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Android Market is dead, Google Play takes over starting today


There were rumors that Google Play might be the name for Google’s upcoming 7-inch tablet, but it turns out it’s actually a “digital entertainment destination where you can find, enjoy and share your favorite music, movies, books and apps on the web and on your Android phone or tablet.”

Today in a company blog post Google announced the Android Market will now be called the Play Store, Google Music will become Play Music, Google Books will become Play Books, and the Video App will turn into Play Movies.

The new Google Play icons.

Google Play is already live on the web and it will be rolling out to devices with Android 2.2 or higher over the coming days. All content and apps in your existing account will remain in your account, but will transition to Google Play.

Right now, it looks like the countries that have access to Google Play will remain the same for different types of content. Google said they are working to expand support to new markets, but they don’t have a specific timeline to share.

Types of content by country include:

  • Paid Apps: Available in these countries
  • Movies: Available in US, UK, Canada, and Japan
  • eBooks: Available in US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • Music: Available in US

It appears this change in strategy is to emphasize that Google’s content can now be accessed on any computer with a modern browser and not just Android devices. Users can read books on the Google Play web reader, listen to music on their computer or watch movies online. All the content is stored in Google’s cloud, so you can access it anywhere with your Google account.

“This is really an acknowledgement that these experiences are relevant not just for a mobile environment but across the web,” said Jamie Rosenberg, Google’s director of digital content, in an interview with Marketing Land.

Let us know if you see the new Google Play appear on your device in the comments below.


Via: Google Blog

Source: Google Play

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  • Alan Reboli

    Whoa, what?!

    • Jeff Pan

      Same reaction here

      What? :O

    • jonathan3579

      I can’t wrap my head around this decision.

    • Bunie

      Im assuming this has something to do with Apple.

      • jonathan3579

        Every time I see that word, I throw up.

        • Lane


        • tmihai20

          It makes an ASUS of me and you :) The transition process was not as smooth as it should have been, if you have problems opening the old Market, go to Applications -> Manage applications -> All, tap on Market app and then tap on “Clear data” and “Clear cache”.

      • Anthony

        This is Google’s attempt to challenge iTunes but instead of an computer application it is cloud based.

        • zerosix

          I’ve read on one Apple fansite, that their iTunes is a service and Google’s Play is an online media-center. They really like this and it’s very pleasant.
          Really, it’s a great thing. Now they have not device plus market, but all your devices plus all your content.

        • Redex

          I absolutely hate the ‘cloud’ idea. Can I at least have an option to turn off my data being saved to the cloud & only save it to my device? Also, I think the old marketplace looked better than the new one…and I hope that searching in the new ‘google play’ store means that every app is there ( i.e. no apps got left out from the transition from android marketplace to google play. )
          Google play sounds cheesy…Android Marketplace was a far superior name…

    • Joel

      Jeez, you would think by now they would start asking our opinions on stuff like this….
      taking polls or something – Reeeallly gonna take some getting used to.

      • ags29

        Yup. This is fkin retarded honestly. They’re trying tooooo hard for a Play on words and I am already sick of seeing the word ‘Play’ after browsing the market for less than a minute. Really dumb move.

      • erik knudsen

        You would honestly think a multibillion dollar global corporation does business by polling people? Riiiiight.

      • Quit Btchin

        Ok you know what? I’m all for voicing my opinions and having big corporations listen. But you guys are just ridiculous now. REALLY? How is this going to take ANY getting used to? It It’s a fricken little name change, not an apocalypse. And come on, if you don’t like the name, that’s really great for you. Ever try ignoring it by any chance? Seriously! Stop complaining!

        • Neo

          Terrible name. I miss the little Droid green

        • Derrin Redfeather

          And you’re a fucking idiot! This is more than a name change!!
          This is a fucking global information take over! Google has become the corporate NSA!
          WAKE THE FUCK [email protected][email protected]!
          Oh, and by the way………DO YOU THINK GOOGLE GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT ANY OF US?????!!!!????
          WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!

    • Jon Garrett

      So far it doesn’t seem to be working correctly. I updated my Galaxy Note to the new ‘market’ but the video play app didn’t install. then on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Old ‘market’ icon and name is still there. Play Books, Play Music and Play Video are but not Play shop.

      On my wife’s Acer A100, she got the same thing I got with the 10.1 so I’m wondering if Gingerbread will get 3.4.6 but Honeycomb stays at 3.4.4

      anybody else have this same issue?

  • Owain

    Why now? I can understand maybe once all this magic is commonplace, but why now?

  • oddball

    Wow I wonder if an itunes like integrtation is coming

    • Clark Wimberly

      What exactly does that even mean at this point? You still want to plug your phone in and sync music? Or that you want a standalone desktop app?

      • Matt

        You know what? I would love a simple way to back up EVERYTHING on my Android device. Blackberry and iOS users can just plug in their phone and everything is backed up. On my Android device, only my apps and Gmail info is saved. What about my Apps’ data? I shouldn’t have to root my device to save all of that stuff.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          App data is backed up to your Google account if the developer supports it. Most do not.

          • Jorge Branco

            And there’s the problem. Just like apps 2 sd when it was first released and was still needed. The feature was there but the developers didn’t take advantage of it. The way it stands now there’s almost no point in having a game installed on two separate android devices. Unless I’m missing something here?

      • oddball

        A desktop app might be nice but that’s not what I mean. The ability to have everything backed up to a google server (app data, music, account settings, etc.). Also changing from simply rent to being able to BUY movies would be nice. Google music is far better than itunes but the purchasing setup for the itunes STORE is much easier to use IMO.

    • Jorge Vieira

      the intergration is the web itself always accessable all the time a desktop client i dont think would do anything for android. i already think everything is already greatly integrated in the google ecosystem. i never have to plug in any of my new devices to get what i need. its already in the cloud. I welcome the new “play” theme. i hope it actually does what google will think it can.

      • erik knudsen

        You, sir, get it. Very few seem to see what advantages Android provides. I’m glad we don’t need to plug our devices in for anything. Sync with your account…and…done.

        • dcds

          I agree. although he is not saying it should be mandatory, but just an option, perhaps that option would dilute the effortless and transparent, input-less backup of the cloud. DevsD just need to start supporting it.

          • erik knudsen

            Can’t argue with making it an option…that’s the selling point of Android to begin with…if you don’t like something, there are options…

  • Zagrash

    If this means I can play Kairosoft games on my computer, I’m afraid I’ll never actually get anything done ever…

    But realistically, this could be pretty cool, if everything syncs up and plays as nicely as expected

  • Anthony E.

    Terrible name for what it is.

    • Anthony E

      I wish i could have my 20 points. lol

  • spazby

    Interesting, do not get it….

  • pekosROB

    Not a fan of the name.

    • jonathan3579

      Speaking of which… There goes the “Google Play” Nexus tablet name.

      • Clark Wimberly

        Speaking of which… that’s how he opened the article.

        (haha sorry, just had to)

  • jaxidian

    The name makes sense for video and music but is terrible for Apps. Why on earth would businesses put business applications into a system called “Play”? That doesn’t make sense. It could make sense for games but not all apps. “Android Market” should remain the name for applications.

    • Nick Gray

      I don’t think the Android Market is going anywhere. It’s more of a rebranding of the web store since a lot of the content has nothing to do with Android.

      • JGarrido

        Actually, it looks like the Android Market will be rebranded the Google Play Store. Kinda lame.

    • ion orov

      Yeah… you can imagine the suits going:

      “So Bob… where do we download office apps in the damn thingamajig? I don’t see a store, just something called Google Play for games”


    • KRS_Won

      Last week Google said Music wasn’t where they wanted it to be…
      I think their whole idea is to separate purchases from Android exclusively, letting people know you don’t have to own an Android phone/tablet to buy music/movies/books.

  • Matt Yearian

    They really need to be careful about renaming services like this, android market had some brand recognition. Hope this doesn’t cause customer confusion.

  • Toonshorty

    Everyone complains about fragmentation.

    Google fixes fragmentation.

    Everyone complains about fixing fragmentation.

    • ion orov

      Wait, just to be clear, how does this fix fragmentation again?

      Am I missing something or does this somehow allow ICS on older phones like the Galaxy S?

      • Toonshorty

        There is more to fragmentation than just mobile OS.

        Google Music was sort of under Android Market yet not.

        Google Play is an entity in which all markets can exist clearly defining their content.

        Google Music isn’t just Android, so why have it under the Android Market moniker?

        • ion orov

          Ah ok, fair enough. I thought you meant fragmentation as in the different OS versions.

        • Johnston212

          While I agree that there is more to the fragmentation issue that just the OS versions, I do not think the PLAY changed anything. Google Books, Movies, Apps, and Music were all perfectly umbrella’d under Android Market.

          And as for your last comment, why not have it under the Android Market moniker? Is there someplace better to put it then the Google Marketplace for the Android OS?

          • erik knudsen

            Movies and Music had nothing to do with Android. To put them in an ‘Android Market’ implied that one had to be using an Android device to view them, which is/was untrue. A Google Marketplace is where they belong, which is what they’re in now with the unfortunately named ‘Play Store.’

          • Johnston212

            I honestly don’t think many people would get that finite detail. I most certainly didn’t. To me, it was the primary marketplace for the Android Operating System.

            I just wish I could uninstall the damn thing.

          • voldomot

            Can be done on an at&t fusion android gophone

        • Paul

          Why not call it “Google Market”?

        • Redex

          I think if they want to sell things like that, they should just advertise it on the google homepage ( something like Buy Music/Movies on the black bar…)…not make this google play thing? Why not have google music under the Andoid Marketplace?


    Huh what? Talk about coming from left field

  • jamal adam

    Not the best name but I love the fact that everything is now under one awesome roof. I like it!!

  • Anthony E

    Btw, they’re having a $0.49 sale to celebrate the new store.

    • alxrock

      Also “Play of the Day” for $0.25 as well (“Where’s My Water” game, and “NOW That’s what I call music! 41″ album, and a couple movie rentals)
      It looks like they’ll be switching it up daily.

  • Mustin

    Not too excited about this… Seems too gimmicky for Google. Wii don’t like it.

  • ion orov

    “Play Books”?! Really? That makes no sense…

    Why not something like “Google Go”…

    Go play (games)
    Go read (books)
    Go work, etc…

    • Gary

      What happened to Free?

  • pitacrisps

    I… don’t… Wait, what?

  • Shay D. Life

    OK, carry on…

  • alxrock

    Wow. I just checked my phone and it shows an update for Google Play Music (instead of Google Music)

    • alxrock

      *New name, new logo, same great app.

  • xray49er

    Do not want . Stick with android market. Or if you want it to so its universal. Just change it to google market. With a name like google play. It sounds more like a toy instead of a marketplace to compete with itunes

    • Christopher Wueste

      I couldn’t agree more. This is dumb.

    • dcds

      If i could upvote this a hundred times i would. Play isn’t a universal name… meaningless when paid with books, for example.

      also, market is a more sober name for consumers and corporative environments alike.

      Finally, Market already had mindshare!

      Who the heck thought about play?

      • dcds

        - paired with books. Swype!

  • Brendan

    Ok, name change, whatever.

    What I took away from the video was “e-reader”. Now, they didn’t specifically say tablet, so does that mean an honest to goodness e-reader, or am I reading too much into it.

  • bigrob029

    Seems pointless, but whatever. I’m still with ya big G.

  • YMS123

    Play Books!? Time to fire someone…

    • Johnston212

      Yeah, I know. Now I have to scroll through my entire list just to get around to opening my books. Fun

  • CTown

    I think it makes a lot of sense to take “Android” out of Google’s app store and put it under the same brand as its other proprietary services! One service was called “Android” Market while the other service called “Google Music”. The Market was ALL Google to begin with, there is no point into putting it under a different brand. Technically Android Market was never a part of “Android” to begin with!

    I just wonder if this is connected to Google’s new privacy policy. Are these non-Google branded services under the new privacy policy?

    • shnuffle

      that, my friend, is a good point!
      makes loads more sense now that you remember the new privacy policy

  • Martin

    are they serious about those icons?
    and the whole color scheme is as un-googley as it can be.

    • professandobey

      Then Ice Cream Sandwich (and Honeycomb) are as un-Googley as can be.

    • Angie Wimberly

      It is pretty nit-picky, but I wasn’t the hugest fan of the new icons, either. The logo is so flat and simple while they are much more realistic. They could have really revamped them, instead of just applying the gradients on top of them. I suppose they could be trying to avoid alienating everyone TOO much, though.

  • WlfHart

    Interesting… I’m excited to be able to access my Android apps on my computer! I was quite angered when I found out that to play games on Chrome you’d have to buy the game again even if you have the Android game.

  • Soylent

    It’s an early april joke, I am certain…. *do not want that play crap*

  • sj

    Music & books had updates which changed names and icons; market not yet. am frustrated with ongoing google issues which mean all my apps never show up in mylibrary on web and more than 2/3 of the time,apps physically instAlled on my device dont show up in market when i click myapps. just more android frustrations that most likely will have me switch to an iphone5 in the fall

  • Chad

    The weird thing is as soon as I finished reading this post I looked over at my Nexus S and the new Play icons and stuff started auto downloading lol talk about timing..

  • James Duncan

    Sorta dont get the “logic jump” in the icons -

    play music, play movies etc – i get

    play store – the “brand” – ?

    but then again, im pretty thick.

  • Stigy

    So I guess this rules out the Nexus Tablet being named the Google Play?

  • Deeds

    Didn’t see this coming

  • Deeds

    Wow, I don’t think anybody saw this coming

  • Hall Lo

    I kinda like the icons, but the names… not so much :/

    • Joel Bird

      Agreed. The names make no sense. What is with this Play Books, Play Music, Play Movies? Couldn’t those apps just be left alone. I don’t understand why they have to inherit the Play name. Two words for a app is not easier than one.

  • Ves

    They really need to stop rebranding so much. They average consumer will get confused or frustrated and stop using the product.

  • nytobos

    i miss andy!

  • Alex Belko

    Unexpected, And that name..dunno I liked the “Android market” I think many people did, but I guess it’s for the better since google unifying everything

  • Nate B.

    I like it. Clean, easy, no hassle.

  • rantmo

    I’m lukewarm on the name change, though as has been said “Play Books” doesn’t particularly make any sense at all, but I still love the music app and service. That said, the new icon is an ugly bastard.

  • Trinhbo

    I don’t know if I like the name but I guess it makes sense. They should have just renamed it simply to “Google Market” because you don’t “play” apps. You can play games but not all apps are games.

    It would be cool though to access the rest of your content through your web browser such as mp3s bought through Google Music. My hope is that you can play the same Android games through your browser too.

  • aranea

    I love the integration but couldn’t they come up with a better name? Play!? Market was much better.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    This was out of the blue, I’m wondering if the Google Drive rumours had GPlay whispers as a source.

  • magnum80

    On my Google Nexus One I got Play Music and Play Books updates.

    Greetz from Germany

  • halo0

    I like the new Google Music icon. That’s about all I can say that’s positive.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    Again only for US. Google when are you going to take into consideration that on planet earth isnt only America?

    • erik knudsen

      I got the updates in Japan…just sayin…

    • Leggy

      And here in Australia…just sayin’.

  • kwills88

    I am all for the idea, but I am, and have gotten comfortable with the name market.. Gonna feel weird saying check “Google play?” or do I say play store? When telling a friend how to get a certain app.

  • Darknight42020

    Not once did I see an Xperia “play” comment… THAT’S weird…

  • jenskristian

    I’m going to miss the Android Market…

  • Jordan

    I think Google Play would still be an option for the 7-inch tablet. I think it would be fitting, especially since it would focus on killing the Kindle Fire and Amazon’s content dominance.

  • Finn Kempers

    Not bad my friends, now when I search for games I might not get books instead -_- THis looks like though a really good idea and I can’t wait to use it, though this may cause custom rom developers a bit of a problem over at XDA :L

  • Gold D Roger

    please some one tell me why the paid apps are not available world wide. I’m in Maldives and i am a huge android fan so is there any way i purchase these apps?

    wtf google…why you no make paid apps available world wide >: /

  • 5n4r35

    I had to search for them to get them but they’re installed. I have GS2 with CM9 on it.

  • Andrew

    They should have called it Google.

  • teecruz

    How do you “Play Books?” this .. is just a fucking disaster.
    Goes to show how much “Google”, Google is willing to shove down our throats.

    To totally disregard Android–as it stands, it’s most successful project–is a slap to the product itself and its consumers.

    What is this? I could just boycott of the disastrous move.
    this shouts market competition .. not the fun, open, and geeky environment that is or was Android.

    So what Google Music isn’t as successful? It works.

    It won’t be any better when you rename an app “Play Music.”
    Let alone, “Play Books.”

    Just shows how stupid you guys are for confiding in whoever brought up and worked on this “Play” idea.

    fucking dumb. fucking ridiculous.

    • Richard Yarrell

      What a dweeb you are..

      • squiddy20

        The fact that the best comeback you can come up with in response to all of this is merely to call him a “dweeb”, really only shows how much of a “dweeb” YOU are. Instead of calling him or other people petty, immature names like a snotty 6 year old brat, why don’t you be a man for once and argue against other people’s points with FACTS? Oh that’s right, because even when you came to the table with “facts” they were so stupidly wrong that you only made more of a fool of yourself; such as the time you told basically everyone that the processor found in the HTC Sensation was “inferior” to the same exact one in the Evo 3D.

        • erik knudsen

          Two wrongs make a right?

          I do agree, however, that the ‘dweeb’ comment didn’t bring anything of value to the conversation. Then again…this is teh internetz…formal conversations are quite rare.

        • B2L

          Those were the days, trying to convince him that the only difference between the two was GSM and CDMA compatibility. I can’t believe I was actually dumb enough to believe that he could comprehend that. Richard reminds me of a child in kindergarten saying “My dad can beat up your dad”.

          Also, why don’t you have an AAM account yet squiddy? You’ve been around forever, it’s about time you register. :P Then we can see you get that well deserved rank of 100.

          • Steam

            I don’t know why any of us bother. Actually, I gave up trying to show up the way things really are, and decided to just counter his insults and turn them back on himself. I was the one who initially found the Red Door article (made me sick to my stomach) and his stupid YouTube videos (which he took down or privatized), and threw the links up on Phandroid. I was less than happyu to find out that my money went to training that asshole to turn on a computer. None of my friends thought it was very funny either.
            I really wasn’t kidding when I said that he is just projecting his own insecurities onto others. He did it on Phandroid’s comment boards, and they banned him. He does it here, and some retard ghost-writes a story for him. Like Squiddy said before, it’s a hobby, I suppose.
            I have to ask; who sets the “ratings” and how do they actually work? I’ve seen Dick’s as high as 91, but I have never, ever seen a single post of his that was upvoted, do thousands of downvotes mean the same as thousands of upvotes?

          • squiddy20

            Steam, In reference to the rating system, I’m not sure how it works exactly, but I know for a fact that a few months ago his rating was up around 94. Since then, it’s steadily been going down. Just 2 or 3 days ago it was 88. I think the reason his is so high is because of the way the old rating system was set up (AAM changed it a few months back) in conjunction with how many “points” he’s currently got (whatever that does) and how long he’s been a member. Just my hypothesis.

      • Steam

        What a well thought out and intelligent argument. Are you going to call him a poopy-head next? If you spent 1/10th of the time it takes you to spam-fuck threads on android sites and used it to actually learn, you know, android, you might actually know something.
        What the hell am I saying?! You’re too stupid to understand anything beyond pushing a few buttons and making swipe gestures.
        PS No one has called anyone a “dweeb” since 1994, and even then, it was elementary school kids.. Now go “push up quick like” on your phone.

      • Andy

        I just started reading this forum two weeks ago and i have to agree with steam. I’m going to be 15 in 2weeks and I’ve never even heard my aunts or uncles call anyone a dweeb. If you were always going off the way squiddy20 and steam say you do you can’t be that old. I never seen an old guy talk like that. I <3 my GNex except for the battery life and i started with a tmobile g1, so I'm not a noob to android. Me and my buds have a little dev team going. nothing special, we're only learning how to build roms from the aosp source code and are pretty close to getting a stable rom. not being a dick, but why do you spend so much time mentioning ur phone? Gnex's are definitely cool, but saying froyo and gb a joke or child's play doesn't make sense. Did u have a bad experience with froyo or gb where it crashed on you? Sometimes people flash custom roms and they arent stable and they blame the os. froyo and gb arent massively different from ics code wise. it has hardware acceleration and a different ui but it isnt a huge departure from gb than most people think code wise.

    • erik knudsen

      How are they ‘disregard’ing Android? Unless I’m mistaken…these updates are happening on Android devices. Is your logic based on the fact that it’s not called the “Android Market” anymore? It shouldn’t be. The market wasn’t just for Android. Movies and books and music could all be bought and enjoyed without even owning an Android device. Market made sense, but Android Market was a little misleading.

  • Nathan D.

    This come as a surprise since I didn’t think this was going to happen but I really don’t mind.

  • iamXiV92a

    Though I like the new triangle design and the “play” aspect – Andy will be missed.

  • ihatefanboys

    Ahhhh I love watching angry nerds getting flustered on the internets !! Im glad everything is being integrated under one banner. Some of you posting curse filled posts about how you hate this is just silly. The dude that suggested that a multi-million dollar company should take a poll on what they should call THEIR property should be ashamed. It’s their decision, there is no debate. In a few months you will be used to it, might as well start now. The majority of us dont care what they call it, as long as it works !

  • Christopher Wueste

    I just saved the icons from the current apps so that I can swap them back once these new ones come.

  • comandantecee

    I can careless what they call as long as it works like its supposed to that’s all that matters.

    • erik knudsen


      • erik knudsen

        Wow. I get down voted because I agree that Android working is what matters? There are some real haters out there.

        • Chris

          Yep… Maybe I was being infantile. I thought I was supposed to stay in touch with my inner child ;)

          It’s not just the name change. There are things wrong with the market, android phones, and software/updates, search engine and email changes, that Google doesn’t address. If they want to compete with Apple, try user feedback before making broad changes. I think they should make the product better by asking customers what they want. Hey guys, we’re thinking of changing the name for this reason and we want your feedback (mass email to all gmail customers): yes or no?

  • Dirge

    What’s sad is that iOS fanboys think this is copying iCloud. :/

  • erik knudsen

    Anybody else notice that the Play logo is actually embedded in the logos of the other apps (Books, Movies, and Music)?

  • cb2000a

    I want my Android market back!

  • lokidokie

    I like it. Looks good. New. Yay.

  • Smarteralec

    This is very bad. Plus no advance notice to users . I just went to find a particular app and was immediately confronted with the notice, “By accepted Google Play you agree to these new terms of service, including the YouTube Rental Agreement”. Huh???

    I don’t want to ”play ” anything , I don’t have any free time to spend on video games, and I certainly don’t want to rent anything from YouTube!

    What happened to the Market?? Who is the incompetent fool at Google that thought this up? And thought it was even better to spring this idiocy on us with no notice of consultation or provision to opt out?

    Google is becoming the new computing Evil Empire. Too much success and perceived power and they totally lose touch with their users. Forcing people to accept what they don’t want and don’t need is the sign of a dictator! Whatever happened to their motto “Do no evil”??

    I understand the open-source Linux is about ready for the ARM processors. Not a bloody minute too soon!

    • erik knudsen

      Provision to opt out = don’t use it. Freedom of choice FTW

      “Forcing people to accept what they don’t want and don’t need is the sign of a dictator!” – Who is it that’s forcing you to use Android devices? You should probably be more concerned about that instead of ecosystem names.

      • Anne Non

        The issue is that updates & access to our existing apps in the old Market has now been prevented until we accept Google’s Play’s new User License. WHETHER YOU WANT TO UPDATE TO PLAY OR NOT.

        WTH?!! This is totally unacceptable. Particularly with the apps I ALREADY PAID FOR, under the terms of the old license. HOW DARE GOOGLE FORCE THIS ON US?

      • Anne Non


        I see where you’re coming from now.

        I’ve just seen the 21 other stupid comments attributed to you.


        • erik knudsen

          Internet troll? Why is that? Because my opinions are different than yours? Because I don’t get easily bent out of shape over a company changing policies that I can either choose to accept or move on?

          Be for real Anne Non. Is this how you deal with people that have different views than yourself? Name calling?

          I simply stated a solution to the previous commenters issue of opting out. How is that being an ‘internet troll?’ If you feel this strongly, that I’m such a terrible person, I invite you to contact me (outside here of course so as not to spam the comments…or troll them) so we can have a civilized discussion about it. I mean that in all sincerity and look forward to hearing from you.

          • Anne Non

            Perhaps I was a little harsh. But you show some signs, at least, of trolling.

            Time & time again I see posts where you in effect dismiss people’s concerns about erosion of privacy as their paranoia. And you then offer the puerile solution of them abandoning all the internet services which they have by now spent a lot of time incorporating into their daily lives. Instead, kindly allow an intelligent discussion of the alternatives to this erosion, rather than accepting whatever is forced upon us as “inevitable”.

            As to your lack of concern about privacy – this really demonstrates a massive naivety on the subject. Even our own governments now strongly advise safe-guarding our personal data…. for numerous reasons, not just against identity theft. And if even they advise it (considering how slow they are to keep up with changes) then it must be serious!

            By the way erik knudsen, perhaps you should stick to appearing in the Saw movies ;)

          • erik knudsen

            I’ll try to address your points one at a time…

            Show signs of trolling? What does that even mean these days? People seem to use that term entirely too much. To me, trolling would be coming on here posting comments like “HA HA HA AndFags…This is why Apple is so much better.” However, I don’t do that. Generally, I seem to just have a different view. That’s trolling? No sir, that’s life.

            I don’t dismiss any concerns of privacy erosion. I dismiss misplaced privacy scares that people come up with out of nowhere. Google’s recent consolidation of privacy terms and policies scared a lot of people, but it did so only because of people not understanding what they were even complaining about. Yes, my solution to them has been to not use a service if it worries them that much. Why is that a problem? That’s a free and capitalist society way of solving things. Nothing Google does is mandatory for life. No service of theirs is the only one in its’ respective niche. If you don’t like Google policies, there are plenty of options. Is that a troll statement? Funny that you recommend that _I_ allow an intelligent discussion, when you resorted to name calling. Interesting. I’m all for intelligent discussions, that’s why I respond to articles and reply to comments. Am I to blame for people not wanting to reply back with their points and platform? As I’ve typed this, I realize that I have probably called a name or two which hasn’t helped anything. From here on out, I do solemnly vow to keep things civil.

            I disagree with your characterization of my privacy concerns as ‘naive’ and that I lack concern for it. Privacy is important. I’ve never stated otherwise. Nor have I ever stated that I’m not concerned about it. How do you think privacy was obtained before the internet revolution? By not telling people things you didn’t want to tell them. The same strategy applies to internet privacy. If you want something to remain private, don’t post it online. Problem solved. There are ways to safeguard everything without being overzealous and paranoid. I can assure anyone that reads this that Google is not concerned about your individual information. Google wants collective info. It does them more good to aggregate than it does to mine one persons’ activities and/or personal info. They’re not out to get you. To think otherwise is to lack understanding of their business model.

            I can only wish for a cameo in such a successful series of movies. I think I’m going to sue Erik Knudsen for sullying my good name. I’m older than him I believe…sooo…prior art applies right? Right? ….

          • Anne Non

            Wow, you really have a lot of time on your hands for all this waffle! Sadly, I do not (tempted as I am, to correct what you have just written).

            I stand by my points, but will leave you to perpetuate your own line in nonsense.

          • erik knudsen

            I certainly am blessed with some down time from work lately. Correct what I’ve written? You have the ability to correct opinions now? And calling my retort nonsense? I thought we had just graduated from that level of discussion. Clearly I was mistaken.

  • KRS_Won

    Chalk up another reason for my next t.v. to be Google (Play) integrated. Especially if the keep up the movie sales. Make movies where you are able to have a week to watch on any android device.

  • Paul

    Play Books??? WTF & Play apps, when have you ever played a weather app. Stupid google.

    Yes have play within Market but changing Market to play is really stupid. The name does not describes that the main purpose of the store, to purchase things, aka Market.

  • et

    What!?! So I go to my market, and now its trying to force me to accept youtube rental agreements. What the hell is this crap. I don’t want to rent anything from YouTube…EVER! I don’t want to buy (um, lease, music) or anything resembling Itunes integration. If google wants to rebrand its market to reflect market is not just for Android fine…call it Google market or Go Market (play east really a dumb name) but don’t go forcing me into a lot of services and privacy policies for services I don’t want or need…shame on you google.

    • erik knudsen

      What do you mean by lease music? If you buy music from Google, you can download it to do with as you please. I’m not trying to be an ‘INTERNET TROLL’ just that I’m not 100% sure of what you mean.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    In my country we don’t have availability for Music, Movies and eBooks and other services like Voice. All I got with this update was a name change a cute icon, but, I’m not mad with the change.

    Go on Google!

  • Anne Non

    The REAL issue here is that updates & access to our existing apps in the old Market has now been prevented until we accept Google’s Play’s new User License. WHETHER YOU WANT TO UPDATE TO PLAY OR NOT.

    WTH?!! This is totally unacceptable. Particularly with the apps I ALREADY PAID FOR, under the terms of the old license. HOW DARE GOOGLE FORCE THIS ON US?

    • Dirge

      So just update the market. What’s so hard about that? We all had to do it when the Market received both of the previous updates in the past. Stop complaining about non-issues.

      • erik knudsen


        That’s dangerous talk around these parts.

      • Anne Non

        I guess you don’t read too well, so I’ll repeat…

        BECAUSE GOOGLE HAS PREVENTED UPDATES & ACCESS TO OUR EXISTING APPS UNTIL WE ACCEPT THEIR NEW POLICY. What part of this don’t you understand as being an issue?

        And for your further information, the Update to Google Play acceptance page on Android, which demanded our acceptance of their new Terms/ User License, & also their new Privacy Policy, provided no info on these said Terms or Policies, BECAUSE ALL THEIR WEB LINKS WERE BROKEN & LEAD NOWHERE. Research this & you will see that I am correct. Basically, to access our own updates for paid apps, we were held at hostage into blindly accepting unspecified new terms.

        And by the way, who the **** are you to tell me to do anything? At least erik knudsen had manners in his replies, even if they were completely devoid of any sense of reality concerning how the average person leaks personal data whilst online without their knowledge, let alone explicit consent. Hence the need for strict data protection rules within each country.

        • Dirge

          Hm, so you’re telling me that both times the market was updated, you re-read the terms each time? Tell me, how much did the terms change with each update?

          On that same note, this isn’t the first time Google has done this. It’s happened in both instances I mentioned. C’mon, even Apple does this with their app store every time the terms change. It’s very rare when someone actually re-reads a ToS. They also force users to accept the changes until they accept them. It’s a common practice.

          So I’ll repeat myself: it’s a non-issue. Just accept the terms.

          • Anne Non

            Jee, it’s like talking with idiots on this forum.

            This Market “update” is a complete overhaul, combining numerous services & platforms into 1 new service, & not even retaining the Market name. Unlike previous updates. The Terms & Policies, which we have to accept, are not available for inspection.

            You call this a non-issue. OK, it’s a non-issue. Goodbye.

          • erik knudsen

            Terms are not available huh?


            First result on when searching the terms “google play terms”

            So who were those idiots you were talking about? Wow.

  • Anne Non

    Idiots? Well, clearly you’re making yourself out to be one, again.

    I said that the links were broken within “the Update to Google Play acceptance page on Android.”

    Is no-one capable of even reading plain English here? The phone tells you that you must update before you can access your apps in the Market, then tells you that you must accept it’s new Terms & Policies before you can update, then offers you links to these new conditions…. but the links lead nowhere. They’re broken. Understand now?

    Goodbye to you, too.

    • Dirge

      Wow, you’re making yourself out to be an imbecile AND lazy.

      Okay, to continue using the new markets, you must accept the new terms. Alright, the links are dead. Then what? Do you just go on sites and complain? If you REALLY wanted to keep using the market, you would use the time you spend bitching to actually look up the new terms.

      Don’t like the new terms? Tough luck. There are other mobile operating systems out there. Go to them if you don’t agree with Google’s market ToS.

    • erik knudsen

      You really seemed to have lost control of yourself. So I don’t misread your comment (again?), let me make sure I understand this…

      I have made myself out to be an idiot because I pointed out how, with a mere 37 seconds of work, you can find the terms you were wanting to read. You may be correct about the links being broken, however, that’s not all you said.

      You also said (note the quotation marks) “their new Privacy Policy, provided no info on these said Terms or Policies, BECAUSE ALL THEIR WEB LINKS WERE BROKEN” and “we were held at hostage into blindly accepting unspecified new terms.”

      Allow me to try my hand at responding to your plain English even though, according to you, it seems to be tripping me up. You were wrong about “ALL THEIR WEB LINKS WERE BROKEN” because I was able to read them just fine. So it was either a you problem, or a problem with your connection. Secondly, and hand in hand with you being wrong on the first point, we were definitely not “held at hostage” to accept “unspecified new terms” because the terms were clearly specified on the website I took the time to link for you.

      Now, without telling you how wrong you are to use the terms “held hostage,” being that my grandfather was one and I’m in the military around that possibility, you really should think before you jump to such outrageous conclusions. If you, or anyone else for that matter, had a problem with the links being dead, the option is there to not accept the terms until you do find working links (you’re welcome) to the terms it referenced. You weren’t forced into anything, and trust me, if you had been held hostage, access to the Google Play Store would be far from your concern.

      So I’m still not seeing why you got so bent out of shape. If you didn’t want to accept the terms, don’t. If you wanted to see the terms first, they were very easy to find with just a little bit of cognitive reasoning. Resorting to calling people idiots? Doesn’t really ever help anything.

  • Stella

    After using Google Play for a day, it’s great. I love the no wires sync feature for purchases and that everything is accessible from one location on the web. Great!

    If the service works like it supposed to, I don’t have a problem with the name change. I’m not that invested in a name anyway but quality of service is big with me.

  • Butt Sauce

    1. Stupid name.

    2. I don’t want to buy anything, I just want freeware and free youtube viewing (freedom of information! Fair use!!!), and pirated ebooks, movies, music and warez (I’m poor and disabled!!) and it isn’t too inconvenient to plug a phone into a USB cord — People are retarded lazy these days…

    So fuck you Google. I won’t play your reindeer games. :-P

  • Johnston212

    I don’t dislike the idea of what they were trying to accomplish with regards to the new layout or anything, not that I have had the full amount of time to see what (if anything) is different from the now-dead Android Market.

    What I don’t care for is the renaming of the applications. Aside from the rather stupid name, it has completely broken rather useful shortcuts that were built into my phones UI, as well as reorganizing apps towards the bottom of the app drawer simply because everything has to be called PLAY now. Very efficient and smartly played out.

  • Ashutosh vatsa

    The Google Play shop mobile app just got a minor 3.4.7 update!

  • yolanda

    Mine just updated!

  • Force Close

    Play Store = fine
    Play Books = Force Close +15, reboot the whole bit

  • Robbage

    Looks like all of this ‘Google Play’ [email protected] is just to get us to agree to new terms and conditions. I opted to disagree with the new T&C. Now what? Can I return my 2 month old tablet because some dick in a suit decided to brick it for me?

  • John’s_opinion

    hey everybody,
    have you looked at google play’s terms ?
    It says that they can block your account if they want or delete apps they find on your device without asking etc…etc..etc…ofcourse for their reasons.
    Now do you think a company that we helped (all the people) to become massive should use this power to FORCE people to follow their “BIDDING” for their profit ??…or invade anyone’s privacy ? . Imagine, if you can, what will happen in the future…..
    Though i like google……….I’ll not accept google play’s terms and if this “effort” continues I’ll even drop Android and that is final….
    now….. it’s your call…….enjoy their manipulation…..

    • Smarteralec

      I tried to mark your comment ”up” but the buttons are so small and close together (using my tab) that it marked it down instead. I agree with your sentiment; see my previous comment re the new Evil Empire. (That was Made once, for the newbies). Generally, these types of terms are getting ridiculous – what percentage of people actually read them?s Plus quite a few are of questionable legality. Just because one lawyer says it’s so doesn’t make so. Eg. in Canada, Facebook’s privacy policy was ruled invalid, and forced them to change it world-wide. The same for ”negative-option billing” ( was the culprit), which is contained in Google’s new ”Play” policy. Also, RIM may be upset since ”Playbook” is already a registered trademark.

      • Smarteralec

        That should read ”That was MS once…”. (I love the split-keyboard of the TouchPal tablet keyboard but you’ve got to keep an eye on the auto-select. :)

    • Dirge

      As if no other companies do such a thing.

  • Mark

    Unlike Amazon which is classified as Market, Google PLAY is now classified as Games and entertainment by Internet filters. Google Play is now blocked by business.Upper management will not allow an exception, therefore Google Play is blocked for the 14,000 end users.

    • Dirge

      Care to back that up?

  • bigp222007

    got it on the htc rezound

  • jack1059

    Truly idiotic. I don’t want to go to a playground to get my app. I want to go to a market or a store, etc. You could focus on making the market easier to navigate, or I don’t know deal with consumer feedback, but yeah I see your point. A name change is a priority. And yes, an idiotic name is the best way to move forward.

  • Nasser

    Time to Play Google :P

  • androidindia

    i like the idea , behind this :P
    but no international support for music movies and books :/
    not much difference to me :(

  • Chris

    Not only is this an infantile name, but it seems like all the changes they keep making is driving their overall product down. I loved the android when it came out. Every single update & change worsened the product and now (for the first time ever), though I have been staunchly opposed to it for a long time, I am going to switch to Apple because Google has become moronic. I feel like I’m holding the product of imbeciles.

    CHANGE IT BACK TO ANDROID MARKET, or else my next phone…in November 2012 is APPLE.

    • Dirge

      Geez, whiner much? Seriously, your main point to change platforms is a NAME CHANGE? Wow…who’s the infantile one now?

      To say that every update and change to the Market made it worse is moronic, to say the least.

  • mark

    I am despising Google more and more. I can’t get Google play unless I agree to terms of service. This sucks now I can’t update my apps without agreeing to terms of service. Google is behaving more and more like a utility company.

    • erik knudsen

      This is no different than when the Android Market was updated. You had to agree to terms of service to use it then also. How did their behavior change?

      • Johnston212

        By performing a complete and total revamp that was unnecessary and, apparently, unwanted. Some people may not want the “improvements” of Google PLAY. I know I don’t. Too late though.

        • erik knudsen

          Some people might not have wanted the market that was available before the ‘Play Store.’ Nothing is going to please 100% of the population.

  • thecityboy781

    “do you wanna PLAY with my GOOGLE” lmao!

  • renie

    I just want to know if the things I have stored on my device will still be available offline. I don’t have unlimited data and I really am not always somewhere that I can get online from my tablet or phone. It doesn’t matter to me one way or another if I can sync it across every device I just want to know that what I have already stored will still be on my device. I can see the advantage to being able to sync across every device especially when I buy a new app. Right now not all apps on my Kindle Fire are the same as my Droid phone. But I really want some content stored for use offline. Hope I don’t sound stupid I just want to be sure that what I have stored will still be there I went to a lot of trouble to store lots of things I wanted on my phone especially.

  • Joe

    You would think big name changes would teach companies a lesson. Remember what happened with “New Coke”! The idiot that changed Market to Play should be burned at the stake. : )

  • Jerm

    Yet another way of controlling and monitoring what is being downloaded and seen over the internet . Since google play has taken over , some of my apps no longer work properly . Mainly the file sharing ones , coincidence ? , I think not . I use to like android because it was more open source but this could be the downfall . Too much monitoring and control is BAD!!!

    • erik knudsen

      This is absolutely golden. Let me get this straight…changing the name to ‘Play Store’ means that Google is trying to ‘control and monitor’ what you do online? Wow. Since Google changed the name, completely legal apps ‘no longer work properly?’ Wow. You do realize that file sharing is not illegal right? Lastly, a name change to the app store could be the downfall of Android? Wow. People like this are unreal to me. Honestly though, if you feel it’s that invasive to use a FREE service, why wouldn’t you just not use it?

  • Judson Carter

    I HATE the google play name and wish someone would develop an app to convert the google play icon back to the Android Market icon.

  • Judson Carter

    I HATE I HATE I HATE I HATE I HATE I HATEthe google play name and wish someone would develop an app to convert the google play icon back to the Android Market icon.I HATE I HATE I HATE I HATE I HATE

    • Redex

      You forgot wishing for someone to make an app to make the google play gui better + more organized too ;D

    • Redex

      You forgot wishing for someone to make an app to load another gui instead of the google play one that’ll be better + more organized too ;D

  • Sujit

    We are developing Android 4.0 based Tablets. How can we license Google Play so that it can be pre-loaded with our Tablets. Will appreciate if you provide the right source for getting this license.

  • Fafi

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    We help you go viral @ marketified.

  • pink

    hahahhaha…menyusahakan aku betullah….patut lah cari tak jumpa

  • Bob

    Google play sucks they should bring back market place

  • anonymous

    google play dont work on my ics internet tablet :/

  • hans

    google play app store is not installed on my phone ‘t mobile
    mytouch 3g slide’