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Gameloft’s Six-Guns now free to play in Google Play Store


Today Gameloft released their popular iOS hit Six-Guns to the Google Play Store. I haven’t played the game and you probably won’t read what I write anyways, so just check out the video below. It looks like a pretty good number of devices are supported, but unfortunately the Transformer Prime is not.

As some of you know I love Gameloft, so I’ll be off for the rest of the afternoon playing this on my Galaxy Nexus. Check out the game and then come back to let us know what you think.


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  • ranwanimator

    But not for the Transformer Prime. UP YOURS GAMELOFT!

    • jaxidian

      Wow, feeling entitled today, are we? They give out something for free and this is how you treat them for it?

      In other news, it looks like a fun game. I’m gonna give it a try!

      • ranwanimator

        Modern combat 3, N.O.V.A. 2, Order & Chaos and now Six Guns all incompatible with the Prime. Sorry if I think a developer selling supposedly top-class games should support the current top-class device. Especially since we TFP owners missed out on the recent sales because of it.

      • inviolable

        I can’t play the game either. Should I celebrate?

        • Moosa Mahsoom

          how come???isn’t tegra 3 the most powerful at the moment. true, the t30 processor on the prime is not good(faulty silicon) as the ones on phones like the optimus and one x which has ap33 processor.

    • xray49er

      This free or not facelifts support for the prime is horrendous. Bad enough we getting the scraps from ios

    • Adam

      agreed – why do so many games not play on my baby

  • xray49er

    Damn auto correct facelifts is gameloft

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      No no… sure you had it right the first time.

  • Zagrash

    looks pretty slick, but I’m curious about what you miss out on, or how patient do you have to be for stuff to accumulate before you spend money?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Only played a couple mins. Looks pretty simple so far, but I bet the time will come soon when they want me to pay up for in-app coins.

      • Zagrash

        reading through some of the reviews on the market, that sounds about right. Seems like coins become harder to come by later in the game. How big is the additional install? My SD card is about ready to overflow.

        • tmihai20

          I’ve always been a sucker for Western games (the first 2 games I bought on Steam were GUN and Bioshock). I played and finished GUN, I would love to play Read Dead Redemption on PC though. If they ask for money in-game, I will uninstall it.

  • levelm

    You’re going to have to give up that “Market” link sooner or later. Just let go — it hurts less when you do =)

  • Richard Yarrell

    Another great game for my GALAXY NEXUS between this game and THE DEAD as well as DEAD SPACE and 9mm HD my GALAXY NEXUS has been blazing hot with game action. I also love that MODERN COMBAT 3 and the HOT PURSUIT by EA it’s a fun time on android.

    • Steam

      1) Stop with the caps-lock. I’m sure that is tied-in with your multitude of mental issues, but it’s stupid as hell.
      2) We all know you have a GNex
      3) No one gives a shit.
      4) You claim to have 22.13GB of space left on your SD card (which has a bit over 28GB available to the user out of the box), yet, about three weeks ago, you say you have “100 applications, 2000 pictures, 41mp4 movies and still have 22.13gb of space left”…you were trying to tell people that you’ve only used ~6GB with all of that. No way in hell. I’m sure all of your pictures are 5MP, and your videos are all 1080p/30fps because you’re an idiot and “more MPs=Boss!”
      I called BS then, I call even bigger BS now. I have MC3, that game alone is almost 1GB. I have Hot Pursuit as well, I forget how big that one uis, but that’s a pretty big one as well.
      5) Since you’re completely full of shit, make things up as you go along, and actually believe what you say, how much space do you have left now? 37GB, since it’s the special Richard Yarrell-edition GNex, it actually gains more memory with more downloaded apps?
      6) You may have downloaded those games, there is no way that you’ve played any of them, you simply don’t have the brainpower. Angry Birds is 137 levels beyond complicated for you, as a matter of fact. Stick with the ABCs apps for the toddlers, that’s about your speed, besides, maybe one day, even you will learn basic words and their proper usage. For that matter, I’m sure that someone is reading this too you, or at least explaining most of the words.
      Try to actually learn something instead of seeking abuse and approval all of the time, you’re almost 50, and you act like you’re almost 5.

  • RRR

    For unlucky they have made a Sux-Guns

  • spazby

    it looks great, downloading now…

  • cb2000a

    Does it have zombies?

  • Hall Lo

    lol since its free i will just get it for my G2 ;)

  • Maurizio Bonelli

    Just downloaded.. I´m going to try it soon =)

  • chrisghenea

    Why did he shoot the horse?! Why??

  • aranea

    Tried it for a short time. It looks pretty good. Though game play is not very easy on the smaller screen of Atrix.

  • Rauelius

    I believe that Gameloft has an exclusivity deal with Acer for Gameloft games, basically Acer paid them $$ so they don’t release those games on the Prime, their primary Tablet competition.

  • 20JD

    U should make six-guns an online mode to do missions together like in bluetooth 2 player and online 4 player

  • xooooooom

    games not bad works best on tablets but anyone know if u can use a bluetooth keyboard as controller

  • max

    Guys i am using xperia go, i cant play some awsome games like six guns and i am afraid to root my phone can anyone have garenty of rooting with computer pls text soon

  • belal


  • mohd.hanafi

    this games so cool

  • imadeddine

    i love kille and all guns in this game