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Paypal Here announced, credit card payments on the go

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Paypal is not staying behind in mobile payments. The highly popular internet bank has just announced Paypal Here and its mobile credit card reader. This would allow customers with a smartphone to charge credit cards straight from their devices, a feature that most users currently turn to Square for.

Paypal is a much larger company, though. And it is utilized by most users that deal with any type of internet currency transactions. It will be convenient to integrate this service to one’s current Paypal account.

The global e-commerce company is also bringing a bit of extra competition by offering lower fees; charging 2.7%, as opposed to Square’s 2.75%. The app and encrypted card reader are offered for free. Paypal also reminds us that their free debit card offers 1% cashback, virtually bringing the fee down to 1.7%.

It is fairly simple to operate. The user needs to set how much the customer will be paying. After that, they simply swipe the card, and hand the device over to get a signature (and a tip). It is even possible to send a receipt to the customer’s phone. The app also works as a checkbook, as it records purchases made with cash or checks. And if the card can’t be read, the credit card transaction can be done manually.

The free card reader looks rather nice, albeit a bit bigger and bulkier than Square’s. It features a sliding “wing,” which helps stabilize the reader with the phone’s support when connected to the headset jack. It looks like a great option for small businesses and individuals.

If you are looking to join the party, you might have to wait a bit. The app will first be launched for iOS, which is what Paypal used to demo the new product. But an Android app is in the works, so we shouldn’t have to wait too much.

What do you guys say? Square forever? Or are you making the move to good ol’ Paypal?

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Source: Paypal

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  • Slith

    With PayPal right here in Omaha, I’d heard these were in the wild. Now hurry up with the Android version.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Pretty cool. Great to see some competition. Time to get some NFC support. Bring it!

    • 4n1m4l


    • aranea

      When I read the title that’s what I initially thought actually. When more phones have NFC it will make more sense to be able pay by NFC rather than adding some extra bulk to the phone.

      • thekaz

        PayPal already supports paying with nfc, no?

        • Philip Cohen


  • Healthy

    i don’t know why but i found the obviously faked signature scene hilarious.

  • isuriv
    • Clark Wimberly

      Thanks, most of us haven’t heard of Square or caught the reference in the article.

  • spazby

    keep the heat on google wallet, competition should make this better going forward

    • thekaz

      This is for accepting payments not making, I believe.

  • Leo Young

    I like keeping things separate. I use separate institutions for different functions. I will be happy to use square for what it does well and paypal for what it does well.

  • yankeesusa

    I have both the square and the intuit card reader. Intuit is already at 2.7% like Paypal plus they just introduced a new reader that works perfect with my evo 3d. Square is nice as a backup and intuit was better cause its cheaper and is from a trusted company. Now that Paypal is going to have one and I have their debit card already I’m definitely going to try them.

    • Kim

      i have trying to get my boss to use the intuit go payment (no month contract, just pay % when used) He won’t move out of the caveman era. He said that the news said bad things about it. Couldn’t find anything. However, I did find some customer reviews that did not sound very good. How is your experience with intuit card reader?

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Multiple options are always welcomed, it would be a dozen years until I first see this applied in my country, but I’m glad seeing everything going where it should.

  • sunrise

    “Hand your phone to the customer.” As the customer pretends to pay for that 3 dollar coffee then runs away with your $800 dollar iPhone.

  • Julie

    I had Square and prior to, used Paypal. I was unsatisfied with both, but found PhoneSwipe via The rates are competitive, the card reader is durable, the PhoneSwipe app is sexy, and any time I have questions about my merchant account or app, I can actually talk to a LIVE customer service rep who knows what they are talking about! I was never able to get that type of service from Square or Paypal. I just recommend that you look into your options before you get into bed with either of these companies. True, Paypal has been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean that are trustworthy. With all the new competition, they are not as innovative as they once seemed to be.

  • Philip Cohen

    And, just for a laugh, some analyses of PayPal’s “The New Way To Pay In-Store”, PayPal Here, PayPal Digital Wallet, PayPal Debit MasterCard, PayPal Local and Watch With eBay …

    eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking

  • wrystarr

    Not really liking PayPal Here. For starters, the card reader device I find tacky. I am personally anticipating mPowa’s launching which according to should be fairly soon. It has been creating a hubbub in Europe and per the website their rate will only be .25%(!) per card transaction. Enough to get me excited.

  • Bek

    Damn feeling so far behind in Oz…
    I am waiting for the android app to be launched here, i have my PayPal swipe ready to go – this is the first and only thing like this available here – so very excited to get rid of my VERY expensive Bank Provided Merchant.

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    I will be happy to use square for what it does well and paypal for what it does well.Monster Beats Pro High Performance Professional Headphones White