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Apple’s A5X goes against NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 with unbiased referee


Apple’s claim that the new iPad’s A5X processor is 4 times better in graphics performance shook things up a bit. NVIDIA soon responded that they would like to see more data proving said claim. The Tegra 3 manufacturer decided to simply buy an iPad and run its own tests. The guys from LaptopMag have decided to run their own tests, as well, from a subjective standpoint.

It’s a bit hard to put these tablets against each other. There aren’t many multi-platform benchmark tests, they use different software and their applications are optimized diffferently. But the site did what was possible, using GLBenchmark 2.1 (graphics), Geekbench (processing power), Peacekeeper and Sunspider (browser).

To be specific, the devices used were the new iPad and the ASUS Transformer Prime. On the GLBenchmark test, the iPad had a clear advantage. Apple’s tablet processed 6718 frames at 60 fps under the Egypt Standard test. This is reasonably high compared to the Prime’s 5,939 frames at 53 fps.

The GLBenchmark Geometric and Fill tests are what really show the advantage, though. In the Geometric test, the A5X chip was able to process 7,530,524 frames at 57 fps, compared to Tegra 3′s 3,523,926 at only 27 fps. As for the Fill test, the chart below will give you an idea of the iPad’s advantage.

The Tegra 3 processor managed to perform better in raw processing power, though. On the Geekbench benchmark, the new iPad got an overall score of 692, while the Transformer Prime got 1571. Tegra 3 dominated on the test’s integer floating point and memory subtests. But Apple did manage to be a bit better in the stream subtest with a 324 score (against Tegra’s 266).

For the browser benchmarks, two tests were run – Peacekeeper and Sunspider. The former is a general test and was pretty much a match (386×387). But the new iPad beat the Transformer Prime by finishing the Sunspider rendering test in just 1810 milliseconds while the Transformer Prime did the same in 2216 milliseconds.

But, what exactly do all these numbers mean to the general consumer? Not much. And we know that benchmarks aren’t exactly a great representation of better performance. What matters is how everything looks and feels once using the device for real tasks.

The Laptopmag guys know this as well, so they have done a hands on test with a couple games. Albeit, this test is also a bit hard to consider, as the team uses two Tegra 3-optimized games. These games take full advantage of NVIDIA‘s quad core CPU and 12-core GPU. On the other hand, the games are only optimized for the iPad 2, currently.

It is not exactly a fair match, at least until the developers catch up. After using Riptide GP and Shadowgun, both devices display their pluses and cons. The Transformer Prime showed better 3D effects, smoke effects, water graphics and shading. But the new iPad’s retina display really made a difference in colors, definition and text.

As already mentioned, the tests are not exactly fair in every sense. This is about the closest we can get to a real answer, though. And Apple’s claim that the A5X chip is 4 times better is not exactly a correct statement. It would be great to see the developers rolling out new iPad versions of these games with the same effects. Until then, the real answer will continue to be unclear.

Check out the video to see the game comparisons and hit the comments section to let us know what you think. How do you guys think we could reach a fair understanding of the processors’ performances?

Via: The Verge

Source: LaptopMag

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Cool, but exynos all day:)

  • jaxidian

    “And Apple’s claim that the A5X chip is 4 times better is not exactly a correct statement.”

    <—- is not exactly surprised…

    • thekaz

      I’m not either.. here’s the problem, though, and I know I’ve said it before. In this day and age (and you can see it at work in politics a LOT), people latch on to the initial statement and the follow-up, be it correction or retraction, never gets the same coverage. Thus, for a majority of people, the initial statement becomes gospel, because it is easier to take someone at their word (especially if you are on “their side”) that to be skeptical and follow up on one’s own.

      • johnroblawson

        I hear some much rubbish coming out of Apple “Genius” mouths when I’m in the store (doing research, don’t judge me haha). Things like “the new iWhatever is x times as fast” just because some quantity is x times larger. Not necessarily. People are overwhelmed with nerd specs and just put their trust in marketing hype. Instead, let’s just play with each device and make our own mind up. Oh wait, all the Android tablets in Best Buy are broken/half-set up/ have no internet, but the iPad display is flawless. Conspiracy, much?!

    • Fysi

      Except what Apple actually claimed that was 4x better was the graphics. Not the processing power. People seem to be forgetting that.

      The 1st GPU bench was pretty crap as it caps it at 60FPS, so we can’t tell if the A5X had anything extra (which it probably did).

      The 2nd GPU bench (geometric; more graphics heavy so the 60FPS won’t come into play here) has the A5X pissing all over the Tegra 3.

      And onto the 3rd GPU bench (fill; with some calculation)…
      A5X’s score: 1,975,900,672
      Tegra’s score: 404,614,112

      So let’s do some quick maths.

      1,975,900,672 / 4 = 493,975,168

      So what we can see there is that A5X’s score is 4x 493,975,168 which is 89,361,056 higher than the Tegra’s score.

      So I think it’s safe to say from the evidence provided that Apple’s claim of graphical prowess over the Tegra 3 was perfectly valid.

      • Fysi

        Also the SGX543MP4+ that is in the iPad is the exact same GPU that the PS Vita has FFS!

      • Dags -

        Firstly, Apple said that the A5x had 4 x Graphics Performance. That is crap. Secondly, sure it’s great at pumping out single-textured polygons but Tegra 3 has 3 x the shader performance as well as superior memory and floating-point performance. They are different designs but Tegra 3 is made to support modern game development while the A5x is designed to support DirectX 9-style development. I think the Tegra 3 approach is better because it encourages games with realistic lighting and other effects that would choke the A5x.

        • AsakuraZero

          interesting remarks +1 its like comparing Dx9 vs Dx11

          they do the same but different approaches (or well in this case new ways of doing things i need to study more DX11).

          and… nvidia its known for their graphic cards, apple will never beat them on the LONG road, soon we could see CUDA units on tegra processors.

          now apple is just playing the catch up game… now android need its optimization

          • A.Noid

            Actually, being an Nvidia fan, They come from a desktop background, and that Power VR graphics processor in the apple was known for only rendering what you could actually see, where as the Nvidia rendered everything even what you could not see. The Power VR design was more efficient than the Nvida design, but it required that game makers optimise for it, and they were already optimising for both ATI, and Nvidia. Power VR never really took off in the desktop. Now I believe they have the advantage being a more efficient design, which is really a good thing, and game makers more willing to gear for them with Apple being such a major player. Nvidia is now forced to catch up in this market. I have faith that they will succeed, but it may take them a while, and maybe rethink their process in the mobile space.

      • Bryan Stoner

        Honestly the benchmark you are referring to only applies to ONE aspect of gaming; how fast can textures can be applied to objects. Sure that’s great the SGX543MP4+ can do that but what about shading, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, ambient-occlusion, and shadow rendering, etc. You think ONE specific benchmark test is a good measure of GPU performance? Good luck justifying that now.

        This isn’t a benchmark against the A5X and the Tegra 3. The A5X CPU is a joke. Did Apple really think they can come up to the plate with an 800MHz-1GHz dual core CPU. I hope not because they really are taking steps backward. This is a test between PowerVR’s SGX543MP4+ and Nvidia’s Tegra 3. Apple just put their stupid mouths forward in haste.

        • evan

          i wonder if android lovers would be saying the same if the Tegra won. Would you still want more accurate testing to see which is more powerful or would these test then suffice. I can’t imagine hearing “these benchmarks mean nothing, I want more test to make sure Tegra is faster in gpu performance.” would like to be proved wrong though.

      • Adam Brandt

        I love Android, but COME ON people. Even the 543MP2 from the iPad beat the Tegra 3 ( And the new iPad has a SGX543MP4 (twice the iPad2). And don’t forget all of these benchmarks and CRAZY high frame rates are with the A5X powering a display with roughly 4X the pixels as the Transformer Prime, and it is STILL destroying it. Face it the GPU in the new iPad KILLS the Tegra 3. But relax, Tegra is ALWAYS first to market with new SOC’s, and like the Tegra 2, that GPU wasn’t great either. Wait a few months when Samsung releases a quad core Exynos with a Mali-T604. THEN, we can return and battle the GPU in the A5X. But just like we bitch about Apple fanboys, let’s STOP EMBARRASSING OURSELVES. The A5X has a MUCH better GPU then the Tegra 3 anyway you slice it, so stop nitpicking and trying to make excuses and look for anything in the benchmarks you think is wrong. It didn’t just beat the Tegra 3 GPU, it DESTROYED it over 4X OVER…just relax, wait a few months and think Exynos

        • Adam Brandt

          Just a quick quote some of you may like, “The first T604 based SoCs will be available in the second half of 2012 on 28/32nm silicon. ARM is promising up to 68 GFLOPS of compute from T604 (presumably that’s for a 4-core configuration at high clocks)”… 68 GFLOPS, WOW. If that doesn’t give everyone a benchmark semi I dunno WHAT WILL lol.

    • CJ LaFleur

      Even though the tegra 3 may not have “won” in the benchmark tests, there is one test that apple failed: humility. Apple is just a bunch of pompous and arrogant, idiotic windbags who think they’re better than everyone else! They just seem to love to hear themselves talk! Now all we need is for a 2GHz exynos in the galaxy SIII and the next gen super amoled display to really shut them up!

      • Adam Brandt

        Oh come on now…when we get an Android device that kicks Apple’s ass, we rave about it and celebrate, and IN YOUR FACE Apple, and are certainly in NO WAY humble lol. This whole thing is SO annoying because we constantly call Apple fanboys iSheep and say they can’t think for themselves. And we are now faced with just ONE tablet that is faster then the currently fastest Android tablet’s GPU, and people are BEYOND petty. To be honest I thought we were made of tougher stuff then this. Yeah, at THIS exact moment Apple has the tablet with the fastest GPU. It won’t last that long. We still have android and dozens of AMAZING tablets coming out to which I KNOW all of you will ALL of the sudden be all IN YOUR FACE APPLE. So let’s not throw stones in our glass house now. After reading half of these comments, it sounds like many of you are no better then iSheep, blindly LOOKING for ANY reason for the stupid GPU to suck NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE says about it’s actual performance. Grow up and don’t sink to THEIR level. We KNOW we will have better tablets very soon. Who cares what’s up for a few weeks :)

    • ALcapitalist

      Being intellectually honest is the key to a productive discussion. Apple said their graphics processing is 4x better and the test show it to be so. I still don’t own one Apple product and don’t expect this to change. I do hope this encourages the development curve on Android devices.

      Lenovo K1 & Samsung Galaxy Nexus and both are buggier than the Apple products. Still not

      • dcds

        Mine isn’t. It’s almost perfect, and certainly better than the 4s. About tablets, apple is still winning.

      • J-Man

        Never encountered a bug (that I’ve noticed) in my 4 months of owning a Galaxy Nexus (GSM variety) so you can definitely just forget this statement.

        Also how many bugs can you have in an interface that only scrolls sideways and you press some icons? Android does so much more, hence the possibility for bugs.

        • evan

          Dumb to the maximum

    • ALcapitalist

      Being intellectually honest is the key to a productive discussion. Apple said their graphics processing is 4x better and the test show it to be so. I still don’t own one Apple product and don’t expect this to change. I do hope this encourages the development curve on Android devices.

    • Joel

      Its Apple – Doesnt matter what they say. Once they say it to the masses- it becomes religion (Unless you own an android device, or visit ;)

      • Joel

        Not sure why im getting thumbed down..My point was that regular Apple customers arent willing to do research because they blindly buy into the b.s….

    • Homncruse

      Apple’s claim that much of their technology is “magic” are not exactly correct statements either. I seriously doubt they employ real-life wizards a la Merlin, or even a Hogwarts graduate.

    • CJ LaFleur

      all tech blogs and fanboys seem to take this load of crap as gospel however. enter iSheep. that’s what they ought to call the new iPad. lol.

    • evan

      Actually the A5X “GPU” was the only thing stated to be four times faster which is correct according to these benchmarks. Apple didn’t lie about anything. They just chose their case

  • amgala

    We have seen even amongst the same Android device that different kernels can yield different performance benchmark numbers. What matters is the real world experience, and quite frankly for the majority of potential customers it comes down to their preference of Android vs. iOS.

    • Bryan Stoner

      Testing apples and oranges has always been a big taboo. I’m kinda hurt but at the same time I know there are some fallacies to be uncovered within these benchmarks. Kernels definitely make a difference here. And you are absolutely correct, it really does come down to preference.

    • honourbound68

      exactly. what you said. exynos will win the gpu crown back for Android though.

  • Yonas

    Its tough to compare between hardwares,when software difers….so i think it was really un-unprofessional from Apple when they said,that their A5x is much better than the Tegra 3 at the announcement.

    • CJ LaFleur

      What else is new? We already new that apple is unprofessional and childish enough to make such a generalization! Generalizations like that will one day get them in trouble.

  • metafor

    Yes, because testing GLBenchmark non-offscreen (where it’s capped at 60fps) on devices that both approach 60fps is totally the way to show relative GPU performance…..

  • kwills88

    I just read the comments on YouTube and, Geez why are ppl so angry and hateful, it’s just a comparison video not a life or death scenario.

    And to be fair, though the game is the same title, the game itself is different, this is kinda like using gingerbread to compete with iOS 5 when ICS barely got released, I say a side by side show down with multiple apps that are both the same.

  • pekosROB

    So I guess everyone was kinda right when they all called “shenanigans!” without getting pistol whipped in the head.

    • pekosROB

      Jesus Christ people did nobody catch that Super Troopers reference???

  • Stella

    Verge did a good job in showing side by side comparison with the games but we still have to wait and see what game developers update their apps for the new ipad. I like Tegra’s realistic effects of water splash on the screen. That was a nice effect.

    @kwills88 I agree. I don’t know why people have to be so harsh if they disagree. Calling the reviewer an idiot isn’t advancing the conversation. People are acting like their mother was insulted.

  • kzlife

    Not really satisfied with benchmarking as a comparison.
    Even though some android tablets have much better hardware specs than the ipad, the android interface isn’t optimized yet which makes the android tablets laggy and unresponsive.

    I own the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and it was the worst tablet I have owned, not blaming the tablet really, it’s the honeycomb’s fault.

    • kzlife

      Ohh, might help =)
      But the galaxy tab haven’t got the ICS update yet, will come this month I hope..

    • A.Noid

      FYI ICS supports hardware GPU rendering at the OS level, HC doesn’t. On my Transformer, the difference is like having video card drivers installed on your desktop, vs not having them installed. WAY smoother.

    • evan

      Food for thought… but this comment exemplifies exactly why people tend to choose Apple over Android. You just made is very easy to see. And I don’t see any Android tablets currently with better specs than the new iPad.

  • perlowin

    I seriously doubted that the A5x was 4 times faster then Tegra 3. I used to rely on benchmarks, but like most statistics you can make them say what you want to hear. The side by side demo was the most revealing comparison and shows what end users really care about. Unless you’re filling polygons all day long, who cares how many a tablet can do???

  • cb2000a

    In three to four months the ipad 3 will be obsolete…tech moves at a very high speed these days and as soon as A15 with next gen gpu’s appear they will change the game.

    • orangestrat

      I think the cool thing is that our gizmos are already so powerful and awesome that A15 and next Gen GPUs won’t really change the game :)

      • AsakuraZero

        and… you are defying the moores law… now think again

  • spazby

    I new that it would not be what apple claimed but I am surprised that it did not do poorer…

  • orangestrat

    The fact that apple’s chip beat nvidia at anything ought to be a little embarrassing. They make GPUs! The A5 was pretty impressive, and they should have expected this. They ought to be able to say “no, we’ve got better graphics,we’re &#-$+$*# Nvidia”

  • ralphwiggum1

    I know this is an Android site, but don’t be so blind. Apple is clearly using a very powerful GPU. Apple claimed superior graphics performance compared to the Tegra 3, not overall performance.

    And it all those benchmarks, it did best it with four GPU cores compared to Tegra 3′s 12 or however many. One by a small factor, one by a factor of 2, and one by a factor of 5. Samsung’s SoC are going to be superior to nVidia’s for Android especially in graphics, but it’s also clear that Apple’s GPU is also better than what we have now on Android.

    And yes, nVidia’s quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU will probably be about twice as fast as Apple’s dual-core Cortex-A9, but the software on Apple’s hardware is highly optimized for that. But that’s not to say Tegra 3 is a slouch, but other chips do seem to have better graphic capabilities probably because they’ve been in the mobile GPU space longer than nVidia.

    • ralphwiggum1

      Not to mention Apple’s GPU is powering a super hi-res display and also supporting mirroring.

    • Dan G

      Nvidias chips have always under performed compared to competitors gpus, they market 12 sub cores as 12 cores when its really only 1 complete core. They still haven’t really equaled exnyoses from the galaxy s2. I’d be more interested in comparing the upcoming 4412 to the a5x.

  • ralphwiggum1

    To add to the Android vs iOS battle (with myself), Apple’s iOS is much better at standalone apps and those apps run much better than their Android counterparts, BUT iOS does not make for a good phone. Hardly anything integrates with the OS and applications don’t share data like how Android allows with things like Intents.

    I feel Android is a better phone and productivity OS, but iOS has the superior (standalone) app experience especially with things like games and media. And Android gets points for customizability and hackability.

    They both have their strengths and weaknesses and I like to use both.

    • kzlife

      I would say that iOS does especially work great on phones for users who aren’t used to smartphones :P
      And the UI on the ipad works great and all, but it’s just an oversized iphone. I’m not saying that the ipad is bad, but they should use the real estate better.

      For my own taste I would never get an iphone as I can’t configure it as I want. But I would probably get an ipad over any android tablets as I want a reliable and no laggy experience.

  • kzlife

    Nice round-up really! No fanboism :P
    I will wait til I get my ICS update on the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and then see if it’s worth to keep as I find the android software too laggy right now (honecomb).
    The ipad doesn’t lag at all but it isn’t as open as android which makes it hard to choose between them :/
    And by open, I mean that I don’t have to rely on itunes, I could download third-party apps and I could use a file manager.

  • FM123

    Tegra 3 was demonstrated in Feb. 2011, over 1 year ago. It shouldn’t be a surprise to have a newer product be faster. Especially when it is not even Apple’s technology either (how they didn’t have to spend development time). Nvidia has really been spending their time on 64bit ARM (supposedly 8 core 64bit ARM + 256 core GPU. Current Tegras are just keeping up, but still current compared to Android devices. They have a much longer term plan.

  • aranea

    Does the software used in tests actually can use multiple cores efficiently? I mean 12 cores is not easy to use if th benchmarks aren’t optimized for it the results will be skewed no matter what.

  • masterpfa

    I prefer product X, some prefer product Y
    The end

  • Lucian Armasu

    There’s still one problem with these graphics benchmarks. They aren’t run at their own native resolution, and instead are run at a fixed resolution.

    Testing at a fixed resolution is nice for a mental battle between which GPU is theoretically more powerful. But what really matters to a customer is how fast the *device* itself is. The iPad’s GPU may be more powerful than Tegra 3′s GPU, but is it that much more powerful to push 4x the amount of pixels, and *still* beat Tegra 3, or even iPad 2 for that matter? I doubt it. The 4x pixels puts a huge burden on the new GPU.

    Also, it’s good to remember that benchmarks don’t always show the score for a new feature that one GPU might have and another might not. Or they can’t show at what point the bottleneck in memory bandwidth happens. These things matter for real world performance and richness of the graphics.

    One more thing to remember, everything else besides the UI and games is handled by the CPU, not the GPU, and Tegra 3 beats it hands down not only with per core performance, but with twice as many cores, too.

    • FM123

      The other issue is cost. Nvidia has to compete on cost (versus Qualcomm, TI, etc…), Apple doesn’t, they just put in whatever they choose in their own product. Nvidia doesn’t sell products direct. When you don’t have to worry about cost so much you can use the latest technology.

  • rizwan

    Apple lied !!

  • Nathan D.

    Apple gpu are usually pretty kick a$$ but their CPU generally are underwhelming so i’m not generally surprised by this.

  • DasBacon

    But how does the screen themselves affect the tests? In the past it has been noted that a device with a 4:3 screen will outperform a device with a 16:9 screen any day of the week if the specs are similar. Probably why Apple keeps with the 4:3 ratio.

  • smeghead68

    I think the majority of people buy the apple device for “cool” experience factor, they don’t really care (or understand) the specs. However they then use the specs to justify their purchase (it has 32 thingamabobs which must mean its good).

    • Alex

      Honestly speaking, I think “experience” is the final target that we all head for. Why we head for better CPU, bigger memory, newer technology? We just looking for a better “experience” as we normally belived that latest technology should bring in better experience.

  • Gimme6

    My old pc (macbook 2006) is in need of a new minijack socket. Also Dragon Dictate would increase my “writing” speed and ease considerably, but costs a bit.
    The new iPad includes dictation in the cheapest version so I’m tempted to invest in this new device
    Is there another tablet that would do what I want?
    Well, not only my fingers but also my eyes tend to suffer after hours of work.
    I imagine HD viewing would ease this problem, perhaps allowing a reduction of screen brightness, just as when using professional studio monitors (active speakers) I feel comfortable with lower sound volume.
    Producing text faster and reduced eye-strain from reading are my main requirements.
    I understand the fun in comparing technical specs, but what really interests me would be comparative use experience.
    I’ve not kept up with computing developments and have only recently looked at the tablet alternative to pcs for my needs. Most sites providing reader comments comparing devices tend to provide very little user experience and almost no useful comparisons between tablets.
    Can anyone here suggest a suitable Android tablet that they have used? I know its a little early, but if you’ve used a new ipad AND a newish Android intensively for writing and reading, I would love to hear your comments.

  • msh

    Apple should win by default since Tegra 3 is like vaporhardware in the States. Next to non-existent atm

    • A.Noid

      Been hiding under a rock since December, have we?

  • gimme6

    update: I finally got the iPad. I’m dictating this message. what seems rather strange is that when I say ipad it writes iPod, so I have to correct it manually. as hoped, the screen is perfect for my old eyes. you have to hold your finger on the cursor to get a little magnifying glass so you can place it with precision. I’m glad I have kept my old Mac four-story documents – for storing documents ;) so a 16G ipad is quite sufficient. you also need your old PC if you need to embellish your ipad Pages app text into scientific articles with bottom of page notes, equations etc. neither a5x nor tegra 3 can do dictation computing. the ipad uses a huge distant computer for dictation, and its still not satisfactory. perhaps it and I need a little bit of training.
    otherwise everything is just as Apple tells us. what I enjoy is the speed of moving from one thing to another then coming back to exactly where you left off. Very quick

  • pauledgc

    The real issue here is that I don’t want a ipad and never will so I don’t care about all the stupid bench mark test I know my prime is better because it is an Android device and ipad is not.

    • evan

      Then why are you interested in this article. Honeycomb/ICS for tablets continually gets mediocre reviews. IOS has its well known issues but on tablets continuously gets better consumer satisfaction ratings. So yea it’s all opinionated. End of the day Apple was right in their benchmark test testing GRAPHICS performance on the processors.

  • gimme6

    I agree Evan

    pauldgc owns a prime and I own a new ipad

    of course we like what we have

    if anybody would like to ask what our tablets will do or not do,
    you could ask us

    then the discussion could give a hands-on appendix to the article

  • wx

    Unbiased? It’s the same BS i read in all reviews, Most of those tests are complete jokes at least. For christs sake you have a lot of physix going on on on the TF, the ipad needs the graphical power to feed all of those hungry pixels of the screen and so supresses even objects, not just effects, and the TF can render physics the ipad can’t (theoretically it can, it will be just a slideshow of a game if it does though, cpu doing gpu tasks was always a trainwreck). You can’t count graphical quality or graphical power ON FRAMES when using TWO DIFFERENT OS’S AND TWO DIFFERENT APPS, and even if you guys want to compare them using the two different os’s you have to do A FULL TESTING SUITE like 3dmark for computers has, it tests every graphic parameter separately (and also does game runs if you want to although here it ins’t exactly fair) and attributes scores for stuff, for example, let’s say ipad wouldn’t support shader model 2.0 and tegra would (just a pc graphic card based example), ipad takes 0 on that test (or close to that for emulating sm2.0 somehow but incredibly slow) and tegra takes a appropriate score. Ipad could obviously win on average, all things done, but i guess we wont know that for a while.

    Apple gpu spews a basillion pixels to fill a huge screen, nvidia does what it always has done which is not spewing so much pixels but rather betting on your gaming image lightning and effects quality, it takes less effort to do a fuel guzzler that reaches 250mph than a properly tuned f1 car that reaches 190, apple being the obvious example of fuel guzzling and brutality, which i admit, it’s not very apple-ish because they tend to bet on quality.

    Apple ipad 3 can barely keep up with the framerate and same amount of effects of ipad 2 because of that massive screen that should only be used 2 years from now or maybe even more when more powerful mobile hardware was available.

    Apple had to win on something to stay on top and continue giving people some kind of illusion of greatness and superiority, this is what they bet on, and they win again, they’re awesome as far as getting peoples attentions go, and are some of the most dishonest companies around because you find manipulation, brainwashing and idiotic and miosleading claims by the bunch, and you still thank them for it and continue buying.

    I’m not saying with this that the TF is awesome or something, and i’m not a fan of android either because i think all os’s to date are pretty piss poor engineered, all of them look like patched up versions of previous os’s over and over and that’s what most if not all actually are.

    Just for the sake of morality everyone should refuse to buy apple or sue them in mass until they start playing clean like others tend to do.

    If you don’t agree better if you don’t respond, because there’s only one truth, that is right here on this message and pretty much any good and unbiased techie will tell you the same i just did.
    You can choose to believe or ignore, but i really don’t care.
    And don’t call me apple hater, because i really like shuffle and nano and the osx, i won’t give one single cent to apple though, because principles are more important than shiny gadgets, at least for me that is.

  • Professional programmer

    The fact of the matter is that these benchmarks prove absolutely nothing.
    The games that were run at higher FPS than the tegra 3 were not using the same gfx effects.
    Notice how they explained that the smoke/effects/shadows were much better on the tegra?
    This is because Tegra supports these things on the hardware level.
    Tegra3 supports dx11 and opengl 4.0.
    A5X supports opengl 2.0 ES.
    So as far as graphical standards go, you could hardly even compare the two.
    Tegra3 can support 3d sterioscopic screens, A5X cannot.
    Tegra3 can support the newest standards in pixel/vertex shaders, A5X cannot.
    So if you really want to compare apples and oranges, put some thought into exactly how much extra power it takes to get these extra features.
    There is a reason people don’t play directx 11 games on directx 9 cards.
    There is a reason people don’t play OpenGL 4.0 games on openGL 2.0 cards.
    Video cards haven’t gotten FASTER is a LONG LONG time, at least not by much.

    If the review is unbiased, but it is written by a retard.
    If by, “Optimized for tegra 3″ he meant, “using graphical options unavailable to the A5X because they would slow it to an absolute crawl”, he would be correct.

    This review might as well be comparing a Geforce 560 to a intel gma.

    I own neither and am an unbiased programmer who is developing for IOS and Android via XCODE and the android SDK/NDK respectively. Just putting my 2 cents out there.

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