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Amazon Appstore for Android celebrates one-year anniversary with a week of deals


Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Amazon Appstore for Android and they are celebrating with a week of deals on some of their customers favorite apps and games. To start off the deals, customers can now get Plants vs. Zombies for 67% off, that’s only $0.99.

“Customers have used the Amazon Appstore to test drive and buy millions of apps and games for their Kindle Fire and other Android devices in the first year alone,” said Aaron Rubenson, director of Amazon Appstore for Android. “To thank customers for shopping with us, we worked closely with our developers to offer special discounts on some of the most popular apps all week long.”

Tomorrow Amazon will announce two more app deals, followed by three deals on day three, and so on for the remainder of the week. Also starting today is the Amazon Appstore for Android Birthday Giveaway where they are giving away eight Kindle Fires to those who enter the sweepstakes by March 31st.

Amazon also took the time to share some interesting stats about year one of their Appstore.

  • Amazon Appstore has grown its selection nearly eight-fold since launch, from 4,000 apps to over 31,000.
  • In its first year, the most downloaded paid app in the Amazon Appstore was Cut the Rope, followed by Angry Birds (Ad-Free) and Where’s My Water?; the most downloaded free app was Angry Birds Free, followed by Netflix and Solitaire by MobilityWare.
  • Amazon Appstore offers a paid app for free every day. If a customer had downloaded every Free App of the Day since launch, they would have saved nearly $1,000.
  • The paid app with the most 5-star reviews in the first year of the Amazon Appstore was Where’s My Water?, with over 3,000; the free app with the most 5-star reviews was Blood & Glory, with over 4,000.
  • In the Amazon Appstore’s first year, customers spent more than 7,700,000 minutes test driving apps; Bubble Buster was the most test-driven app, followed by Amazon MP3 for Android with Cloud Player and Memory Trainer.
  • Over the past year, the most popular app category for customers is games, followed by entertainment and productivity. Some of the most popular apps include Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, QuickOffice Pro, CalenGoo and Exchange by TouchDown.

I still prefer the official Google Play Store, but Amazon’s store has been growing nicely over the last year and has some nice features like the Free App of the Day. If you have never tried it out, visit their get started guide for install help.

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  • txbluesman

    Free app of the day is pretty cool. I have gotten a few that I came across. Still like Google Play Store better too.

    • Jeff Pan

      I have got some nice ones for free like SwiftKeyX, PaperCamera, OfficeSuite Pro and so on

  • spazby

    can’t beat a free app of the day even though most of the time, they are useless – I did manage to get a few good ones though.

  • jak2rocks

    The Free App of the Day isn’t that great. Most of the time it’s crap apps. Only about 10% of the time will you find something interesting.

    • Thomas Taylor

      Most deals of the day are mostly crap – 10% isn’t bad for finding free apps! I find that reviewers are pretty good and it doesn’t take long to figure out if I want the FAOTD on a given day, I’m glad that they added update management in the app. Unfortunately, deleting apps is still kind of a pain. I’ve bought a few apps there as well when they were better priced than Market or exclusive to Amazon (PvZ & Angry Birds ad-free, for example). They’ve also gotten me to try game genres, like driving, that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

  • fletchtb

    I don’t grab the free app of the day every day, but I do grab things that I might possibly use. This past weekend my wife got it into her head that she wanted to begin a “Couch to 5K” running program. Many months ago I grabbed C25K Pro, which she is loving.

    The Amazon App store makes it really easy to use one account for multiple devices. My wife and I can share the same Amazon account, buy an app once and use it on both devices without her having to have access to my Play Store account (and email, etc.) on her device.

    I have also used the Free App of the day to fill my kids tablets with games. Some great for them, some not as great, but they have tons of options.

    I am excited to see the upcoming deals for the week. I am sure there will be some good ones!

  • Slith

    Time to get back in the Amazon game.

  • oddball

    The Amazon free app of the day has been a huge help for me. I use it to test drive the apps. If I like them I am happy to pay for them but 15 minutes isn’t always enough to test drive an app. Also I am huge reader so I always get Amazon gift cards for birthdays and holidays so I get a few apps here and there with those too. The only thing they REALLY seem to have trouble with is keeping the apps up to date

  • Thomas Taylor

    I’m not finding how to enter the Kindle Giveaway at the posted link, in the Appstore app, or on any other Appstore pages – has anyone else found it? The Giveaway is definitely mentioned in their press release, but maybe they haven’t launched that part yet?

  • Paul Atreides

    I’m going to uninstall this store and buy whatever I still like from the Play store. Almost unusable on my phone, the lag is unbelievable. Plus, the free app of the day has taken a nose-dive lately with the crap they offer.

  • Curry_Monster

    Now if only they would bring it to the European market

    Worked for a while with just a pretend US account then they changed it :(

  • sj

    They also have a ‘test drive this app’ for some apps which is a great idea to let you test the app on your computer before buying. Updates are slow though & its often frustrating cuz GooglePlay will recognize an Amz app as installed & show an update but then you cant download the update cuz you didnt download the app from Google. But GooglePlay has dozens of known issues. I hate that they cant solve the blank MyApp pages so I have no record of downloaded apps..It always fails on the web & fails 90% of the time on installed apps on device itself

  • Max.Steel

    The amount of lag in the store is shocking. It takes me nearly 30 seconds after I select something for it to actually show. I do like the FAoTD. Although, sometimes they aren’t very good apps or games. Still a nice feature. I wish the Play Store (can’t believe I’m using that word. Oh, God) would do something like this.