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Mega-hit Temple Run now available for free on Android


Temple Run is one of the most popular games on iOS with over 40 million downloads and tons of Android fans have been asking when it will be ported over. Last week the developer Imangi Studios finally announced it would arrive on March 27th and it’s now available in the Google Play Store.

“We are excited to finally share the Android release date with our fans who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of Temple Run,” said Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi Studios. “By expanding to more mobile devices, we hope to provide the same addictive and fast-paced gameplay to an entirely new group of players.”

Thankfully, the game works on about every Android device available, except Google TV. I’ve been playing it for the first time this morning and I can see why it’s so addictive. The controls are super simple and the action gets increasingly fast paced as you try to top your best score each run.

Install Temple Run from the link below and let us know what you think. Was it worth the wait?


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  • YMS123

    I downloaded it, so far so good!

    • jonathan3579

      Yeah, same here. I haven’t experienced any of the bugs yet but they should get the incompatible phone issue worked out. There’s a shit ton of people they’re not offering this to.

  • OptimusDiabetus

    Says it’s not compatible with my Droid RAZR. Awesome…

    • DroidRazr user

      is there any other way to get the app

  • cj100570

    I’ve played it on iOS and downloaded it onto my Galaxy Nexus. I don’t see what the fascination with this game is!

  • fletchtb

    I will be checking this out!

  • josegb2011

    The games is good but it force closes on me almost every time I try to do another run…hopefully they will resolve this quickly cause I’m trying to break the record..hehe..

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Seeing the same problem on Galaxy Nexus. Game quits after every run.

      • Kal3idos0pe

        I’m getting a similar problem on a Droid X. FC randomly after runs or when I select menu options. Still fun, just annoying that I have to keep reopening to play.

      • Slith

        Some rendering issues and force closes on my GN as well.

  • benny


  • Nathan D.

    Sweet! Going to play it soon

  • tarman

    Was upset that my RAZR Maxx was incompatible with the game, so I downloaded from here: and installed. Seems to work just fine

    • Callum1607

      How do u use this it just comes up with install i try and then it says it cant

  • fritz

    Don’t even see it listed on Galaxy Nexus Play store.

    • josegb2011

      Search for temple run on the play store and scroll down until you see it..that’s what I did on my galaxy nexus.

    • Slith

      Use the link from the article to download it to your Nexus.

  • Trinhbo

    For those who have trouble looking for it, try looking for it through the web interface instead of through the Market app.

    As for the game itself, it’s fun for a while but it gets old quickly unless you’re a teenager or something.

  • spazby

    great game

  • Jendon

    “the game works on about every Android device available”, except for MyTouch 3G…… yay….

  • Cajj

    Downloaded through the web market since I didnt see it via phone app. So far so good. Started bad with force closes after each death but those are slowing down now. Not sure if its just a problem with the gnex or if its widespread.

  • thaghost

    This game is old and played out.

  • DroidBionic User

    Doesn’t work on a Droid Bionic either :/

  • epps720

    It’s about time, now I don’t have to use my wife’s miniscule iphone screen

    • thaghost

      How did you see on that lil thing, lol.

  • kzlife

    Finally! :D
    Tried it and it works great on the sgs2!

  • Ajay

    No luck on Droid Bionic.

  • uknowme

    Downloaded and played, it’s an ok time waster.

  • kwills88

    As happy I am to see this finally on android, I can’t help but to have a bitter taste in my mouth knowing that after how popular android has become, we’re still an after thought to iOS when it comes to getting apps.

  • jd

    It’s a time sucker…I had this on my iPad and spent hours on it. But the addiction goes away after a few days.

  • Aris

    This app is not searchable using the “Temple Run” phrase in Play Store both in web and app. Search this instead: com.imangi.templerun and then you will see the Official Temple Run.

    • Sam


      Thanks a lot bro.. i had been searching in market without any results, thanks for the exact search term, that really helps. i got it downloaded on my mytouch 4g,

      • Aris

        No prob….pleasure is mine…:)

      • Aris

        No prob….pleasure is mine…:)

        • jozel

          Aris can you help me i wnt temple run in my galaxy y ..its say not compatible

  • Slith

    Finally I can share in the time wasting all my Apple fan boy coworkers accomplish!

  • inviolable

    Is this another one of those damn running games?

  • Jozef I Del Mundo

    I just played it on my HTC MyTouch 4G…. it runs so smoothly and it is worth the wait. I bet Instagram for Android will also be worth the wait =D

    • Sam


      are you sure, you were able to get that on my touch 4g? I tried looking for it yesterday and couldnt find the game in play store. I did a search for ‘Temple Run’. Do i need to search for something different.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Burnd

    Used to play this on my girlfriend’s iPad. She’ll probably be glad to hear she can play it on here phone as well!

  • Lord Dani

    Same force close issue experience on my GSM nexus s… however, on my prime no such force close issue experienced after hours of game play… damn, it is freaking addictive…

  • lowell

    how do you install temple run in samsung galaxy 5?

  • ranwanimator

    Works flawlessly on my Transformer Prime. Can’t say as I enjoy the game all that much though.

  • princess

    why my phone cant find temple run games on android market I got w8 sony ericson anybody help me! I badly want this games..please anyone?

  • princess

    darn aris I really cant download this addicting game help me please…

    • Aris

      What does it says when you open the link I gave you?
      Try to open the link using the browser, not by the app.

      The Play Store will notify you if your device is compatible to run the app. I had one experience with Galaxy Y–it is not compatible to run Temple Run. The Play Store didn’t mentioned why it is not compatible, so I stopped there. For sure it will tell you if your phone is compatible.

  • princess

    it says no device detected..ok I will stop downloading this into my phone, I will play into my ipad instead..thank you :-D

    • Aris

      Is your android OS already Gingerbread? or still Eclair? I think that’s one reason why your device is not detected by Play Store. And for sure, your device can’t run Temple Run.

  • mattcoz

    Weird, couldn’t find it when I searched for it on my phone, but was able to install it from the website.

    • mattcoz

      And I’m bored with it already. :-|

  • Aris

    Here is what I can say about this Temple Run app in my Android device:

    Hope you enjoy it!

  • Graham

    Downloaded this morning. Plays fine on my Galaxy SII with ICS.

    Don’t see what all this fuss is about though. Can see this game getting boring quite quickly.

  • Adair

    Favouritism towards HTC much? doesnt work on my Galaxy Ace

  • Schmidty850

    Nice, been looking to try this as my friends have been annoying me saying “you have temple run yet?”

  • Star292

    Its not compatiable with my LGE LG-LW690 cell phone :((((((((

  • Quaidy

    I’ve been playing this game on my Xperia arc. It’s great and addictive. The annoying thing is, every time I exit the game and come back to play it later, my high score has reset. Is this a problem which is gonna be fixed?

  • tee

    Why is temple run not compatible on all android phones sbd when will it become compatible.

  • rvolt001

    The game is too fast on my mytouch 4G. So i can’t ever reach a high score. Has anyone have any idea y this is so fast on mytouch 4G?

  • Ciaira

    Not compatible on my T-Mobile G1 (it’s an Android too). Any idea why?

    • marissa

      is it a 4g phone? if it isnt then thats why

  • Aris

    I’m not sure why Galaxy Y is not compatible with temple run. I assume it’s the hardware…maybe the graphics hardware I think.

  • saiteja

    can i get temple run game in galaxy y,

  • Anshul

    I have a android 4.0.3 1.2ghz NON-ARM tablet, i can not run temple run on it.
    Plz help.

  • James

    Am I the only person that it doesn’t work for? Image n orange Monte Carlo nd it seems to be compatable with everything other than temple run and temple run brave. Bit annoyed tbh. Any chance of a Fix in the net future?

  • marissa

    I cant get it on my phone its not comparable!!!!!!:(

  • kishorekarri

    please Tell me the web adress to download temple run in my samsung galaxy y,b’cas it is incompatible in google playstore.

  • mayur khan

    Hi.I m a new user so I cant say nothiing. thanks….

  • jarvis

    Doesnt work on samsung galaxy ace either…….awesome

  • rajeevangelo

    It doesnt work on my sylvania 10 inch tablet . Plz plz share the download link 4 low end device my email is [email protected]

  • rajeevangelo

    It doesnt work on my sylvania 10 inch tablet . Plz plz share the download link 4 low end device my email is [email protected]
    my tab has 512 ram

  • rajeevangelo

    It doesnt work on my sylvania 10 inch tablet . Plz plz share the download link 4 low end device my email is [email protected]
    my tab has 512 ram

  • shari

    I was puchased galaxy ace s5830. But i am unale to get temple run game in my mobile it will support to my handset or not can any one reply to my respbonse. I tried with arvm 6, is another way to get temple run.