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Confirmed: Android 4.0 coming soon to T-Mobile Amaze 4G, Sensation 4G


T-Mobile has officially confirmed that Android 4.0 will soon make its way to the HTC Amaze 4G and HTC Sensation 4G smartphones. An expected upgrade date was not provided in T-Mobile’s support system, though we expect T-Mobile wouldn’t make an announcement before a fairly imminent launch date.

The announcement comes by way of updated support documents on T-Mobile’s site, suggesting HTC is putting the finishing touches on the Android 4 updates for these two devices, and is nearly ready to submit the final upgrade files to T-Mobile. As you’re likely aware, the update will contain HTC’s Sense UI 3.6, which runs atop the core Android 4.0 platform. Sense has been updated to bring multiple performance and stylistic enhancements to the platform.

The wait will soon be over, T-Mobile HTC faithful, and you’ll soon be seeing the latest and greatest in Android versions hit your devices very soon. We will, of course, keep you appraised as we learn more from T-Mobile and HTC.

Via: Android Community

Source: T-Mobile

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  • thechad

    i want it now!

  • westy

    how about i get my manually 4.04 file so i can load the update to my galaxy nexus.

  • kazahani

    I love the Sensation. I’ve always thought it was one of HTC’s sexiest devices.

    How do they handle the multi-tasking button on phones that were designed for 2.3? Is the menu key re-purposed as the multi-task key?

    • xsynth

      same thing as always, just holding the home button brings up multi task

  • xsynth

    My partners Sensation got the 4.0 update last night (vodafone NZ), looks pretty good, and has face unlock too.

    *wonders of my nexus S will get face unlock in 4.0.4, especially when galaxy S gets it in that value pack*

  • graywolf323

    what about my Samsung Galaxy S II? when will it get ICS T-Mobile?

  • Dane

    So will the sensation 4G get the update by April 1st?I hope so. Takecare!!!

  • RealDealNeil

    Good to hear some confirmation. Was starting to lose faith as the end of March approached and no update in sight.

    After about a day’s worth of use, my home screen starts reloading practically everytime I go back home. A simple restart every morning keeps it fresh for the next day. I do have a ton of apps installed and it never happened the first few months I had the phone. I hope the update does something to improve on that situation.

  • spazby

    great news

  • Nathan D.

    Yea!!! Finally the wait is almost over

  • revs


  • mike

    As much as I love my sensation and as much as this update excites me, I just ordered a GS2 because I’m on my third sensation with dust under the screen.. maybe I’ll give the One S a shot when Tmo releases it. Until then its back to Sammy!

  • seabass978

    Hallelujah! Now was that hard? Now people will be more happy.

  • VS

    To quote StarCraft II:

    “Hell. It’s about time.”

    I will be checking fevorishly for this update in the coming days. I’m really looking forward to the hardware acceleration and hope that this update will keep the Amaze 4G in contention with the upcoming heavyweights.

    Now if I could just get MLB to update their At Bat 12 app for live game broadcasts on the Amaze 4G…

    • j.b.

      FevErishly is spelled with an E , not an o. Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids, Smh.

  • Kevin

    Love the Amaze, cant wait for ICS!!!

  • jamal adam

    Why is it that they don’t upgrade them to Sense 4.0 instead of 3.6?

  • haterontherocks

    i hope tmobile would announce the tmobile g2x would get ice cream sandwich or some thing gezz. pissing me off. and also the mytouch 4g slide is that gonna get ice cream sandwich i know both phones are capable to run android 4.0.

  • thaghost

    With all due reapect, sir, soon is not a specific time or date so how is that a confirmation? They confirmed soon? Really?

  • GerryAttrick

    Getting there…but I have an Amaze that is not running on T-Mobile and my carrier does not offer it as a phone. Will I be able to get ICS for the Amaze from HTC or am I going to have to load a custom ROM?

  • Dane

    Come on t-Mobile and htc please send out the Ics 4.0 for my htc sensation 4G.I would greatly appreciate it. Dane

  • J

    Can’t wait for the amaze update – long overdue

  • Dane

    It’s would be fantastic to get the 4.0 update sometime today or fingers are crossed.