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Can Archos top the Transformer Prime with their G10 xs tablet?


This week in Paris, Archos unveiled a new line of ultra-thin Android tablets that looks to take on the ASUS Transformer Prime. The technical details are still scarce, but the new Archos G10 xs tablets will measure in at only 7.6 mm thin, which becomes an impressive 11 mm thin when paired with a matching keyboard dock.

Hubert Nguyen of UberGizmo reports that Archos will use “paper-thin” steel to ensure the rigidity of the frame.

Recent Archos tablets have favored Texas Instruments’ OMAP processors, and I expect these latest devices to do the same. The G10 xs series could be some of the first tablets to go with the new 1.8 GHz OMAP4470 that is coming soon.

Archos said the tablets would be available later this year, but they didn’t provide a specific launch window. They have traditionally displayed new products at IFA in Berlin, so we could get more details in early September. However, European pricing was announced so maybe we are closer to retail availability than we think.

Pricing for the new Archos G10 xs series includes:

  • 7 inch for 129 Euros (~$168)
  • 8 inch for 149 Euros (~$194)
  • 10 inch for 199 Euros (~$259)

Amazon and other OEMs have proved that cheap Android tablets sell better than the high-end units, so it’s nice to see Archos stick with the low price points. Archos released cheap Android tablets in years past, but they lacked Google’s official Android apps and did not sell very well outside of Europe.

These new tablets are said to have access to all of Google’s mobile services, including the Google Play Store, so we expect them to perform better than previous generations.

Check out the teaser video below and let us know what you think about the new Archos G10 xs design.

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  • Ed

    I’ll buy one.

  • Ed

    Even after I log in to my proper A&M account, I would still buy one. Thing looks amazing. Can’t wait to see how it comes out. They need to get this to the proper retail channels. Here’s hoping they get a high res display too.

    • thekaz

      I agree. The Android tablet crop for this year looks really promising. If you can get these things in store right near an iPad, and can compete on specs at a lower price, I think any manufacturer has a decent shot at gettings someone to buy an Android tablet over an Apple tablet…

      • inviolable

        Too bad Apple has entire sections of stores all to themselves.

        • tmihai20

          Shut up and take my money! Throw in a dock as well. I hope the price for a tablet and a dock won’t be higher that 300 euros tops. Maybe it was not such a bad idea to wait until now :)

  • oddball

    Archos makes good hardware and at those price points they would make great tablets for people who don’t need the latest and greatest all the time. Asus will win the techy crowd because they update quickly and consistently (not always a good thing but for us we all want the latest and greatest update)

    • Bryan Stoner

      How would updating constantly be a bad thing? Sure it might frustrate the average consumer every other month or so but if they don’t wish to update at that time they can just postpone until a later date. It’s not like it will kill them any time soon. It’s good for anyone no matter who they are. (well, unless the update is a piece of shit)

      • oddball

        Asus updates quickly but we deal with quite a few bugs as a result. The tf101 ics update causes random reboot and speaker problems for many users. It’s not that quick updates are a bad thing I just want slightly fewer bugs to sneak through with those updates

        • Bryan Stoner

          That is with every update, on any platform, on any device.

      • Erik Jensen

        Normaly it good with updates, but Archos updates always broke more then they help. Ask yourself why they ar cheap.. Buy yourself a nightmare like i and my freind did with Archos tablet 7.0 and you will understand that old owners newer will look at a Archos produckt again. Never never again. Go for Asus instead.

        • JayMonster

          Agrees. The Archos 70 was my last foray into trusting Archos. Promises are never kept, and what updates do show up are disappointing.

  • sagelightning

    I’d buy one too, archos has the potential to be a serious competitor.

  • Robert Joyce

    Those prices make it very hard to ignore. Can’t wait to see specs. Looks like a decent product.

  • spazby

    difficult to say no….

  • Hall Lo

    The prices made it difficult to say no :/…..

  • honourbound68

    i hope they include a good screen and use less “flexxy” mats. prices are great though.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Dang. I’m with everyone else. At this price it is hard to say no. The 1.8GHz dual core OMAP is better than the Tegra 2 and comparable with some of the new Exynos series processors (although nab me in the butt if i’m wrong). That fact alone is enough to make this a tablet worth while. Does anyone think the keyboard dock will follow the transformer model and have an extra battery packed inside?

    • AsakuraZero

      for the thiness looks like no.

      btw asus is also releasing tegra 3 series but in the budged line about 300 wasnt it? so its quite a good fight here

      • Bryan Stoner

        OOO actually your right. I do remember reading about that particular series. I would definitely drop the extra $$ for the Tegra 3. The clockspeed of each core is a little slower but hey there are 4 plus 1 of them.

        If your right about the battery that kinda makes it no different then just connecting to a bluetooth keyboard.

  • cthonctic

    Wow, an 8″ tablet for ~150€ with these specs would be too good to say no to, especially considering the amazing stuff Asus has shown recently.
    Can’t wait for more facts about these , and maybe more about the fabled Asus-manufactured Nexus tablet. ;)

    • cthonctic

      er, make that first “Asus” “Archos” then. I got one of their hard disk-powered media players some 6 or 7 years ago and liked it quite a bit, no idea about their recent Android products though.
      is it too late to ask for comment edit functionality, AndMe?

    • tmihai20

      This just hit me: it would be a bomb if Google chooses Archos as their manufacturer for their tablet. They would be able to sell the tablet at very good prices and the specs are not to be ignored. Maaan I would love one Google tablet then! Only if I don’t buy a G10 xs tablet by then :)

  • aranea

    My main problem with Archos so far has been lack of official Google apps and market. IF these come with at that price range they’ll make a good impression and probably sell well.

    • Ed

      Their G9 tablets had full Android Market functionality.

  • RRR

    Having same amount of pixels as 720p phone and almost same class processor it gives you just minor advantages over the phone while taking off portability. It must be retina display to justify.

    • Ed

      Retina is Apple marketing. Call it HD, call it High-res, but the only tablet with a Retina display is the iPad and it’s the only tablet that will ever have one because APPLE MADE IT UP. It’s the word they use for pixel density over 200.

      • RRR

        R u 12 y.o.?

      • RRR

        ROTFLMAO what the dumbo kid…Do you realize that EACH AND EVERY PC monitor with resolution 1920 by 1080(or 1200) is actually a retina display ?

        • RRR

          ….as well as each and every 1080p TV?

          • SGB101

            a 30″ 1080p TV has a ppi of of around 80. hardly ‘retina’.

            if apple definition is +200ppi, then my 2 year old HTC Desire (bravo) has ppi252, so i went ‘Retna’, 12 months b4 ‘Retna’ was invented…. way to go Mr Jobs.

            Apple has more ‘spin’ than Tony Blair!

          • Ed

            All the downvotes on your comments should tell you that you’re doing something wrong, but instead, you decide to call us ‘pre-teens.’ Thank you for making it unnecessary to shoot any insults back because you take care of that yourself.

            As I said before, the only devices that have a retina display are Apple devices because “RETINA” IS MARKETING FLUFF, NOT A DEFINED RESOLUTION OR PIXEL DENSITY. In fact, my earlier statement that it’s Apple’s word for a pixel density over 200 is incorrect. I actually meant 300, but even that is incorrect — the New iPad only has a pixel density of 264 PPI. This proves even further that it’s a “Retina” display if Apple feels like calling it a Retina display, not because it meets a certain criteria.

          • RRR

            ed and sgb i repeat my question – are u 12 y.o.?

        • RRR

          And each and every 30″ 2560×1600 monitor exceeds retina display and has implied PPI 400?

        • domi

          Not true.. you are comparing pixel density with resolution which is the amount of pixels.

          Get your facts straight.

          • RRR

            Is this site which makes pre-chewed tech news for pre-teens?

          • RRR

            hahaha ….hillarious

  • rpras

    Interesting. Need to compare this with the rumored Nexus Tab.

  • FtKnoxTMO

    I have been saying for months that if someone would make a 10″ for 299, it would blow the ipad out of the water with numbers in the 10′s of millions. Thought ASUS would be the one to break the $300 dollar barrier, but these guys look like a winner here. This is going to be the price point to beat, like $200 was with the 7″ tablet.

  • MJM128

    Well it seems like they know how to price it! I still love the idea of the transformer though. Tablet/Netbook combo is awesome.

  • drop

    I will definitely get one. My primary usage is mobile access to the web, as well as amateur photography (editing/uploading photos, browsing flickr, …)

    I will ABSOLUTELY require a nice color-calibrated display.

  • F.P. van der Leur

    Nice questions. But the question for me is if Archos will finally deliver Tablet-software on the tablets they were selling from the end of 2010. People with those tablets are still stuck with Android 2.0 and have never seen any tablet OS on their Archos.

    • Ed

      The Archos tablets for sale at the end of 2010 were not really tablets, they were craplets. They were good for basic web browsing and e-reading, light games… mostly fluff. Look at the G9 tablets. Those were Archos’ first real effort at a tablet, and they were quite awesome. Top of the line, iPad beaters? No. But for the price they are the best thing out there, and I anticipate the G10 being the same. If I hadn’t purchased an Iconia tab a month before the G9 tablets were released, I would have bought one.

  • uknowme

    I just want confirmed specs.

  • Erik Jensen

    Never, never a from Archos again. Never!

    Me and my freind own two Archos tablet (7.0) – one with harddisk There was a lot of hype about spec and low price like no, but what a nightmare we bought with endless updates that never do something good.

    Today they are useless becouse all the bugs they still have- and Archos personell have proof that they cant figure it to fix simple Android software

    Realy bad software with tons of bug and no support at all. They just make a new product and forget everything about you.

    Read for your self i forums and you will go for another brand (read Asus I think…)

    Ask yourself why the Archos price is cheap…

  • Erik Jensen

    Never, never a from Archos again. Never!

    Me and my freind own two Archos tablet (7.0) – one with harddisk There was a lot of hype about spec and low price like no, but what a nightmare we bought with endless updates that never do something good.

    Today they are useless becouse all the bugs they still have- and Archos personell have proof that they cant figure it to fix simple Android software

    Realy bad software with tons of bug and no support at all. They just make a new product and forget everything about you.

    Read for your self i forums and you will go for another brand (read Asus I think…)

    Ask yourself why the Archos price is cheap…

    • Ed

      These tablets you have… Are they the Archos 70 Internet Tablet? or is it the G9?

  • Pedro

    I’m getting tired of the endless teasers and no firm release dates. Asus, Toshiba and Archos have all come forward recently with interesting looking tablets but none of them give any more than a quarter for release.

    I’m no fan of Apple but you don’t see their new devices until a couple of weeks before release.

    Right now I have cash to drop on a 7 or 8 inch tablet – all that’s around for me to buy are Samsung devices with last year’s hardware.

    Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the Transformer Prime appearing last year and expected a slew of Tegra 3 devices to be out by now…

    • Ron

      So, you’re complaining why? Because you are given information on a slew of products that you can research in advance of a buying decision?

      Don’t bother with a 7″ tablet – they look and feel like glorified smartphones rather than true tablets. You can buy the excellent 10′ Transformer 1 used in like-new condition for cheap. Has ICS upgrade already. I bought one to see if I’d like it better than the 10″. But once you have used 10″, going to 7″ blows – neither Apple nor Android software are really designed for 7″.

  • Darkseider

    umm…. nope. Why? Because it is Archos. Their current line of tablets suffer from only 512 Meg RAM. Where ICS runs splendidly on my Tegra 2 w/ 512 Meg, Archos can’t and that’s without a cellular radio up and running all the time. Also from what the video shows this isn’t a clamshell but more like the dock for the Samsung Tab 10.1.

  • txbluesman

    It could be worth it if the specs pan out and the price remains. Not a bad little tablet.

  • androidindia

    seems legit
    yet again , nexus tablet is what i’m looking forward to :D

  • droiddewd

    After haunting the Archos forums a few years ago while contemplating getting the Archos 70, I am leary to see if Archos can pull it off effectively as Asus has. Having used the TF101 they would have to bring alot to the table. But, I will be curious once we have more details.

  • WlfHart

    Really looking forward to seeing the 8″ form factor!

  • Ron

    Meh, Archos offers junk most of the time – it’s cheap for a reason. Asus Prime/Infinity is already out, has best processor and great screen.

    By the time Archos gets this out the door, Asus will be two generations ahead. Asus were chosen by Google to make their next tablet, so you know if the boys at Googleplex have confidence in them, so should we.

  • Leo Young

    Hmm. Interesting but, I need to see it and handle it first.
    What do they have to drop in quality or build to meet the price point? I think the original ASUS transformer was such a great piece of kit that I brought in and sold dozens. But it was $500. How is Archos going to be able to put out the same thing for half the price?
    And I see no specs for ram, pixels, CPU speed, storage etc. Just vague pictures.
    But, I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

  • PH

    Is it going to be a Kindle killer or Fire f*cker?