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Android’s best first person shooter is on sale for $0.49


Do you love first person shooters? Android’s best, Modern Combat 3, has joined Google’s $0.49 Play Store sale through Monday. The game eats up 1.37 GB of free storage space and requires a high-end phone, but it’s worth every penny. The single player will keep you busy for awhile with 13 full missions and there is a 12-player multiplayer mode to extend the replay value. Grab it while you can.


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  • kwills88

    It was worth the full price and at this price it will be a steal, I love this game and playing online is fun, making it a game you wanna keep after you defeated the campaign mode.

    • Xpeira Fever

      How do you even play this game, on screen controls suck ass on the iPhone and i’ve no idea if a control pad exists for Android but it doesn’t for iOS.

      • manusferrera

        its called having a good size screen that makes it playable on android.

      • crickerman

        I actually disagree with this…. My favorite controls for FPS games will always be mouse and keyboard… but I actually prefer touch controls to the “dual analog” gamepad style of playing FPS games on consoles. Aiming is too slow on a gamepad in my opinion. Touch screen controls reminds me of the days I played fps games on a trackpad on my computer.

    • tmihai20

      I bought it because I read some good reviews from users owning an Evo 3D like me. Galaxy S II owners with this game are in the same spot as Evo 3D owners with N.O.V.A. 2 (it was listed as incompatible with the Evo 3D). I played about an hour yesterday and it is good, I think it would be worth the whole price as well. I haven’t yet played Shadowgun, as a comparison. Actually, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is the first FPS I ever played on Android because I wanted it.

      • yasdsam

        Dapeng A8300 Android 2.3 OS Smart Phone TV GPS WiFi 4.3 Inch Multi-touch Screen $157.99! Free shipping!

  • slurms mckenzie

    not compatible with tmo gs2. good thing i have a working cracked version from appplanet. id buy it if they updated it

    and no i cant buy it from my computer ive tried that and i automatically got a refund cuz its not compatible

  • R.S

    Too bad it’s not compatible with my device (Galaxy S II) otherwise I would have bought it right away. :-(

  • RM

    I have an SGSII also, I can’t buy this, or Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, otherwise I would get both.

    • JaylanPHNX

      And it’s dumb that they’re not compatible. The phone is more than capable of running it.

      • RM

        I am thinking of spending the fifty cents as my old Thunderbolt which I wiped and sold is still listed and it is saying it is compatible. EA in a Twitter response to a user said they are working on more phones. If they don’t include the SGSII than I am only out 50 cents, if they do make the SGSII compatible by then the price will probably be $6.

    • munir_joel

      Just go to Samsung app and download it for free if you have a gs2.

      • RM

        Can’t Samsung app is incompatible with my SGSII. Check that 2 days ago.
        Don’t have it installed on my SGSII, and can’t install it.

    • Mark

      That’s so dumb. The SGSII has an awesome GPU. “Benchmarks found that the CPU’s accompnaying Mali-400 quad-core GPU performs at nearly twice the speed of any any other Android device.” You using the tmobile version?

      • RM

        Yea, I am running the T-Mo version.

  • azulpiscina

    not compatible with transformer prime.


    • Gabe


    • ranwanimator

      My sentiments exactly. It won’t even let me buy it for the later possibility of an update which would make it compatible. Total horse pucks. Seriously Gameloft? Get. Your. S#!T. Together.

  • mika

    And Sniper Vs Sniper: online = 0.49$ on Google Play Store

  • cristian cristiandonose

    I bought it when first came out, but cant play it on my phone because my phone is to slow. Works to some point in the game and then crashes.I need a new phone to replace my Galaxy S. Maybe i will buy Galasy SIII when will be available.

  • William Anderson

    if my phone is too slow to play these games, but i buy them now, and upgrade my phone later, will i be able to play them on my new device as well?

    • heldros

      Yes, you will have to use the same e-mail on Google play.

      • squiddy20

        The problem is, as far as I know, the only way you can buy apps that don’t run on your current phone is to sign in to your account on a higher speced phone, buy it, and then sign out of the borrowed phone if need be. You can’t just buy buy apps for future use/future phones. Unfortunately, it’s not like the Amazon appstore where they barely (if at all) check compatibility between app and phone/tablet.

  • Vance

    Wish this was compatible on the Prime. Tried to get it yesterday but was not supported :(
    I did pick up Dead Space, Shadow Gun, NFL Flick Quarterback, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Paper Camera,Quell Reflect, and Sprinkle, all on sale through Google Play.

  • sunrise

    Will it work with original Galaxy S?

  • Rome

    How is the GS2 not compatible? How High End does this device need to be?


    • azulpiscina

      and how high end tablets!?

      I have a defy too and is running slow some times, nexus is OK.

  • Duncan Mackenzie

    Runs like a dream on my Galaxy S2 and best of all It’s free through Samsung’s App store.

  • spazby

    just downloaded it, thanks for the heads up

  • David

    It works on my Droid X, so any reasonably new phone should be able to handle it if you’re wondering. It was a massive download.

  • Leinad

    Not compatible with Galaxy Note…boooo

    • B2L

      Which Galaxy Note do you have? It runs amazingly on my International Galaxy Note N-7000.

  • Fahad

    what the hell is this even compatible with?! It says it isn’t compatible with the SGSII or Transformer prime which are both more than capable of running this game…

  • Nathan D.

    As soon as I saw the add in the market place I had to get it for that price.

  • pragmatous

    I finally get it now. Fragmentation is a real problem.

    Why does this app not install on any of my devices? I have the HTC rezound and the transformer prime. Won’t install on either device.

    You don’t think fragmentation is real? You think fragmentation is just “more options”? No! Fragmentation is the fact you can install the above app on the galaxy nexus but not the transformer prime even though it’s the same OS!

    I know its only 49 cents but it’s the principle of the problem. On top of another problem where Google doesn’t delete any of your previous devices nor let you delete any. I had a galaxy nexus once before but I returned it and got the rezound. So I was able to buy the app thinking it would work on my rezound. But after some searching I found out it was referring to my nexus I no longer have. I tried to get a refund but google claims it’s a free app and that I can’t get a refund. Even tho I paid 49 cents for it.

    Google fix your shit you suck. /Vent

    • Dirge

      U so funnai.

      In all seriousness, bitch at the devs, not Google.

      • pragmatous

        Um no google has decided to not allow you to delete the devices you no longer have. On top of that google does nothing about your devices that are inactive. You would think after X amount of days that google would remove devices no longer used.

        I would say that has nothing to do with the devs. My problem is with google not the devs.

        • Dirge

          I’m sorry, but what does not deleting previous devices from your list have to do with certain games not being compatible with your CURRENT phone?

    • Ishken

      It isn’t just the OS, it is also the technical specs and the CPU/GPU architecture. This is a developer problem and not something Google has control over. It is like blaming Apple because you bought a Macbook Pro and it can’t play Mass Effect 3 even though the game is saying what its requirements are and a MBP doesn’t fit those requirements. Different builds cause a need for different coding versions. The more they work on it the more devices it will be on.

      If you are having problems seeing if your device is supported for the app, there is a little box that tells you if your device is compatible with the app. It even has a little add/sub button so you can see which devices you have that the app will work on. Google did that so people would stop buying things that they couldn’t use.

      • pragmatous

        ya and it said it was compatible with my device. A device I no longer have but I didn’t know that. Why is it so hard to let me delete devices I no longer have? Or, even delete inactive devices? Explain that one.

        By the way I did hide them all before but they re-appeared.

        So yes it is google’s fault. I’m sorry you can’t accept that because you’re a fan boy. Google needs to fix this.

        • Dirge

          So wait, where did you see the app was compatible with your not-owned-anymore phone? As far as I know, only the web market tells you what devices the apps are compatible for. It also tells you specifically which of your phones it will work with. This little excuse of you not knowing it was compatible with a phone you don’t have anymore sounds like bs.

  • Hall Lo

    Installing it on my G2. Not expecting to run amazing on my fone, but at this price, and since I am getting a new phone soon, I found no reason not to buy it ;)

    • pragmatous

      probably wont be compatible with your new phone :P /kidding

    • jay

      I have g2 how did it run?

  • Jorge Eslava

    Will this game work if you side load it to a TF101?

  • androidindia

    doesnt work on my old crappy phone, i need an upgrade:D

    • Jorge Eslava

      It won’t even work on a lot of new high end phones and tablets.

  • Duncan Mackenzie

    Do people read these comments or what?

    If you own a Samsung Galaxy S2 do not buy the game from the Play Store, go to Samsung’s own app store and It Is FREE.

    There are a few free games offered to Galaxy S2 owners on their app store, these include but are not limited to: Dead Space, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Sprinkle, Samurai 2 Vengeance, Asphalt 6 HD and Riptide GP.


    • RM

      Tried that, I don’t have access and can’t install the Samsung App Store, this also shows as not compatible with my SGSII.

  • Steven Seagal

    I’m generally not a fan of Gameloft games, but I have to admit this is amazing. The controls are perfect, other than the grenade button which I keep pressing by mistake.

  • mattcoz

    I bought it but can’t play it, gets stuck “checking license” repeatedly. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nice looking game..

  • Brian Campbell

    It does not work on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

    • pragmatous

      yep and if you try to get a refund google tells you it’s a free app even though you paid 49 cents for it. Free doesn’t equal 49 cents. Free equals 0 cents.

  • Reality

    Anyone know if the samsung has some sort of deal with developers that allows it to distribute these high quality games for free ? Anyway, I think this kind of practice completely detrimental to the industry, since it spreads the notion that premium content should be offered for nothing more than free. As obvius a it sounds if you want premium content than expect premium prices. One of the reasons why you shouldnt expect Borderlands 2 for Android or Ios.

  • KRS_Won

    It’s the devs fault for not having compatibility updated.. NOVA 2 is compatible with my phone from gameloft website, but not from the Play store. I emailed gameloft, they said they would update the app. Unfortunately, not in time for me to get it. Just think of all the money they are missing. I know it’s only 49 cents, but I doubt I would pay $8 for an app any time soon (loss of job.)

    But, hey, you’ll never get a sale like this with itunes. So barring a few compatibility issues, I’ve been happy with most of it.

  • Vyrlokar

    Gameloft as usual: I can’t buy this because it’s not compatible with my Asus Transformer (Original, not prime). It already happened during with 10b app downloads promotion, with another gameloft title. Well, that means no sale, and that’s it.

  • Colin

    it’s dumb that you can’t buy an app that isn’t compatible with your current phone…

    I bought quite a few apps off iTunes on sale before I got an iPad because I knew I would eventually have one

  • RobBull75

    I actually like the gameplay of Frontline Commando more than Modern Combat, but MC3 is a better overall game because you don’t have to buy items to get past tricky levels.

  • RobBull75

    I misspoke in my last post, I feel that Frontline Commando is easier to control than MC3. Wish I caught it before I hit post:/

  • LilSmurf2009

    bought it, but havent played it yet. Too much memory.

  • TruFactz

    I have it for my HTC Sensation 4G. Graphics are pretty PS2 quality i just think the sometimes The Loft tends to over graph their games at times. the concepts when they do that are nice but tends to slow some games down. As for you Tegra users, when did The Loft started supporting 3D games on T2 or T3…..don’t worry, ill wait………….

  • brooklynboy23

    evry time i install the game and then do the whole long download thing, it will play right after i d/l it, but then when i turn it off and try to play it later it goes back to saying i have to download the files all over again when the files are still in my phone (samsung galaxy s), can some tell me why is that?