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Switch to Verizon by February 29th, or miss out on these awesome promotions


After nearly four years with T-Mobile, I switched to Verizon last year on December 15th when the Galaxy Nexus was released. I’ve only been a customer for a little over two months, but Verizon has quickly become my favorite wireless carrier and I would recommend them to any of my family or friends.

In our last Verizon buyer’s guide, we shared some current promotions which are set to expire soon. We only refresh our buyer’s guides once per month, so I wanted to make a special post to remind people that these deals are about to end.

Double Data Promotion – Expires February 29th

Last time when we mentioned Double Data we weren’t sure how long the promo would last, but we now know it expires on February 29th. With the special promotion, subscribers will get 4 gigabytes for $30, 10 gigabytes for $50 and 20 gigabytes for $80. Double Data also applies to mobile hotspot plans where subscribers can now get 6 gigabytes for $50 and 12 gigabytes for $70 a month.

I signed up for this deal back in December and I’ve found that 4 GB of data is enough for the average Android user. New tools in Android 4.0 let you easily monitor your data usage and there are also apps like Onavo to help with older phones still on Android 2.x.

Most 4G LTE smartphones are still $99 for new subscribers

When I purchased my Galaxy Nexus, it was retailing for $299 with 2-year agreement. Now that price is all the way down to $99. In fact, most of Verizon’s latest 4G LTE phones are on sale at Amazon.com and Verizon’s online store.

Amazon Wireless

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus: $99 for new subscribers and add a line ($229 upgrades)
  • Motorola Droid RAZR 16 GB: $69 for new subscribers and add a line ($199 upgrades)
  • Motorola Droid RAZR 32 GB: $99 for new subscribers and add a line ($199 upgrades)
  • Motorola Droid 4: $99 for new subscribers and add a line ($149 upgrades)
  • HTC Rezound: $79 for new subscribers and add a line ($179 upgrades)
  • LG Spectrum: $79 for new subscribers and add a line ($129 for upgrades)

Verizon Online Store

  • HTC Rezound: $99 for new subscribers
  • LG Spectrum: $99 for new subscribers

Both online stores include free shipping and a $35 activation fee per line. Seeing that Amazon has slightly cheaper prices and a wider selection of deals, I’d suggest them over Verizon.

Final Notes

Let’s state the obvious first. Verizon is not a value carrier and their plans will never meet the prices that Sprint and T-Mobile offer. As a long time fan of the smaller carriers, I can’t believe I’m rooting for Verizon but the size and speed of their 3G/4G network cannot be matched.

If you are looking for premium Android phones on a premium 4G LTE network, then Verizon should be your choice in 2012. According to our first Android Bowl, our hardcore audience agrees that Verizon is their favorite carrier.

Questions or concerns about switching? Leave a comment below and our readers will respond. For questions about shopping with Amazon, check out their FAQ.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • sunrise

    I really wish they would extend the double your data deal into March. I might switch, but I’m not ready to switch in the next week.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      With AT&T now offering 3 GB of data for $30 and 5 GB for $50, I think Verizon will start offering new data plans with lower prices. It wouldn’t surprise me if this double data promo eventually becomes permanent.

      • sunrise

        I hope you are right!

    • lxgeorge

      I agree. I’ve also been with T-Mobile for years…but lately Verizon has been getting the best phones…and they’re the only carrier I’ve seen that has service at my ski area…hmmm I’m seriously considering this. How about it guys? Is Verizon really that good?

      • Vance

        I’m considering this too! I’m on contract with ACS (Alaska) but can pay $50 to put a freeze on it until my contract is up, then cancel for free. I am moving back to UT in March and will need to go back to tmo or go Verizon. If I go with tmo I’ll be waiting for the OneX to come out, but what do I do in the meantime? also, I travel a lot to TX and midwest for work so Verizon is stronger in my region. decisions decisions

    • jsweetser2

      read my reply below. I switched two weeks after the ‘end of year’ double data, which happened to be two weeks before the ‘valentines’ double data date. I called them yesterday and asked if i could still receive the promotion, even though i signed up in between and after a 5 minute hold, they gave it to me. Verizon’s customer care (whom i’ve called 3 times) is quick (hit 0 twice, get a person), curteous, and very helpful (got everything i needed/wanted all three times without question).

  • wonder

    what is your monthly total bill sure you can get all that data but if your paying out the arse for the plan itself ill stick with my tmo

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      If price is all that matters, Verizon will never be cheaper than T-Mobile. And if you want the lowest price, there are no-contract carriers like MetroPCS that offer cheaper plans thatn T-Mobile.

      • Gordon

        life is a delicate balance. i don’t need the cheapest carrier – but i sure as hell refuse to be raped by Verizon every month.

        good luck.

  • MrMrMan

    Hell to the no. Their plans are still too damn expensive in comparison. Them having the best phones is not enough to make me switch and only pisses me off and strengthens my resolve not to use them.

    • Vance

      Why would their having the best phones piss you off and strengthen the resolve of your boycott? Just curious. It seems that price increases relative to value in a free market and, having superior devices is arguably one of the highest valued features of any carrier. If you have the best coverage, service, and device options, you should be able to charge more than a company who has shit service, intermittent coverage, and limited device selection.

  • ArticulateFool

    I’ll stock with my 5gb data from TMobile for $30.

    Really good deal on that galaxy nexus through! A good $600 cheaper than what I paid!

    • MrDSL

      After they fullfill their 2 year bend over contract they will be paying much more then the $600.

  • Nathan D.

    Dam this sale is ridiculous

  • spazby

    great prices

  • jsweetser2

    I also switched when it looked like Tmobile wasn’t going to get the Nexus anytime soon. I’m going to find out if they’ll let me have the promotion deal since i purchased in the TWO weeks between the deals. i’ll let you all know if they do it

    • jsweetser2

      They let me have it! First off, Verizon has people answer their phone once you hit 0 twice on the menus, secondly, i signed up two weeks after, and two weeks before both double data promotions. I just called them and they gave me the double data promo without question. I have to say, Big Bad Verizon is doing it right! Gnex, 4gb $30. booya!

      • revs

        i get unlimited for 30$
        boo yahhh

        • jsweetser2

          lets take the money away for a moment. This is more about customer service. I sign up in between promotions, i call up and ask for said promotion even though i signed on the dotted line for 2G/month. They had no good reason to double that for me, as it wasn’t part of the initial agreement. They gave it to me, 2x my data for the price of a phone call. That goes a long way with me in terms of loyalty.

          • TGeezy86

            In the spirit of customer service, I’ve gotten my way on pretty much all the times I’ve called Tmobile’s customer service. Heck they’ve given me promotions/deals on things that were supposedly only for new customers. I guess your mileage varies with each carrier, because here in my city of Indianapolis I only hear that Verizon customer service sucks monkey balls…

  • Eric

    I was always told Verizon costs more, but for some reason I pay less than friends on other carriers. While tech support is a roulette wheel, their customer service has always been excellent. I am very impressed that they grandfather things in so that I can update my phone and keep my plan anyway.

    I might pay a little more (not sure), but it is worth it to me.

  • thel0nerang3r

    Am I the only that feels that “the largest network” is marketing? Does it matter to most that they cover 97% (or whatever it is now) of the US? I guess if you travel a lot, it makes a difference.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I travel a lot and it makes a BIG difference. It’s hard to find a place in the US that doesn’t have Verizon 3G coverage. With T-Mobile I was always dropping down to 2G EDGE or no data connection in small towns.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I agree expensive but in the end it is worth it.

  • Jason

    Size of the network only matters when you travel.

    Figure out where you are, then but on that.

    I could care less if joe schmuckatelli wireless only covered Dallas and. No where else.

    When I go on vacation, I’ll bring a mifi if its remote.

    The biggest network doesn’t mean a damn thing to someone who doesnt live in a place covered by their spectrum.

  • honourbound68

    done deal! i was 12 year + Sprint customer.. couldn’t ignore the amazon deal and the unlimited data “deal” i was able to get ;) in the end, i’m very glad to finally make the plunge to big red. still wish sprint the best of luck

  • Vance

    Hey Taylor… in your personal experience, can you speak to this negative review I pulled off Amazon? There were 12 others which basically echoed these issues and have me gun shy of making the purchase and locking into this device for two years:

    “This phone may be for you , but just be aware of these issues.Samsung is normally great but may have missed it a bit on this one.
    Some major issues on this phone.
    1.Weak Signal, weak antenna issues. [url][...]
    2.Battery Issues. (4 hour drain)
    3.Multi touch issues and slow rotation speeds ( when going to landscape mode for a text) [url][...]
    4.Only way to unlock the phone is way up on top right button and then slide way bottom of screen to unlock. (super hard to do one-handed)
    5.Graphics processor too slow for the size screen. ( see attached benchmark )
    6.Flimsy back cover
    7.Poor camera and video

    That said, this phone may be for you if you stream a lot of video over 4G. thats the only way you will notice faster speeds than 3g is through video. regular browsing, not much different.
    If you consume alot of media, maybe. If you need phone to work, and want it to last a while between charges, you may want to reconsider.
    You are paying an average of $2000 over 2 yr contract with you phone, so a few hundred at purchase time is nothing. If this was a good phone i wouldnt mind paying $400.
    But as it is, I wouldnt buy at $50″

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Vance here are my responses.

      1. Some customers reported problems switching between 3G/4G networks. Upcoming Android 4.0.5 update resolves this.
      2. Upgrade and get the official 2100 mAh extended battery. I got mine from Verizon for $25.
      3. Android 4.0.5 resolves multitouch issue.
      4. Pretty much all Android phones have a lock button…
      5. It is true that the OMAP4 does not have the fastest GPU, but that’s only in benchmarks right now. All the latest 3D games play great on the Galaxy Nexus.
      6. It’s made from plastic, but it’s really tough. I have no problem with it coming off.
      7. Camera quality is not up to par with Galaxy S II. This is true. The camera software on the Gnex camera is great though.

      The best thing about the Galaxy Nexus is the constant software updates from Google. Most of the things you mentioned above will be resolved in the next update. There was a leak for Android 4.0.4, but most think 4.0.5 will be the version that hits phones in March. See link below for more details.


      • Vance

        Thanks Taylor! As a former Nexus One owner, I definitely miss the constant updates and fixes. Lots to think about; thanks again!

      • KRS_Won

        Also, the main reason to get an official Nexus battery is NFC won’t be capable without it (the antenna is on the battery.)

  • eazyean1

    Any word on a galaxy nexus price drop?

    • Steven Wolf

      it’s 100 bucks. what kind of drop do you want?

  • Loony2nz

    I just bought my Galaxy Nexus 3 days ago. I’m really not keen on the price I paid because this thing has the worst battery life ever.

    However, do you think Verizon retail stores will honor an Amazon upgrade price? I am within my time to return and move on (leaning towards MAXX) to another handset.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Call customer service or visit your local store and see what they say. If you need more battery life I suggest the official 2100 mAh extended battery. They go on sale sometimes for $25.

  • foxtrot

    Thank god I was grandfatherd in with unlimited data! Never gotta worry about going over data.

    • tortday

      Called them last week and added a grandfathered 4g tether to my unlimited plan in order to replace cable internet at home. It has been faster than cable in all ways so far. Really digging this phone. :)

  • teecruz

    I totally did this! been a Verizon customer for a week now :)
    Verizon > T-Mobile

    definitely recommend anybody who has T-Mobile to transfer elsewhere, anywhere.

  • Slith

    Is Verizon an advertiser on Android and Me now?

    • slimx30

      lol. it looks like it

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        I wish lol. All our advertising is handled by our ad partner SAY Media and we have no deals with any of the carriers that I know of.

  • CMExtra

    I switch 3 days ago from at&t. I’m not sure I’m keeping it thought, here in NYC at&t owns Verizon. No service in any lower level basement I’ve been, reception inside tall buildings sucks too. I’m still debating as it could probably be bad reception on the galaxy nexus. Lucky me I did not cancel my at&t contract yet. Help me out fellows New Yorker how’s your experience with Verizon here in the city.

    • redraider133

      It’s the phone not verizon. Samsung puts weaker radios in their phones and aren’t close to as good at getting and holding a signal like other phones are(moto, htc)

  • revs

    i would never leave t mobile again i went to verizon in early 2011worst mistake i ever made

    ran back to t mob like a lil bitch

    at the time verizons 3g was terribleeeeeee and i think it still is
    my mytouch 4g was wayyyyyyyyy faster than the droid 2 or X

    WIFI CALLING frree tethering and battery friendly 4g are things i can not live without

    also in my area the 4g isnt just in the city it covers a large area on t mobie from manhattan to my jobsite the hamptons (spend 99% of my time in this area)
    veriozons lte was just 2 late and doesnt cover a large enough area
    which wouldnt be a big deal if theyre 3g didnt blow !!! cdma sucks i need to be able to tether and call at the same time not to mention my bill was insane
    these are good deals but i would not reccomend verizon at all

    • cb2000a

      Agreed…I am quite happy with T-Mo and would not go back to Verizon. I really like wifi calling.

  • AntInPhilly

    My wife and I have had the Galaxy Nexus since day one with no issues on either phone. It’s actually the best phone out and I have been with Android OS since it all started back with the G1 and upgrading from a Nexus One. People are complaining about signal issues based on the signal strength indicator and not the performance of the phone itself. Side by side comparison to my work phone, the HTC Thunderbolt the GNEX is a much better all around performing phone. Don’t be taken by the false reviews.

    • RichieWCW

      Good post. I totally agree with you. I have the Galaxy NEXUS on Verizon. The service and the phone itself is SO WORTH IT One purely AMAZING EXPERIENCE

  • AntInPhilly

    Continuing on to my last post, I have had TMO for the past 5 years and Verizon is much better all around. Their 3g coverage is everywhere and their 4g speeds are insane. I’m one of the lucky ones that have 4g in most of the areas I am in most so I’ll take 6-10 megs down over 3-4 megs in so few areas. With T-mobile a lot of times my
    3g signal was as slow as EDGE.

    For those who are about to make the switch from T-mobile to Verizon just make sure you do so at the end of your contract and at the end of the billing cycle. I am still battling back and fourth with them because they are billing me for a full month of service when I only used a day of service on the new billing cycle. Also, in my 24th month they trying to charge me an early termination charge of $50 which I’m still disputing cause if I make the final payment that would make it 24 months of service which makes it the full 2 year contract.

  • KRS_Won

    So happy I’m grandfathered in with unlimited data!! (15yrs and lifetime customer, long as they act right.)

  • Richard Yarrell

    Yes sir Taylor, I never would’ve thought I’d ever switch to verizon from sprint. I jumped all over that double the data promo and now have that 10gb for 50bucks of great LTE i am extremely happy. Espically with my Galaxy Nexus this device is special. Now lets get down on some Galaxy Journal this summer…

    • RichardGivesAndroidFansABadName

      What happened to those stupid youtube videos of Dan Hesse with his little dictionary telling people what unlimited means? You used to post the damn thing on every android site imaginable. What happened to the now network in the boogie down bronx? What a hypocrite.

  • redraider133

    You get what you pay for with verizon though. Can’t beat their coverage pretty much everywhere. Can’t say that about sprint and tmo.

  • sap 26

    I got my Galaxy Nexus Verizon the other day and the sales rep gave me a $50 instant rebate for mistaking it with another deal. $249.99 was a great price. Maybe others should look into the rebate and try it.

  • RichieWCW

    I’m a former customer of Sprint. After years of dealing with Sprint’s customer service being routed out to 3rd world countries like India and drop in service due to Sprint only having limited coverage in the United States I switched to Verizon. All of my customer service calls are all answered here in the United States. I have coverage everywhere I go. And to top things off, I acquired The SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS. The service on VERIZON IS AMAZING, and YES, THE BIG RED HAS TRUE LTE. The ABSOLUTE FASTEST 4G. I absolutely recommend switching over to Verizon, trust me, it’s So Worth it.

  • jsweetser2

    what is with all these anon posts lately? it seems like community members are getting overridden by anyone who creates a guest account. These same accounts go in and thumb down all the posts just for SnG’s. is there a way to control this? Some of us here try and contribute meaningful stuff, and lately it’s been a lot of crap from people behind anonymous guest accounts…

    • Jaz

      Agreed with that. Guest accounts shouldn’t be allowed for important topics or maybe at all.

  • Jaz

    I do agree with people switching to verizon. They have been stepping it up lately. My brother inlaw has verizon and his 4g speeds are through the roof. Last time I tried his phone and did a speedtest it was connection at about 12mbps. Not only that but his 3g actually works compared to my sprint 3g which to say is nonexistent over 70% of the time. When I’m in a store like target or walmart I can’t even use any barcode scanner apps cause the signal is so bad. All I know is that if by june or july if sprints 3g isn’t improved in my area I will be paying higher prices and switching to verizon, of course only if they give me the 4gb data plan. Sprint better step it up soon. Hopefully one of the new lte cities for sprint will be near my city or hopefully right in my city.

  • yankeesusa

    Sorry, I guess I wasn’t logged in when I posted my 2 previous posts. I wish I could delete them. Oh well. Hopefully they’ll be an edit button on here soon.

  • sj

    Im ready to leave Tmo too & Ive never even been with another carrier. Their custserv has really declined — incompetent at best; rude at worst. After ongoing problems with SamsungExhibit2, which their techsupport claims has ‘known issues that we cant do anything about’ their ECR told me to ‘go find another carrier.” So much for the CEO stating their goal is to reduce churn & increase loyalty. A rep told me “Ive been on the line with you 4minutes so Im going to hang up.” The company has become a joke with their own forums full of angry customers.

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    When I purchased the Galaxy Nexus in December, I took advantage of the double data, and purchased the 6GB with hotspot plan. Other than the occasional outage, 4G LTE speeds have been great in Boston, MA. My Android WiFi tablets via hotspot receive 15 to 20Mbps download speeds as well. Although I could get through most days with limited hotspot use on the standard battery, I did purchase the Seidio extended battery so I can use the Galaxy Nexus, and activate the hotspot regularly for the other devices. I can leave the hotspot on the whole time I am out, and use the Galaxy Nexus for my regular tasks with just the one charge thanks to the huge (both physical, and mAh) extended battery. Unfortunately, the bigger battery does not have NFC, but I won’t worry about that omission until I actually have a need for it. I tired Google Wallet on a ICS S. It worked fine, but using the credit card would have easier.

    4G LTE speeds can be addictive. When the 4G is not available, the 3G speeds seems so slow.

  • Troy

    Does the Galaxy Nexus allow free tethering like the Nexus S? Can I use Google maps during a phone call?

  • VS

    I was with Verizon waaaaaaaaay back in the day (had the LG Chocolate and the LG Voyager with the best physical keyboard I ever owned….) right before the smartphone revolution. They are the premium wireless carrier in the US with coverage in almost every nook and cranny you might travel across.

    If price isnt an issue, they are the “Chicken McNuggets” of cell service and products.