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Android Hot Topics: Google Play Store, HTC One X release date, Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6


We post several hundred Android related blog posts every month, but the reality is that only a few stories generate the majority of the buzz. It is easy to pick out the trends each week to see what things people are searching for and which stories are getting the most engagement, so I figured we would start recapping the hottest topics every Wednesday. This week we explore the latest on Google’s new content store, HTC’s flagship device, and Samsung’s rumored next-gen tablet.

Google Play Store

It was only announced one week ago, so it’s no surprise that the Google Play Store is one of the most searched terms on our site. The average Android user does not read the blogs on a daily basis, so a large amount of people were confused when Android Market started to disappear from devices and the Google Play Store took over.

Verizon must have received a lot of customer service calls about the issue, since they were forced to send out a text alert to their subscribers this week. The short message read, “Android Market is now Google Play” and provided users with a link to learn more.

In other Google Play Store news, it was revealed that Eric Chu was stepping away from overseeing Android’s app store to explore other options inside Google. Kim-mai Cutler of TechCrunch reports that the app store had been a “secondary priority” because Andy Rubin had been measuring the success of Android through total device activations and mobile search revenue.

Now Jamie Rosenberg will get increased oversight for apps and games inside the Google Play Store. He previously was the face of the Google Music launch and also worked with Andy Rubin at Danger Inc. as Vice President, Premium Services.

A surprising majority of developers I talk with are still unsatisfied with the speed of innovation with Google’s store, so hopefully all these changes will help improve that.

HTC One X release date

As the most popular phone of Mobile World Congress, everyone wants to know when the HTC One X will be released on their carrier. HTC already said the phone was coming to a record number of carriers around the globe sometime in Q2, but specific release dates have not been announced.

The One X appears to be coming to a number of European countries next month, according to expected ship dates of online pre-orders. Amazon UK and Handtec say the phone will ship April 5th, while MarcoPolo Shop says it could ship by April 2nd in Italy.

In the United States, only AT&T has announced they will carry the One X. HTC is said to be holding some kind of media event next month in New York, so we could learn the release date of the AT&T version soon.

The HTC One X is also rumored to be coming to Sprint and T-Mobile, but we likely won’t hear anything new until the CTIA Wireless show in May.

If you want the latest info on the HTC One X release date, HTC suggested signing up for HTC news on their official blog.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6

A mockup of the Galaxy Tab 11.6 from Tabtech.

At this point the Galaxy Tab 11.6 is nothing more than a rumor that goes back to last year. Jonathan Geller of BGR first reported on the device in December, then I saw a working prototype that matched a similar description with my own eyes at CES in January.

Based on what I saw behind closed doors at CES, I predicted the tablet would launch at Mobile World Congress, but I was wrong. Samsung has now publicly said their new strategy is to unveil devices “closer to commercial availability of the product,” so we could be waiting several more months.

Rumored specs of the Galaxy Tab 11.6 include:

  • 11.6 inch display with 2560 x 1600 WXQGA resolution
  • 2 GHz Exynos 5250 (2x ARM Cortex-A15 CPUs, quad-core ARM Mali-T604 GPU)
  • Android 4.x

Most recently Samsung said they had an “exciting special announcement” at SXSW which started up the Galaxy Tab 11.6 rumors again, but it turned out that Samsung just demoed Angry Birds Space on the Galaxy Note.

At this point, we have no idea when Samsung’s next-generation tablet will hit stores. The 2 GHz Exynos 5250 chip that is expected to power the Galaxy Tab 11.6 goes into mass production during Q2, so we might not see the rumored tablet until the second half of the year.

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  • pekosROB

    Samsung really needs to quit it with all the different sizes, but not with pushing tech.

    7.7, 8.9, 10.1, and there’s a plus model in there somewhere, and now 11.6? I’m down with the Exynos and Mali GPU though! And that ridiculous resolution.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Samsung will not rest until they have a device with every screen size from 2-55 inches.

    • spazby

      i would totally take 55 inch tablet at 4k resolution

      • WlfHart

        Especially if it was a flexible screen that could be rolled up :D

    • tmihai20

      Samsung only tries to step up the game. I was a little skeptical when they announced the Galaxy Note, I am less skeptical now. Like I said before on the site, there will be buyers for this tablet. They kinda flunked with the Galaxy Tab 2, but they had this 11,6 ace up their sleeves.

  • itguy426

    I like the idea of a bigger tablet. I myself would love one. I love what Samsung does with the processors and screens. They keep getting better with servicing the customer. I think that is why you are seeing them become such a big player in the market anywhere. I like that they do not want to show off the product until close to the time of release. I know that is something that all of us have been asking for and the one thing we give credit to Apple for. The one thing I do not like about the Samsung tablets is that they took Apple’s approach and made one connection for everything. So you have to buy a cable to connect different things. Not to mention you can not have more than one thing at a time plugged in.

  • Ron

    I have to admit that I am on board with a bigger tablet size. 10” tablets are the wrong size imho, too small to do real work with, too big to be really portable.

  • evilR3

    When is Verizon going to get a decent 2012 line up? Did they blow their load on iPhone 4s and Nexus?

  • AsakuraZero

    11.6″ in teh same bezel of a 10″ or a small increase of it would do the trick, making the whole device bigger may not.

    im more focused on the future of google play store im a wannabe dev so my worries are laying there

  • Joel

    Still adjusting to seeing Play Store on my phone, gonna miss my white bag with my smiley green android friend – Now I have my white bag with my nice tri-colored pyramid/triangle thing…*sigh…

  • Nathan D.

    Can’t for the both of them to be released to the masses :-)

  • Hall Lo

    lol some of my friends do wonder where the android market went lol…
    and i m sooo looking forward to the tab 11.6 :) excited to see how excellent its specs is like :D

  • smarttechguy.

    I’m glad att got the HTC one x. Because last year. Att got about 5-15 phones. Verizon got like 100000000 phones from att.

  • Android user

    i know why Samsung hasn’t announced the 11.6 tab yet, they wanted to see what apple was going to include in the new iPad, so they could adjust their design to compete. just like what they did with the 10 inch tab…can’t wait….

  • Deadhead

    Have been waiting for the right tablet to come along and here’s hoping the 11.6 is it.

    I’m really hoping it has an IR feature like the Sony Tablet S and can be used to control your TV etc. Make sense to me that a company like Samsung who already make an app for their Smartphone to control your TV would incorporate such a cool feature in one of their tablets.

    I would never buy the Sony as their track record with customer support and updates is shocking.

  • TheFullStory

    You completely missed the story here! The Android Platform is completed fragmented across OS versions, manufacturers and devices. It is experiencing the same troubles as Mobile Java (J2ME) did. Go see who was in charge of the J2ME platform and BizDev when it collapsed and then you will have your Andorid Market Story.

  • Arbok

    I whant to buy one right now… Come on Samsung make it happend…Just say that it is TRUE, that there will be a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 11.6 like in the rumor with small bezel…