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Dungeon Hunter 3 now free in Google Play Store


Dungeon Hunter 3 has been a long time coming, but Gameloft finally delivered the Android version to the Google Play store today. Like recent Gameloft releases, DH3 is a freemium title, which has its ups and downs. You can grab the game for free right now, but be prepared to receive a couple spam alerts in your notification bar to buy more Gameloft coins.

“Hero, you are needed in battle! This is your time to conquer! Evil has once again flooded over the sacred land of Gothicus. Face your destiny and enter the endless waltz of battle, victory and glory. 16 massive arenas are waiting for you now. Hero, this is your time to conquer!”

If you can put up with all the freemium annoyances, DH3 looks like an awesome followup to DH2. The latest adventure has 16 different arenas, each of which can be played at 5 different levels of difficulty, to provide an extended replay value. Players can choose from 4 new classes — Warlord, Astromancer, Trickster or Shaman – and unlock over 1,000 items.

I still enjoy all the Gameloft games, so I’m downloading this now. Let me know if you give it a try and please chime in about Gameloft’s freemium strategy.


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  • MrMrMan

    Ugh I hate freemium games.

    • jonathan3579

      Absolutely agree. I’d rather pay $5 or whatever than deal with that crap. I understand they want to make more money but they lessen the odds of me ever buying anything this way.

      • Jefs

        Want to know why this is a freemium game??? because a lot of morons download the games illegal … so this is the answer from the developers …

        • Scott

          This argument implies freemium crap is the only effective means of drm which is a self-defeating argument. I’ll never install a freemium title from these clowns or glu.

        • Ermmm

          You know there are hack apps like gameguardian and gamecih. Enough people hacking values (really easy in this game) and they’ll be making less money than ever.

  • thekaz

    I agree. This game looks sweet, but I hate popups and in-game purchases.. especially with kids using my phone..

    • YellowDucati

      I understand the kid thing. I have a kindle with ICS loaded with games and off wifi just so my kids can use it. I got tired of my kids buying in games and clicking “MORE GAMES” in the free games.

      I look forward to when Google supports profiles and we can quickly lock down our devices for kid use.

  • LukeT32

    If it didn’t have the annoying notifications I might download and actually buy credits in game.

    • jj14

      Any app maker that thinks it is ok to abuse the notification bar on MY phone gets absolutely no respect from me. I’ve purchased several games from gameloft before this, but no more going forward (the game’s description on Play store doesn’t indicate these spam “alerts”

  • Yale Landsberg

    Hi Taylor,

    Per your comments about freemiums, I’d appreciate your thoughts and suggestions…

    We currently have an Adobe AIR version of TrueTyme on Android Market, now Play. That version uses a freemium model. But we will soon have a much more robust native Android Java version of TT that will be a widget and a live wall paper as well as an app. TT’s new beta version can be found at http// .

    We are thinking of moving from the current feeemium model to a free trial and upgrade model that still enables trial users to keep using TT’s real-time and fast-time circadian meditation “sun time” display modes for free forever. But also enables them to upgrade to its other functions for small contributions to our Benefit Corporations’s mission. Which way do you think we should go and why, and especially factoring in our goal of making TT also available on GetJar, as,wellas on our own site, and others!

    Warmest regards, Yale

  • Paydrow

    Doesn’t work with transformer prime :(

  • dummy

    Dh 3 is out in Google play for free wow but for people using Samsung galaxy tab 7.7 like me u won’t be able to play it cos devices is not compatible tat why using android tablets is making me boring esp game most Gd games android tablets some are not compatible:-( once ipad3 out I switching to ios android u CAN never win ios in apps n in tablets war….

    • LittleGreenDude

      Your intelligence goes right along with your name. Android has as good a chance as any to topple ios.

    • Matt

      ipad3 ? did u mean the newest ipad with intergrated stove? and 6 hour of charging? well goodluck with that :P

    • Burnd


      It’s funny because he’s serious about it. :’D

  • Joel

    Thanks for the news, im downloading right now – I beat DH1 twice but I never got a chance to play DH2, any idea where/if I can get that for free too?

    • B2L

      DH2 is awesome, but you can’t get it for free. (unless you got lucky and were able to get it for free during Christmas) It’s not all that expensive on the Gameloft site though, definitely worth paying for.

      • Joel

        Well you’ve convinced me, couldnt call myself a true DH fan if I played 3 without even starting 2 lol.

  • B2L

    I spent countless hours playing Dungeon Hunter 2, so I downloaded this right away. I’m extremely disappointed that it’s a freemium game though, I would’ve gladly payed $7 for this.

  • Scott

    I don’t really mind this method as it is becoming very commonplace among online games. City of Heroes for the PC is now free to play but has “Hero Packs” you can buy to enhance your game experience. I was hooked on Gameloft’s Order and Chaos until I upgraded to my Sony Tablet S which is not compatible. I still pull out my old tablet just to play that. I’ve made exactly one purchase on OaC and I will probably end up purchasing something in DH3 but not until after I have played it a while and found out if it’s worth putting money towards. If it’s anything like DH1, it will be.

    It’s currently still downloading so I have not seen if the popups and purchases are “in game” which I would argue against but if it is in the store area llike OaC’s premium content is, then I am fine with it.

  • ranman

    Yet another Gameloft game that doesn’t support Asus Transformers…… Bad Gameloft, bad.

  • Burnd

    Looks really nice on the HTC One X. :]

    • Fredrik

      The game isnt supported on HTC ONE X…

  • ixesr

    Horrible game, no story.. Impossible to buy equipment for your level unless you want to spend real money.. You have to spend at least 20 dollars in real money to play this normally and with no story, and this game is a joke!

  • eyesparky

    Usual Gameloft nonsense. Compatible with my old school HTC Desire but like most of their games a total no go on my Transformer Prime.

  • domi kenobi

    No more freemium crap here.. got sick of all the notifications from their Real Soccer game.
    Uninstalled it even though I really like the game.

  • AceoStar

    I’m loving this game. I dont care much for Freemium either, but the gameplay is fun enough to entertain me for a week or so.

    • Scott

      No game is good enough to push ads to my notification bar… Sorry.

  • spazby

    game looks good, will play for a while and then uninstall as these push ads get annoying very quickly

  • Kaote

    Freemium and no love for the OG transformer, Gameloft can suck it.

  • ralph

    Not played any of their games before. Downloaded It from Google play (17.33Mb) onto my HTC desire original running Android 2.2.2 but when go into app tells me I need a 977Mb download to update. Is only downloading 1-5Mb at a time before crashing. It’s cumulative thankfully but very frustrating! Anyone know what the deal with the update is?

  • Achimed

    Character and Progress always resets and you can’t get it back.
    Do you know that song of Natalie Cole?
    ” I know it’s starting over again…”
    That’s the OST of this game.