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This contest is now closed.

If you hadn’t heard, today is a big day for tablets. No, I’m not talking about that other tablet. I’m talking about the fact that we’re giving away a pair of quad-core Transformer Primes. We’ve paired with @NVIDIATegra to make sure this is a Friday you’ll never forget.

To ensure we kept it big, these are the 32GB model AND they come with the matching keyboard dock. Taylor and I both run a Prime as our primary tablet. So if you don’t know how awesome of a prize this is, let me tell you: this is an awesome prize. As such, we’ve got a pretty kickass method for getting these bad boys into your hands.

How to win

Since we’ve got two Primes, we’ve also got two ways to win. The first is simple and just requires leaving a comment on this post. We’ll leave comments open for 24 hours, after which point we’ll select a random winner.

The second tablet? That’s where things get interesting. To give it out, we’ll be hosting a live game show tomorrow over on our Google+ page. To win, users will need to join us in a live Hangout on Air and play a game of chance. In addition to the Prime, we’ll have a whole slew of other prizes, including free tees, cases from @speckproducts and even a Powerbag.

To participate, you’ll need to circle +Android and Me on Google+, but you’ve probably done that already, right? Tomorrow afternoon we’ll make a post on our G+ page looking for contestants. If you’re in the right place at the right time, that could be you. The only requirement is a camera and microphone so you can join us in the Hangout.

Aside from giving away a fresh Prime, we’ll also use the Hangout to be announce the winner of today’s comment contest, so make sure you tune in even if you don’t want to join us live on air. If you’re somehow still not excited, check out the rad TegraZone game montage below that shows just how Tegra 3 rolls:

So that’s it! Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a new 32GB ASUS Transformer Prime from @NVIDIATegra. Then join us again tomorrow on Google+ to see if you won. Or if you can win the other. Or if someone else will. The suspense is killing me!

This contest is US only.

Update: Congrats to Shawn Clark who won the comment contest! The winner of the Transformer Prime during the live hangout was Adam Lawrence.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • LEKO

    I already have 1 Transformer Prime, but having two would be awesome. I have two daughters who likes my Prime a bit too much! :D

  • Brandon Sikes

    I would absolutely love to have one of these beautiful tablet/netbooks :)

  • Vitti

    Here’s hoping :)

  • Shawn Cole

    Cool contests, as usual. I hope I finally get to win one

  • d3v14n7

    I’d love to get one of these!

  • Clive

    Count me in :)

  • Charlong666

    If I win this I think I’ll also buy a lottery ticket ;)

  • jamal adam

    This would be awesome.

  • gREGORY20

    Oh, just found out:((it’s only for US inhabitants!!!!
    It’s not fair

  • Wyllic

    I need one of these for school bad!

  • tangerine17

    Would love this prize :3

  • halamsjah

    I don’t have tablet yet so this could be it. Thanks Nvidia and android and me.

  • gREGORY20

    Why other readers of this blog then from US can not take part in contests?
    Can somone explain me dat???

  • Alex Morgan

    This would be great for school. I agree :)

  • GEnx320

    What a great opportunity! Thanks guys!

  • WallaceD

    This would be a FANTASTIC prize.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • rushikh

    I really hope I win!!!

  • sapko82

    come on one time

  • duckzero

    I want to win! Yay!

  • Abideen Mohamed

    This is sweet. I would love to win this Tablet and Keyboard dock.

  • Anjie Cai

    “The New iPad” can suck on this!

  • Falconguard

    oh yeah, I would love to win this

  • joshie

    Ooh free stuff! Yes, please.

  • javaman70

    here’s my comment…would love to win this but i can’t seem to win any contest…I even entered one giving away 10 prizes, it had only 23 entrants and I still didn’t win

  • k4p741nkrunch

    Would LOVE to win a Transformer! Nothing else compares!!

  • Zeusmoir

    Really lovely looking tablet and cool competition, Good luck everyone.

  • Matt Siarny

    Thanks for the Contest. Hope to win, if not Gratz to the winner. Good luck to all.

  • pank

    Optimus me please!!! :)

  • SuperSixTwo

    would love a prime

  • smthkat789

    Oh yeh I wanna win!

  • gREGORY20


  • janK

    Sure, I’d like one =)

  • BobbyTheNinja

    I would like a Tegra 3 please!

  • antonio14reyes

    This tablet…..IS LEGIT!!!!!

  • zomdroidz

    Screw the iPad, I need Tegra3!

  • ondrej.licko

    I want to win this tablet guys! Make me happy, please! This is the winning comment! :)

  • fingas

    Sweet! I’d love me a Transformer Prime!

  • fierymel

    Would love to win one of this !! pick me!

  • jrsmith43

    This is an awesome prize. A Transformer Prime for dad and a few 7″ nexus pads for the fam would be a perfect solution for most households. (Maybe a token iPad for the wife.)

  • fellster

    I would love to win it for my wife

  • ryandelman

    pick me please!!!

  • Paul Kim

    I would very much like this

  • myandroid99

    i hope the RANDOM prize selection picks me!!!

  • tjw344

    hahaha sweet

  • brunco56

    Good luck to all

  • malenkydroog18

    Here’s hoping.

  • wesmorgan1

    It would be pretty cool to grab one of these!

  • cyanslowly


  • corsica

    Lets win this thing.

  • shakey

    Man this is awesome, I hope I win, then I can start developing for the Tegra 3 chip set.

  • Haloruler64

    Do want!

  • Ben Marvin

    Would love to win a Transformer Prime. Because I really need an Android tablet that’s more powerful than my laptop ;)

  • Tornadoes28

    I would love to win that. :-)

  • Dylan

    oh yeah!

  • fabien

    i’m a asus fan !
    i hope i win !!!!!

  • tkisser

    Would be cool to win

  • regor412

    this would be a great 18th birthday present for me

  • salbball23

    I would love this

  • erik_q

    An AMAZING DEVICE!!! would love to get my hands on one! SPEED GRAPHICs QUAD-CORE!
    NEVER had i ever held one in my hands, and would like to !

  • mathewusher

    Times are rough, would be nice to finally get a tablet, let alone the prime!

  • tophermade

    You guys always have such awesome giveaways.

  • anikko

    That’s a great tablet! Thanks guys.

  • adaam93

    Best contest ever!

  • wynand32

    Would LOVE to win this!!!

  • gustavosuarez4

    I’d love to have this tablet, Anyways gl u all.

  • core123

    I want this bad!

  • kt6999

    This is so much better then the new ipad
    Hope i win :)

  • chaboud

    I still need to see one of these in person… though I’d better be ready to buy one in the moment…

  • osegall

    ASUS – awesome specs unreal styles

  • ManiaX

    I want a transformer prime! :D

  • tobinandandroid

    i would like one please!

  • seaps

    This would be fantastic since I’m currently waiting for any word on the Padfone. I’ll take a free Prime instead!

  • NamelessTed


  • mavensage

    Forget the IP… what was that? I want a Transformer Prime with k/b dock. I could give away my netbook and my Xoom.

  • dpblusea

    pick me!

  • TheTriscuit

    Yes please!

  • Alexis Cramatte

    This time I hope I’ll be more lucky :D good luck everyone.

  • LanceSandino

    pick me pick me! I don’t have a tablet, and this would be great to have!

  • jian9007

    This would be a prime opportunity for me to win a contest.

  • zaherb


    would like 1 like this ;)

  • mrdavis47

    I would like to use this tablet as an actual Transformer. That’s it. Really, there’s an out-of-my-league model somewhere that needs saving.

  • smilgs


  • Mystikalrush

    Id love to win a transformer prime!

  • Serotheo

    I bought the original Transformer and I am glad I got it!.. I originally was going to wait it out for a Prime but I wouldn’t have enough cash :\.. anyways.. this gives me an opportunity to get this and hand down the original to my little sister, not to mention I’d get the docking station too no? It’d be great for when I go off to College this year :)

  • andystolemywallet

    I’ll try to round up a microphone and camera.

  • dbareis

    I’d love on of these

  • TAM_the_MAN

    I really want this tablet. I had a poor man’s tablet that died. I am too poor to afford a new one and I am only working two days a week. I just continue to torture myself by looking at and drooling over all the new toys I can’t have. (T_T) I miss having a tablet and I realize all the emptiness that it has left in my soul. Please fill my empty soul with this beautiful machine.

  • bigdeezer20

    Must win Prime naow!

  • redidas

    Sad but true, the transformer Prime would be faster than my current laptop and desktop computers :(

    Would love to ditch them both with a new Transformer Prime!

  • androiduser2008

    A great tablet keyboard combination to get rid of my laptop. Would love this tablet.

  • trevorutk

    I would love to have the best tablet out, the Transformer Prime.

    It would like talking to my Galaxy Nexus.


  • sic4672

    I want this tablet because it will be the ultimate travel companion. Amazing battery life + remote desktop software = win! Plus a little Modern Combat on the road wouldn’t hurt either ;)

  • dwpollock

    I want it want it want it! OK?”

  • Mone181

    I want it!!

  • Kanishk Singh


  • canadian_beacon

    Me please because I’m poor -_-

  • jdrobbevedallas

    Totally awesome , would love to own this amazing tablet:D !!

  • Mark Wilson

    If I may, I shall post my entry in the form of a Haiku.

    Hi Android and Me,
    I would love a Transformer,
    Love dat Tegra 3.

    Thank you.

  • Alex Fischer

    Here’s why I want a transformer prime over that other tablet:

    The new iPad is more of the same. Yes, it has an HD display and a faster graphics chip, but I can’t help and feel that Apple needs to do something different with the way their tablet OS works. I know Apple likes to keep it simple so that anyone can pick up the device and figure out how to work it, but with a display like the iPad, there’s so much potential wasted.

    Ice Cream Sandwich is great because of how it scales. You have a phone OS at a certain DPI and a tablet OS at another DPI, but it’s the same OS. Also, there’s the hacking ability on Android. Yes, I know you can Jailbreak your iDevice, but with every update Apple tries to foil your attempts to break free. Know what happens when I flash a custom Rom on my phone, I can update it without fear of losing anything. If I’m on rooted stock, I just have to re-root after an official OTA update.

    With a screen size like the iPad, Apple could change up their interface enough to make beautiful use of the real-estate, while not straying from what people know. They’ll never do this however.

    I like what Android tablets offer, namely (with some current and future tablets) Ice Cream Sandwich. I like how everything syncs with my Gmail account. I like the ease at which freedom is acquired.

    For me a tablet’s sales numbers has nothing to do with how good it is. Just because companies can’t market like Apple, doesn’t mean their product is unsuccessful. However, in Motorola’s case, they’re bat-shit crazy with the pricing of their tablets. Look at Asus. The Transformer and Transformer Prime are incredible tablets. They receive updates on a regular basis and Asus listens to the community, yet they somehow don’t matter because they haven’t sold MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DEVICES.

    The one thing I hate is when an iFanboy brings up “apple sold all these devices, blah blah blah.” Of course they did. People who live in an iEcosystem will continue to upgrade. Apple is a master at marketing and has people convinced that you need the lastest iDevice. Hell they’re not calling it the iPad 3 but “The New iPad.” That right there is sure to get a couple more people on board: “Well I have an iPad, but I don’t have The New iPad.”

    In conclusion, I like the Android ecosystem. I like that yeah, sometimes things may not work right, but in exchange for that I get to experience new things that Google comes up with. Just because Android tablets don’t sell well, doesn’t mean they aren’t good/popular. It’ll take a lot to get people to switch and I think Ice Cream Sandwich could really help, not to mention whatever Google has cooking for Jelly Bean.

    Something I forgot to mention: I owned an iPad, actually two (I sold the first one then bought another one until a proper Android tablet came out). I really didn’t care for it.

    Let me give you one last example of why I prefer an Android tablet.

    When I had an iPhone I loved to play Angry birds. Long after I sold my iPhone and bought an iPad, I wanted to play Angry Birds, so I downloaded it, loaded it up, and it looked like shit, because it was the phone version. If I wanted a version for the iPad, I had to pay for an “HD” version. Download Angry Birds on your Android phone and then your tablet. It’s the same apk file. There’s no HD version and it looks BEAUTIFUL on a tablet.

    Apple likes to talk about how there’s no tablet specific apps (The twitter one pissed me off because there are numerous third-party tablet Twitter apps) but what they fail to realize is that a lot of the apps out there scale perfectly (especially in ICS, assuming the developer has made the one line change in code necessary) to a tablet and don’t look horrible like the Twitter app. There doesn’t need to be a “HD for Tablet” section, just the section that currently exists where apps that were either made for tablets or phone apps that scale perfectly to a tablet reside.

    • sjbaue

      Winning a transformer prime would ease the hurt of my bracket pool being out of reach. Could use it to watch me blow next years bracket

  • jmquint00

    I would like a chance to participate. I’m a big fan of Android OS and Asus
    Thank you

  • gardobus

    Oooo do want Transformer Prime

  • aryin

    a comment, an entry

  • edmondbasilan

    i would like one

  • unwiredmedic

    I’ll make great use of this prize, to be sure! Thanks for the contest!

  • Rydah805

    Please let me win for once!

  • adrian macias

    I really want this tablet to show it off against my friends with iPads!!!

  • coreyr

    I love this site!

  • M3rc Nate

    Pwetty Pwetty Please?

  • lokidokie

    I would like to win. Please.

  • dp03


  • Martin Stitz

    cool :)

  • JustinUnderscore

    Sounds good, count me in for sure!

  • jeffb34

    Hope I win!

  • Earthsiege

    This would be amazing to win! There’s a first time for everything, right?


    I am in!!

  • srmjjg

    This would be an awesome tablet to win. Far superior to the new iPad.

  • marcuswells60

    I hopes I can wins a primes!

  • Marcos Soler

    I’ve been dieing to get one of these.

  • Dustin Carney

    i would love to win 1 so i could rub it in my IOS loving friends faces!

  • Shepherd_Wood

    Oh, how I’d love to win this! My need for a new car has put any plans for buying a tablet on the back burner.

  • dgoller

    Who needs a new fruit product…I want a Prime!

  • benaston

    me me me!

  • grumsh

    Fingers crossed to win this one!

  • dt

    First time for everything.

  • Chaoz

    Woot another one as giveaway. This beast is just sexy…*drools*

  • jefflarkin

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Crickerman

    The chances may be stacked against me but i hope i win! Would be great to have some good news for once…

  • Nulldagger


  • coussemaeker

    Transform me into a prime winner :-)

  • AljNtEeL1

    Hope to have one ;)

  • bryanw504

    Sure would be nice to win

  • Empathy

    A great tablet. Love to win this to replace the Xoom that crapped out on me and get me back in the Android tablet mix.

  • metmywaterloo

    Indeed it sure would be nice to win.

  • tommyv04

    My wife is dying for one of these!

  • Trav06

    You should pick me…

  • smithey253

    Yes please! :)

  • Jorge Eslava

    Good luck every one.

  • reliog

    Choose me please!!

  • Alex Cervantes

    Me Gusta!

  • sentientbn

    Give me one for the win!

  • cgplenty

    Hey, I’m random, pick me!

  • salmubarak

    The best Android Tablet Yet !?

  • robertlwalters

    Luck of the IRISH!!!! Come on no whammy…STOP! ….Stop on a Transformer Prime!

  • hacimv

    Pick me! I’m a construction manager that could really use a tablet!

  • redxxii

    I want to win a Transformer Prime!

  • svensjo

    I could use one; keeping my fingers crossed.

  • nmil86

    I want to win the Transformer Prime!

  • heynomi4u

    I’d use it to install Ubuntu on it first then throw out my current laptop and hp touchpad. After I have done that, I’ll use it for almost everything! I am dying to play FIFA 12 on it!

  • brucebolick


  • garetstorm

    Yes Please! NVIDIA and Android are awesome!!

  • justin Poirier

    Been looking at these for a while, would be awesome to win one.

  • rond

    Hope I can win this.

  • GildedFox

    Winning this would be absolutely amazing.

  • Juan Almanzar

    It would make my year if I won this tablet. I’ve been crazy to get an Android Tablet but do to some other financial responsibilities, I just can’t for the time being. Here’s to hoping I win one by posting.

    Also I have to work tomorrow from 11am to 9pm but I will keep my phone handy on the Google + App, watching and hopefully waiting for the right moment.

    Thanks Androidandme and Nvidia for this awesome contest!

  • tg2708

    Asus transformer prime is the best tablet around. I want one now :).

  • xFlawless11x

    Android Tablets > All Others!

  • Hairysteve

    I would love to get my hands on this, because I think there is more to this tablet than meets the eye!

  • acosand

    Totally awesome

  • RRR

    wish it was 13.6″ A4 size or mote portable 7″ ….. but who complains if its free?

  • Zeratoda1

    alright another epic giveaway to give a try good luck everyone

  • erikiksaz

    Count me in!

  • lbowen

    Pick me pick me!

  • EUVphysics

    These tablets are the best! gotta have one!

  • Jmo

    C’mon! Bring it!!!

  • rk20817

    I need a tablet

  • lancaster09

    Oh man so many contests… so many times I have gotten my hopes up. Will it happen again or will I be triumphant?!?!?!

  • ByrdDroid27

    Best Tab out, SO want one

  • MoSDeeb

    Wishful thinking…

  • JirafaBo

    Chicken Dinner I’m the Winner!

  • tobin_o

    Forget The New iPad… I need one of these Transformer Primes!

  • chameleonbr

    My precious!!!

  • ss3joshy

    Some New Android Tablet Hotness would be great!

  • techvudu

    The Prime is the bees knees. Nothing else offers the freedom to do whatever you want on YOUR tablet. The “i” is locked down too much for me and keeps it boring with a plain old home screen. Hope I make it to the game show online, sounds pretty fancy. Rock on.

  • jd11669

    Is there really ANY OTHER TABLET out there????

  • bjhedges

    I would really like an Android tablet with keyboard.

  • jlubz


  • Jtanacredi

    I <3 free! And this tablet

  • cwells

    First tablet I’m excited about. Thanks for doing giveaways!

  • curtis206

    thanks for doing this. it’s insane!

  • geiko

    I was all giddy when I first read this. Then tonight I realized I never even submitted my comment.

  • apollo123

    i want one!!

  • renn9420

    I will probably won’t win this like I didn’t win anything from the 25 days of Tegra, but it sure is fun to try. And to everyone else good luck and to the person who wins, congrats u luck dog.

  • curlybrace

    Fingers crossed.

  • k1w33d

    I am so overdue for a win.

  • jacobxcaliber

    I have one and my wife takes it from it would be great to say here honey take this. p.s. it might even score me brownie points lord knows all married men need those

  • k1w33d

    nvm just read the US only thing :(

  • Bizarro181

    Wow! If I win one, I’ll name him Optimus

  • davehuze

    I would love one of these Primes!

  • PittGorilla

    C’mon, I need this, especially since I won’t be winning the money from my March Madness Bracket to buy it myself.

  • iSlackerz

    Should I wait by the mailbox now? I think I will anyway.

  • Kissfan8562

    Well, I was considering a nexus tablet, but…….

  • mrcrusha

    This is the tablet to have!!…YoooHoo…. over hear!!.. I will take one of those!

  • Rowdy_Blue_Man

    Give a nice machine a good home.

  • Rising33

    Me mememmemememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememeemememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememeememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememe.

  • hamblindave

    I feel lucky.

  • Andrew VanVlack

    I have been eyeing this guy for a while.

  • Andrew VanVlack

    Get me in on this.

  • Snoogans


  • maxkumar

    Would love to win this beautiful tablet

  • armslavearbalest

    sweet i’ve been looking forward to getting the new Asus nexus that was coming, but a 32gb prime with dock would certainly be an awesome choice

  • sensation77

    Let me have a nice tablet to match up with my soon to hace ics too…my sensation…chris stevens 7two745577E6

  • OMGtech

    I want this SO SO SO BAD!!!!!!!

  • kilroy

    I’d love to have one.

  • joshuadmarsh

    This an excellent tablet! My favorite and a great prize!

  • Jöran Schlömer

    Awesome \o/

  • Rowdy_Blue_Man


  • Sam Savitt

    I would tots love 2 have this five core beast

  • pilot36

    i really hope i can win this

  • Kris Ray

    Prime me!

  • udnbu

    my xoom just broke today and its now the second one to do so. im gonna have to send it in to motorola but maybe if i win the asus i can finally have a tablet that wont keep ending up a dud.

  • rodzilla209

    There is no such thing as random. This is meant to be. This is providence!

  • beleafer22


  • E-man

    I’m excited to test out my Galaxy Nexus with tomorrow’s live G+ event! :)

  • alexaac14

    I win!!

  • blastrmaster

    I hope I win!

  • ralphwiggum1

    I’m in. Need some new technology and I like the sound of free. And I think the dock makes this infinitely more useful and better than a laptop.

  • bd1212

    Never used an Android tablet before. This would be a good first tablet.

  • Tbear2

    I want a Prime please!

  • Luke Haviland

    Good luck to everyone.
    This Prime Tablet looks amazing.
    i Cannot believe how powerful Tablets are becoming.
    when the first iThing came out i wasn’t impressed but with this quad core
    it looks amazing. the gaming capabilities are astounding. I am so happy to be alive in such a era.
    This is however my only opportunity to score a Prime as a college student slinging lattes for a certain mermaid coffee company .


    haha anyone know what drink that is?

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    Fingers crossed! I’d love to get my hands on this!

  • jorj7

    Very cool giveaway!

  • mikeriosisawhoredotcom

    Ooooh, me please! I need to upgrade my TF101!

  • odstderek

    Consider this my entry.

  • jaseifert

    I will win this by sharing 2 keys to success in life. 1. Never tell everything you know.

  • jamesj

    You guys have come a long way with this site. Love the new weekly features, the clean site design, and the quality of writing in your articles. Nice work!

  • atgoure

    All I need to do is to make a comment? Is this waste of the time? The Prime would be perfect for my education, my disability, my family & me. What more do I need to say? None.

  • luis Hernandez

    I want it!

  • cbrinkle

    really could use a new computer so why not make it a TFP, can you guys help w/ that?

  • alankrut

    Hello everybody. I want to win this tablet just like everyone else here. Good luck to us all

  • Nicholas

    Pick me! I’ve got 4 kids… one per core. :P (But seriously, I do, so I can’t afford to buy one.)

  • yusef.abouremeleh

    I want a prime :)

  • Grandmaster

    Come on!! Winner winner chicken dinner!

  • TAndroid

    I soooo, hope I win…I know how awesome winning this Transformer Prime would be…believe me…I REALLY do KNOW how AWESOME that would be!

  • geojr58

    If I won this transform I would rub it into my friends face who just purchased the new iPad 3

  • David Gomez

    i cant wait hope i win this

  • joelmic



  • thedan55

    i would love to win this, the games look awesome!!!! hamiltons great adventure looks amazing and im a huge fan of platform games. also this will keep me occupied and busy which is exactly what i need with my illness.

  • spazby

    thanks for another giveaway

  • mobiusstrip

    It would be great to win one.

  • Lazaro

    yes please!

  • rcotrina

    Would be cool to get a Prime.

  • Ian

    I need a transformer prime! It’s fast, light, & will make you productive and be proud that you are carrying it into a meeting =)

  • Benchmade7

    Lets go for TWO

  • petethered

    I would love to win

  • xCrios

    *creative comment about why I want the Transformer Prime*

  • BeverageNinja

    Do WANT!

  • olimario

    It would be LOVELY to win.
    Yay for this great website

  • robinlarabee

    Pick me, pick me!

  • Ryuuie

    I’d like to win! :)

  • mrvander

    Winning would be sweet!

  • brolaser

    Its prime-time baby….

  • dwilson6

    This could be the time.

    • Rising33

      How comments can I post LOL……..

  • aburgthing

    I might have a better chance of scoring one here than at my local Best Buy. I hate ordering online but ordering online and then waiting and hoping seems to be my only options. Come on Asus, kick the production up a notch!

  • dunneldeen

    I never win, please prove me wrong.

  • Matt Yearian

    Yay another contest! Cool!

  • Phil

    I hope I win

  • pokemontrainer4life

    You guys have the best prizes.

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    Would love one of these!!!

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    Ohhhh~~ I want it :D

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    Hope i Win!!!!!

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    I would love one so i can show my wife how crappy her ipad 1st ed is. :D

  • resnasty

    I can Haz Winnar?

  • martinpelant

    Pick me, so I can develop even more awesome apps for tablets

  • baronvonj

    I need two, I have twins.

  • isovich

    Im in.

  • tvalentine

    I could really use one of these…

  • Iconyx

    Hope I win!!

  • ztycoonz

    New reader and love aandme and suffice to say a transformer too:)

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    I really need this, for playing lots of games!

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    Hope I win, would be awesome!

  • mikecheat04

    Here I am now where’s my tablet :-)

  • DeBatch

    This would truly be a Lucky Day!

  • Thinkbot

    By far the most impressive tablet I’ve seen. I love my tegra 2 phone and I love my Asus laptop both for gaming. So I’d absolutely love an Asus tegra 3 tablet for even better mobile gaming. I seriously have drooled over this. Pretty sure I’d be kicked outta best buy for drooling on their display model.

  • Skythe


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    I would love to win the best Android tablet on three market!

  • dv8

    Hard Eight..

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    Let me see what can I do with this new toy.

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    Give it here!

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    Hoping to ninja the tablet with the ninja core.

  • cherrytree

    In to win! THX for this! Looking forward to my next comment here. This will be written on a brandnew transformer prime! ;-)

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    The Asus Transformer Prime is just so much cooler than The New Ipad.

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  • tactown

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    Maybe this can make me join the tablet field.

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      “Mmmm, Tegra 3 Ice Cream Saaand-wich” -Homer J Simpson

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    What if you’re really successful? You’re welcome!

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    i hope to win the prime so i don’t need to borrow my brother’s galaxy tab xD