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HTCdev releases four new APIs; developer access to Beats Audio, lockscreen, MediaLink HD features


While most of us were focused on all the new phones released this week at Mobile World Congress, the HTCdev team took the opportunity to release four new APIs that tie into the OpenSense SDK. Application developers can now tap into new features on HTC phones and take advantage of some of the advanced functionality available in HTC Sense.

  • Beats Audio API: allows applications to take advantage of the Beats Audio sound enhancements on HTC phones that feature Beats Audio integration.
  • Lockscreen API: allows applications to interact with the advanced HTC Sense lock screen, which enables application interaction without the need for unlocking the device.
  • Mobile Device Management API
  • HTC MediaLink HD API: allows applications freedom to wirelessly interact with the Media Link HD accessory for display on a second screen.

We’re really excited to see what developers can create with these new APIs. We hope most streaming music and video services add Beats Audio integration to their apps as quickly as possible. It would be nice to see how various apps try to integrate notifications or app controls into the HTC lockscreen.

We don’t know what the limitations are with the HTC Media Link HD API, but we’re hoping developers will be able to take advantage of the same features HTC was showing off this week. These features allow users to interact with the device while content is being streamed to a second display. If we let our imagination run wild, we could see game developers adding a custom control interface on the device while the game streams on the second screen.

Is there anything you’re hoping developers will whip up with these new HTC APIs?

Source: HTC Blog

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Joel

    Thats HTC for ya, Good move.

  • Gary Simmons

    Actually, I don’t real see any devs bothering with these APIs in any serious way. This is fragmentation at it’s worst… getting devs to write apps with features only for HTC phones.

    • Nick Gray

      It’s not the best situation for developers, but if the API is simply enough, they can add advanced functionality for HTC users which account for about 35% of all Android phones sold.

    • CORYK333

      Come on dude, dont be a Debbie Downer-type cat. Even if it cant be implemented to non-HTC phones, those non-HTC users are in the same boat as before. I’m having trouble finding anything negative with this.

    • virexed

      Are you kidding? Just imagine Beats audio in every audio enabled apps. You no longer have it tied down to the stock HTC music app. Beats for DiRadio, spotify… you name it. I can only see it as a good thing for HTC.

      I’ve trashed Beats audio before but it’s still a good audio enhancement. HTC is starting to understand its consumers.

  • Vieper07

    HTC is back on the way to the top

  • dpleus

    I’m hoping Google takes advantage of the Beats API and integrates it into the their Music app. I’d love to be able to use the Beats Audio enhancement when I stream my cloud music or listen to my offline collection on my HTC Rezound.

  • spazby

    HTC keeps surprising… i like what they are doing recently… now get that next nexus

  • barkleyfan

    HTC is going in the right direction for software. Motorola is going in the right direction for hardware. Interesting to see who bridges the gap more effectively with the Google merger taken into account, and HTC’s new Dev studio. They compete, we profit.

    • TruFactz

      Thats what its all about. True marketing. Not Fighting for silly patents, true competition.

    • CORYK333

      Well said, hopefully it will just make each OEM step their game up that much more.

  • Nick Gray

    Not sure what the limitations will be with the Media Link HD API, but I can envision developers using a phone like the WiiMote while the game streams to the TV. Or, a simply application that displays a controller/remove interface on your phone’s screen with a custom media center UI on the TV – similar to the Google TV remote app.

    • Defiantbeast

      This will defiantly come in handy with the games that tegra releases for the one X. Cant wait add in the rumors of the one X coming to tmobile and you have a winner

  • Hall Lo

    This is awesome. I esp like the MediaLink API. Like what the article says, the fone turns into a remote control! So exciting :D

  • MoSDeeb

    Always good to see Companies creating APIs to work with.

  • CORYK333

    HTC has been showing a HUGE amount of love to the modding community in the last few months, lovin’ it!!! Cant wait to see what all the talented devs do with these. Anyone wanna share their wishlist of what they hope to see come from all these recent APIs??

  • Slith

    Openness trumps fragmentation in my book.

  • taprwin

    It’s not really fragmentation either. It’s like the optimizations for tegra devices (optimizations, not exclusivity). Just like those games get a few extra visual effects, htc devices get a few extra functions, functions which would otherwise not be available on ANY device and whose inclusion does not affect core functionality on other devices. If the API’s are easy enough to include then it makes a developer’s app that much more appealing to HTC device owners without too much extra effort and provides HTC device owners with options. They no longer HAVE to use the htc player if they want Tue beats audio profile, they can have lock screen integration which is better and more fluid/less clumsy than that of certain lock screen widgets (like with certain music players).

    I hope video players take advantage of this functionality with the medialink hd. Nick’s idea of a controller on the screen while the game plays on the tv is awesome, but an even more basic need is video players being able yo work well with the medialink hd. HTC has never had the best media player when it comes to format codec support (samsung has been much better inthat respect from what I’ve read). Though maybe that’s changed this time around it’ll still be nice to use the medialink he properly with third party apps.

  • kungpaodragon

    I’m excited! Not so much about HTC and their new direction, but the whole Android ecosystem in general. This is “free market” at its best! Software aside, Android being an open source system had encouraged the development communities, manufacturers or enthusiasts, to continue to better Android.

    And now on the device side, users are also starting to enjoy the benefit of manufacturers taking strides to one up each other. At first it was all HTC, then Motorola and others start to come in the field. Now Samsung sits on top. But others continue to innovate so they can get back on top. Now HTC is also embracing the “openness” idea. Maybe not fully, but still a hell a lot better than nothing.

    I’m glad to see the dominant mentality in Android ecosystem is: Instead of focusing on what others do similar to what I do, I’m going to focus on doing something new and better than others . We as users have lots to gain from that – technology advancement through competitive collaborative innovation.