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Got Google Play Store? Force it onto your Android device now


Yesterday Google started rolling out their new Google Play Store to replace the Android Market, and many of our readers reported that they started receiving it in the afternoon. However, quite a few people have said they still do not see the new Google Play Store yet.

If your device is running Android 2.2 or greater, you should be able to easily force the new Google Play Store update. Nothing really changes besides the cool new icon, but follow the steps below if you want to check it out.

To force Google Play Store onto your Android device:

  • Install the new Play Books, Play Movies, or Play Music
  • Go to Settings > Apps > Market and hit the Clear data button
  • Open Play Books, Play Movies, or Play Music and hit the new Play Store icon
  • Accept the new terms of service
  • Enjoy


If it doesn't work on the first try, wait a minute and then repeat the steps. I automatically received the Google Play Store on my Google TV, but I used this trick to get it on my smartphone and tablet. Let us know if you got the new Google Play Store and what you think about it in the comments below.

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  • spazby

    It got pushed to me yesterday late afternoon…

    • tmihai20

      Same here. I had to “Clear data” for the Market app because it wouldn’t launch. I have it now installed :)

      • jonathan3579

        It freaked me out when the Market icon disappeared from my home page and I couldn’t find anything new in the app drawer. Thankfully, a reboot fixed it.

        • Jeff Pan

          Same with HTC Sensation with Sense 3.0

        • tmihai20

          There should not be any Market app or icon, look for Google Play Store instead. I own an HTC Evo 3D with Sense 3.0 as well.

    • LukeT32

      Mine also.

  • keridel

    Hmm didn’t work for me. Have you got a screenshot of the new store taylor?

  • nateysmith

    Didn’t work me either on my Nexus S

  • hinds

    Worked for me and my wife’s nexus s:)

  • nateysmith

    Scratch that previous comment. Working now.

  • Steve

    Is it just me, or does the market icon at the top right of the app draw in ICS no longer work after upgrading to the play store? The icon now has the play store logo but when you tap it nothing happens :S

    • tmihai20

      My Market icon on the main screen dissapeared after Google Play Store got installed. Add the new Google Play Store icon instead of the old one.

    • nateysmith

      Not on mine. I am using a custom rom, but I updated the app and the icon works great.

    • Triplanetary

      Happened to me the first time, but then I just entered the “Play Store” via the Play Books app (again), and when I went back to my app drawer, the icon in the upper right had updated and now it works again.

  • B2L

    I don’t get why anyone would go out of their way to update it. All it adds is a new icon and the name change. I received it yesterday afternoon on my Note.

  • heldros

    It would be nice to put the .apk :-)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      We don’t like to distribute other’s apk files

      • heldros


  • thechad

    worked on my Tmobile Sensation. Thanks

  • Slith

    Worked like a charm!

  • Bunie

    Did these steps, plus a reboot. worked for me :D

    • Bunie

      However, now i have an issue with Go Launcher still showing “Market” in my apps list. Anyone else having this problem? im going to try to wipe my cache and junk

      • David

        Worked for me with Go Launcher EX. I had to delete the icon on my homescreen and re-add it though.

  • Trinhbo

    Just got it pushed to me now. I think opening one of those new “Play” apps like the Play Music triggered it.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Just got my push update when I was planning on doing something to force it. Is sad to see the Android Market go, but I’m ok with the change.

  • moelsen8

    as much as i want to, i’ll hold off until it’s forced on me. i’m going to enjoy the days of the android market as long as possible.

    • David

      There’s no difference in the market UI.

      • Mike

        No, but the Google Play Terms of Service are quite different:

        - They can stop providing it at any time for any reason, and you might lose your content
        - On an Android phone, Google Play Store requires you to allow Google to update any and all Google apps automatically (no manual updates). So even if I never use one of the Google apps pre-installed, they will be updated automatically.

        • David

          Who cares?

        • Jonathan

          I always manual update because of devolopers that overstep the levels of permissions I am comfortable allowing. Sure you can uninstall and negative comment but I’d rather keep the app as it was if they change their minds or not I can still use it. I hate to think I will have to rely only on side application downloads, since you have to agree to the terms to update.

          • Johnston212

            Actually, app auto-update is still optional according to the settings in my Play Store. In all honesty, I REALLY hope they decide to stop providing it.

      • moelsen8

        i know that. i’ll just miss the name. google play is borderline silly.. props to google for unifying the content, but blah.

  • David

    Under “My Android Apps” on the new Google Play website, it lists every app I’ve ever installed, which is, to say the least, retarded.

    • tmihai20

      Under your account, even the old Market has always shown all the apps you have ever installed. I think there were 2 sections, one showing every installed app and the other showing all the purchased apps.

      • Johnston212

        The original marketplace had the purchased apps and the apps that are currently installed. I think he is meaning all the apps that he has EVER installed since first using Android.

        • tmihai20

          I believe the web based Android Market would show all the apps I had installed in time, they were in a section that you would not click too often. Now it is just a little more obvious.

  • jordanfritzsche

    Beautiful, it worked it just took a moment. And had it not been for Lookout scanning it I wouldn’t have known it happened, it doesn’t notify you that it’s installing an app like usual. Anyway, I know it does the same thing as before, but I love the concept, smart thinking Google!

  • Papapau

    Will this fix the error regarding not showing my downloaded apps?


  • JamieB

    My Nexus One hasn’t received the OTA yet (Medroid ICS ROM) but my Kindle Fire (ICS ROM with build.prop edited to appear ad Galaxy Tab) received it last night.

  • bellken

    took me a while to get the directions correct, but, after that, I got the update. I had to re-enable my PIN for purchase setting.

  • spintrex

    I’m still kinda confused is Google Play just an aesthetic update or will we see dramatic changes in the near future?

    The only change I see is a better sync with music, books, and app stores to compete with itunes.

  • lawrenceh

    Worked on my ICS G2 like a charm. It doesn’t look much different. Just another way to sign up with a new ToS that you aren’t gonna read.

  • Nathan D.

    I got the update as soon as I turn on my tablet and nothing really change but the new cool icon.

  • Fuzzypaws

    How can I install this on the Android SDK emulator? I downloaded the APK for it, but when I try to install it the emu says that a package with the same name but a different signature already exists and refuses to install it.

  • txbluesman

    Worked flawlessly on my Nexus S 4g. Thanks Taylor!

  • GeauxLSU

    I got auto-updated this morning. Still waiting on the .25 album of the day to change.

  • LilSmurf2009

    Work on my MT4g, My wife has the same phone but with the MIUI Rom and she got it on its own last night

  • Hall Lo

    I got the auto-update last nite. But still thanks A&M for the tips!

  • Schmidty850

    Automatically got it this morning.

  • K2theIzzo

    I tried and tried but can’t get the update. I figured that since I own a GNEX I’d have it by now.

    • 2C

      Same here.

      • 2C

        Oddly enough I just got it so keep the faith. The funny thing with me is that I also have an Acer Iconia a100 Tab running the beta version of ICS 4.0.3. and it received the update the same day it was announced.

  • Jozef I Del Mundo

    I just googled the APK for the Google Play

  • Dan Jones

    Tried three times. No go. Maybe Verizon is blocking the update for some reason?

    • MTS

      Your lucky if it is blocked I think your not missing much except the rename and size ballooning on the same gui. I wish mine was blocked from auto ballooning.

  • dcds

    Doesn’t work in Brazil yet. :-(

  • Pier-Alexandre Lemay

    Why not calling it Google Market!!!!!!! At least it would make sense since it is exactly that: a market!!!!

  • FormerYooper

    Tried these instructions several times on my Lenovo Ideapad K1 and nothing happened. It updated to Google Play Books … but I can’t get the Google Play store update. Rebooted each time I tried it also and no go. Will just wait, I guess.

  • Moosa Mahsoom

    it says it is not available in my country. damn it, my country has too many regulation. if you have to make something, so many procedures, expenses. india really needs to revise its policy.

  • Johnston212

    Just wondering, but is the inverse possible? Can I forcible REMOVE Google Play from my Atrix 4G?

  • Deveney_OKC

    It uploaded perfectly on my SgS II … i was looking for Market and couldnt find it and i thought the “advanced task killer” app runined my market..bc i selected “kill selected app” and market was selected..yea…totally not a tech person..was googling “goodgle play store” and found this article that answered my umm .. ya thats it..thanks!

  • Sarah

    I tried this but it doesnt let me delete market data! i deleted cache but it made no difference.
    (Htc wildfire S) i dont get why my friend has the same phone but she got it

  • can’t think of a name

    I was able to get the best of both worlds. Google Play icon and Market name!

  • MTS

    My market came preinstalled at about 478kb this monster ballooned to over 6mb. I sometimes think this is intentionally done. The next update might be 8mb and 10mb and so on.
    I have enjoyed the default and had no need for the update. Worst of all user has no control on the auto update it does it at will and no asking if I wanted it. My device but at their will.

  • John Doe

    So I did this to my SGS Fascinate and Lenovo IdeaPad A1, and they both worked fine, but the icon still shows the little android guy in the corner, even though its not the Android Market anymore, and I saw some people with the icon image as the colorful arrow. What the problem?

    • John Doe

      Both run Go Launcher EX, I checked their stock launchers and the icons there are the new ones with the arrows. So its a GLEX problem

  • I have a cheap Koby Kyros MID 7012 with android 2.2 and the company never signed an agreement with google to abide by their TOS so they don’t provide a marketplace for their OS except for get.jar. A workaround to get the marketplace was available so I did that. I’ll see if this will work to push G-play on to my Kyros MID7012.

  • j

    I have wildfire s on tmobile and have not received update I cant delete data on market as it is greyed out?

  • focaldepth

    Had missing marketplace (and no google play icon) on my HTC Widfire.

    Reboot, no change.

    Went to manage aps uninstalled updates to google play).

    Market place is back and working.

  • Tyler

    I tried the steps and it didn’t for me.
    HTC wildfire S

  • jooh

    why one even want this stupid update? i srsly wana uninstall it, but i have no clue how. Androidmarket dont work anymore, since everything one want to download gets redirected to google play store.. And everything dont seem to exist there.
    I liked my programs, and i prefere to use same, but this stupid store dont let me download from other places.

    Can one get ridd of it?

  • FZ

    I have Samsung Galaxy Ace s55830i running 2.3.6, Yesterday I got the update via OTA, I lost my Google Play Store, Android Market too, I tried Rebooting , it didn;t resolve. I tried the mentioned steps, but again I am unable to locate PlayStore. I did a backup previous night, tried to reinstall Market ver 3.5.16 but No go, it says cannot install. I have Official ROM non rooted. Any help would be highly appreciated folks.

  • rao

    I am using htc desire with android 2.2. when I start market app, it crashes after a few seconds. Therefore i cannot install play books or music and as a result, unable to upgrade to play google! Can anyone help getting around this?

  • Cornelia

    Why it dosn’t work!? I realy want google play but I can’t What is wrong???

    I sad! :(

  • bobcov

    Newbie question, but if you’re trying to get the Google Play app loaded so that you can get to the google app store, how are you supposed to first load the Books app if that too is only available on the Google Play site?

  • leonard

    it didnt work for me


    On my Inspire 4g, the option to “clear data” is grayed out and not click-able. When the update originaly came out I had Play. I then dropped that phone (shattering the “gorilla glass”) and it came in the mail with market. Outside of side loading the apk, does anyone have any idea of how to update it?

  • rocky

    HTC-Desire. i’ve got Play installed on 2.2. Now i upgraded to 2.3 and got Market again with it. Can’t install Play Books/Movies/Music – says not available for my phone.. strange, but looks like i can’t upgrade to Play

  • Iman

    long but , Anyone know how to make this work on my htc wildfire s, when i clicked the play store icon on play books it went to play store on INTERNET? also like SARBUNTU clear data button was un-clickable so i clicked force stop and clear cache Is that why when i click on market its still MARKET?! help…anyone…please :(

  • Marty

    Just got a replacement phone, with Marketplace on it. This was good, I knew this step but forgot it. Yet, I can only clear catch in Marketplace. Clear data is grayed out. Getting irriritated.

  • Aaliyah

    Can someone help me ? The clear data on the market thing is grey and i cant clear the data . I have a htc evo 3d and i got it in january or febuary

  • Alexander

    Autoupdate is great feature but often you would like to see what is actully changed in the application. I have created app that shows notification on any application update and allows to go directly to app page on Google Play. There you can check What’s New section.

    Check it out:

  • sana

    market app is nt workng on htc wildfire hw to fix it?

  • jiya

    Google play not working on my samsung galaxy s2…it was working but then sumthing went wrong n now its not even opening.i tried clear data trick but no use. any help plz

  • samantha

    I have unlimited everything in my phone plan but my htc wildfire will not even let me liga into my google account. Tells me i might not have data coverage.i can get on the internet call text but for whatevet reason cant get into my google account. Any help Spike be much appreciated.

  • rae

    Thankk youuuu! Worked for my htc_A510c. Tried rebooting,signing in again to google,nothing worked.then I just downloaded a book.clicked back on Market and there it was:)

  • Steve Basten

    As a lot of people have commented, the issue is that some phones have the old “Market” app instead of the new “Google Play” app. What I did that worked for me was to find the new app on the internet and mail it to my gmail account. When I open the email on the phone I just hit install and the new app replaced the old one and now it works. Also, by accessing Google Play from that phone now the phone shows up in the devices on the Google Play store on my computer.

  • David

    I have the android market preinstalled on my t mobile but I’m unable to download anything.from the

  • Jonathan

    Worked like a charm! Thanks!
    Nexus 4 running Cyanogenmod 10.1 nightly with Gapps installed.

  • Victor

    I recently bought an HTC Wildfire and it does not have the google play store! i need help please

  • Dave

    i have some books which i like to upload on play store, how do i go about to do it?

  • Hunter

    I have a HTC EVO 3D first generation and it wouldn’t allow me to clear data what should I do?

  • jared

    i got the update as well. Ordered a new cd off the app store and instead of downloading it, it forces a stream thru google play. So i payed 10 dollars for a cd that will only pay thru a 12 $ paid subscription? What kind of crap is that…

  • tulaipaul

    The biggest change in the recent policy update is that the users will be safeguarded from push/ pop ads. It will also be immensely beneficial for the mobile apps developers. The premier brands like appnext, chartboost or admob will have even better market share.

  • Mary Judy

    I have a android jelly bean 4.1 xelio tablet n I put a 25.00 card on my tablet but I need to download the play store app on here but can’t I’ve downloaded games from the play store but they aren’t on my tablet n I can’t play them can u help me

  • Jackie

    I have deleted the Google play store icon from my samsung galaxy i527. what do i need to do to get it back?? I cant even push downloaded apps to my device from computer. It says your app will be sent to your device but does not get,anyone with a solution?

  • lazib

    hey wt if i dont want playstore as it consumes alot of space for my wildfire s… 30 to 35 mb is a lot of space for a mobile having low internal memory …. help me out plzzzzz !!!!!

  • emmanuel sefa

    i cant get access to my play store

  • MarownIOM

    ********** HOW TO FIX **********
    1) Check your date/time settings — make sure they are correct, including timezone
    2) Go into your Google Account and disable 2 step verification
    3) Go to App settings, find google play store, and clear settings