • Kenji

    Dennou coil is a great anime depicting this and if things went that way….that would be amazing.


    Is this a trick question?

    Would I wear glasses that have a camera and that record everything I see, including geolocation?

    From a company that prides in tracking everything I do.

    On an operating system the security model of which is based on swiss cheese?

    I think that any sane person with any sense privacy would answer no.

    Then again, there are many insane people in this world, ready to do all sorts of funny things :)

  • MrMrMan

    These have so much potential. I’d be down to give them a shot.

  • Max.Steel

    The people in those pics look like douches.

  • George

    I’d wear a Google condom, cuz I know it’ll never fail me – and if it does Google will “fix” the situation for me anyways :)

  • McLovin

    I’ve been waiting for these for years. I’ve also been waiting for my jet pack too.

  • Sarah

    If this rumor is true, this is definitely a really cool innovation by Google. 2012 could be the year that we see people walking into doors and walls because they’re wearing high tech glasses. If this comes to fruition, it will completely change consumer technology as we know it. And we can all feel like Terminators, I suppose.

    Mosaic Technology

  • KRS_Won

    Eye would be very interested in these if they come with an unlockable boot loader.

  • cb2000a

    Do they fire missiles?

  • Nathan D.

    Well I don’t think it is a stupid idea but they have to get this right if they want my money. However if I can eye stuff on the glasses that on my phone it would be sweet and the perfect thing to have in class when I don’t want to listen to the teacher.

  • aranea

    I’m not so sure about the controls with tilt of the head. Will look funny. Maybe if they can also add controls with blinking ie. left eye, right eye and both, that’ll be great. Definitely phone and tablet integration. They won’t have enough processing power if they are small anyway.

  • EspadaA

    Probably not because I don’t even wear regular glasses like that. But still sounds really cool

  • Schmidty850

    I Would Love For Nothing More Than Android Powered Glasses!!!!!

  • BigCiX

    At&t get their hands on these badboys prepare for them to throttle everything

  • djembeman

    I wanna get a pair and run around pretending like I can get Power Level Readings off of people. Like in Dragon Ball Z.

  • https://plus.google.com/101173773699794535948/posts Hatch1988

    I would like to try them out before I got them. Also depends on price $250-$300 yes but $600?? No Way. I’m interested and excited to see what these Google Goggles have to offer.

  • Tom

    Hmmm *Checks if it’s April 1st* sure why not I’ll try it. Probably won’t try 1st gen, but 2nd or 3rd gen perhaps.

  • Hall Lo

    amazing! imagine your glasses can show your incoming calls and texts, and with the google maps street view integration, future is here! sweet!

  • Olliedcy

    Unless there is a 3D option I would rather see a single armed HUD that could be swung out of the way. Examples abound in sci-fi movies like “The Last Starfighter”. And yess, I would wear one.

  • McLovin

    Instead of glasses with miniature television displays I would much rather have something that projects the image directly on the retina. This has several advantages: less footprint, increased privacy, less power. I first saw this idea on a Star Trek TNG episode.